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Interior Design Style Questions

Interior Design Style Questions Interior Design Style Questions

And speaking of TV, question eight is directly related: “How important is your TV-watching chair?” This may seem a bit odd to include in the top 12, but in my experience it can really become a big issue in the design of a room.

If a TV-watching chair not important to you, then of course it won’t be an issue. But if it is, then everything else in the room may become subordinate to the TV and the chairs for watching it. This isn’t a bad thing — it’s just necessary information if a designer is going to serve you well.

In this living room, for instance, comfortable TV-viewing chairs were clearly very important, and the way that was accommodated proved to be quite stylish.

Would you rather have minimalism or opulence? Image: Anastacia Schular

5. Is it worth it to get interior design advice and services for a small living space?

Decorating 101 Decorating 101: Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?

Your interior designer will provide many services, including but not limited to:

  • Home
  • Privacy
  • About
  • Contact
  • Advertise
  • Terms of Service
  • Email Us

Would you rather have lots of color or plenty of neutral shades? Image: Lucy and Company

If you’re having trouble finding that one item of furniture, our designers can provide you with options personalized for your space. Looking for the perfect sofa that will work in a traditional style room? Need a small-scale armchair to fit into a cozy corner? Our designers have access to special brands and are up to date with the latest design and decorating trends in the marketplace. The interior design who answers your design question can provide you with options that you might not have thought of, from brands you may not be as familiar with.

Use these tips to learn your interior design style. Image: Benjamin Moore

If you’d rather appreciate the PRESENT, you may feel drawn to:

An in-depth consultation with an interior designer about your desires, goals, and lifestyle will yield important answers.  As a result, you will be able to determine what flooring, wallcoverings, window treatments, and furnishings will best suit your needs.

What’s Your Interior Design Style? Ask These Questions to Identify Your Aesthetic

Or will it include entertaining guests but also be used daily for watching TV?

Finding art is one of the most frequently submitted questions our interior designers get. Art can help transform a space and is one of the hardest things to find. Great art also doesn’t have to be expensive and our interior designers are great at finding options at every decorating budget level. The most interesting and dynamic designs also mix art from different styles and our designers can help you put together different pieces of art in your room.

6. When you design a room, what is the most important interior design advice you give?

If you need help with a tricky floor plan, decorating a tiny space, or ways to mix two different design styles, our interior designers can give you professional advice to find a design solution. Examples of Design Dilemma questions include help on creating different functional areas within an open concept floor plan, making a tiny bathroom feel larger, or finding ways to mix traditional furniture in a modern style space.

This quiz was not as accurate as the others (it marked me “Traditional,” which I have to politely disagree with). It was, however, fun to take, and the questions were interesting.

Another very important question your designer needs to ask is, “How do you use this room?” For example, if it’s the master bedroom, it will obviously be used for sleeping. But in this case, TV was also an important factor.

So, furniture placement, technology and available space all needed to be considered here.

An interior designer knows how to use furnishings, colors, and art to make a small space look larger. A strategically placed mirror or light colors of paint can do wonders for increasing visual depth. Additionally, breaking a long narrow room into different seating areas can add dimension. You will be amazed at how well the right interior design can turn your small living space into a functional and homey environment.

A related but separate question is number nine: “Are there any special needs that should be considered?” This relates to things like an elderly person’s needing an especially firm chair that’s easy to get up from, or accommodating a wheelchair, or addressing allergy issues.

In this kids’ activity room, for example, a laminate floor and 36-inch-wide doors permit easy wheelchair access. Work with a professional to create a handicap-accessible home

Question five is one that really helps in giving direction to a design process. “Is there something you have, or have seen, that you want to serve as your color inspiration?” This could be a favorite picture or painting, a chair with a fabric you love, a piece of clothing, a set of dishes or — as in the case of this dining room, perhaps — a collection of blue and white vases.

The vases could easily have been the inspiration that determined the direction of this entire blue and white dining room.

Having a clear vision of what you want is essential. If you are not sure, the services of the interior designer can be priceless. Before you go out and start buying pieces of furniture and artwork that do not mix, get help narrowing down your design and theme. Some colors compliment while others clash. You want your living space to reflect your personality and be functional and inviting at the same time.

