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Interior Design Styles For Newbies A Handy Guide Brightside

Interior Design Styles For Newbies A Handy Guide Brightside Interior Design Styles For Newbies A Handy Guide Brightside

Are you planning to renovate your home anytime soon? Will you use our tips, or do you have your own? Share with us!

The time of huge, beautiful shower stalls is long gone. Nowadays, simple is everything: a corner shower made of just glass would be enough. And best of all, it doesn’t take up much space.

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Andy Warhol, Monroe, pictures of cans, plastic tables and chairs, dazzling bright colors — no, this is not a contemporary art exhibition. This is the result of your friend deciding to decorate his home in the Pop Art style. Well, at least he’ll never get bored here.

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To help you on this noble quest, Bright Side created a little guide to popular interior design styles. Study them, mix them, and find your favorites!

It’s not the best idea to put your TV in a luxurious frame because it’s not an artist’s masterpiece! If you want to hide it, you can use moving panels that hide it when needed.

Some people love floors with optical illusions, ceilings with pictures, and photo wallpaper. But remember, it’s these types of designs and patterns that tend to make things look cheaper and attract too much attention. You’d be better off choosing something more traditional while decorating in more subtle ways.

Interior design is a complicated, yet extremely fascinating art. Wrapping your mind around all the details and logistics of your living space can turn into a real adventure with elements of drama. The result has to be perfect — both for you and your guests.

Sometimes when we learn about new home decor ideas, we let our excitement get in the way of practicality. Suddenly a couch or dining room table that you’ve been dreaming about turns out to be a total burden. We’ve gathered the most common home decor mistakes that most of us have fallen victim to. Hopefully we can avoid them in the future.

When you find yourself in a room like this, you simply don’t know where to look — everything is sparkling, shimmering, shining, and shouting. On your left, there’s a statue of Venus, all sad and thoughtful, wrapped in silks. And on your right, you’ll find a laughing Ganesha, look up, and, yes, here it is, an unexpected African mask. Just because. Art Deco is a head-spinning mix of everything, as long as it’s expensive and posh. The neighbors will be jealous.

Some time ago, floating beds and ceilings were very popular. But a room with such bright lights is more likely to resemble a night club than a relaxing living room or bedroom. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, consider hanging some delicate light garlands to create a soft, relaxing vibe that never goes out of style.

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When you renovate your house, you should always remember that your home is a single entity. That’s why homes should have a nice flow with each room having things in common with each other. If there are too many differences, you won’t feel comfortable — and worse, it may begin to annoy you.

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It’s not recommended to choose two favorite colors and decorate a room with them. It’s best to pick neutral colors and add some details or pop of color subtly. Too much color will be distracting but to little will make your cozy home feel like a bore.

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Decorative plates, fans, horns, rattan furniture, and tribal masks from Africa — if the interior looks like it belongs to a treasure hunter who is forced to wait out the winter in the city, it’s likely the Colonial style. Be careful, somewhere in the walls there might be a secret door…

French people know a thing or two about beauty, so even a purely rustic style in their hands has become chic and popular around the world. Flowers, angels, pastel colors, doll-like tables, subtle elegance — you’ll feel more relaxed by the minute.

Glass tables really make a room look light and elegant, but these days they really aren’t unique. Sometimes these tables are even dangerous if kids are around not to mention impractical since they so easily show fingerprints on their surface. If you strive to make your room look lighter, try buying a mirror or adding some metal details. Just be sure to choose a table that is made of another material aside from glass.

You could’ve just as easily lived in a tent in the middle of the woods, but, thankfully, designers came up with Eco style. Tons of bamboo, clay, wood, and water are used; everything is good for both you and nature. Plus, there’s hot water and central heating. Why go outside at all?

Bright Side wants to share these common home decor mistakes with all of you so that you can make the most of your designs and be proud of your cozy, modern home.

Classic style is, well, classic. In general, it’s rather lush and pompous. Richly decorated wallpaper, columns, antique furniture you wouldn’t risk touching, gold candelabras, and numerous paintings — a room like this will bring to mind the last royal reception you’ve been invited to. Where you were a king, obviously. Enjoy, but try not to let it all get into your head.

Furniture with loud prints and patterns can really kill an interior. You’re better off forgetting about these different prints and patterns and instead, buying more solid pieces. You can be creative with small decorative touches instead of a whole wall of patterns.

Kids furniture might look nice but it’s easy to choose the wrong pieces that become annoying over time. Kids’ are always changing their minds, so it makes sense to choose more timeless pieces that they can’t grow out of so easily. That way you won’t waste money replacing things as they become unsuitable for your kids.

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First of all, giant storage cabinets take up too much space. Secondly, it’s easy to hold onto lots of useless items you don’t need in cabinets like this. That’s why it’s always better to choose a nightstand or to mount a TV onto the wall.

If everything you see (or rather don’t see) is built-in, with a lot of chrome, metal, plastic, and glass, welcome to high-tech. It can be rather nice and comfy, though, so try and give it a chance. Something tells us it’s here to stay.

If you have a strange feeling that this looks like the inside of a Salvador Dali painting or a confessional in a Catholic cathedral, worry not! It’s not an elaborate hallucination. It’s just Modern style, dominated by S-shaped lines and stained glass windows. M-m-m, cozy!

It’s definitely a bad idea to hide something behind a curtain even if the fabric is extravagant and beautiful. It’s better to use wardrobes storage or to put everything neatly on open shelves.

It’s better to leave beige behind you as it can make any interior design look boring even if you choose expensive items. If you like light tones, use lighter colors as a staple, and add some bright details that will bring the room to life.

If you are always on top of every trend and do everything that the fashion industry dictates, you can lose tons of money and your nerves! Fashion has a tendency to change fast and it’d be a shame to purchase a ton of new decor just to throw it away when it becomes out of style the following season.

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If you have a balcony, don’t use it as a storage closet. Just imagine that you can create an additional cozy place for your family and friends to spend time together in. Don’t be afraid to add a little style to the area either.

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