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How To Decorate Your Home 20 Steps With Pictures Wikihow

How To Decorate Your Home 20 Steps With Pictures Wikihow How To Decorate Your Home 20 Steps With Pictures Wikihow

Cat atau tempel tembok Anda dengan kertas dinding (wallpaper). Anda juga bisa mengecat tembok dengan warna yang tegas, kemudian tempelkan potongan kertas dinding memanjang di sekeliling tembok. Kertas dinding itu bisa dipasang di tengah tembok atau ke atas.

Jika Anda tidak mengecat tembok atau mengganti kertas dinding, Anda bisa menempelkan kain di tembok. Pasanglah serapi mungkin. Jika kamar Anda kecil, cat kamar Anda dengan satu warna saja dan biarkan langit-langitnya berwarna putih.

Hal ini akan membuat kamar Anda terlihat lebih besar.

Gunakan warna dan gambar. Sumber warna dan pola di kamar Anda tidak harus hanya dari seprei, bantal, karpet, dan gorden.[6] Anda bisa mengubah tembok yang membosankan dan polos menjadi lebih menarik dengan memasang lampu warna-warni.

You can always buy a piece of art at a store, create something yourself, or print out a picture or quote you like.

Turn on your favorite music and renew your spirit along with your room. Music can change a room’s atmosphere completely without any need for redecoration. Planning is the most important first step for any redecorating or DIY project.

Select a theme or color scheme and stick to it. This will help you stick to your budget by preventing you from buying anything that does not ‘go’. Spray paint any mismatched furniture to match your room’s décor.

Turn a wall into a chalkboard by painting it with chalkboard paint, or designate one wall as an art wall and paint what ever you want. Minimize damage to walls when hanging pictures or posters by using blue sticky tack or reusable adhesive hooks.

You can also buy an inexpensive picture or mirror hanging kit from a hardware store. Turn a twin bed into a daybed by pushing it against the wall and placing pillows along the back edge. Keep your room feeling fresh by washing bed sheets and pillow cases at least once a week.

Make a wall collage using photos, posters and anything cute. Remember if you are under-aged or living in someone else’s house, ask permission before decorating. Try getting rid of what you don’t need and making some new decorations.

If your wardrobe is looking plain you could try adding sentimental pictures, drawings, or photos to it with blu-tack or tape.

Refurbish old furniture and accents. If you don’t have enough money to buy new furniture for your apartment, give your current furniture a makeover. In a kitchen or bathroom, try painting the cabinets a new color or staining them.

Use cheap fabric to reupholster your couches or chairs, and try a stain on your floors to change the color. Wood accents (on edges of furniture, the windowsills, trim, doors, etc.) can be painted or stained a bold new color.

If nothing else, try moving your furniture into new locations and see the difference it makes on their appearance.

Tambah beberapa desain dengan stiker dinding kecil (wall stencil). Pilih warna dasar untuk latar belakang, dan warna yang kontras untuk desain tersebut. Cat warna latar belakang terlebih dahulu, biarkan kering, kemudian buat desain tersebut dengan cat lain dan stiker dinding kecil.

Jika Anda tinggal di pondokan, pakailah kertas decal (wall decal). Kertas decal adalah stiker vinil berukuran besar, yang mudah dikelupas ketika Anda harus meninggalkan pondokan tersebut.

Pakai bedcover (kain penutup kasur) yang mewah. Tutupi ranjang Anda dengan bedcover yang dirancang untuk bergelung seperti selimut berisi bulu angsa. Untuk menambah sentuhan kemewahan, gunakan seprai duvet (semacam quilt) alih-alih seprai polos kuno.

Pertimbangkan untuk memberikan aksen pada tembok. Alih-alih mengecat seluruh kamar dengan satu warna, cat ketiga bagian tembok dengan warna putih atau putih agak kekuningan (off-white), dan tembok keempat dengan warna lebih gelap, warna yang kontras.

Dekatkan semua perabotan utama Anda pada dinding ini.

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Hang up some artwork. Nothing does more for a space than filling the walls with artwork, prints, and posters. Choose a selection of artwork and prints in complementary colors and themes; think nature photography, paintings, concert posters, favorite quotes, etc.

Head to a local thrift store or the clearance rack of a department store and pick up some picture frames that match the sizes of your artwork. Then, hang your prints all over your home. A bare wall is a boring wall, so try to have at least a few large pieces and a few small pieces of art displayed throughout your house.

Keep in mind that you can paint your picture frames to match your artwork or furniture. You can purchase incredibly cheap prints of famous paintings online, making it easy to add lots of art to your home.

Tambahkan suasana hangat dengan lampu. Lampu dengan pencahayaan lembut di bagian atas atau lampu di bagian atas yang menempel di dinding cocok untuk ini. Anda juga bisa menggunakan lampu di bagian pojok atau memasang lampu meja di meja rias.

Lampu Natal dan rangkaian lampu hias cocok untuk menambah desain dan perubahan di dinding serta membuat segalanya menjadi lebih terang.