Choose a paint with some heft and a little sheen for walls and ceilings with long-lasting good looks. Here are some getting-started tips

  • Coastal: Stark whites and sandy tans are the backbones of coastal style. As you might guess, blue is the dominant accent color.
  • Scandinavian: The base of a Scandinavian color palette is based on whites and grays. Sometimes there are pops of subtle colors like pink and blue.
  • Modern: Modern looks usually are built around monochromatic shades.

This quiz uses a combo of pictures and lifestyle questions to come up with your style. No-frills and straight to the point. My style was eclectic chic!

3. What interior design services should I expect from my designer?

Learn what you might spend on DIY decorating, plus where it’s good to splurge or scrimp

This quiz is very question-driven based on things you like and don’t like (most of which don’t relate at all to your home). It did a good job figuring out my modern leanings.

If it’s a living room, will it be just for formal use when guests come to visit?

Learn more, send a tip to [email protected], or sign up for our free weekly newsletter:

In the dark about bedside lamps? Waffling over pillows at the store? Try these ideas for a more comfortable bedroom

8. How do I decide between wood, tile, carpet, and other flooring options?

This quiz asked me what I think about wicker, which I think is a very important question. And if you’re curious, the answer is never wicker.

Creating Exterior Contrast with Bold Paint Installing Shiplap Mixing Tones of Gray in an Open Concept

The third thing your designer needs to ask is, “What colors do you love?” For instance, if this is your living room, you definitely like cool neutrals with just a touch of color.

So, you’ve decided to redecorate. And because you know you need help, you’ve also decided to hire a decorator or an interior designer. What do you do next, other than anxiously chew your nails? Designers are almost like psychiatrists, because they get to know some pretty personal things about you: your personal needs, your likes and dislikes, how you live in your home etc.

So when you’re looking at candidates, make sure they ask the right questions. Here are 12 questions that any designer should discuss with you. And even if that doesn’t happen, this is vital information you need to get into their hands if you’re going to have a productive relationship.

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This quiz uses pictures to ask you simple questions about your style. It’s not fancy, and doesn’t use unique interior style terms. It just gives you the foundation for your style. I took the quiz and found out I’m a modernist (who knew?!). There is so much more to my style, but when I read the result, I thought, “Yeah, that sounds like me.”

You can often save money by hiring an interior designer. Industry professionals have access to discounts from multiple businesses that they can pass on to their clients. Also, you can avoid costly mistakes and purchases by utilizing a designer’s professional services up front, rather than during a redo of a space that did not suit your needs or desires.

Save money with a design consultation for the big picture or specific details

9. What questions should I expect an interior designer to ask?

Do you know what your personal interior design style is? How did you go about finding it in the first place? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

Number four is, obviously, “What colors do you hate?” If this is your dining room, and you love Grandma’s buffet but hate orange, then we’ll have a little tweaking to do.

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  • Traditional: Traditional looks are all about creating a sense of coziness. These rooms have plenty of accessories, usually heirlooms or pieces with history.
  • Eclectic: When putting together an eclectic design, it’s important to balance the room with plenty of unique accessories.
  • French country French country styles are defined by opulence. Gold and embroidery are common.

  • Product research
  • Furniture selection
  • General inspiration
  • Lifestyle requirements
  • Product and cost comparisons
  • Flooring selections
  • Floor planning
  • Lighting designs
  • Color selections
  • Budget
  • Wall and window treatments
  • PDF presentations
  • Accessories

Ask your designer, “Is this a realistic budget to accomplish my vision?” A good designer will be straightforward with you. The answer could be, “Absolutely, that is just about right for doing a great job on this project.

” Or, “That will get us off to a good start, but you’ll need to invest a similar amount for phase two.” Or even, “I think we need to go back to the drawing board, because your expectations are way too high for the amount you want to spend.

” You might be disappointed by what you hear, but much better that than ending up with a bank-breaking surprise at the completion of what should be a fun and exciting project. If your budget and your dreams don’t match, often your designer can give you some great suggestions about getting started or even about concentrating on a different area of your home that might be more affordable.

For example, he or she might suggest that your budget will allow you to really complete the look of your living room by adding a rug, a new chair and a few pictures to finish your art collection over the sofa.

