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Interior Architecture Aalto University Aalto Yliopisto

Eligible applicants to the programme have earned a Bachelor of Arts or completed equivalent studies. The Master’s Degree Programme in Interior Architecture consists of advanced studies that can be completed in two years.

Professor Pirjo Sanaksenaho from the Department of Architecture hopes to see an architect’s basic labour – design – feature more prominently in fut…

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Art allows us to see the world in a new way and provides a new perspective on reality, enriching society in Finland and internationally!

A goal of the programme is to graduate students who are eligible to work as professional interior architects.

Bachelor of Arts, a three-year lower degree Bachelor of Science in Technology, a three-year lower degree Master of Arts, a two-year higher degree Masters of Science in Architecture or in Landscape Architecture, two-year higher degrees Doctor of Arts, a postgraduate degree Doctor of Science (Architecture), a postgraduate degree

At Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, you can complete the following degrees:

How to record a soundscape and the ways of using that sonic material in practice: How to benefit from soundscape studies for sound design?

Studies proceed from maintaining continuous interest, wide-ranging curiosity and a shared sense of wonderment. Students mostly work on concrete design assignments, developing personal vision and the basic technical skills of their field. The major also contains studies in history, theory and arts subjects. 

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture provides education for professionals possessing a high degree of artistic and technological skill, such as communication, environmental and industrial designers, design leaders, film, set and photography, and architecture professionals, art teachers, visual art professionals, artisan masters, applied arts researchers, interior design architects and trend analysts.

The versatility and artistry of textile design was showcased in Tekstiili18 exhibition in Kaapelitehdas last week.

Applicants to the Master’s Degree Programme in Interior Architecture apply for master’s level admissions in the field of Art and Design. The main criteria are competence and suitability. Specifically, the programme seeks students who understand the processes and structures, used to create – both individually and in teams – personal design solutions with artistic insight, ideation skills, goal-orientation and motivation.

Honorary doctorates for the 2018 Ceremonial Conferment will be announced in May 2018.

Campus Game Changers 2018 – selected graduate works from Aalto University Game Changers 2018 – selected graduate works

For further details on the education content, see the study guide for the 2017–2018 academic year.

The Department of Architecture welcomes you to the Keynote lecture of professor emeritus, architect Juhani Pallasmaa. It is part of the AHRA (Archi…

Näytös18 runway Photo: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University Communications

Dissertations Defence in the field of film and television: Lic.A. (Theatre and drama) Ari Koivumäki Defence in the field of film and television: Lic.A. (Theatre and drama) Ari Koivumäki

The exhibition is part of Aalto University Ceremony Week programme.

The key content of the master’s programme education is intended to develop and deepen the skills obtained by the student during the bachelor’s phase. Studio-based courses in spatial design and furniture design form the core of the education. Other topics include history, theory and methodology of interior architecture and practical design skills and tools. The student can choose elective courses as well as a minor according to his or her interests and professional profile. In the final year, the student completes a master’s thesis on his or her chosen topic.

Krista Kosonen MA, will defend her dissertation ”Finding one’s own way in design”: how designers’ and design stu…

We offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral education in the fields of arts and technology. You can find all our degree programmes at the website.

Lectures and seminars Open lecture with Juhani Pallasmaa Open lecture with Juhani Pallasmaa

Career opportunities vary from entrepreneurship to expert tasks in private and public organisations. Graduates work as interior architects in design and architect studios, as independent entrepreneurs, and as in-house designers in industry. They also work as designers, managers, researchers and teachers, and engage in artistic pursuits. The programme also prepares its graduates for doctoral studies.

Students are granted admission to the programme through a two-phase process. In the first phase, students are evaluated based on their application as a whole, including portfolio, previous studies, CV and letter of motivation. In the second phase, the most suitable applicants are invited to an interview, from which a smaller subset of applicants will be offered a study place.

Interior architects may focus on areas such as workspaces, retail spaces or care environments. Their tasks typically include spatial, surface, interior and lighting design in interior renovations and alterations. They also work on exhibition design and the design of other temporary structures, concept design, branding and corporate identity design, and design of furniture, lighting fixtures and other interior design components. Strategic, conceptual and managerial designer roles are increasingly common.

The 2018 Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology will be held on 15 June 2018 at Dipoli, Espoo.