Hang up some new curtains. Curtains are one of the most underused style tools in decorating a home. With just a bit of carpentry work, you can install curtain rods and add lovely curtains that match your furniture perfectly.

Look for curtains that have plenty of color or pattern to brighten up your room. If you’re working in a space you’d like to keep dark (like a bedroom), you can add room-darkening curtains or drapes in dark hues to block out light.

If you’re trying to make a space look bigger, add light colored and textured curtains.

Make a list of design ideas. In a search engine such as Google or Bing, type in “easy bedroom decorating ideas” or “cheap bedroom diy”. Before starting a project you find online, write-out the instructions and compile a list of materials, including tools.

Gather together any tools or materials you need before beginning your project.

English: Decorate a Bedroom, Italiano: Decorare la Tua Camera da Letto, Español: decorar un cuarto, Português: Decorar o seu Quarto, Français: décorer une chambre à coucher, Deutsch: Schlafzimmer dekorieren, Русский: сделать декор спальни, 中文: 装饰房间, Nederlands: Je slaapkamer inrichten, العربية: إعادة تزيين غرفة النوم

The price will vary by store and type of decoration. However, lots of stores like Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, etc. have frequent sales, so you should keep an eye on upcoming sales to get the best prices on your decorations.

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You could do something as simple as decorating a simple lamp with some fabric or even writing quotes or putting accessories on a dresser. There are endless possibilities.

Where can I get free suggestions on how to decorate my room?

A new home is a blank canvas; you get the opportunity to transform each and every room into a personality filled space that you’ll adore. Whether you’re tired of your old space or you’re moving into a new one, decorating it is imperative to adding coziness and charm. Try changing up large aspects of your home along with incorporating small details, for the best results.

You can purchase cuts of carpet and have them finished to create your own rug for your home, for cheap.

Go to garage sales. Check your local newspaper or Craigslist for garage sales in or near your neighborhood. You are more likely to find things for free if you go later in the day, preferably after 12:00 p.m.[12]

Maximize the storage potential of your bedroom. Create additional space by installing extra shelving in your closet or purchasing a combination of plastic and decorative storage bins. Attach hooks or shoe bags to the back of doors.

Use the vertical space in your closet to install high shelves as a space to store out-of-season clothes and accessories.[5] Decide what you want to place in each storage bin and label it. Use these labels to avoid throwing anything in a bin that does not belong.

This will help you stay organized. Arrange storage bins on a shelf or the bottom shelf of a bookcase for easy access. If the bin is in a visible location, use a decorative canvas bin or wicker basket.

Ask for old swatch books at the wallpaper store. Use recycled wallpaper to decoupage old lamps, vases, or furniture for free.[13] You can also use wallpaper to line shelves or the bottoms of drawers.

Clean your room. Create more space and reorganize by getting rid of anything that is unnecessary or outdated. Clean out and organize your closet, under your bed, and other places in your room where stuff has accumulated.

Donate any furniture, clothing, or electronics that are in good condition. A good rule of thumb is to donate or throw out anything you haven’t worn or used in the past year.

All off: If you have a small room, keeping all legs off the rug is a great cost-effective choice.

You can make the room calmer or brighter to make it appear bigger by using washi tape to cover light switches or plugs. You could also make decorations with washi tape or cardboard for your door.

For most people, the bedroom is more than simply a place to sleep at night. Redecorating your bedroom can help create an environment that is relaxing, reflects your personality, and even provide a better night’s rest.[1] Adding recycled pieces or simple DIY flourishes can help transform your room to fit your needs. You can also incorporate elements of Feng Sui to convert your room into a sanctuary.[2]

Front on: Put just the front feet of all your seating pieces on the rug.

All on: The rug is large enough to place all of the furniture legs on top of it.

Make your own curtains. Drape fabric over the top and down the side of a curtain rod and then slide a valance or swag over the rod. If you live in an area with a lot of light-pollution from streetlights, signs, car headlights, etc.

, you might want to use darker fabric to block outside light.[15][16] Too much light exposure at dusk or at night can disrupt your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, known as its circadian rhythm.[17] Make your own curtain rings.

Attach your curtains to the rod by tying hooks with fabric, rope, or ribbon. You can also dress-up cheap curtain wrings by wrapping them in different colored fabric. Use a bed sheet to make a curtain ruffle that can be sewed onto the top or bottom of your curtains.

[18] Use inexpensive small hooks, pegs or doorknobs to “hang” or tie curtains off to the side.

Hemat ruang dengan memasang beberapa barang di dinding. Nakas dan lampu yang bisa diatur ketinggiannya (adjustable lamp) bisa dipasang di dinding. Cara ini benar-benar dapat menghemat ruang. Anda bisa juga memasang rak di atas tempat tidur untuk menyimpan barang-barang favorit dan benda pribadi.

Create a more relaxing space. Replace any light bulbs that emit a bluish light with soft white LED bulbs. Blue light stimulates brain activity and may make it more difficult to fall asleep.[8] Look through your house for lamps that have LED soft white bulbs and swap them with bulbs from your bedroom.

