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Home Gym Ideas

Home Gym Ideas Home Gym Ideas

But you do not need a bonus room to create a spot for ballet-inspired workouts. This DIY by Simplified Building shows up to whip up a portable barre for plies and stretching.

Essentially, these are activities that facilitate blood circulation; working the heart and lungs which increases oxygen levels in the blood. These activities are also essential in maintaining general health wellness; cutting fat while bulking up.

The biggest and most notable advantage of having a nicely designed gym in your home is the level of comfort it provides. Unlike commercial gyms, a home gym can be designed to include finer details that suit personal needs such as the installation of sound and visual systems that one can control with ease; encrypting motivational messages or putting up posters to create a more enabling and inspiring workout environment and having the ability to move equipment freely. Needless to say, being at home allows you to dress comfortably without judging eyes.

A bump out created extra space for a gym in this Southern California home remodeled by Tim Barber LTD. Handsome millwork, vintage lighting, cork flooring, and sliding barn doors give the room that homey farmhouse look we all adore.

These are activities designed to induce muscular contraction by the use of resistance; improving anaerobic endurance as well as increasing skeletal muscle size.

This area is referred to as the Whitefish Private Spa and Pool House.  What a refreshing workout space!

Creating a home gym design that enhances your focus and staying motivated is a key aspect in designing a home gym. Factors such as the room color, lighting, air quality, and air conditioning; as well as architectural factors like high ceilings and interior décor, have a potentially massive impact on workout routines. Incorporating technology in your home gym layout has become increasingly popular and is found to be very effective in mood-setting; from sound to visual effects. However, this could prove to be a distraction at times and should be done within moderation. Intelligent design choices for this kind of environment in workout spaces ensure optimal benefits from training sessions and positively contribute to personal goal outcomes.

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We love remodels that pack more fun and function into a home like this basement update by Vonn Studio. The workout zone on the right features amenities typically found at health clubs. After working up a sweat, there is a fully stocked bar on the left for kicking back.

A very sleek, contemporary “cool” home gym in Orange County, California.

Careful considerations on the whole design aspect go a long way in achieving the best results within a particular budget.  Here is an overview of these home gym design considerations:

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Here is another spectacular glimpse of the garage to gym conversion by Mr. Kate. White walls, new flooring, and gorgeous french doors brighten the formerly dark space. Besides the workout equipment, the gym also includes a fridge for drinks and chilled eucalyptus towels. The cherry topping off this sweet spot is the crystal chandelier.

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Check out Bryan Sebring’s HouseSmarts TV Episode, which featured home gyms and aired nationally. Our two gym segments start at 2 min 11 seconds.

The animal prints add something whimsical to this rustic home gym.

As a opportunity to train whenever you want and how you like, this will motivate you to keep working on your health and good look.

Got a spacious backyard? Installing an accessory dwelling will give you the extra room for your conditioning equipment. For instance, this compact structure by EcoSpace Studios packs all the amenities found at top notched facilities.

We all need to be fit in order to look and fell good. Sport and relaxation should be important part of life of each of us. Fitness and sport are here to help us to look good and to feel good. Those two things are very important in order to be healthy.

Safety and wellness are critical in any home gym design. Some injuries from accidents within your workout space could be fatal. Typically, most people would blame faulty equipment for accidents but the truth of the matter is that the entire design of the home gym space could facilitate accidents.  To minimize injuries and accidents arising from human error, the following is recommended:

Another exemplary view from this contemporary home gym in South Africa.

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This home gym might just make you want to exercise just for the spectacular view alone!

Arguably, a home gym is perceived as a luxury. However, if you have specific workout goals but are too busy to achieve them due to the time constraints, then a home gym is the best solution. On that note, designing a home gym does not necessarily have to be expensive. Creating the best home gym design on a shoestring budget is very doable depending on your fitness goals. Having specific goals enables you to purchase the most effective and necessary equipment for your design. Whether you are creating a home gym as a luxury or a necessity, it must not push you beyond your budget. Second-hand equipment is available at more affordable rates but be very careful not to purchase faulty ones, especially out of warranty. You may also opt to start small and build up your gym over time.

Finding square footage to store big bulky weights can be a problem in rooms of all sizes. This wall-mounted cabinet tutorial by Ben at Homemade Modern solves the problem. When closed, it is designed to conceal a CrossFit inspired home gym without taking up precious floor space.

On the opposite end of the room, we just mentioned are two cardio machines. A feather wall decal adds a pop of visual interest. Another smart feature is the barn style sliding door that does not take up floor space when open.

Want to build a barre studio at home? This studio by Hendel Homes includes two essential ingredients: a wall mounted ballet barre and enough room to move your body.