An inspiring atmosphere leads to enthusiastic, student-centred learning that emphasises creativity and critical thinking. Our students produce human-centred living, well-being, learning and working environments.

Students who complete the programme will learn to manage design processes, learn about construction regulations and materials, develop skills in 3D composition, and have an understanding of the spatiality of people and products. They will deepen the skills learned in bachelor’s studies and broaden their knowledge of spatial design and furniture design. Students will gain knowledge of different design approaches and methods, and be able to practise interior architecture in the broader operational environment of building and construction, product development, business and culture. Examples of the study themes include:

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Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business.

The programme trains students in personal design expression and develops their ability to master design processes and understand the discipline’s past and present, as a spur to curiosity and experimentation. Students will develop their practical skills in spatial and furniture design further. They will also be trained to develop their technical, aesthetic and research skills to support the design process. They will become competent in exploring technologies and in visualising, creating and demonstrating innovative concepts using the latest technology. They will become professionals versed in multidisciplinary teamwork.

The main area of interest in the major in interior architecture is the interaction of spaces and the objects and furnishings in them. Space and the environment formed by objects are viewed with a human scale as the starting point. Space is understood not only in terms of its functional properties but also as a multidimensional basic unit providing multisensory experiences and combining the tradition of design with the yet unknown forms of expression of the future. In particular, the properties that shape the identity of space, materials, colours, lighting and acoustics, are subjects of interest in teaching.

Science and art Even researchers should embrace the practice Even researchers should embrace the practice

Alempi korkeakoulututkinto soveltuvalta alalta tai vastaavat opinnot.

Students are encouraged to apply for international exchange studies or internships. They are also encouraged to participate in international competitions, exhibitions, conferences, and trade fairs. The department has international research and teaching projects with different universities

The blockchain distributed consensus model has been claimed to be the most important invention since the Internet was invented. Blockchains are als…

Theory meets practice at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Our school focuses on learning by means of practical assignments and projects.

Honored Aalto’s Näytös show brings high fashion to Finland Aalto’s Näytös show brings high fashion to Finland

Interior architecture addresses the close, human scale of space and furniture, used to create meaning and value for people and organisations an to transform and renew the everyday living environment. Dealing with the design of immediate interior and exterior environments, interior architecture requires an understanding of human aspirations and culture, the bodily experience and the senses, and the spatial, material and technological means to meet these needs. A skilled interior architect is capable of integrating diverse elements into functional and experiential design solutions that not only meet, but exceed users’ and clients’ expectations and are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

The programme educates interior architects with a distinct design personality. It comprises studies on spatial design and furniture design. Concrete design assignments form a major part of the education. The studies emphasise advanced practical design skills combined with conceptual and strategic design thinking as well as research-driven design. Students are encouraged to expand the frontiers of the discipline by addressing system-level problems and societal challenges across the scale of the built environment.

Applicants accepted to the programme may be required to take supplementary studies.

The programme enhances the students’ presentation skills in writing and visualisation. The students will acquire skills in problem-setting and problem-solving relevant to interior architecture. They will also be able to gather and analyse information and apply it to design and research. They will learn key concepts, theories and research approaches in interior architecture and familiarise themselves with current research in the field.

Lectures and seminars Digi Breakfast: Blockchains – A transformational technology? Digi Breakfast: Blockchains – A transformational technology?

Welcome to study Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University!

Other Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology

The students will learn to interpret and transform the living environment and culture through their insight and professional skills. They will develop artistic and design insight, master their creative design processes, and deepen their expertise in materials and knowledge of the design tradition and cultural discourse.

Lectures and seminars Panel discussion of the new honorary doctors Panel discussion of the new honorary doctors

The programme is based on an exploratory approach to design-based problem setting, elaboration and resolution. It emphasises the skills needed to manage the entire design process. An essential part of the education is project-based hands-on learning. In the projects, the students are encouraged to utilise artistic and experimental approaches and find their personal expression and voice as a designer. This is supported by the more analytical, research-driven methods and tools.

The human experience, body and senses as the basis of interior architecture Experimental, critical and artistic design practice that engages the society and initiates change Human-centred, collaborative and conceptual design in interior architecture Strategies for adaptive reuse, sustainability and flexibility in interior architecture

Winners of the evening include Idaliina Friman, Erika Hirsimäki, Eetu Kemppainen, Emma Saarnio, Anni Salonen and Eerika Yli-Rahko

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