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Home Designs And Interiors

Home Designs And Interiors Home Designs And Interiors

Luxury studio apartment layouts with three different open plan bedroom ideas: see a glass wall bedroom, bedroom screen, and a slee…

“If punk rock has taught me anything, it’s to do everything yourself. All of my favorite interior designers were self-taught.”—Max Humphrey

“My clients ask about the most important pieces to invest in: I believe in upholstery and art! They help anchor a room.”—Ashley Darryl

Vases are the ultimate functional decor object – and this mega post lists 50 unique designs to inspire your next home accessory in…

“Wicker is an element I love for its texture and versatility. Wicker baskets are so functional for storage, but a wicker animal brings a sense of whimsy.” —Amy Berry

“Don’t settle. If you have your heart set on a piece, don’t try to find something similar just to save money. Chances are, you’ll never be completely satisfied with the substitute (or its quality).”—Brian Watford

Some people have a natural eye for design, but if you’re more in the camp of those who can’t do anything without consulting Pinterest board upon Pinterest board before making any major changes, we feel you. We’d love to have an interior designer on speed dial before deciding exactly where and how hang to hang that sweet new wall art we bought on a whim, but until we win the lottery, we’ll have to settle for trusting our guts, and taking plenty of design tips where we can get them. We’ve compiled some secrets straight from the pros to help you with all your decorating needs.

“Classics never go out of style. I hesitated about doing a white kitchen in my own house, thinking I’d been there, done that. But I’m so glad I did. I will never tire of it.”—Alexandra Kaehler

Gallery of 50 Inspirational Scandinavian style living rooms. Get inspired for your own simple, minimalist living room by them.

“Every house should have a great bar. It is the central point of a party, and if you entertain a lot, it will be celebrated, so put some thought into it.”—Jordana Joseph

Pursue your dreams of the perfect Scandinavian style home with these 10 inspiring Nordic apartment designs.

10 Stunning Apartments That Show Off The Beauty Of Nordic Interior Design

4 Green home interiors that use green accents & furniture differently. Featuring 2 grey white & green living spaces, and 2 green w…

“Actually use your beautiful things! I have a chocolate lab and white furniture in my living room. It took some training, but now he knows the furniture is off limits.”—Lindsey Lane

Check out these awesome coffee cups and mugs and get your day started on the right foot.

“Update your light switches! Elegant controls add a spectacular element to an older home or character to a new one.” —Courtney Hill

“Make sure you’re having fun. What’s more fun than making your own home more beautiful.”—Eche Martinez

“In an open seating plan, always use a well-proportioned statement coffee table to ground the arrangement and give it a sense of place.”—Sean Michael

Find unique kitchen items for your favorite culinary artist, or pick out a cool kitchen gadget or two for yourself!

“I love to use wallpaper in mundane spaces. Hallways, pantries, powder rooms—all become moments of joy and funkiness. Areas of transition can be places you enjoy spending time in.”—Fawn Galli

“Use tall pieces in a low-height room. Short furnishings would make the ceiling feel that much lower to the ground.” —Jason Oliver Nixon

Piano Studio Changes Its Tune To A 17.6 sqm Micro Flat In Taiwan

“The splurge everyone should make is a fabulous master bathroom. I used hand-painted porcelain sinks in mine.”—Todd Richesin

Three modern homes that do red accents on grey decor just right. Featuring chic living rooms, kitchens dining rooms, beautiful bed…

51 Master Bedroom Ideas And Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Three luxury apartments that all use white marble decor & gold home accents in their high-end interior designs; plus modern furnit…

“Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don’t.”—Olivia Erwin

“When you’re given a dark space that doesn’t have great light, create your own light. In this kitchen, we used Sherwin-​Williams’s sunny Ener­getic Orange, and it turned out just fabulous— so cheerful.”—Matthew Boland

“Don’t be afraid of dark. I used this rich Benjamin Moore Midnight Blue on an accent wall—darker than I’d ever dared. It made the whole space come to life.” —Jean Larette

We feature 50 three bedroom home plans in this massive post. Also includes links to 50 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and studio apartment …

Your bedroom walls are a blank canvas. Need accent ideas? See these neat bedroom designs!

Decorating a compact home might seem difficult at first, but these inspiring apartments turn a common limitation into a source of …

Need some housewarming gift inspiration? This mega-post offers 50 unique gift ideas anyone could appreciate.

“When clients want a quick, impactful update, I recommend the pieces that take up the most surface area, like rugs, paint color, or window treatments.”—Tina Ramchandani

“Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires.”—Caleb Anderson

“Choosing the right light bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great.”—Paloma Contreras

“The most important first step in design is a good floor plan.”—Jessica Helgerson

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“Look up! We use ceilings a lot. Through them, we define the lines and beauty of a space.”—Julio Salcedo

An inexpensive and beautiful collection of modern & contemporary house plans that will help you build your dream house. (Includes …

Create the smart home you’ve always wanted with these stylish yet high-tech gadget ideas.

Modern home interior design inspiration, showing ways in which you can incorporate the revitalising effects of indoor plants into …

“In the master suite, decor can deviate from the common areas and really reflect your personality.”—Ali Vanderpool and Ariana Villalta

Tour a micro flat in Taiwan to see how a mezzanine bedroom, bespoke storage ideas, and built-in furniture present made-to-measure …

This ebook is a huge picture collection of brilliantly designed rooms to draw inspiration from.

Master bedroom ideas featuring beautiful colour schemes, bedroom furniture sets, accessories, modern lighting schemes and unique b…

“Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It’s better to cry once and have a forever piece.”—Chandos Dodson Epley

A collection of modern floor poufs for sale online. Leather, knitted, oversized, ottoman, we cover them all!

“Art, art, art! Start young and buy the best you can afford. Its ability to transform a room is unlike any other design tool.”—Jean Liu

“Buy one good piece of furniture every year, and in five years, you’ll have five pieces. Everything else may change, but these will remain constant.”—Jeffrey Bilhuber

“Never underestimate the power of paint. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a new look. A fresh coat in a vibrant color takes an old piece of furniture or empty white room and gives it new life.”—Chauncey Boothby

An ebook showcasing a collection of outstanding homes from around the world.

“Get creative when thinking about form and function. A client in a traditional Georgian home needed it to work for her modern way of entertaining. We opted for an asymmetrical, organic space that encourages guests to float through the room while engaged in conversation.” —Kate Coughlin

“Black works with any style. The misconception is that dark colors make spaces feel smaller; they actually recede.”—Carrie Fundings Land

50 Insanely Useful Smart Home Products You Can Buy Right Now

“Faux paint, lush lacquer, or wallpaper on a ceiling will garner that ‘Wow’ response.” —Leslie May

These modern apartments offer creative ways to organize and decorate within a small studio layout.

“Pull floor patterns from ancient buildings. One inspired the checkerboard pattern of the marble floors in my Los Angeles home.”—Nate Berkus

Be inspired to create a cool interior using large wall art mounted on concrete wall decor. Also find striking furniture, lighting …

Give your furry friend this Arctic Igloo inspired litter box that is easy on the eyes and easier to clean.

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