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Our program integrates the worlds of manual and digital project work, and the conceptual with the practical. You’ll develop an understanding of the creative design process, including research and analysis. Your learning is focused in the design studio, where you’ll develop solutions to a variety of project types and gain an understanding of your eventual professional focus.

Christine finds inspiration in family and friends, and in the life wisdom that these people have passed on to her. She abides by her father’s philosophy that “you can be successful while still being a good person.” Christine adds that her profession allows her to express herself and try new, creative ideas. “[My staff builds] on each other and it’s just so much fun.”

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“The career services department aided me in sourcing new opportunities that allowed me to build my résumé.”

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Heather Ditson is working as a head designer for Calvin Klein @ G-III Apparel in New York City. Heather is responsible for designing and developing seasonal print/color directions for swimwear as well as developing new silhouettes, trims, prints, and embellishments. She also manages the design team and oversees and manages fittings. Heather works with overseas vendors and her in-house team. “In the early stages of design, I am working with a graphic artist to get the prints and color story perfect. Next, I focus on silhouettes and new body development,” she says. Many weeks of fittings and approvals follow before the design moves forward. “[We have] internal meetings to make sure we are all still confident about our selections.”

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Raven Norman is working as an assistant designer at Randa Accessories in Rosemont, Illinois. She’s responsible for leather goods design. Raven works on brands including True Religion, Columbia, Levi’s, and Dockers. A typical workday includes following up with factories in Asia to ensure that sample development continues to stay on track. “I also do trend research on menswear and general accessories. However the majority of my workday is developing new designs and problem solving.”

Allison Leake is working as the senior graphic designer for the Chicago Architecture Foundation. She’s responsible for the design of company materials and art direction. Allison says that each day includes communicating about design strategy with marketing co-workers and other departments. She also manages workflow in the design department and art directs design projects done by other designers, communicates with print vendors, and processes invoices. She enjoys solving design challenges and communicating with non-designers about how design can serve content and audience. “I am starting to enjoy logo design more after much practice. I have always loved layout projects like brochures and magazines because it requires an understanding of how people read through large amounts of copy.”

Heather’s swimwear design career began with the Anne Cole brand. “I was involved in the early stages of his now-renowned, successful label.” Heather adds that business growth at Calvin Klein has increased since she’s come on board. “Being a large part of these labels’ success makes me feel extremely proud in every way.” To gain inspiration, Heather visits large and small beach towns and stays tuned-in to trends, fashion shows, and magazines.

Internships are strongly encouraged and critically important to eventual professional success. During your fifth semester, you’ll take a course to prepare your portfolio for internships, and you’ll likely be interning with firms during your last three semesters in the program. Companies employing Columbia interns have consistently been pleased with our students’ approach to projects and the skills and abilities brought to bear in project development. Faculty connections lead to many internship opportunities, and listings are shared through the department’s social media; there are typically more internship opportunities than available interns.

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Allison, who in 2008 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago, says that her education taught her the importance of being process-oriented. “Approaching a project in a logical, thoughtful way was a great simulation of how to tackle design challenges in the real world. Without it, I would be lost. Also, relying on my professors as mentors helped me to value the utilization of anyone around me as a resource to develop my own skills and career.” She tells current students that finding a niche in the industry may take time. “You will not necessarily know exactly what to do the first day or week or year out there. Your job is to take direction well, learn as much as possible and use whatever skills you gain over time to excel in what you do, in every way.”

Salisia, who in 2002 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago, says that her education taught the importance of meeting deadlines and never taking no for an answer. “I [learned] to push myself beyond limits. Having gained these skills as a student [helped me] to survive many obstacles in my career—and still come out on the winning side.”

Recently, Allison re-branded “Open House Chicago,” a free annual architecture festival showcasing more than 150 architectural gems throughout Chicago. She applied the brand to a variety of collateral pieces including posters, flyers, print/digital/out-of-home advertising, onsite signage, and t-shirts. She looks to packaging design blogs for creative inspiration. “I think the best typography and illustration, as well as the thoughtful use of both in creating impactful POP display, pushes me to stretch my creativity and problem-solving within my own job.”

Additionally, you’ll jump right into your major with a Contemporary Practice, manual drafting and a digital media course to give you exposure to the program.