Most interior lamps use 40- or 60-watt bulbs, but check first before exchanging a light bulb from another lamp. Incorporate warm, bright colors as accessories (lamps, vases, pillows, etc.), but do not make them the dominate color in your bedroom.

Use creative lighting. Generic light covers and shades may come with your home, but they typically lack interest and personality. Mix up your lighting by purchasing new, more decorative options. Look for items to work as your primary light source that match the general style of the room, but that aren’t too bold.

Small interesting lamps can be interspersed throughout your home to add light and flare to your style. If you’re interested in DIY, you can purchase old lamps and shades from a thrift store and spray paint or cover them in fabric for a fresh new look.

If you’re using multiple lights in one room, try to vary the sizes, colors, and shapes of the lamps (unless they’re a matching set).[2] You can never have too much light, so don’t be afraid of using several light fixtures in a single room or a small area.

Putuskan temanya. Kendati tidak ada tema khusus untuk kamar Anda, menentukan tema akan membantu Anda memutuskan perabotan yang Anda pakai, dan warna serta bagaimana pola untuk berbagai hal seperti tembok, seprai, karpet, dan bantal.

Anda bisa menentukan tema dengan sesuatu yang Andai sukai, misalnya binatang, minat, atau warna favorit. Anda bisa mencari inspirasi dan ide di beberapa tempat berikut ini: Lihat foto yang tersimpan di internet, seperti di Pinterest.

Lihat katalog dekorasi rumah. Kunjungi toko-toko perabotan dan catat pameran yang Anda sukai.

4 Bagian:Langkah AwalMenghias Tembok dan JendelaTambahkan Bantal, Seprai, Gorden, dan PermadaniMenambahkan Aksen dan Aksesoris

Add small decorations ,like small frames, plants, etc. Make sure not to do to many, or it will look tacky.

Sisihkan barang-barang yang tidak berguna. Lihat kembali dekorasi kamar Anda. Apakah kamar Anda sudah ada temanya, atau gabungan berbagai tema? Singkirkan barang-barang yang tak terpakai lagi, atau tidak sesuai lagi dengan selera atau gaya Anda.

Jual barang-barang tersebut secara daring (online) atau sumbangkan kepada pihak yang membutuhkan. Jika memiliki barang yang masih Anda sukai, tetapi tidak lagi sesuai dengan gaya kamar Anda saat ini, lihatlah apakah benda itu bisa dipakai kembali untuk keperluan lain, dicat atau dihias ulang.

Use decorative storage. Whether you’re incredibly organized or a bit of a hoarder, nearly everyone has stuff that needs to go into storage. Rather than shoving it under a bed or in the back of a closet, try using decorative storage instead.

Look for ottomans that store things in their hollow centers, entertainment centers with doors, and large bookshelves and hutches to hold your knickknacks. By using storage that’s attractive, you kill two birds with one stone.

Cover shoeboxes in fabric or spray-paint store-bought storage crates to create sophisticated solutions to your storage problems. Book cases can be used to store nearly anything, aside from books. Consider placing one in your kitchen to hold dishes or in your living room for assorted decorations.

When you buy new furniture, look for pieces that have hidden storage available.[1]

I have a portrait-size picture frame and nothing to put inside it. Any ideas?

Hang some of your drawings, paintings or old calendar pictures on the walls. They don’t necessarily need a frame. Attach them to the wall with a couple of common pins or mount them with poster board or foam board.

I have grey walls and red multi curtains. How can I draw the scheme together with a coffee table, etc.?

Pikirkan apakah Anda masih akan menyukai tema yang Anda pilih tersebut sampai beberapa tahun ke depan. Jika Anda berencana menempati rumah yang Anda tinggali saat ini selama kurun waktu yang tidak terlalu lama dan tidak ingin sering-sering menghias ulang, apakah Anda masih menyukai tema yang ada saat ini? Jika Anda sering berganti minat, pilihlah tema umum (seperti warna dan pola yang Anda sukai) untuk tembok, karpet, dan perabotan.

Ekspresikan minat Anda saat ini dengan benda-benda kecil yang bisa Anda ganti dengan mudah, seperti kap lampu, seprai, atau patung. Jika Anda masih remaja, kemungkinan minat Anda masih akan berubah-ubah.

Semangat dan gairah Anda terhadap suatu bidang pada usia 13 tahun bisa berubah ketika Anda berumur 17 tahun. Hati-hati jika terlalu berkomitmen memakai satu tema. Memasang seprai bertema kuda memang bagus.

Akan tetapi, jika tempat tidur, lampu, gorden, lukisan, selimut, karpet, dan semua perabot lain bernuansa kuda, itu terlalu berlebihan.

I share a room with my sister and my mom wouldn’t allow some of these ideas, but a few might do! Anything else?

