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Ideas Balanced Interior Decor Pink Accents

Ideas Balanced Interior Decor Pink Accents Ideas Balanced Interior Decor Pink Accents

Blur the line between purple and pink by borrowing from both hues [Design: Carolyn Parker Interior Design]Plush couch, lamps and fuzzy pillow add an undeniable pink hue to the cozy living room [Design: Ana Antunes Homestyling]Repeat pink throughout the living room in a subtle fashion for a curated look [Design: Nicole White Designs Interiors]Combine & Contrast

From shades of pink that gravitate more towards the purple end of the color spectrum to those that are light enough to blend in with some yellowish hues, pink comes in so many different versions that it leaves you spellbound. While the popular packaging in media is all about shades that are close to one single hue, explore the many different options carefully before you settle on one. The likes of Coral crush and pastel pink can replace white in the living and create a backdrop that is sufficiently neutral and yet engaging and glamorous. Hotter hues like Pink Corsage are best used in moderation with a dash of class!

Pink Corsage on the walls gives the room a fun and colorful appeal [Design: Joni Spear Interior Design]

Paint is definitely not the only option when it comes to giving your living room a colorful makeover. Décor in pink for the living room can give your home a fun and unexpected twist while keeping the backdrop distinctly neutral. Plush rugs and carpets are often the best way to start off this pinkish makeover, as they tend to create the biggest visual impact. Follow this up with accent pillows in matching shades of pink, a few lovely throws elegantly placed around the living room and artwork with hints of pink brilliance to complete the look.

Of course, you may have to spend your entire life wearing neutrals in order to keep your clear fronted closet looking spectacularly cohesive.

Pink is a color that is perpetually associated with femininity, much like blue tends to become the color of all things masculine in the world of interior design. Some believe that this stereotyping is just one big marketing gimmick, others point to growing scientific evidence that says women are naturally programmed to love redder shades of blue while men love those in the green-blue spectrum. No matter which approach you take to the issue, pink is generally linked with all things delicate and wonderful. But it is not just a color for the feminine bedroom or girls’ nursery, as we take a look today at 20 fabulous pink living rooms.

Grayish pink pastels in light tones, dusty pink color, is an excellent choice for adding soft contrasts and elegant accents to modern interior design in the industrial style. Pale pink brings a mysterious feel into the spaces. It works well with metal details and silver gray color tones. Dusty pink changes and creates a beautiful effect with various hues of gray color through the day. Pink pastels look bright during the day and allow deep room colors come forward at night.

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Pink and purple colors, tender accents adding charm to white decorating Stylish interior design with pink accents

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Dusty pink pastels are excellent for interior design in eco style. Neutral color tones, beige, gray, white, natural shades of wood, and green colors of houseplants create attractive, balanced, and stylish color combinations with light pink pastels. White and tender-pink hues look fresh and delicious. Balanced by black and charcoal gray color tones, light-pink and white decorating ideas delight and impress.

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Coral crush in the backdrop gives the small living area a glamorous makeover [Design: Ethan Allen]

The soft pink hue gently complements the natural woodtone of the rustic dining table and wooden dining chairs.

Grey kitchens can be a dark and serious affair, but the grey decor of this kitchen is teamed with all pink base units and tall larder cabinets that make a warm and inviting visual. If you love similar pink themed kitchens, do check out our post on pink kitchens.

A grey and pink lounge set up is situated within plain white walls. A modern chaise with plain grey fabric and clean lines is given extra dimension by the presence of a single pink throw cushion and an accompanying large framed photographic print in a pink colourway.

Low modern coffee tables make an ideal pairing with a low slung sofa, like this smooth grey module with a built-in shelf. A few decorative vases jazz up its simple design.

Pink is a risky color. If used excessively it will make your home look like a Barbie house. It’s why most people avoid this color and even despise it. Nevertheless, when used with measure, pink can be a great accent color that instantly makes your home look fresh, friendly and dynamic. But keep in mind that it’s still a difficult color that is difficult to match with other shades.

A small white side table stands between the deep cushioned grey upholstered bed and the window. The window is dressed with heavy dusky rose drapes.