Our alumni frequently join interior design or architectural firms across the metropolitan region. Our graduates work at firms like Aria Group Architects, 555, Perkins+Will, RGLA, Designs for Dignity, Susan Fredman Design, Studio Gang Architects, Studio O+A and Crate and Barrel. Other alumni do entrepreneurial or sales work, and some pursue advanced education and graduate school.

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You’ll apply what you’re learning right away to develop solutions to problems presented in Making I and Making II, co-taught by faculty who are designers and artists. You’ll work in teams and learn to develop, present and document your work. Your classes will also include Introduction to Visual Culture, in which you’ll learn to see your own work through the eyes of an art historian across disciplines.

As an Interior Architecture student, you’ll develop a professional portfolio and a skill set beyond that of an interior designer. You’ll go beyond finishes, furniture and style to develop a deep working knowledge of human needs, materials, structures, planning, building systems and building codes. Our CIDA-accredited program (Council of Interior Design Accreditation—an important distinction in this field of study) will put you on a path towards licensed/titled status and professional success. Program graduates qualify to take the required National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam for licensure.

You’ll learn why, and how, to think more creatively and collaboratively in a hands-on way. You’ll participate in Columbia’s innovative and shared Foundations Program, which will provide you an opportunity to explore different areas and techniques, meet students in a wide variety of programs and prepare you for major-specific experiences. Through five-week, one-credit courses, you’ll hone your existing skills and learn new ones. You’ll choose three foundations skills courses each semester from more than a dozen offerings.

Raven, who in 2012 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago, says that her education provided a solid foundation for her career. “The career services department aided me in sourcing new opportunities that allowed me to build my résumé.” She recommends that current students pursue internships. “I also encourage [students] to gain knowledge of business development and merchandising.”

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Our faculty live what they teach. They’ve worked as architects and designers, locally and internationally. They remain active in the field. From owning a design-build studio, to having worked at firms like Box Studios, to researching such topics as whether concrete can play a role as a sustainable building material in residential housing, our faculty bring real world professional experience to the classroom.

You’ll also complete two six-credit studio courses during your senior year. In your final studio course during your last semester, you’ll apply all the skills, knowledge and experience you’ve learned in the program by selecting a client, a building and site—real clients, often—and develop a unique and full-fledged project proposal. We’ll encourage you to introduce socially conscious and socially redeemable elements into the project as a reminder that with your skills and education, you have the power to shape and change the world!

Heather, who in 2009 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago, says that her education provided a well-rounded overview of the fashion industry. “The technical courses offered in Adobe Suite, Web PDM, and U4ia were essential to my success.” Heather recommends that current students take on a variety of internships to learn the industry. “This will help you to determine your long term career goals.” She adds that knowing one part of the industry doesn’t automatically mean you can move into another area. “If you [have] five years a swimsuit designer it doesn’t mean you are qualified to move right into an evening wear design position. Changing fields is like starting over in your career. Make sure you are happy doing what you’re doing.”

Christine LaSorda is the owner of A Baker’s Tale in Chicago, Illinois. She oversees daily operations, cost control, and marketing. Christine adds that every day is different—but all start quite early—at 4 am. “I am proud that at the age of 28, I was able to open the bakery of my dreams. I have an incredible staff and it’s everything I envisioned and more. It’s so fulfilling to do something you’re put all of yourself into and love so much.”

See for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, salary data, alumni success, and other important info.

Christine earned an Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management from The Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago in 2012. She also earned an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from the same school in 2011. She says that her instructors brought real-world experience into the classroom. “This industry is tough and they prepare you for that, but they always encourage you as well.” She suggests that current culinary students make sure that they’re dedicated to the industry. “Sleep now while you can. Make sure you love it and make sure you are willing to work for it.”

“There are so many things to enjoy [about my career]. But most of all is the reward of seeing [my] designs in stores – or even better, on people.”

“My education prepared me for my career because it taught me the importance of meeting deadlines.”

You’ll likely be interning with a design or architectural firm, and you’ll be fine-tuning your portfolio and potential career direction in the field.

“This industry is tough and they prepare you for that, but they always encourage you as well.”