Display any books you own. This will show off your intellect. Mirrors and white wall/pictures/curtains are a great way to make your home look modern and large. Make sure to choose a nice colour that complements your walls and flooring and add little splashes of it throughout the house like purple flowers or blue candles.

Try adding interesting details like houseplants, or changing out doorknobs, for subtle changes that make a difference.

Rearrange your bedroom according to the principles of Feng Sui. Your bed should be raised off the floor and if possible, avoid placing it in an area that receives direct sunlight during the day.[6] Do not place mirrors opposite your bed.

Stimulate your other senses by adding lightly scented candles or spraying diluted essential oils. Lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure.[7]

Pasang beberapa poster, foto, atau lukisan. Ini sangat cocok bagi mereka yang anggarannya terbatas atau tidak mampu mengecat ulang kamar mereka. Jika Anda tinggal di kamar pondokan, pakailah selotip dua sisi (double-tape), pasang cantelan yang bisa direkatkan (stick-on), atau gunakan paku payung.

Jika Anda menggantung lukisan di atas tempat tidur, usahakan untuk mencocokkannya dengan seprai Anda. Misalnya, jika lukisan di dinding Anda berlatar belakang putih dengan bunga-bunga warna biru, pasang seprai dengan gambar bunga warna biru.


Beri warna pada jendela dan tembok Anda dengan gorden. Usahakan memakai gorden yang serasi dengan beberapa aspek di kamar Anda, seperti permadani, bantal, atau seprai. Anda tak perlu pergi dan membeli gorden; kain sari dan syal dapat menjadi gorden yang indah dan anggun.

Jika tinggal di pondokan, mungkin Anda sudah memiliki kerai. Lihat apakah Anda dapat memasang rel gorden di atas kerai. Anda dapat memasang karangan bunga yang menjuntai atau serangkaian lampu di atas gorden Anda untuk menambahkan sentuhan.

My room is awesome, but my brothers always enter it without permission and break stuff and open my drawers. I have tried reasoning with them, and my parents won’t stop them either. What do I do?

Use the tips here to create things that vibe with the teen’s style.

Tambahkan kelembutan dan kehangatan dengan permadani yang nyaman. Pasang permadani yang serasi dengan beberapa aspek kamar Anda, seperti selimut, gorden, atau cat tembok. Jika papan di ujung kepala ranjang (headboard) menempel di dinding, pasang permadani yang lebarnya melampaui lebar ketiga sisi ranjang lainnya sampai 45-60 sentimeter.

Pada umumnya permadani dipasang tepat di depan nakas, yang melebihi lebar kaki tempat tidur. Jika Anda punya permadani yang lebih lebar, Anda dapat memasangnya sekalian di bawah nakas; hal ini akan membantu permadani tersebut terpasang dengan baik.

Berikut ini ukuran permadani dan tempat tidur yang biasanya tersedia:[4][5] Jika Anda mempunyai tempat tidur yang muat untuk dua orang (ukuran twin) atau tempat tidur yang lebar (ukuran full sized), pasang karpet ukuran 1,5 x 2,5 meter atau 2,5 x 10 meter.

Jika Anda mempunyai tempat tidur ukuran queen atau king, pasang permadani ukuran 2,5 x 10 meter atau 2,7 x 3,6 meter. Jika kamar Anda sudah berkarpet, pasang permadani kecil di satu sisi tempat tidur.

Permadani dari kulit domba sangat cocok untuk ini.

Try to save up money to get locks, either to get installed on your bedroom door or on your drawers. Also, find a hiding place to put your most valuable stuff. Remember, the harder you look, the harder they’ll look, so go simple.

Cobalah membuat monokrom. Jika ingin kamar Anda tampak bagus dan bersih, tapi tak ingin tampak biasa-biasa saja dengan warna putih terang, coba gabungkan dan padukan aneka warna dari warna yang sama. Misalnya, semua seprai, banyal, permadani, gorden, dan perabot Anda bisa berwarna hijau, misalnya hijau muda, hijau sedang, dan hijau tua.


Apakah Anda lelah pulang ke rumah dan menjumpai kamar tidur yang membosankan? Atau apakah gaya kamar tidur Anda begitu-begitu saja selama bertahun-tahun dan Anda ingin kamar Anda memiliki tampilan baru? Berikut ini beberapa cara untuk memberikan tampilan baru pada kamar tidur Anda tanpa menghabiskan terlalu banyak uang. Bahkan ada beberapa cara untuk memanfaatkan apa yang Anda miliki.

How do you decorate a living room with a white sofa and black furniture?

There are a lot of online sights that offer decorating techniques. You can take an old dresser or desk and make it a decorative piece by writing quotes or drawing on it for decor.

Add your favorite pictures/memories. To make your house truly idiosyncratic and appealing, add framed photos of your favorite memories, trips, people, and locations. You can print large photographs from different experiences throughout your life to hang as centerpieces on your walls, or you can print small versions to place in standing frames around your house.

People will love seeing your home filled with your favorite pictures, and you’ll always have good things to be reminded of while you sit and relax. You can find cheap picture frames for your photos at thrift stores, which can then be painted to match the interior of your house.

