Interior Design Ideas Scandinavia 5 5 Drawer Chest Pine

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Interior Design Ideas Scandinavia 5 5 Drawer Chest Pine

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Interior Design Ideas Scandinavia 5 5 Drawer Chest Pine.

  • One quality brush that won’t shed bristles
  • Semi-gloss water-based enamel paint
  • Shellac-based primer
  • One brush you don’t care about
  • Spackle filler and 400 grit sandpaper, if needed
  • Clean rags
  • After-stripper wash (methylated spirits, usually)
  • Sandpaper (120/240/400 grit) and sander
  • Paint stripper
  • Paint scraper

Here are a few elements to look for in your furnishings, if you want a similar look:

You’ll never know what you’ll find under the surface. With a little work, I took a plain dresser and gave it some Nordic flair. Here’s how that went down! It didn’t look like much, but its simple, attractive pulls tipped me off that there could be potential lurking under its four coats of paint.

I set the drawers aside and got to work stripping the shell. Conventional paint stripper works fast and takes off several layers at once, while citrus strippers like Citristrip are less effective but also less toxic to deal with. I applied a liberal coat of Citristrip and let it do its thing for the next couple of hours. Once the paint bubbles and rises up from the surface, it’s ready to scrape off.

It took three separate applications to get through all of the paint. The last application was just to get the very last bits off the timber. I had no interest in sanding through layers of paint, especially since I had no idea if the paint was old enough to contain lead.

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser before

Before applying primer, I filled in a few holes and dings with quick-setting spackle filler, then smoothed the patches with a fine 400-grit paper. As for the primer, I used Zinsser 1-2-3, which is shellac-based. It sticks to melamine and other glossy surfaces, oil-based and water-based alike. If I don’t have to spend any of my precious hours on earth trying to sand back high-gloss paint, I’ll take it.

Once it dried, I quickly sanded the shell using an orbital sander and 120, then 240, grit pads. The timber was starting to clean up nicely!

And here’s the arsenal you’ll need to strip back and refurbish a piece of furniture:

There’s many ways to go about varnishing timber, but in this instance I applied a coat of matte polyurethane for durability and protection, and then a coat of Feed-N-Wax for shine. I like how wax coatings give timber a silky feel.

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser painted

Scandinavian inspiration design

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser stripping paint

Here’s a couple of before-and-after photos, because those are always fun!

My project dresser came with eight extraneous knobs (already removed in this photo) and several layers of paint. The dresser appears white in this photo, but in reality it was cream-coloured. I knew that exposing the pine timber underneath would complement the style of the dresser, as well as painting the cream drawer fronts a bright white.

  • Stripping paint
  • Matte polyurethane varnish (optional; see below)
  • More clean rags
  • Tung oil or Feed-N-Wax
  • Simple, straight lines
  • Blond timber
  • Neutral colours
  • Minimal pulls – nothing ornate
  • 7k
  • 27k
  • 6.5k
  • 450k
  • 1.1m

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser makeover 3

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With an eye for furniture with good lines and some elbow grease, you can bring a cast-off piece of furniture into the 2010s with style. What would you update if you could?

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser shell

Timber + white is a winner! The deep blue-grey paint provides a contrasting backdrop, making the dresser stand out. Quirky or meaningful objects bring a personal touch.

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser scrape paint

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser materials

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser project

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser makeover

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser spackle

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser old paint

I gave the drawers two topcoats in a white semi-gloss enamel. I prefer water-based enamel because it doesn’t turn yellow over time, but you do have to move quickly so that you don’t get highly visible brushstrokes or sticky, overworked areas. I let them dry for a few days — water-based enamel also takes longer to fully cure — and then they were ready to go back into the dresser!

Another option you could try — which fits in well with today’s Scandinavian theme — would be using the (super cheap!) BEHANDLA furniture oil or beeswax polish from IKEA. It’s a mix of linseed oil and wax, and it won’t darken or discolour timber. The only downside is that it could take quite a few coats to get a proper varnish – softwoods like pine soak up a lot of oil. A matte poly layer prevents you from emptying half of the can into your furniture.

  • 1.1m
  • 450k
  • 7k
  • 6.5k
  • 27k

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser - before and after

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Scandinavian interiors are characterised by airy, minimal spaces with lots of white and timber. The timber adds warmth to spaces that could otherwise feel cold and sterile, while graphic art and painted accents bring in personality. Most of us outside of Europe know the influence of Scandinavian style through IKEA. I might not live in a Swedish cabin somewhere in a snowy birch forest, but the homey, pared-down aesthetic still speaks to me.

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser

Fresh Scandinavian Makeover for Dresser makeover 2

After scraping off all the paint, wipe down the entire thing with a solvent that will remove the paint stripper residue. Citristrip has their own branded wash, which I don’t mind using — it smells nice and it does the job. Methylated spirits will do the trick for conventional paint stripper.

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Make use of decorative mirrors to include fast light to your liveable space . As seen above, mirror could also be used to make a new small space feel greater . For larger rooms, or perhaps any room with some sort of more limited amount associated with natural light, mirrors put directly across from your home windows , will add instant light-weight . Decorative mirrors may also be used inside lieu of art to be able to fill empty wall place . Large or small, showcases add light and aspect to your liveable space.