Voilà! Your living room is now fantastic, and you’ll get to your dining room later.Decorating 101: How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

This quiz shouldn’t be taken as seriously as the others (i.e. the term “aesthetic” in the title), but the results give you a loose idea of what the vibe of your home should be. I got mid-century!

Shopping Guide: 10 Must Have Design Books for Every Taste…

You want to see a variety of before and after photos from various projects. If your prospective interior designer does not have any pictures of a completed bathroom, for example, you may want to speak to someone else with experience and photos to show you if that is the room you are redesigning.

  • Traditional: Traditional design is all about invoking richness. It involves a lot of deep, dark colors like reds, blues and greens.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary design is full of bold, saturated colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow and navy blue.
  • Eclectic: The create-your-own aspect of eclectic design means you can basically use whichever mix of colors catches your eye.

You are not going to hire an interior designer without first asking some questions. Therefore, to help you in your quest for the perfect match, here are the 9 top interior design questions most commonly asked:

Before you hit the stores, learn what furniture to get rid of, what to look for when buying, and how to avoid mistakes

We’re no strangers to defining a personal aesthetic. Below you’ll find a few questions. Ask yourself each one, in turn, and look over each of the corresponding options. You’ll likely find some overlap in your answers. At the end, research whichever style catches your eye most often and see how you feel. We bet you’ll find a look that resonates with you.

Think about the primary use of the room, and who will see it. Your bedroom is your haven and should be inviting to you. A living room or dining room that will be seen by many people is where you may want to make a statement. How do you need the room to function for you? People who have very little storage space may want to incorporate pieces of furniture that double as storage spaces. In an open environment, it is essential to have an interior design that flows from one room to the next.

Decorating 101 Decorating 101: How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

The second question follows fairly obviously. “What do you hate in this room?” That will help the designer understand your taste better, and will let him or her know things that might need to be replaced.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about personal taste here, so one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The thing that you hate might be exactly the thing that another person absolutely loves. But it’s your house, so your likes and dislikes are what matter.

A good designer won’t try to change your mind.

Finding your interior design style for the first time can be tough. After all, how do you even know where to start, much less how to put an entire room together? You don’t have to go through this process alone. Let the questions above provide you with a direction for finding your design inspiration.

  • How to Refine Your Renovation Vision to Fit Your Budget
  • How to Find Your Renovation Team
  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Interior Designer?
  • Why You Might Want to Work With an Interior Design Pro

  • Eclectic: Defined by its rejection of traditional conventions, eclectic design offers a chance to create your own casual aesthetic.
  • Scandinavian: Using warm woods and area rugs, Scandinavian design is a blend of modern and rustic.
  • Modern: As the name suggests, ultra-clean lines and minimalism are the keys to today’s top design trends.

The sixth question your designer should ask you is, “Do you have a favorite look or style that you want to create?” This has to do with an overall aesthetic, as in this French country office …

  • Modern: Modern designs are all about minimalism and including plenty of negative space.
  • Scandinavian: Scandinavians believe in a concept called hygge, part of which centers around being comfortable without going over the top.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary spaces have a clean feel to them. There tend to be few accessories, most of which are function forward.

Do you prefer a more urban or rustic look? Image: Tate Interiors

This post originally published on July 4th, 2016, and has been re-edited.

  • Design Dilemma
  • Accessory Help
  • Finding Items
  • Paint Color
  • Choosing Art
  • All Advice

Living Room / Console Table / Mirrors / Tables / Sleek / Statement / Paint / Curtains / Drapes / Large Windows / Curtain Length / Bathroom / Bathroom Accessories / Serene / Neutral / Dining Room / Matching / Wall Treatments / Wall Decor / Hanging Mirror / Open Wall Space / Hanging Mirrors / Greenery / Accessories / Home Decor / Unique Decor / Kitchen / Backsplash / Kitchen Tile / Window Treatments / Accent Colors / Prints / Entryway / Bold Accents / Pops Of Color / Decor Accents / Art / Gallery Wall / Bedroom / Master Bedroom / Bedding / Throw Pillows / Bed Accents / Bright / Vibrant Colors / Hallway / Dark Paint / Contrast / Accents / Sofas / Rugs / Guest Bedroom / Chandelier / Lighting / Pendant Lighting / Bookshelves / Apartment Design / Bar Stools / Seating / Kids Bedroom / Color / Cabinets / Home Office / Storage Solutions / Kitchen Table / Dining Table / Coffee Tables / Kids / Room Layout / Foyer / New Home / Flooring / Open Concept / Television Placement / Hardware / Bathroom Tile / Exterior Siding / Fireplace / Tile / Exterior Updates /