Pink can be used as a fun seasonal color in the modern living room [Design: High Fashion Home]Shabby chic style and pink is a combination that never fails! [Design: The Cross Interior Design]Pink accent wall in the contemporary living room [Design: Studio V Interior Design]Neutral backdrop lets the pink accents shine through [From: Jim Schmid Photography / The English Room]Quirky rug brings pink to the chic, modern living room [Design: Wohn Dich] Liked the story? Share it with friends.

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The nook around the home entry door has been painted completely pink. A shoe storage unit has been given the pink treatment too, causing it to neatly blend with the surround. The front door itself is charcoal grey in contrast.

A washing machine and a dryer are stacked in an adjacent grey shelving unit, which is a bespoke build made to perfectly fit the narrow utility space.

The grey wall units are matched by a large planter holding a ZZ plant.. The charcoal pieces add weight to the pink wall colour of the room, whilst the indoor plant adds a little texture.

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While pink is not neutral in any sense of the word, it has tremendous versatility when it comes to combining with other colors ranging from blue and green to red and yellow. The countless shades of pink also make this a lot easier and allow you to use it in living rooms of varied styles and themes. Perpetually popular but often relegated to bedrooms, it is time to bring pink into the living room.

Who says pink in the living room is not classy and refined? [Design: Brett Mickan Interior Design]Pink farmhouse style living room with a cheerful, breezy vibe [From: Andrea Young – McMillen / Elizabeth Glasgow Photography]

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The wall cupboards above the prep zone, plus an adjoining crockery and wine cabinet, are charcoal grey to match the kitchen wall. The dark units are backlit with LED strip lighting that creates a dramatic edge.

The first living room in this section seems to showcase the Rose Quartz & Serenity a combination that Pantone has picked as its Color the Year 2016. Even if you are not very happy with that particular blend, pink can be combined easily with green, yellow, blue or even shades of orange to create a snazzy and eclectic living space. As you start using more and more color, it is best to pick lighter shades with muted finishes and to ensure that there is a style that links them all together. Otherwise things can get pretty chaotic and fast.

Stylish Accents in Modern Pink Color for Different Interior Design Styles

The window seat and bookcase create a beautifully light reading nook, made comfy with some additional pink scatter cushions and cosy grey throws. A series of storage cupboards make use of the space in the base of the bench.

The seating unit extends in an L-shape around one entire corner of the room, with the extended arm utilised as a TV console. Grey drapes match the sponge seat cushions at the window.

A wooden dining set nestles into the space created by an L-shaped kitchen layout. Globe pendant lights illuminate the rectangular table, in front of a large window that offers a view with dinner.

LED edge lighting is also used in a bedroom with attached wardrobe. Softly illuminated closet shelves and garment hanging rails are held behind clear glass doors at the head of the bed. The dark boutique style closet becomes part of the grey bedroom decor, taking the form of a cool headboard feature wall that would make any fashionista swoon.

Stylish accents in modern pink color are excellent ideas for beautiful rooms in various interior design styles. Pale pink is one of the latest trends in decorating, and designers recommend adding pale pink to all home interiors. Retro modern interiors, contemporary rooms in a minimalist style, cottages and interiors in the industrial style look fresh and pleasantly soft with accents in pale pink. The Lushome collection of modern interiors shows how to use pink in decorating and follow the interior design trends while personalizing your rooms.

Some beautiful color combination using pink include shades of white, grey, black or orange. Other colors could be successfully used but it all depends on a number of other factors as well. Also, not all the rooms would look equally beautiful in pink. The living room could easily adapt to such a bold color as it’s a social area also designed for entertainment. A dynamic décor is always a good idea. You can pink as an accent color for elements such as decorative pillows, lighting fixtures, tugs or artwork.