Try hanging your photographs with assorted artwork in your home in a gallery display. This will allow you to showcase lots of your favorite pieces at once, and add a more personal touch than just paintings might do.

Pastikan kamar Anda bersih. Jika kamar Anda sangat amburadul atau berantakan, bersihkan dahulu. Dengan demikian, akan tersedia ruang kosong untuk menatanya. Nantinya akan lebih mudah untuk memindahkan barang-barang dan melihat bagaimana tampilannya.

Español: decorar tu habitación gratis, Русский: бесплатно украсить свою комнату, Français: décorer gratuitement votre chambre, Italiano: Decorare la Tua Camera Senza Spendere Soldi, Deutsch: Dein Zimmer ohne Kosten dekorieren, Bahasa Indonesia: Menghias Kamar Tidur dengan Gratis

Three Parts:Planning and ReorganizingDecorating with Re-purposed or Recycled ItemsMaking Your Own Bedroom AccessoriesCommunity Q&A

Paint your walls. If you live in a rented space, this might not be an option for you. However, if you’re able to, painting the walls in your house can be one of the quickest ways to freshen up the look and add a bit of interest.

Choose a color that complements your personality and fits your space. If you’re bubbly and fun, consider a golden yellow or bright green. Calm and collected? A shade of gray or blue might be more your pace.

Paint isn’t permanent, so feel free to experiment with colors until you find a look you love! Don’t be afraid to try several colors spread throughout your home; although you don’t want many different bright colors, painting each room a different color is totally appropriate.

Although it’s not as in style as it used to be, you can apply wallpaper on an accent wall to add a bit of pattern, if you want. There are even wall decals that act like wallpaper but are removable, if you’re afraid of the permanence of it.

If you’re not ready to paint one whole room (let alone your house!), try adding an accent wall. This is when you paint just a single wall in a room, typically one that gets a lot of attention, a bright or cheery color that matches your décor.

Tambahkan nakas untuk menaruh barang-barang yang diperlukan. Hal ini akan membuat tempat tidur Anda lebih mewah dan nyaman. Anda bisa menaruh lampu, jam, dan bunga entah di pot atau vas di nakas tersebut.

Jika suka membaca, Anda bisa menaruh setumpuk buku. Jika Anda cenderung haus pada tengah malam, taruh gelas dan teko berisi air; dengan demikian Anda tidak perlu pergi ke dapur pada larut malam untuk mencari segelas air.

Jika Anda punya tempat tidur lebar yang dirapatkan ke tengah dinding, Anda bisa menaruh nakas di kedua sisi ranjang. Hal ini bisa menciptakan posisi yang simetris dan seimbang.[9]Teks ini akan dicetak miring Pikirkan skala.

Semakin besar tempat tidur Anda, nakas dan lampu yang Anda butuhkan pun semakin besar.[10]

Español: decorar tu casa, Italiano: Arredare Casa, Português: Decorar sua Casa, Русский: поменять интерьер дома, Deutsch: Ein Haus einrichten, Français: décorer votre maison, 中文: 装饰住宅, Bahasa Indonesia: Mendekorasi Rumah, Nederlands: Je huis decoreren, Čeština: Jak si upravit bydlení

Add floating shelves. Floating shelves are small rows of shelves that are attached directly to your wall, allowing you to hang prints and photos around them. These are great for placing small decorative items and knickknacks on.

Add glass bottles/vases of flowers, trinkets, things you’ve collected from your travels, and other pretty things to the shelves that match your interior decorating. These are also a great way to showcase art and photos without filling your walls with holes to hang them up.

Floating shelves are great for decorating a bathroom and allowing you to store towels and the like with a small amount of space. Try using floating shelves in your kitchen to store cookbooks and pretty glassware/china.

Try out new furniture. Furniture is arguably the most important aspect of decorating; if you’re short on furniture or have been using the same pieces for many years, consider bringing some new furniture into your home.

Choose comfortable pieces in colors and styles that match your personality. Don’t be afraid to try something other than what the store model has set up; furniture that truly shows your personality will fit in your space better than boring floor model furniture you pick up because it is on sale.

Don’t be afraid to buy used furniture from thrift stores; it is easy to repaint and reupholster these to match your space. Mix and match furniture rather than using only matching sets; you’ll end up with a more unique look, and probably save some money in the process.

Make your own flower arrangement. Search garage sales, flea markets, and second-hand shops for silk flowers, or cut and dry real flowers. Make an arrangement of dried grasses and wildflowers found along the roadside.

Cut the flower and at least 8 inches of stem when they are in peak-bloom. Remove any leaves along the stem. Tie the flowers together with a piece of twine and hang them upside down in a dark, cool, dry place until completely dry, about 2-3 weeks.


Usahakan untuk mengerjakan per bagian kamar. Mulai dengan tembok dahulu, kemudian lantai, lalu seprai dan gorden. Akhiri dengan sentuhan aksen dan aksesoris. Kotak dekoratif bisa digunakan sebagai tempat penyimpanan di rak dan hal itu bisa menambah sentuhan warna di kamar Anda.