HomePolish is another source to find interior design help. Their survey was short and sweet. I also go to HomePolish for lots of interior inspiration. I liked how much information they gave me about my style, plus this quiz took into account that some people’s style doesn’t fit a standard mold.

Whether it’s a small project or a big one, an interior designer or decorator can really help you get the result you’re looking for, and can keep you from making costly mistakes. But make sure your designer is asking you the right questions.

If he or she is, chances are it will be a successful collaboration, and you’ll be delighted with the results.Decorators and interior designers: What other questions would you add to this list?More: Decorating 101: Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?Find a pro: Browse interior designers and decorators on Houzz

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of decorating alone and bringing in skilled help

Decorating 101 Bulletproof Decorating: How to Pick the Right Kind of Paint

This is a super simple picture quiz that tells you what style you mostly are. For this quiz, you’ll need to grab a paper and pencil, empty your mind, and pick the style that calls to you the fastest.

Click “Embed” to display an article on your own website or blog.

During your initial consultation with an interior designer, you will discuss your likes and dislikes. This will help narrow the field. Photos are also helpful in choosing an ultimate design. How you want to furnish the space, as well as how it will be used can make a difference in style selection.

The best decorators aren’t dictators — and they’re not mind readers either. To understand your tastes, they need this essential info

Edit 10 Online Interior Style Quizzes That Are Actually Worth Your Time

These are only some of the many questions involved when redesigning your space. We hope our latest interior design blog has answered your questions. If not, please do not hesitate to contact HK Interiors with your personal queries. We are here to help you design the room, space, home, or office that reflects your style. Call us today at 954-401-8542 for all your interior design needs.

  • Will you want to remain in the home during the design?
  • Have you ever worked with an interior designer before?
  • What design style do you like or have in mind?
  • Is there anything you absolutely do not like?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your timeframe?

Get personalized design advice. Ask any design question and an expert designer will answer within 24 hours. ASK A DESIGNER

Need help picking accessories to give your room a new look? Our interior designers can help with pillows, tabletop or mantle decor, lighting and lamps, art, rugs, and more. Examples of Accessory Help questions include help on creating a gallery wall of art an pictures in your living room, finding new bed linen and lighting to update your bedroom, decorating a nursery with wallpaper, or giving your family room a new look by adding new pillows and a new rug in a fresh color.

Learn where to look for palette inspiration — and one commonly advised place maybe you shouldn’t

If you have an interior design question, let one of our 400+ interior designers give you personalized design advice, for free and within 24 hours! Just give us information on your interior design question, upload a photo of your space and we’ll notify you when one of our designers has completed your answer. Each answer comes with details on different options and a personalized shopping list for you. Here are the main categories for the most common design questions:

Get your sock arm straight from your track arm — along with everything else — to choose the sofa that’s right for you

Decorating 101 Working With Pros: When You Just Need a Little Design Guidance

The 11th question absolutely needs to be asked, even if it might make you a bit uncomfortable: “What’s your budget?” Not defining the budget can make for a great deal of unhappiness as your project progresses.

You need to know what to expect budget-wise, and your designer needs to know if there’s room for a little extravagance if he or she finds something spectacular for your project, or if strict discipline is required.

Let’s say you have a vision for a fantastic dining room like this one. Is your budget going to be $1,000 or $10,000? Don’t be shy; just tell your designer. Then it’s your turn to ask a question.

2. What should I look for when interviewing interior designers?

  • Scandinavian: Scandinavian looks are cousins to modern design. They follow the same principles with a European twist.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary design may be from the past, but it was very modern for its day. It has managed to stand the test of time without feeling out of date.
  • Modern: Cities are hubs for modern design and fresh ideas.

