Interior Design Ideas Wardrobe Designs In Kashmir

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Interior Design Ideas Wardrobe Designs In Kashmir

Are there any specific tips for decorating my dressing room?

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When designing the rooms of a home, how does one find the right ideas to create a perfect space? The challenge lies in trying to create the right look by incorporating the perfect colours, materials and design. At homify, we make it easy by presenting photographs and tips for every room and style, whether it’s a Scandinavian kitchen or a country-style bedroom. With interior design trends changing every year, it’s vital to be aware of the latest materials, colours and styles for decorating rooms. Irrespective of the size or the layout of the room, we present ideas that can be adapted to almost any home. Whether it’s for an ultra-modern apartment in New Delhi or a country-style house in Cochin or Pune, you’re sure to find design ideas from the photographs of rooms on homify.

The modern style is a popular choice in most urban areas, especially for apartments. However, it might not be for every homeowner, especially those with young children as the glass, sharp edges and light colours aren’t child-friendly. This style is popular for kitchens as the metal finishes are low maintenance and easy to clean. Additionally, the use of white and neutral shades can make a small kitchen appear bigger than it is.

Soft carpeting is the ideal option for a dressing room floor, which needs to be comfortable to walk around on in bare feet. Carpets in pale pastels and neutral tones work well as they reflect light upwards, making the dressing room feel bright and flesh. A smooth hardwood floor can also feel very opulent, with a few thick rugs placed in those parts of the dressing room (i.e., in front of mirrors) where the occupant is most likely to stand trying on clothes.


Besides the fact that the colour should match with the overall look of the house or apartment, choosing the right tone can influence the mood and the feel of the room. In smaller rooms, using a lighter shade for the walls helps to create the effect of amplitude. Similarly, in a big room, a darker colour can make the walls appear closer, bringing cosiness to the area. The purpose for which the room is used will also play a significant role when choosing the right colour. In a bedroom, soothing tones are preferable as the room is meant for relaxation. On the other hand, in a living room or kitchen, a bright shade can bring a cheery ambiance to the area. The best part of working with a professional is that you can get advice on the colours that are best suited to a room. Alternatively, you can get ideas for decorating the rooms with the right colour by browsing through the images on our platform.

With access to over 55,000 interior design experts, homify is your online portal to a whole array of stunning dressing room ideas, from timeless classic designs to the latest cutting edge accessories. Joining up is completely free, and members are able to assemble a virtual scrapbook of images and notes – a helpful feature which is sure to be invaluable for anyone planning a dressing room that will suit all their needs.

We bring you some inspiration for creating a great looking wardrobe for your bedroom. Wardrobe cabinets are essential for a bedroom. This helps to keep your belongings and your clothes.

Find inspiration for your home project try

When decorating a home, you should choose a style with which you are comfortable as you will have to live with it for years. While choosing a theme to run across all the rooms of the house is essential to create a unified look, it’s not necessary that every room should be the same. By playing around with colours, textures and materials, it is possible to create a unique look for each room without deviating from the overall style.

The classic dressing room offers smart, cosmopolitan décor such as you would expect to see in a high-end luxury hotel. Equally appropriate to men and women, this style of decoration often employs dark woods for cabinets and shelves and shades of grey, powder blue or dark brown for upholstery and walls for a look that’s timeless and soothingly luxurious. It’s a style that will suit a wide range of properties and has a broad market appeal – something to bear in mind for those renovating with an eye to reselling.

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1) Take complete measurements. Make sure you are aware of the ceiling height and other essentials before you start construction.

There are lots of little touches that can be incorporated into a dressing room to make it a pleasure to use, such as back-lighting for shelves, angled shelving for shoes and cubby-holes for handbags. In addition, remember to include a dressing table, a full-length mirror, and some kind of versatile and compact seating for sitting down and trying on shoes. If there’s room, it’s also a good idea to add a small sofa or daybed where friends can relax and enjoy a sip of wine. A very large dressing room can benefit from having a central island – this creates a focal point, and can also be a convenient place for laying out a tray of drinks and displaying a selection of recently purchased handbags, shoes and trinkets.