Maksimalkan ruang sebanyak mungkin. Kalau kamar Anda kecil, rapatkan perabotan yang besar di tembok supaya kamar Anda terlihat lebih lapang. Lemari pakaian yang bagus bisa menjadi sesuatu yang memperindah ruangan sekaligus tempat penyimpanan baju.

Rak mantel cocok untuk sudut yang sempit dan bisa menjadi tempat untuk mencantelkan mantel yang praktis. Jika Anda tidak bisa menyelesaikan seluruh proyek sekaligus, kerjakan sedikit-sedikit. Tambah barang-barang seperti seprai dan aksesoris lain satu per satu semampu Anda.

Bersikaplah konsisten. Anda mungkin suka banyak tema dan gaya, tetapi belum tentu semuanya cocok jika dipakai bersama. Toko barang bekas merupakan tempat yang cocok untuk mencari barang-barang untuk dekokrasi, aksesori, dan barang yang bisa menjadi hiasan aksen.

Sangat disarankan Anda pergi ke toko barang bekas karena di situ Anda dapat menemukan berbagai pernak-pernik dengan harga sangat murah. Pastikan mengecek apakah ada serangga atau tidak jika Anda hendak membeli perabotan dan pastikan membersihkan barang yang Anda beli supaya tidak terkesan barang “bekas”.

Jika Anda tinggal di rumah orang tua Anda, minta izinlah terlebih dahulu, karena mungkin mereka tidak mengizinkan Anda melakukan apa pun dengan kamar tidur Anda. Pertimbangkan untuk tidak memasang barang-barang elektronik, termasuk televisi dan komputer, di kamar Anda dan memindahkannya ke ruang lain.

Dengan demikian, pikiran Anda terbantu untuk mengasosiasikan kamar tidur sebagai tempat istirahat dan Anda bisa tidur lebih nyenyak.[12]

Make a jewelry tree for your dresser. Arrange several dry branches in a vase. Fill the vase with pebbles for stability. Decorate the tree by draping earrings, necklaces and bracelets over the branches.

Keep your house clean and add little special touches to each room. For example, instead of buying plain towels for the kitchen, get cute ones.

Manfaatkan barang yang sudah Anda punyai. Jika anggaran Anda terbatas, tengok perabotan Anda saat ini, lihat apakah perabotan tersebut dapat digunakan kembali dan disesuaikan dengan gaya yang baru. Tempat tidur kayu mudah disesuaikan untuk berbagai gaya dengan menggunakan cat atau seprai yang pas.

Misalnya: Cat tempat tidur Anda dengan warna yang tegas untuk mendapatkan penampilan yang rapi dan modern. Tambahkan quilt warna-warni dan aneka bantal dengan pola yang berbeda-beda untuk mendapatkan penampilan bergaya bohemian.

Untuk penampilan yang kuno (vintage) dan bergaya pedesaan yang berkelas, Anda bisa mengecat tempat tidur Anda dengan warna dasar, kemudian tambahkan lapisan yang bisa menimbulkan efek retak-retak agar kayu tersebut terkesan dimakan cuaca.

Rearrange or add furniture. Create more space in your bedroom by moving your bed against the wall or place a comfortable chair next to the window to make a comfy reading nook. You want everything currently in your bedroom to fit comfortably before adding anything new, especially if you have a small bedroom.

[4] Add a bed skirt so you can store things under your bed without them being seen. Switch-out a bedside table with one that has drawers for storage or several shelves to hold books.

You can use some of your own drawings or paintings or even some from another room to accessorize. You could also ask family members who have a garden for some nice flowers or plants to decorate. Go to a garage sale and look at what they have for some possible ideas as well.

A bookshelf is a pretty easy way to fill up a space like this. They are often modular, so you can make them fit under stairs perfectly. If you have pets, consider putting something for them there (ie: a mattress for your dog, a cat tree, etc.

). If none of these appeal to you, consider getting a larger potted plant and placing it there.

Gunakan lilin untuk menambah cahaya lembut di ruangan Anda. Anda bisa memilih lilin aroma maupun lilin biasa. Jika Anda punya binatang peliharaan, atau ragu untuk memakai api sungguhan di kamar, Anda bisa menggunakan lilin yang dijalankan baterai.

Sebagian dari lilin tersebut beraroma harum dan bahkan bisa berkelip-kelip, persis seperti lilin sungguhan. Pertimbangkan untuk mengganti lilin sesuai musim. Pakai aroma segar, bunga, atau buah-buahan untuk musim semi dan musim panas, serta aroma rempah atau tumbuhan untuk musim gugur dan musim dingin.

You can always decorate your half of the room! If that’s not convenient, then add a few small touches that don’t clash with your sister’s style. You could also just talk it over with your sister and try to compromise, there’s got to be a few things you can agree on!