Before you can start any design project, you need to have some sort of inspiration in mind. If you’re fully aware of which design styles you’re consistently drawn to, finding a muse should be fairly easy. If not, though, it can be hard to even figure out where to start. In that case, the question becomes: How do you go about finding your interior design style?

Jennifer loves to make home happen for people as the interior designer and stager for a local property investment company.  Her style… read more Curbly is for people who love where they live.

Havenly is an interior design source website where you can hire designers to help you get your room together. You can use the quiz to find one of their interior designers to work with, or just take the quiz to find out what style you are. The questions are straight forward, but you do have to give them your email address.

Our interior designers have decorated thousands of rooms between them and have worked with the whole spectrum of color. If you’re trying to decide on a paint color for any room in your home, or to do a little DIY transformation of an item of furniture, our designers can help. Want the perfect shade of blue for your bedroom or a bold accent wall in yellow for your living room that won’t look too glaring? Submit a Paint Color question and get your answer in 24 hours.

Here’s how to figure out your interior design style once and for all. Image: helsingHouse Fastighetsmäklare

  • French country: French country design is full of romance. Its elegantly curved furniture and opulent décor can remind you a palace.
  • Contemporary: Full of sleek lines and ’60s flair, contemporary design will make you feel like you’ve landed on the set of Mad Men.
  • Traditional: Traditional design is the epitome of “old world.” Classic lines, comfortable furniture and orderly lines reign supreme.

  • Rustic: As the name suggests, this style is built around the idea of living in a cabin in the woods.
  • French country: It’s in the name. French country styles are a variation on European rustic.
  • Coastal: Though it may not be woodsy, coastal styles are a good choice for those who enjoy spending time at the beach.

… or this sleek and modern kitchen and staircase. As you’re pondering these questions, you might think, “I’m not really sure what colors and styles I love and hate. Is there a way to figure that out?” One way that I’ve found very helpful with most folks is the “make two piles” assignment.

Taking a digital approach, go through a bunch of photos on Houzz and create two ideabooks: one full of photos of rooms you love, the other full of photos of rooms you hate. Don’t overthink it: Just trust your visceral response.

(You could also do the same thing with clippings from design magazines.) Show your two “piles” to your designer. They will really help him or her get a feeling for your tastes and know how to help you achieve what you’re after.

How to Create and Use Houzz Ideabooks

This is the most simple design quiz out there. It’s just one question! And somehow, it manages to be pretty accurate. This one places me in the “organic modern” style. 

You may have a stereotype in your head of the imperious designer who sweeps into your house, takes a quick glance around, and declares, “Everything must go!” Let me assure you that most designers won’t do that, but if you’re interviewing one with that attitude, quickly move on.

The first question your potential designer should ask you, assuming you’re sitting in your home, is, “What do you love in this room?” This question is important because it assures you the designer is interested in what you want — what your tastes are — and is not determined to impose his or her tastes on you.

In this very attractive living room, for instance, the owner might have said he loves the grand piano. Fantastic! It’s a focal point and a great place to start. You can see how the rest of the room takes its cue from that one piece, in details such as the black doors and the trim on the sofa.

  • 8 Things Interior Designers Want You to Know
  • 11 Designer Tips
  • 10 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • How to Start a Decorating Project

Decorating Guides Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom

At some point, everybody finds themselves wondering, “What is my design style?” Pinterest can sometimes be like putting your face in front of a fire hydrant gushing with design styles. TMI, and not very helpful! Online style quizzes can help you navigate your style and figure out why you like certain Pinterest pins. Since online e-design has come into its own, there are loads of design style quizzes to choose from. To help you decide which ones to take (and to selfishly feed my design style quiz addiction), I took a lot of them. I’m here to let you know which ones are worth your time, and share my favorites!       

Question 10 has to do with timing. “Do you want to accomplish this all at once or in phases?” If it’s going to be a step-by-step process, your designer will be able to suggest which pieces should be purchased first and which later, so the room will be usable from the beginning.

In this smart-looking contemporary great room, for example, phase one could have been the two sofas and the coffee table, and phase two could have been the cowhide chairs and end tables.

Decorating Styles Know Your Sofa Options: Arms, Cushions, Backs and Bases

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