Job Placement84 percent of the students who graduated between May 2016 and December 2016 were employed within six months of graduation in interior design or a related field.  Acceptance to Graduate ProgramsOne student applied and was accepted into graduate school between May 2016 and December 2016.

 Graduation Rates51 percent of the students who completed the program in 2016 graduated in four years. Retention/Attrition71 percent of the students enrolled in fall 2015 semester returned in fall 2016, with an attrition rate of 29 percent.

As you study Interior Architecture at Columbia, you’ll benefit from our unique fabrication facility on campus, and you can enhance your education off-campus in one of the most iconic cities in the world for architecture and design. Chicago is home to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Merchandise Mart and the Art Institute of Chicago, along with prominent professional organizations and lecture series. You’ll find inspiration and networking opportunities around every corner. You’ll also take part in the Fall Design Charrette, an intensive one-day project development opportunity, to prepare you to produce effective design solutions in a shortened period of time.

Interior Architecture majors are typically full-time students and fully committed to this rigorous program. They’re not decorators: Interior architects can do interior design and decorating work on residential projects, but as an Interior Architecture major at Columbia, you’ll prepare to work professionally on code-regulated, commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail environments, community centers and offices.

“[My education taught me to] approach a project in a logical, thoughtful way. It was a great simulation of how to tackle design challenges in the real world.”

Salisia is an account manager and merchandiser for 4Seasons Global, a full service design, sourcing, manufacturing, and import company in Chicago, Illinois. She manages retail accounts and works with overseas suppliers—a typical day could start at 4 am with a Skype call to a partner in a foreign country. “What I enjoy most about my career is being able to learn about different industries while traveling and meeting new people. I’ve been able to travel to Spain, China, and large cities in the United States. And I get to work with everyone from engineers to extremely creative designers.”

Real-World OpportunitiesWhat experience will I get outside the classroom?

Raven is proud of her experience working with Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein in New York City. “I am also very proud of my recent success in Asia. I was graced with the opportunity to work with our factories in China and Hong Kong. The business knowledge and cultural exposure I obtained during this trip was very beneficial. I count that trip as both a personal and professional accomplishment.” Raven enjoys using her fashion as a way to express herself through colors, silhouettes, and textures. She adds that she’s inspired by street fashion and the personal style that it embodies. “I am also inspired by Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is exceptionally distinctive and classic, I admire how the brand has carved a sector in the market that no other brand has been able to trek upon.”

Salisia finds creative inspiration in the world around her and counts her heroes as people who have a personal style and “make any piece they’re wearing their own.” She’s proud to have changed career paths within fashion, moving from design to fashion buying and merchandising. Salisia recommends that current students learn the industry’s trending technology. “There are so many great apps, fun blogs, and websites that are accessible to everyone. It’s like fashion on the go.”

Slip into a thing more comfortable!. Slip addresses frequently get an awful rap but they happen to be truly wonderful things. That they can act as a method of changing your furniture`s look to reflect the particular seasons. These easily taken out coverings improve a superior look without constantly stressing about people dirtying or even spilling on your pieces of furniture . Slip covers are best for rooms used regularly by children. Over some sort of white slip-covered couches provides air of an informal , comfortable, easy yet complex elegance.

Fluctuate your workout. Mix upwards patterns and textures. Blend up old and innovative , expensive and cheap. There`s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms alongside your current modern couch. Great inside decorators will tell a person that one of typically the most important aspect in order to decorating your house is that this reflects who you are usually , your personality and the style. The vintage Chippendale table that was your grandfather`s tells a story. This tells the story regarding your past. The modern day couch you became adoringly obsessed with and merely had to purchase furthermore tells a story, your current story, and there is definitely no reason the current and past can`t co-exist beautifully together. A similar can easily be said for artwork. You now might not need to place an artwork by Salvador Dali on a single wall next to some sort of Monet, but there`s not any reason why they cannot get in the same space together. With fabrics whether or not it be furniture, carpets or pillows, varied colours and patterns would bring heat and texture with your being space.