Find free things. Find a freecycle network within your area or ask friends and relatives for old unwanted items. Look for furniture made from real wood that can be refinished.[9] Unless it is in good condition, avoid second-hand plywood, particle board, or laminate furniture.

While these surfaces can be cleaned and repainted[10], refinishing techniques such as sanding or sawing can release airborne pollutants such as formaldehyde.[11]

I love some of these, but you need to agree with your sister. If you two agree, and your mom says no, ask her why she doesn’t want that idea. She must have a good reason. A cute idea that she won’t say no to is to put some books on your shelf landscape-way with up to five on each other, and put a few trinkets, such as glass animals, on top.

Rugs can be places in nearly every room of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom, so don’t be afraid of getting several!

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Atur supaya Anda punya tempat yang nyaman untuk duduk. Jika Anda senang berlama-lama di kamar, taruh kursi yang nyaman, sehingga tempat tidur Anda bisa menjadi tempat untuk tidur saja. Untuk membuat sudut untuk duduk yang lebih nyaman, tempatkan posisi itu di pojok kamar.

Anda bisa menggunakan kursi dengan sandaran tangan, sofa kecil, atau bahkan kursi dengan bantal besar.[11]

Gantung beberapa lampu hias atau rangkaian lampu di tembok. Anda bisa menggunakan lampu Natal biasa, atau lampu hias. Ada beraneka bentuk dan ukuran lampu hias yang dapat dibeli di toko perlengkapan lampu dan toko yang menjual barang-barang untuk interior ruangan.

Lampu-lampu itu bentuk, ukuran, dan warnanya macam-macam, misalnya bunga dan kupu-kupu. Jika cat tembok kamar Anda berwarna putih atau berwarna terang, pilih lampu dengan kabel putih atau berwarna terang.

Jika cat tembok kamar Anda berwarna gelap, pilih lampu dengan kabel berwarna terang.

Black or white furniture would look good with your color scheme. Dark brown wood would be fine, too. For accents and decorations, you could go with red and other warm colors, black/white/gray, or a combination of those.

With white and black furniture, pretty much any color will go well in the room.

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Make your own throw pillows. Throw pillows make a great accent piece and can add color. However, store bought pillows are often expensive. While having sewing skills or access to a sewing machine are helpful, they are not necessary.

Make a ‘no sew pillow’ by using two pieces of felt that are the same.[14] Place the felt pieces together and use scissors to cut 2 inch wide by 5 inch long strips along the edges. Leave a square at each corner.

Tie the strips together around an insert pillow or cotton batting. Use two t-shirts that hold sentimental value, but don’t fit anymore to make a pillow. Cut-out a square or rectangular piece (depending on what shape and size you want your pillow) from each shirt.

Place the two pieces together and sew together three of the four sides. Stuff with cotton batting or even other t-shirts before sewing the final edge. You can also stuff a pillow with fabric scraps or use an old pillow as an insert pillow.

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Look for matching rugs. The purpose of rugs is dual in nature: cover up unattractive or dirty flooring and add interest and pattern to your floor. Look for rugs to fill up the empty spaces in your home; these will make your house seem full of furniture even when it’s a bit bare.

Find rugs in colors and patterns that match your décor (or go with it; too much ‘matching’ might look boring). You can also arrange furniture on a rug. There are basically three ways you can arrange furniture on your rug.

Putuskan berapa banyak waktu dan uang yang hendak Anda pakai. Jika anggaran yang tersedia banyak, Anda bisa menghias kamar tidur sampai sepuasnya. Namun, kerap kali dekorator harus bekerja dengan anggaran terbatas.

Jika anggaran Anda sangat terbatas, Anda mungkin harus menghemat waktu dan biaya. Misalnya: Daripada membeli perabotan baru, Anda bisa mengecat ulang atau memperbaiki perabotan lama. Alih-alih mengecat ulang tembok, Anda bisa memakai stiker dinding (stiker decal) dari bahan vinil.

Pilihan ini disukai oleh kaum muda dan mereka yang tidak dapat mengecat tembok. Cara ini juga sangat cocok bagi mereka yang tidak punya banyak waktu. Pertimbangkan untuk menghias kamar Anda sedikit demi sedikit.

Mungkin saat ini Anda tidak punya uang sampai 5 juta untuk menghias kembali kamar Anda. Akan tetapi jika setiap bulan Anda menyisihkan uang seratus ribu untuk membeli cat, lalu seratus ribu lagi untuk membeli gorden baru, dan seterusnya, biaya untuk menghias kamar pun menjadi lebih terjangkau.

Buy some nice sheets or reuse some from a garage sale or even at your own house. Go to a garage sale to find some decorative pillows or throws to add. You could even use some fabric to make a curtain for around it.

Taruh sesuatu yang bisa menjadi fokus di kamar Anda. Fokus ini bisa sesederhana dinding atau tempat tidur yang beraksen sampai sesuatu yang rumit seperti papan kepala ranjang yang unik atau perlengkapan lampu.

