Identifying 20 Of The Most Popular Interior Design Styles Rue

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Identifying 12 of the most popular interior design styles
Identifying 20 Of The Most Popular Interior Design Styles Rue

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The Modern style is anything referring to the period of furniture and architecture from the 1920s to ’60s, and everything that is similar in style since then. Form and function go hand in hand (sometimes function is even more important, where form is reduced to the most basic). Extremely clean lines, minimal decoration, and a neutral color palette.

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For a few years now Midcentury Modern has been all the rage. Rooms filled with rounded triangular coffee tables, whimsical teals and oranges, and whiskey leathers have filled the pages of magazines. Not to be confused with Danish Modern (the two are very similar but latter is based on current designs), Midcentury Modern gets its style from Scandinavian and American designs from the ’50s, 60’s and ’70s. It’s retro, it’s clean, and it’s uplifting.

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Transitional is often confused with Contemporary design: both talk about pieces that have more feminine lines and trendy pieces. Transitional, however, is a modern version of traditional. Take the Berger chair, for example. If we were to squint and simplify its look, taking out any flourishes on the armrests and choosing an updated fabric, we would get a Transitional style chair. The lines are fluid like Traditional design, but the look is simplified and the details are taken out.

Signature Pieces: anything made by Eames, walnut sideboards on peg legs, boucle fabrics and orangey-brown leathers.

Shabby Chic originated in the UK, although can also be referred to as “Provençal Style.” The concept is traditional white painted wooden furniture with a distressed look. Soft fabrics such as white cottons and linens are also an important feature. There aren’t too many patterns or colors going on at once.

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Signature Pieces: Thin metal tables, felt sofas, ash wood chairs, geometric prints.

A Contemporary look is one of the hardest to identify; it is based on the current decorating trends but can be more easily spotted by its clean lines (although usually more fluid than modern design) and a palette made up of neutrals with a few hints of color.

This is the style of the grand apartments in the center of Paris or gracing the West End of London. A European Classic style has crown moldings, floor to ceiling draperies, and curvy furniture. The color palette is usually neutral.

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If you’re fans of design shows and magazines like the Property Brothers on HGTV, you’ll hear a lot of design styles and phrases being thrown around. Some are straight forward, but some can be easily confused with one another. Even designers sometimes use “Contemporary,” “Modern,” and “Transitional” interchangeably, which, as you’ll find out are actually quite different. So that you can speak like a design pro, we’re showing you 12 of the most popular interior design styles and how to distinguish one from the other.

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Signature Pieces: Distressed white Berger chairs, caned furniture, Belgian linen pillows.

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Signature Pieces: Brass based tables, curvy neutral sofas, mercury glass lamps.

Signature Pieces: lucite, traditional wood furniture, bright accents.

Signature Pieces: Metal work tables, iron stools, vintage leather chairs, industrial pendant lamps.

Signature Pieces: roll arm chair, floral fabrics, and shaded sconces.

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Similar to all of the other modern styles, Rustic Modern has very clean lines. The only main difference is that color takes a backseat and the room’s palette is taken over by natural materials: stone, wood, metal, and jute.

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Signature Pieces: Raw wood dining tables, petrified wood stools, fig trees, linen sofas.

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It’s harder to define an Eclectic design look because there is no particular item that’s uniquely of this style. It is more about how you approach mixing pieces together – looking for dramatic contrasts that work together seamlessly. In this interior design style, modern and traditional pieces are juxtaposed together – bright and dark, or serious and whimsical.

Prior to its renovation, this Orinda, CA kitchen was dark, outdated, and had poor circulation….

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Signature Pieces: Berger chairs, gilded mirrors, silk, and velvet.

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Signature Pieces: woven baskets, linen sofas, teak tables, and ethnic print pillows.

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Signature Pieces: geometric patterned pillows, upholstered pieces with clean lines, and metallics.

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When we think of someone’s home that is “ethnic,” we think of African masks and clay vases. “Ethnic Chic” is entirely different – basing itself on the craftsmanship around the globe. Exotic materials are used, but the lines of the furniture remain clean and simple. The color palette can have some fun accent colors, but the base is always extremely neutral and rooted in natural materials.

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Scandinavian Modern shares many characteristics with midcentury modern (in fact midcentury modern’s furniture designers were mostly Danish and Finnish). Scandinavian Modern, however, boasts new designs, thought up by Europe’s trendiest design houses. The color palette is limited to neutrals or pastels, and often features simple graphics like black Swiss crosses and stripes. You’ll see a lot of white in this look.

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With beautiful floral patterns, soft colors, and traditional furniture, the English Country look has been a classic for many centuries. This style has lots of upholstery with botanical prints, sconces, and white as the main neutral.

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Industrial Modern has been gaining speed in the last 10 years as a very popular design style. Recycled materials, raw metal and wood, and a toned-down color palette make up the characteristics of this look.

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Signature Pieces: Prouvé’s Standard Chair, marble tables, metal task lamps.

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