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When it comes to personal health and fitness, compromising the outcomes could result in an epic fail.  It is clearly outlined that a home gym is the most effective way towards achieving fitness goals. Design aspects of a properly designed home gym could go a long way in keeping you motivated, focused and fit. It is, therefore, crucial to pay particular attention to home gym designs and setting up the most brilliant design on the basis of personal needs and desires.

If you kick your car out of your garage, you can turn the space into a gorgeous home gym just like this one by Mr. Kate. The goal here was to create a super functional and fashionable spot for exercising that is chock-full of spa-like accents. Shown here is just a small section of the conversion. To soak it all in, take a peek at the following photo.

Think you do not have room for a treadmill in your small apartment? This smart idea by the duo behind Craft Your Happiness shares how to turn a nook in your home into a concealed workout zone. To get the job done, you will need to install a floor to ceiling curtain. Afterward, make your new treadmill nook more inviting with pendant lighting and inspirational wall art.

Architectural details give the gym in this newly built house by Cedar Hill Custom Homes plenty of old-timey character. The brick walls and exposed beams epitomize industrial style. Vibration mats placed under the exercise equipment keep the wood floor protected.

With the previous considerations in mind, the next step would be to purchase the equipment that best suits your needs and fit into the allocated space.

The greatest mistake that people tend to make is not planning ahead of designing their home gym. It is always important to lay out a strategy based on goals, expectations, space availability and how much you are willing to invest in creating the perfect workout space within the confines of your home.

Is the living space large enough to accommodate a well functional gym? Will the gym affect home décor/how can the gym space be designed to uniformly match the rest of the home décor? How much equipment can fit in the space without cluttering the space? Is there adequate natural lighting/how else can the room be lit up if there is no access to natural light? Are there electrical requirements that need to be addressed? What are the flooring considerations/options? Is the design easy to maintain? What color should it be painted? Are there health and safety standards that need to be observed? Does the budget at hand facilitate the desired design and is the design cost-effective?

More photos of these two highlighted projects are available below:

Here may be the ultimate home gym designed for hard-core cross training. Designed by John Kraemer and Sons the room features concrete walls for anchoring heavy equipment. Covering the floor is commercial rubber flooring. Our favorite touch is the disco ball (hanging from the ceiling) that adds a bit of flashy whimsy.

This cute wall connecting the home gym and unique play area was hand built and framed on site using particle board. It is upholstered using a commercial grade fabric, plus some foam and a little padding.  It was built so that the homeowner’s grandkids can climb around the space.

In order to add a dimension to your workout sessions, you might want to have complementary accessories such as:

Make space to exercise at home by transforming your extra square footage into a workout zone. No worries if you don’t have a bonus room. Even a nook or empty corner just big enough for your kind of training could become a spot to work up a sweat. These ideas for fitting a gym into your home will get you inspired. 

When it comes to motivation, having a spot where you can workout in a small apartment can make a huge difference. The first step is carving out the square footage for a home gym. IKEA Ideas suggests creating a nook in your bedroom or living room with a curtain room divider. In this space, a curtain chisels out just enough room for yoga and weightlifting. To keep your workout gear organized, hang some shelves or get a small storage unit as shown.

Take all that junk out of your attic and turn it into a home gym. Interior designers at Geometra Design converted an unfinished attic into an open and airy fitness room.

Yoga Mat Flat or Incline Bench Kettlebells ABS Wheel Roller Safety Gear

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Baker Street Residence by FGR Architects in Melbourne, Australia

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The following questions should address your home gym design planning strategies and highlight what considerations need to be observed before making any commitments:

The pretty soft paint color and cabinets are captivating features in this home gym.

To help you with your own home gym design–make sure to check out the following outstanding workout room ideas.

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Check this article on how you can Convert Your Garage Into Your Private Gym by Elite Garage Door

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There is no doubt that this is a great home gym for that thorough workout.

As something necessary we need to give space and time to them. We need motivation and where it can be found better than in home gym?

Ideally, fitness spaces should be as spacious as possible to facilitate numerous workout positions as well as accommodating adequate training equipment and storage. The home gym design should allow for future expansion or addition of more equipment. Choosing the most appropriate location for a home gym significantly tailors personal workout habits. For a comfortable alluring home gym design, the location should allow natural light and ventilation. Creating an ideal interior design environment not only boosts energy but also impacts focus throughout the workout sessions.

This idea by Eisner Design turns a dark basement into a sun-drenched space that both kids and parents can enjoy. The homeowners needed a place where they could get their cardio fix while watching their kids. On the left is the home gym and on the right is the children’s playroom. 

Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches turned a boring bonus room into a home gym that inspires her to run. To make her space workout worthy, she spruced up the walls with painted ombre stripes. Covering the beige carpet with interlocking rubber tiles was next. For storage, she added inexpensive gym lockers. Topping things off is a bench and custom wall art.