Jika ingin tempat tidur Anda menjadi fokus kamar, rapatkan tempat tidur tersebut di tengah salah satu dinding, dan hias dengan bantal dan selimut.[8] Rak dengan koleksi aneka benda yang Anda sukai bisa menjadi titik fokus yang bagus.

Namun, usahakan rak tersebut tidak terlalu penuh dan taruh barang-barang yang kecil di depan barang-barang yang lebih besar.

Experiment with DIY design ideas. Make a decorative mat or bureau scarf. Stylize a plain lampshade by wrapping it in metallic ribbon, wrap it in gauzy fabric, or cover it in old maps or pages from your favorite book.

[20] Make a mobile of odds and ends to hang from the ceiling. Attach old keys or origami birds with string to a metal coat hanger. This adds a fun, whimsical atmosphere to the room.

Opposite colours work well together. Purple and blue go together. This is because the purple picks up the blue tones whilst adding another primary colour. It works only if you have the primary colour in pale and the other in dark.

So, the combinations are: Duck-egg blue and rich purple, aqua blue and Eden green, primrose yellow and flame orange, lemon cream yellow and lime green. Red does not work for this for if you pale red you will get pink.

Two Methods:Making Big ChangesAdding Decorative DetailsCommunity Q&A

I share a room with my sister and we have different tastes, how do I decorate?

Tambahkan beberapa bantal di tempat tidur Anda. Agar terasa mewah dan terlihat seperti kamar hotel, tambahkan dua sampai enam bantal di tempat tidur Anda. Taruh bantal yang besar di belakang, dan bantal yang lebih kecil di depan.

Jangan takut untuk memadukan warna dan pola yang berbeda-beda.[2] Berikut ini beberapa ide yang bisa Anda lakukan:[3] Gabungkan gambar atau tulisan yang besar dan tebal dengan gambar atau tulisan yang lebih rumit.

Gabungkan pola daun atau bunga (organic print) dengan pola geometris. Pakai warna-warna kontras. Contohnya, pilih bantal dengan pola berwarna hijau cerah dan bantal putih sederhana. Untuk bantal aksen, gunakan sesuatu dengan kain bertekstur atau bentuk yang tak teratur.

Misalnya, pilih bantal bundar bersarung kain beledu atau guling bersarung kain brokat.

In the way you might put a vase down use a picture and some trinkets. Having colors that collide well will make it feel more put together.

Tambahkan cermin untuk membuat kamar Anda terlihat lebih besar. Anda bisa menggantung cermin kecil di atas meja rias Anda, atau cermin yang tinggi di balik pintu kamar. Alih-alih memasang cermin biasa, Anda bisa memakai cermin dengan bingkai berwarna cerah, yang bentuknya tidak biasa, atau yang sudah ada sketsanya.

Move furniture and art from other places in the house for a fun change. For example, move a bookshelf from the living room to your bedroom. Look for design inspiration in your own house. Use a painting, decorative pillow, piece of clothing, or floor rug as the basis for a new design theme or color palette in your room.

Ask permission from housemates before moving anything.

Make a 2-dimensional floor plan of your room and furniture. Use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of your room (length and width). On a piece of graphing paper, draw a scale image of room where 3 grid squares = 4 inches or 1/3rd of a foot.

[3] Include in your floor plan the location and size of doors, windows, closets, fireplaces, etc. Make scale drawings of furniture on a separate piece of paper. Measure the length and width of any large pieces of furniture (e.

g. bed, dresser, couch). Cut these out and rearrange them in your drawing to see how much space you have to work with. Carry this plan and furniture cut-outs with you if go shopping or “dumpster diving”, so you know if you have enough space for something before bringing it home.

Jangan menaruh terlalu banyak barang di kamar Anda sehingga Anda tak punya ruang untuk berjalan. Jangan memasang lukisan terlalu banyak sehingga Anda tidak dapat melihat tembok. Hal ini akan membuat kamar tidur Anda terlalu penuh.

Kadang-kadang ketika Anda menghias ulang kamar, Anda merindukan kamar Anda yang “lama”. Anda bisa membiarkan satu hal saja di tempat yang sama untuk mempertahankan rasa yang sudah familier. Kamar tidur Anda sebaiknya merupakan ekspresi dari gaya Anda, tetapi jika Anda tinggal di rumah orang tua, mereka mungkin sudah menetapkan keputusan akhir.

Lakukan pendekatan kepada mereka dengan membuat rencana, termasuk anggaran, seberapa banyak jumlahnya, dan pemikiran bagaimana Anda akan membayarnya. Anda mesti siap bernegosiasi.

Be careful moving furniture. Ask for help if you think you may need it. Strained backs or broken toes are never fun. Always let someone else use a nail and hammer if you’re inexperienced. Throbbing thumbs or cracked walls certainly don’t add much to a room.

Refrain from using power tools unless you have received proper training or obtain guidance from someone who is experience. Always wear a face mask when stripping old paint or sanding furniture.

Make sure everything is picked up off the floors, and get rid of all the old things you do not want.

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