Glamorous living room showcases Pantone Color of the Year 2016 [Design: Anthony Baratta]Green, pink and a hint of gold in the shabby chic living space [Design: Andrea Brooks Interiors]Eclectic living room with a wall of books [Design: Kim Armstrong]Combine pink with other bold hues for a captivating and bold living space [Design: Studio23 Interiors]Traditional living room benefits from an infusion of pink and green [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design / Nancy Nolan Photography]Exciting Accents

Inspiring interior design ideas, modern pastels, natural materials

Family room with stunning use of pink wallpaper [Design: Heather ODonovan Interior Design]

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Textured walls in pastel pink blend modern and Mediterranean styles [From: Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague – Artisan Books]Pink coupled with some Holiday cheer! [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]The Right Décor

The pink color is modern and beautiful. Light pink is classy and fashionable. Tender pink pastels can be glamorous and exciting, bringing energy into the interior design and emphasizing a feminine touch in decorating. The beautiful pink color in light tones is versatile, suitable for many interior design styles and all genders. Any room decorating can benefit from the usage of light pink; all depends on the color combination. White, black, and gray color tones look elegant and fresh with light pink. Bright pink shades increase the feminine energy in the interior design, while purple and blue cool down the room colors.

If you can add a couch, club chairs or lamps shades in pink, then that would definitely be an added bonus. Remember that we are not just using pink as an accent hue here but committing to it fully, without actually painting the walls. When done, the living room should have a distinct and palpable pinkish glow.

Even the bathroom receives a wonderful splash of pastel pink within its grey tiled walls.

Whether or not you’ve ever considered pink for an interior, it’s hard to deny the softly stylish ambiance that is created by adding pink accents to a grey decor scheme. This particular apartment is the combined work of 3 designers: Ruslan Kovalchuk, Mariya Chmut and Stephen Tsimbalyuk. The design implements an equal balance of pink and grey to create a confident colour scheme that is full of personality. Pink based photography and cushions add splashes of colour into the greyer areas of the home. Pink facilities make for an unusual bathroom, whilst pink kitchen cabinets, drapes and a bedroom accent walls bring bigger blasts of the rosy hue.

The bedroom is another room where pink would feel warm and cozy. Pastel shades would be a particularly good idea. You can include for example elements such as pink curtains, bedding, a pink rug or beanbag. Pink furniture is risky and it’s difficult to mix and match with other pieces. But in a white décor it could be a beautiful and bold addition. You can also use pink in other spaces as well, like for the example your home office, the bathroom or the kitchen. The amounts should be small and only used as accent features.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10}.

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The utility room is personalised with a pink photographic mural. The photographic decal decorates the sliding doors of a storage unit that holds household linens, a clothes iron and ironing board.

A unique floor lamp stands to the other side of the modern bed. The bedside floor lamp has a small base to allow unobstructed entry to the closet via a sliding glass door.

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At the foot of the bed, A set of TV console units are wall mounted. The upper console is a longer volume that has one end utilised as a dressing table.

The flooring throughout the home is a light wood grain that works beautifully with the gentle pink accents.

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Hallway storage units have been built into one side of the home entryway. The build includes a hallway bench that is upholstered in charcoal grey, beneath a set of wall hooks for hanging coats. Tall units provide storage for large household items – or perhaps for garments that don’t fit the neutral wardrobe criteria!

A Bertoia Diamond Chair sits at the wall hung dressing table. The vanity chair is dressed with a pink cushion to add extra comfort to the wire seat design. This metal chair would also work just fine as a modern outdoor chair for a balcony or garden.

The designer table lamp beside the makeup mirror on the dressing table is the IC T2 Lamp.

Above the chaise, a group of pink neon tube lights add to the coloured accents, and cast a soft glow over an adjacent white bookcase. The bookcase holds an assortment of shelves and concealed storage nooks by the sofa and an adjoining window seat.

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A unique sink with a pink finish changes the entire look of a hard grey and white bathroom scheme.

If you are not happy with committing to pink right away, then as always, we suggest you take the safe route of lovely pink accents. This has all the advantages that come with accent additions – the safety of not committing fully to a color scheme, an easy enough switch of the color scheme as trends change, and of course, an ability to mix and match varied colors. The accent pink wall is a safe starting point, but you can also choose other exciting options like a colorful pink couch, drapes in pink or even simpler, less expensive additions like vases and side tables.

Classic interior design style benefits from pale pink pastels. Gray color, pink, and all green colors, mixed with golden decorations, create chic rooms and add elegance to the traditional interior design. Cottage style interior decorating appear relaxing and quiet with accents in pale pink. Light pink is the versatile solution for brightening up any room. The role of pale pink in the decorating schemes changes according to the other room colors. Pink can make a place feel soft and bright or give a touch of elegant luxury to the interior design.

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