When it comes to implementing the Scandinavian style, the idea is to make an impression without using too many elements. Besides neutral colours with a few splashes of brighter contrasting tones, a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture that are functional and stylish complete the look.

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When it comes to deciding what to wear, it helps to be in an environment that stimulates the eye and imagination. For that reason, the dressing room is a part of the house where home owners can give their decorating flair free rein, whether that’s creating a girly grotto in pink and lavender, or a gilded Marie Antoinette boudoir. But whatever the decorative scheme, it’s important to remember that in most cases the primary purpose of a dressing room is to supply storage. Therefore a starting point for the majority of designs will be to work up a plan for a series of fitted cabinets and shelves, all ideally open (i.e., without doors) so as to give an inspiring overview of all the assembled clothes and accessories. With the optimum blend of symmetry and repetition, this structure can help to give the dressing room both a feeling of order and a sense of theatre.

Classic rooms are the picture of elegance. Usually, they are composed of light colours and textures with exquisite furnishings, exotic accessories or stunning paintings creating a highlight in the room. It’s not uncommon to find a classic room with picture lights that put the focus on the artworks on the wall or spotlights on accessories. While lighter shades are more characteristic of the classic style, one can use a bolder shade on a feature wall to break the monotony.

Besides the purpose of the room and its location, the budget is a determinant of the type of floor for a house. For bathrooms and kitchens, easy to clean and moisture-resistant ceramic tiles might be the best choice whereas, for living rooms and bedrooms, wood or natural stone can bring in a cosier or earthier feel. The local climate should be considered before choosing the flooring for the room. In coastal cities such as Mumbai or Chennai, wood might not be the best choice for the flooring as it will absorb moisture from rain splashing in from the balconies, causing it to rot over time. While natural stone brings a sophisticated look to a living room, it requires coating regularly to make it moisture-resistant. Otherwise, it can absorb spills and get stained easily. Ceramic is by far the most maintenance-free option for flooring in Indian homes. Nowadays, ceramic tiles come in a range of designs, including some that resemble wood. They are also economical as they start at around INR 25 per square feet and go up to INR 180 per square feet for designer printed tiles. A professional will advise you on the pros and cons of each type of flooring, after considering your budget and lifestyle, to make it easier to choose the right type.

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Needless to say, different dressing room designs will suit different people depending on their individual priorities. For example, a couple planning a “his and hers” closet will probably want to avoid anything too overtly feminine and look for a style that makes them both feel at home. For a fashion lover who wants a place where they can showcase a large designer collection, a dressing room with no frills and plenty of storage is probably the best bet. If the home owner has a particular fondness for shoes, then these might be the key feature of the dressing room design, with different sizes of shelving for high heels and knee-high boots. Alternatively, for social butterflies who love to go out, a nightclub inspired décor, with neon hues and jazzy wallpaper, might be more appropriate.

The perfect modern dressing room combines elements of the boudoir and the walk-in closet. It’s a room where prized designer frocks and shoes can be displayed in one bright, well ordered space; a place where the man and woman of the house can pamper themselves and plan their outfits. But a dressing room is more than that. It’s also a refuge from the hurly-burly, somewhere to make private phone calls and enjoy a moment of “me” time, and a place to share a cocktail or a glass of champagne with friends before heading out for the evening. No wonder more and more home owners are turning unused spare bedrooms into their dream dressing room.

2) Take a hard look at what you would want your wardrobe to look like. Will it have a lot of shelves, racks or just doors to separate two compartments? Will it have hooks for robes and bags or plain shelves? Will it be a combination of two colors or not etc.

Designing small rooms comes with a completely different challenge. All the essential furniture and accessories need to be accommodated within the limited space. Therefore, practicality often takes precedence over beauty. However, by consulting an expert interior designer or architect, it’s possible to make the room look good while it serves its primary function. Space saving design is the key to designing small rooms. Building customized furniture that brings a unique look to the room is a simple solution for making a small room efficient and unique. On homify, we have photographs and tips on space-saving design for small rooms to provide inspiration.

Homify offers you quick and easy access to advice and expertise from thousands of seasoned experts in the field of home décor, as well as galleries of inspiring high-resolution images.

