Mixing modern and rustic style in the new house 4 tips for mixing traditional and modern décor
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Interior Design Styles 6 Tips To Mix Decorating Styles At Lumens

Interior Design Styles 6 Tips To Mix Decorating Styles At Lumens Interior Design Styles 6 Tips To Mix Decorating Styles At Lumens

It is possible to mix two separate design styles. Image: Susan Nelson Interiors

No matter which two styles you’re combining, rest assured that colors are always a safe fallback point when it comes to tying details together. When mixing and matching different looks, a common shade is often the great equalizer.

While the novelty of eclectic design might encourage experimentation in placement as well as choice of pieces, you still want your space to be livable and feel comfortable. When arranging larger pieces, always be sure to consider flow and that a piece doesn’t overwhelm (or underwhelm) in a room.

When we say “put function first,” we mean let functional pieces like furniture carry the room. While every room needs aesthetic touches, those should take a back seat to functional items. Ideally, the purpose of the room will be clear with just a glance.

Use common thread to pull the look together. Image: Twinkle and Whistle

Mix and matching design styles isn’t as hard as it may seem. No matter where your aesthetic allegiances lie, you can use the advice in this post to pick and choose the best bits from each one to create the hybrid design of your dreams.

It might seem funny to say, but probably the most important thing in creating an eclectic design style is consistency. If one room is eclectic and the rest of the home is uber-contemporary, it doesn’t look eclectic as much as cluttered and disjointed. Basically—while not every room has to have the same level of eclecticism—you want to carry a mixed look throughout the home.

Follow these tips to mix two design styles in your own interiors. Image: Lucy Gauntlet

If there’s too much going on everywhere, people could feel overwhelmed and not know where to look. Find that one amazing piece that you really want to show off. Make that piece the star of a space and then arrange other items around it to point your guests’ gazes in the right direction.

Industrial meets rustic meets urban loft? It can work. Shown: Loft Cage Pendant by LBL Lighting

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Your second style will take on more of a background role. It should account for approximately 20% of your overall design. Accent items like statement pieces of furniture, bold lighting fixtures, and eye-catching wall art are all excellent choices to fill this role.

Have you ever mixed two different design styles? If so, do you have any tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below.

Why miss out on a velvet Victorian settee you love just because your home is mid-century modern? You don’t have to, if you do things right.

Conversely, you can start your eclectic design scheme based on the one singular theme that touches you most: artist’s loft, modern steampunk, Paris salon, world traveler’s lair. From there, it’s easy to design and incorporate all kinds of pieces to create a space that you love and tells your story.

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Here are our 6 tips for creating a space that’s a little of this, a little of that—and 100% you.

Let your character piece stand out. In fact, go the extra mile. Highlight it and make it your focal point. As always, you’ll want to arrange the room so that eyes are drawn to your focal item. If it’s a piece of furniture, you may want to subtly angle the other pieces of furniture in the room in its direction. If it’s a piece of artwork or a mirror, be sure to place it in a position of importance, like above a fireplace or mantle.

As with colors, too many different and incongruous patterns can be confounding and dizzying instead of interesting. Keep your pattern variants limited, and then incorporate them into every space to achieve a cohesive look throughout the home.

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Above all, you want to make sure that both of the design styles you’re using end up working together rather than fighting against each other. To do this, you’ll need to assign each one a definitive role to play in the design and, as hard as it may be, stick to them as you piece the room together.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to create a hybrid design, there is that one piece that just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of your look. However, rather than trying to hide that piece away, only to have it ultimately stand out like a sore thumb, we suggest taking the opposite approach.

Sometimes, when people think of eclectic design, they envision lots of quirky accessories, throw pillows, stacks of dusty books, etc. Basically, it’s a space that evokes lots of creativity without a lot of organization. But being eclectic doesn’t mean collecting all the things and stuffing them into your space. Take a step back and ask yourself if your space feels creative and inspirational…or a bit like you’re hoarding.

The most striking interiors rarely follow a singular design style. An eclectic aesthetic is a fine art, and getting it right can make for a more dynamic, interesting space. Here’s how to get there.

Every room should include design elements that have common threads to pull them together. However, this is especially important when you’re trying to combine two distinct aesthetics that don’t inherently go together. With that in mind, you’ll want to pay special attention to the ways in which you’re finding common ground between the two looks.

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The most successful hybrid designs are the ones that have innate similarities. Japandi, for instance, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Though these styles are seemingly opposite, they are both known for their function-forward take on simplicity. Try to find a similar thread connecting your two styles.

When mixing design styles, confusion can be a fatal flaw. Often, well-meaning designers will try and give both aesthetics equal representation, ultimately resulting in an overly-filled space and unclear design. Luckily, however, you have a secret weapon at your disposal. You can put function first.

These days, it’s a rarity to find a home that is completely one design style. Not only is matchy-matchy kind of boring, but it pigeonholes you when it comes to finding awesome pieces that aren’t part of that singular design.

Use the 80/20 rule to choose a dominant and secondary style. Image: PivotHandmade

Sometimes, our sense of style is too big to be defined by just one particular aesthetic, and sometimes two looks really are better than one. However, combining styles takes a deft hand in order to come off feeling elegant rather than cluttered and erratic.

Lots of different design styles actually pair together quite easily. For example, the sleek, fluid lines of Asian design are great complements to the clean, straight lines of the Arts and Crafts movement. Ornate, gilded Louis XIV armchairs are fun contrasts around a contemporary sofa.

Your best bet is to follow the 80/20 rule, meaning that you’ll devote 80% of the room’s design to one style. This will be your main focus and will likely have influence over your choice of colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, etc. It should, understandably, be whichever style you identify with more strongly.

Most people shy away from combining two different aesthetics under the assumption that it won’t look right, or it will be too hard, or that it simply shouldn’t be done. But, we’re here to tell you that that’s not the case, at least not anymore. The article above has some of our best tips on how to mix design styles like a pro. No matter what your style preferences may be, we guarantee that you can follow them to create a wonderful and original hybrid look.

Here Are Your 4 Go-To Tips for Mixing Design Styles Like a Pro

Injecting a variety of colors into a space is a great way to start an eclectic design. But you also want the variety of colors to enhance each other, not clash. Not sure where to begin? Stop by your local paint store and play around with swatches. Or take your cue from the color experts at Pantone to find palettes that might be unexpected but work well together.

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