A very warm and inviting home gym in a Park City ski residence.  The fireplace is a perfect touch!

Ensure ample storage and put away equipment after workout sessions to avoid tripping over them. Frequently check your equipment for faulty parts. Avoid outside distractions while working out. 8. Budget

A spare bedroom becomes a yoga retreat in this home by Reena Sotropa Design Group. A large mirror helps yogis check their alignment and form. The sizable woven rug soothes bare feet. So the homeowner can get gear organized, there is plenty of wall storage and a rolling cart for yoga essentials. Our favorite feature is the wallpapered ceiling, which enhances the room’s peaceful vibe.

This Seattle home and workout area screams “cool” and is definitely intriguing.

Chances are, your training is either based on cardiovascular fitness or strength training. When you are certain about your workout purpose and desired outcomes, here is a recommended range of equipment you can choose from in designing home gym layouts.

While a home gym with a beautiful view is ideal, you can turn a windowless space in your home into a fresh and airy workout zone with these ideas from One Three Design. Recessed LED lighting, white shiplap walls, and floor to ceiling mirrors keep things feeling bright. 

Modern people usually don’t have time to go to gym after work. Is it because of the traffic jam or you are tired, there are tons of reasons. But here are the amazing ideas to help you find a solution.

A home gym can be a great convenience. However, coming up with the perfect home gym design to suit personal preferences can be a challenge. The best home gym design increases the chance of achieving maximum workout benefits while maintaining aesthetic properties with the rest of the house. Nonetheless, it could get utterly frustrating deciding the best gym setup from the myriad of home gym designs available. It is advisable to take time in planning before making a considerable investment in any design.

An impressive home gym that is only separated from the other living areas by the use of clear glass walls.

One of the reasons why a home gym is better than the local options is that you get to control your own cleanliness. It goes without saying that there is a direct correlation between workout productivity and the general workout environment. While designing a home gym, it is important to put into consideration some key features, from air filtration systems to shower accessibility.

If there is one sure fact about picking the correct equipment, it is that you get to optimize small spaces and small workout rooms with the best workable home gym designs.  Having laid out these considerations, what benefits would you achieve in establishing the best home gym design?

Striking contemporary home gym.  The yellow adds an exhilarating pop of color.  Plus a cool contemporary bar area located right outside the door!

Outdoor cyclists will love this earthy, home gym by Sogno Design Group. The wood walls are aesthetically pleasing. Near the window is a treadmill for warming up. Floating shelves create spots to park bikes. After a long hard ride, there is a hammock for a recovery nap.

Wonderfully rustic.  Another workout space that opens itself up to the outdoors and a great view.

Absolutely magnificent!   What a dream home gym/spa.  That view!!!

Don’t have a basement or space in your basement?  No problem, set up a small workout room in a spare bedroom!  This one is so charming.

In this Brooklyn town house remodeled by Built In Studio a wide hallway at the top of the stairs is the ideal spot for a home gym. The recessed lighting and white walls brighten the windowless nook. 

Architecture Art Designs suggests to simply make your own gym. If your budget allows you, make a perfect home gym for yourself.

What steps up your motivation? This question should guide you in picking out the accessories that complement your workout sessions. The most popular gym design accessory are mirrors. Among other accessories are TVs and sound systems. They not only serve functionality but also make your workout sessions more fun.

They refer to this as the “exercise barn”.  Not your average barn to say the least.  There’s just about everything you would need for a great workout and marvelous, rich & warm surroundings to experience it in.  And as a bonus–a spa to relax in with a breathtaking view.

Worried about dumbbells scuffing your floor? Interlocking foam mats as shown usually cost $7 or less per tile. Another smart idea to steal that will enhance your workout experience is the towel and water station. There is more to…MORE see in this room next.

The builders at Jackson and Leroy turned a dark basement into an open and airy home gym with these décor tricks. Built-in cabinetry and colorful carpet tiles give the space a spa-like vibe. Recessing lightings keeps the room looking bright and cheerful. And when things get heated, two ceiling fans will cool down the gym.

Several appliances can make a home gym more enjoyable. A beverage refrigerator, speaker sound system and a wall mounted flat screen make working out in this space by Lory from Designthusiasm a pleasure.

Love the skylight.  Plus this home gym is also located directly next to the children’s playroom.  So Mom & Dad can safely workout while the kids play.

Keeping a cardio machine in your living room is no longer a decorating faux pas. A, for instance, is this sleek spinning bike on display in blogger Bianca Chvatik’s home. Following her lead may encourage you to workout more often. Unlike a basement or garage gym, keeping your conditioning equipment in one of the most used spots in your home may make it harder to skip exercising.

The entire fourth floor of this Brooklyn town house remodeled by BFDO Architects is a guest room outfitted with white oak shelves and a workout zone. The latter features a wall-mounted chin up and dip rack. There is also an anchored resistance band. A thick exercise mat protects the wood parquet floor from dropping barbells.