The advantage of the eclectic style is that it can portray the tastes of the older and the younger members of the family. The choice of colours, patterns and even furniture styles can clash in this style without seeming out of place. Classic accessories can be placed beside modern or chic paintings even within the same room.

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a dressing room?

At homify, we make the process simple. Just browse through the beautiful photographs on our website and save them to an ideabook. Once you are ready to start designing or renovating your home, sharing the pictures in the ideabook makes it easier for the professional to understand the design style that you prefer.

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It’s still possible to be very creative with a small dressing room. One way of compensating for limited floor space is to opt for extravagant décor – patterned wallpaper, gilt furniture, attractive printed fabrics and high end carpeting can all help to open out a small dressing room and make it feel less confined, as well as giving it a jewel-like bijou quality. In practical terms, it’s essential to make use of every square inch of storage space in the dressing room by installing high shelves and taking advantage of any niches or under-seating areas. These can then accommodate any out of season clothes, which can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and housed in breathable storage boxes and bags for safe-keeping.

4) Another decision you’ll have to make is whether you want open wardrobes or wardrobes with shutters. You’ll probably find that though a shutter-free existence does make life easier, it also makes it dustier.

Every room should look well put together with the ideal mix of elements. Additionally, the room should be synergistic with the overall design style of the house. Rather than placing all of one’s favourite furniture and accessories in the room, it’s essential to plan the layout of the space so that each object in the room serves the purpose or beauty or functionality. The purpose of the room will also determine the design. For example, a bedroom needs to have a bed, wardrobes and side tables. In a small bedroom, any leftover space after arranging the essential furniture can hold other elements, whether it’s a chest at the foot of the bed for pillows and throws or a dresser unit in the corner for cosmetics. Working with a professional can help to create a well-designed room where every detail looks like it has been carefully thought about.

There are two basic approaches as regards dressing room colour. One is to use a neutral palette – for example, various shades of off-white, or natural wood tones – to provide a discreet backdrop that will show off clothes and shoes without distracting from or clashing with them. The other is to employ bold colours and patterns to create a subtle mood of fantasy – for instance, lavish striped wallpaper for a baroque, vintage boudoir feeling. Which to choose will largely depend on whether the focus of your dressing room is on the clothes or on relaxing and socialising.

Accessories can be a great away of introducing an element of fun and fantasy into a dressing room. Mixing together some new pieces with a few antiques can create an uniquely eclectic, individual style that will mark the dressing room out as a special, private place in the house. For instance, a vintage chandelier can provide soft, sympathetic lighting, while a large Victorian footstool can make a great all-purpose seat or coffee table. Other quirky accessories that could be added to a dressing room include library steps for reaching high shelves, a coat-stand for displaying hats and a favourite suitcase for days when it’s necessary to pack in a hurry to jump on a plane. In addition, one shouldn’t overlook simple but useful dressing room accessories such as padded hangers that will protect clothes from wear.

5) You can close off your loft space from public view – all you need is hinges and shutters.

3) Make room for shelves that are at a height. You can store unworn or unused items there for future use.

Imagine the  bedrooms without the wardrobe cabinets. They would look dull and empty. Aside from colors, textures also work well for wardrobes like wooden or glass finishes. For more bedroom design ideascheck

The basic minimalist style dressing room is usually simple and functional, designed to maximise storage space, achieve order and make it easy to inspect a whole wardrobe at a glance. With clean, sharp lines and a palette of whites, greys and blacks, it’s a style that’s well suited to modern properties of all sizes and is relatively inexpensive to achieve. A more elaborate minimalist style will retain the same clean lines but be bolder in palette, often juxtaposing broad areas of contrasting colours against each other – for example, white shelving against a black background, or a vibrant feature wall paired with a more restrained floor colour.

A country style dressing room should be fresh, restful and bright. Walls tend to be in cream or neutral tones such as pale grey or green, with wooden flooring or carpets in beige, camel or similar hues. With features such as white-painted furniture and arched wardrobe compartments, the country style often has antique French feeling that can be very attractive without seeming too fussy or delicate. This makes it particularly appropriate for a “his and hers” dressing room. It also works very well in a more spacious room where cabinets and shelving can be scaled up to create a feeling of solid, impressive luxury

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