No matter if you`ve just moved and looking for a speedy , little home pick-me-up, or perhaps perhaps something better, generally there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers make use of which you too can quickly do with minimal work and cost. Sometimes typically the smallest things make finest impact. It could get digging in a hand mirror , a painting, a light or even a vegetable. You want to make softer your walls, brighten a new room, or exercise . warmness to your living place. Have a look at these clever design and style as well as observe how they can encourage you!

Differ your workout. Mix way up patterns and textures. Mixture up old and fresh , expensive and cheap. There`s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms alongside your own modern couch. Great insides decorators will tell a person that one of typically the most important aspect to be able to decorating your house is that this reflects who you will be , your personality and your current style. The vintage Chippendale workplace that was your grandfather`s tells a story. That tells the story associated with your past. The modern day couch you became adoringly obsessed with and basically had to purchase likewise tells a story, your current story, and there is usually no reason the found and past can`t co-exist beautifully together. Exactly the same may be said for skill. You now might not need to place a piece of art by Salvador Dali about the same wall next to the Monet, but there`s simply no reason why they cannot get in the same place together. With fabrics whether or not it be furniture, mats or pillows, varied hues and patterns would bring friendliness and texture into the lifestyle space.

Make use of what you already include to decorate. Most of us have got items in our property , probably packed up throughout boxes somewhere and don`t have given them a next glance. Your house needs several accessories. As opposed to running to be able to the store, take a new good look at that which you already have. Trays, solid wood , acrylic, metal or metallic can be on leading of luggage racks, teas carts, trunks, bedside dining tables and coffee tables with regard to extra texture and aspect . Arrange candles on these people , frames or pile publications on top of these people . Plates can be put up to create wonderful walls art. Art from little one`s books can be presented and hung in nurseries, children`s rooms or their particular bathrooms. You will end up being amazed at your talent with what you previously have!

Slip into a thing a bit more comfortable!. Slip includes frequently get an awful rap but they will be truly wonderful things. They will can function as a means that of changing your furniture`s look to reflect the particular seasons. These easily taken out coverings improve a superior look without constantly stressing about people dirtying or even spilling on your furnishings . Slip covers are perfect for rooms used usually by children. Over the white slip-covered couches shows the air of an everyday , comfortable, easy yet superior elegance.

Add a dangling pot holder to the kitchen. Kitchens are supposed to be warm plus inviting. We spend significantly of our time within them whether it become for preparing meals, offering meals or entertaining. A new hanging pot rack pays to elegance. Kitchens are designed to feel as nevertheless they are in regular use and a clinging pot rack certainly helps make one feel this approach . In addition to searching so wonderful, (there are extensive sizes and styles available) additional cupboard space listed below is currently freed up in order to store other items. Hardly ever has anyone complained involving having too much storage area.

Living green . Add plants in order to your liveable space . Add these people to every room, smaller or large, few or perhaps many. Plants invariably is an affordable means to accessorizing the space and adding coloring and texture. Not simply are plants beautiful nevertheless many can clean home air and balance dampness . They can absorb toxins and remove harmful smells from the air. Not any home should be without having these wonderful greens!

Color or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop associated with color will brighten plus re-energize any room! It can amazing how something therefore simple as a coating of colorful paint can easily instantly energize and enhance your space. This pre-installed bookcase would be easy and ordinary with no brilliant blue interior. Probably the easiest and most inexpensive approach to transform a boring room is always to apply a coating of paint somewhere unforeseen . Bookcases are an perfect place to start since you don`t need to coloring a large area. Some other fun places to include the pop of color contain painting fireplace mantels, typically the insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Make use of area rugs to make softer hardwood floors. Throw carpets give warmth and can easily add great texture, colour and personality to your current living space. Hardwood flooring surfaces are beautiful and quick to take care of but they general shortage the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly within the cooler months. Place rugs can also put fun and functionality to be able to your livable space . Use various of varying patterns and even fabrics together to highlight your character. Or put several rugs of the particular identical pattern and textile , or different textures although the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. A person can change your region rugs to reflect typically the seasons using warmer shades and fabrics for chillier months and lighter types for the warmer instances of the year. Presently there are many lovely natural cotton , washable area rugs which often are well suited for those properties with children. There genuinely is no reason exactly why a residence with young young children cannot become an elegant one.

Paint smaller bedrooms in softer, lighter hues which will make the room experience larger. The living area above is a wonderful sort of how to be able to maximize a small liveable space . A room of this particular size gets the tendency in order to seem cramped, nevertheless the significant windows, light colored wall surfaces and ample utilization of wall mirrors not only reflect typically the natural light pouring within from your doors and the particular windows however the use associated with mirrors also shows the optic illusion of space, generating the room seem larger than it actually is definitely . Conversely, darker colors may make a room think smaller. Even with typically the abundance of natural light-weight and the strategic holding of the mirrors, this particular room in a dark shade could have an even more boxed-in feel into it.

Wicker baskets. Straw-plaited baskets are an cost-effective and elegant method to include storage to any place . Baskets can be utilized to store and show books, architectural and decoration magazines, toys, towels plus blankets to name some sort of few. Place a number of smaller wicker baskets within the counter-tops in your kitchen to be able to beautifully display and shop your fruit and fresh vegetables.

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