Make use of what you already possess to decorate. Many of us include items in our ownership , probably packed up throughout boxes somewhere and have not given them a 2nd glance. Your house needs a few accessories. Rather than running in order to the store, take a new good look at that which you already have. Trays, wood , acrylic, metal or metallic can be on best of luggage racks, herbal tea carts, trunks, bedside dining tables and coffee tables regarding extra texture and aspect . Arrange candles on all of them , frames or pile textbooks on top of these people . Plates can be strung to create wonderful wall membrane art. Art from little one`s books can be frame and hung in nurseries, children`s rooms or their very own bathrooms. You will end up being amazed at your ability with what you previously have!

Paint smaller areas in softer, lighter shades which will make the room sense larger. The living space above is a fantastic sort of how to be able to maximize a small living area . A room of this specific size provides the tendency in order to seem cramped, however the huge windows, light colored wall space and ample usage of wall mirrors not only reflect the particular natural light pouring inside in the doors and typically the windows however the use associated with mirrors also shows the optic illusion of space, producing the room seem greater than it actually is definitely . Conversely, darker colors may make a room experience smaller. Even with typically the abundance of natural light source and the strategic saving of the mirrors, this particular room in a more dark shade could have an even more boxed-in feel with it.

Wicker baskets. Straw-plaited baskets are an affordable and elegant method to put storage to any area . Baskets can be utilized to store and exhibit books, architectural and decoration magazines, toys, towels plus blankets to name a new few. Place a few little wicker baskets within the counter-tops in your kitchen to be able to beautifully display and shop your fruit and greens

No matter if you`ve just moved and looking for a fast , little home pick-me-up, or even perhaps something better, right now there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers use that you just too can quickly do with minimal energy and cost. Sometimes typically the smallest things associated with finest impact. It could become digging in a hand mirror , a painting, a light fixture or even a herb. You want to become softer your walls, brighten the room, or increase warmness to your living area. Check out these clever design and style as well as discover how they can encourage you!

Work with area rugs to become softer hardwood floors. Throw carpets give warmth and could add great texture, colour and personality to the living space. Hardwood floor surfaces are beautiful and quick to keep up but they be short of the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly throughout the cooler months. Region rugs can also include fun and functionality to be able to your liveable space . Use various of varying patterns plus fabrics together to show off your character. Or put several rugs of typically the identical pattern and cloth , or different textures yet the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. A person can change your region rugs to reflect the particular seasons using warmer hues and fabrics for much cooler months and lighter kinds for the warmer occasions of the year. Generally there are many lovely organic cotton , washable area rugs which often are well suited for those residences with children. There actually is no reason precisely why a residence with young youngsters cannot become a trendy one.

Add a clinging pot holder to your current kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be warm plus inviting. We spend substantially of our time within them whether it end up being for preparing meals, providing meals or entertaining. Some sort of hanging pot rack pays to elegance. Kitchens are designed to feel as although they are in frequent use and a suspending pot rack certainly helps make one feel this method . In addition to searching so wonderful, (there are extensive sizes and styles available) additional cupboard space beneath is actually freed up to be able to store other items. Almost never has anyone complained involving having too much storage space.

Color or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop involving color will brighten in addition to re-energize any room! Really amazing how something therefore simple as a layer of colorful paint can easily instantly energize and convert your space. This integrated bookcase would be easy and ordinary minus the brilliant blue interior. Possibly the easiest and most inexpensive method to transform a boring area is always to apply a layer of paint somewhere sudden . Bookcases are an perfect place to start since you don`t need to color a large area. Additional fun places to include the pop of color consist of painting fireplace mantels, the particular insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Living green . Add plants to be able to your liveable space . Add all of them to every room, smaller or large, few or perhaps many. Plants could be an affordable means to accessorizing the space and adding coloring and texture. Not simply are plants beautiful nevertheless many can clean house air and balance moisture . They can absorb contaminants and remove harmful fumes from the air. Simply no home should be without having these wonderful greens!

Work with decorative mirrors to incorporate immediate light to your livable space . As seen above, wall mirrors could also be used to make the small space feel much larger . For larger rooms, or perhaps any room with the more limited amount regarding natural light, mirrors positioned directly across from your home windows , will add instant lighting . Decorative mirrors doubles within lieu of art to be able to fill empty wall room . Large or small, showcases add light and dimensions to your living area.

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