Create a sanctuary for yoga and meditation like this blissful room by Elemental Architecture. A row of mirrors amplifies sunlight. Minimal furnishings and white walls eliminate the visual distractions that comes with fussy decorating. For storage (seen in the mirror) there is a simple rolling unit.

Menter Byrne Architects turned a detached garage into a CrossFit funhouse. Hanging off strong steel beams are gymnastic rings for strength training. Old school gym mats on the floor provide cushioning. At the back of the room is loft storage. Behind the chalkboard covered barn door is a toilet. The stainless steel, trough sink on the left offers a spot to rinse off. Overhead are four Industrial inspired pendant lights. Our favorite feature? The two hammock style swing chairs.

Here are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy from a well-thought home gym design:

As this will be your personal workout area, the equipment you stock should revolve around your ultimate training goals. Consider your comfort and personal desires when picking out your home gym equipment. Ensure that they serve your specific needs effectively. The size of the equipment also determines the home gym design. Make sure to remember that equipment that is electric has to be conveniently positioned close to power outlets to avoid wires running across the space.

Free Weights: Demand more coordination and control which could be quite challenging but strengthens large muscle groups simultaneously. Includes barbells and dumbbells. Medical/Stability Balls: Ideal for relieving lower back pains and for expectant women.

Resistance Machines: Uses stacks of weight for resistance. Focuses on particular muscle groups at a time. Resistance Bands: Giant springs or bands that provide resistance when stretched. Are well portable but are incapable of adjusting resistance.

Squat Rack and Pull-Up Bar: Apart from versatility on the numerous positions and activities, it is easier and safer to use due to the design that allows you to work alone with the help of lateral safety pins on the rack.

It also is a great choice as it consumes minimal space. Accessories:

A very upscale Beverly Hills version of a barn of course!  This one just happens to feature an exquisite workout room.

A lovely small workout room idea that is definitely multipurpose–exercise room and office.

Wall workouts are becoming incredibly popular because the activity does not require tons of heavy equipment. Fitness walls like this one designed by Isawall combine tools for strength training like resistance bands, body straps, and pull up bars on a single wall mounted unit.

Accessibility and immediate access to workout equipment is a key element in ensuring a fit lifestyle. Local gyms can be very intimidating at times; from having to queue to use a particular machine, to the commuting, to the hefty membership charges. A dependable home gym not only saves time, but it is also cost-effective. From the smallest and simplest home gym designs to the most intricate of them all, the ability to access them whenever there is a minute to spare without having to pay out those hefty membership fees is without a doubt a major benefit.

Live in a tiny rental? Installing wall-mounted shelves for a collection of conditioning accessories may put your security deposit at risk. But that should not squash your home gym dream. A rolling cart like this one turned a small nook in an abode designed by Kylie M. Interiors into a workout zone.

Get your sweat on with a residential climbing wall like this one by Ezra Lee Design and Build. FYI, any area underneath your climbing wall must be padded for safe falling. 

Create it colorful or just simple. Let it be unique and it should reflect your personality.

Treadmills: Popular choice for burning more calories than other cardio equipment. However, it would be advisable for one to take the jogging outdoors if the terrain and environment facilitate it.  Here’s a link from A Sweat Life for just one of their treadmill workouts.

Cross Trainers: Involves working both the upper and lower body, involving a lot of muscle movement. They are considered most effective for whole body training. Lifecycle/Stationary Bikes: Provides a gentle form of cardio activity improving muscular flexibility and easing back pains.

Rowers: Particularly effective for endurance training; increasing heart function. Has minimal strain on back and joints therefore suitable for older trainers. Stair Steppers: Intense cardiovascular workout equipment that majorly focuses on lower body muscles.

Not only improves muscular strength but also prompts more balance and stability. Strength Training Home Gym Equipment:

Before determining what flooring to install in your home gym, it is important to note that as much as you would require a flooring material that would cushion you in case you fall during a workout, the continuous wear and tear from heavy machinery and activities impacts durability. Choose flooring material that is stiff enough to sustain weights and simultaneously be safe; ideally, use non-slip surfaces like rubber.

Investing in a sturdy home gym designs offers great opportunities for controlling the quality of workout sessions. In contrast with local gyms, one can equip the gym with machines that target their specific goals other than keeping up with the ones that are made available but do not cater to the desired needs. When you create your home gym you also get to control hygiene and safety levels. Proper air quality and clean machines facilitate better focus without distraction from unwanted smells, slime, or germs on workout equipment.

Working out and keeping on track can be very time consuming and the thought of working out in a crowded gym does not make the situation any better. A personal trainer is another option, but wouldn’t it be better to have the right equipment in the comfort of your own home?

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