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How To Decorate Your Living Room Where To Begin Wayfair

How To Decorate Your Living Room Where To Begin Wayfair How To Decorate Your Living Room Where To Begin Wayfair

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2. Where do you begin when building out a concept board?Whether we’re working around existing pieces or starting from scratch, we design around the key pieces that are really intrinsic to the design. In this case the client was starting from scratch, although she mentioned that she had her eye on a few core pieces, including a tufted sofa, which we built into our concept. We really think of the concept as a way to tease out key design decisions, like the color palette. This client mentioned that she loves both grays and blues, and so we built concepts (right) around both directions.

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Tip! To learn more about decorating with color, check out our Home Color Guide​ for Beginners.

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Spend time reading blogs and magazines to find your ideal style. Pinterest is a great resource, too! If you love clean lines and exposed wood grains, you might like mid-century modern. Or if you prefer painted wood and slipcovered seating, you may love country decor.Once you’ve determined your style, now comes the fun part: purchasing new furniture! Start with the big items—a sofa, rug, and entertainment center—since they take up the most space and are the focal points of the room. 

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Tip! Donate your unwanted items or host a yard sale and put that extra cash toward your redecorating project.

Step back and look at your existing furniture and decor. To make space, get rid of furniture that’s damaged, outdated, too large, too small, or that you just don’t like anymore. If it’s a family heirloom or a piece you want to keep that doesn’t fit in the living room, give it a new spot somewhere else in your house.Now that you have only the pieces you want to use going forward, you’re ready for the next step!

Designing a room from inspiration to installation can be a major project. Recently, e-design firms like Decorist began offering online design services to give homeowners all the perks of working one-on-one with a designer at a fraction of the cost. Read on to get expert tips from a Decorist designer, and then scroll to the bottom to learn more about working with Decorist!

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Decorist is an online interior design service that provides customers with professional, personalized help to beautifully makeover any room in their home. It’s affordable, fast and easy! Here’s how it works:1. Discover your design style. Take our “spot on” Decorist design quiz which helps identify your unique personal design style. 2. Submit project details. Choose the design service you would like: a classic, elite, or celebrity makeover. Then submit room photos via the Decorist website, and share your project details, goals, budget, and any design “inspirations” you may have using tools like the Wayfair Idea Boards. 3. Get matched to a designer. You are carefully matched with one of our highly talented and professional Decorist designers, based on project goals, budget, and your unique personal design style. 4. Receive the design plan. Get two different design concepts within seven days. Your designer works closely with you to revise and perfect the design, to create a beautiful final room plan that’s highly personalized and fits your style and budget. The plan includes a customized room layout, visual design boards, “how to” instructions, and a clickable “one-stop” shopping list.​5. Execute the design plan. Either order the decor items via the clickable “one-stop” shopping list. Or, you can save time and take advantage of exclusive discounts by letting Decorist order the items for you. If you have questions about putting together your final room plan, your Decorist designer is always happy to help!​

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Ready to start collecting your room inspiration? Create your first Idea Board today by clicking on the Idea Boards link at the top of the page to set up your profile. Then, click the heart icon on any product, article , or Photo Gallery image to select a board and add your item (below).

3. What was your thought process when making the finish selections?As part of her questionnaire, the client shared with us that she wanted the space to feel layered, textured, and plush, with shiny accents. We incorporated this into our design concepts and the finish selections to create the feeling and look the client wanted. 4. What are the steps you take if a client has revisions to the design?​Our process is designed to be interactive. If a client has feedback on the concepts presented to them, we incorporate that feedback into the next round of concepts and then into the final design and room layout. Our goal is to have a final design that our clients absolutely love, and we get there because their feedback informs our revisions!

​1. What was the inspiration for this project and was that something the client provided?As the very first step in our makeover process, we ask our clients to tell us about their room and to share their project goals and inspiration photos, which can come via Pinterest, Houzz, or their Wayfair Idea Boards (left). The visual inspiration that a client provides can be very insightful and incredibly telling. Often a client will describe a certain style they want, but their inspiration photos and their Decorist style quiz results may tell us a different story; one that is often more accurate in terms of what the clienttruly wants.

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The client’s style profile in this case was modern-eclectic. She playfully added that she liked Emily Henderson’s style with a bit of Mad Men mixed in, and that she did not want a “neutral, boring space.” Her inspiration photos reinforced her love of mixing patterns, colors, and styles—all this shaped the direction of our design.

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Tip! Big purchases should reinforce your style. If you’ve chosen to decorate in a traditional style, don’t purchase a modern sofa. It will only create confusion!

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Your living room sees the most use. It’s where you entertain guests, have family movie nights, and even enjoy a quiet evening alone. Since you use it every day, it’s no wonder it’s the most frequently updated space in your home. Whether you’re searching for a whole new style or just want to make a small update, get inspired by our editors’ best tips for living room decorating below.

Color will set the tone for your room. A mostly blue and green room will have a calming effect, while vibrant colors (reds, yellows, oranges) are energizing. A neutral room of whites, tans, and grays is the perfect canvas for bright, bold accents.Pick colors you’ll love seeing everyday. Take a peek at your wardrobe and note the hues you gravitate toward. Or if you’re keeping an important piece of art or decor, select a palette based on the main colors of that item. For more advice on how to get started, read  How to Choose a Color Scheme .

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5. Do you have any tips for working with existing furniture?New accessories can really have a big impact in making existing furniture look fresh and new. For example, change up your coffee or side table styling by adding new decor items, such as a pile of books topped with a great knickknack, a candle in a large hurricane vase, a decorative tray (which can keep groups of items from looking disjointed), or a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers. To change up your sofa, add new pillows and a cozy throw. For old chairs, think about re-upholstering them to make them look new and to give the room a pop of color. For a bed, think about new bedding or new pillows to give the room a different look.6. How do you make the most of a small budget?Rearranging the room layout and reimagining the space, or switching around the room’s existing accessories can have a huge impact at very little cost. Changing up accessories—especially pillows and artwork—and painting the walls a different color can really transform a space and give it a bit of flair. 

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