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Home Design And Remodeling Show In South Florida Home Show

Home Design And Remodeling Show In South Florida Home Show Home Design And Remodeling Show In South Florida Home Show

To ensure that you benefit from attending the Home Show, we go one step further by thoroughly vetting our exhibitors. We make sure that all our vendors are on the cutting edge of the home improvement industry so that our attendees can meet trustworthy, reliable and experienced companies that provide immense value.

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The Home Design and Remodeling Show has been bringing the most successful home remodeling shows to Florida for over 40 years. With four home shows being held every year two at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and two at the Broward Convention Center you have several opportunities to take advantage of everything our shows offer.

In January 2017, Adam Kayce was named Vice President of Florida’s premier Home Design and Remodeling Show. Prior, Kayce served as the Show Director for eight years. Kayce is an expert in show production as well as marketing. With his innate talents and well-rounded experience, Kayce has been able to extend the reach of our shows across South Florida. His ongoing efforts as Vice President will empower the Home Show to remain the No. 1 resource for homeowners in our region.

To learn more about reserving a space at one of our upcoming events, visit our Exhibitor page. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to partake in what’s happening in the home improvement industry!

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Our mission is to promote premium, trusted brands that are well established and that deliver on their promises to consumers. As a result, the Home Show has gained a reputation for excellence among homeowners nationwide, and each of our Florida home renovation shows sells out year after year.

Show Schedule: Friday 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm Saturday Noon – 9:30 pm Sunday Noon – 9:30 pm Monday Noon – 7:30 pm

I was expecting more high end products and more knowledge based representatives. Many of those staffing booths knew little about their products, deferring to someone else. Yes they could hand you a business card or brochure but not answer specific product related questions. That being said, everyone was nice, and receptive. Many of the vendors were from the Miami Dade county area and had limited English language skills. That was a bit surprising considering that the majority of attendees were not Spanish speaking. I made a few contacts, garage door manufacturer, specialty screens, and lighting. I saw a product I was interested in and had heard about before, vellum stretch ceiling materials and that was a productive encounter. There were much more schlock vendors than I had anticipated. Folks selling knives and choppers, super blenders, massaging recliners, places like that. Not sure how they fit into a home Improvement Show. The time spent there was beneficial but I would not return next year. Oh they sell food and hard liquor wine and beer, and other than making money from such sales, is it necessary to sell hard liquor at a show like this?

At the Home Design & Remodeling Show, you get to experience Florida’s home remodeling industry at its very best. When you enter, you will be greeted with a diverse range of products and solutions tailored specifically to the Florida housing market. You will also encounter some of South Florida’s most prominent home designers and home remodeling companies.

As a guest at the Home Show, you will be greeted with a wealth of high-quality options and contacts for your next home project. As an exhibitor, you will have a considerable amount of time to promote your offerings to thousands of homeowners who are ready to make a purchase. Because our Florida home improvement shows connect individuals and business owners there is always an air of excitement and fresh opportunity at every event.

I honestly have to say it did not live up to the hype. For many many years I always recall hearing the infamous “home and remodeling show” jingle on the radio and always wondered what it would be like. My Boyfriend ended up winning tickets through yelp, I was totally game and thought it was about time to give it a whirl because I’m always down to try something new and one of the hotels I do the marketing for is down the street, so it was a good opportunity from a business standpoint to see if this event was indeed profitable for us. We picked up our tickets and then proceeded to the main entrance where we were able to pick up complimentary home decor magazines (one of the best parts) we walked in and it looked like a normal convention center atmosphere. There were vendors everywhere and some pretty cool displays. As my boyfriend and I were waking around I started to become underwhelmed and started to feel sleepy to the point of extreme boredom. It seemed like Lowes and Home Depot called their best people and had them on display trying to sell something like cheesy car salesmen. The second highlight were the people who were giving a away the free chocolate. There were a few booths that stood out to me which were the interior design booths which were breathtaking to look at and what I essentially thought the show was about. The kitchen booths weren’t too bad, I just wish there more of them. Oh, and the whirlpool displays. My boyfriend says we’re not getting one, but little does he know for our next house we’re so having one. Being a frequent watcher of HGTV one would think there would be appearances by the famous “Property Brothers” or the cast from “Love it or List it” being that home decorating is now moving to a more DYI / Budget thing, you would think this show would move with the times. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that I was at the Exhibition Hall at the famous dade county youth fair and at least there they have better things on display. Overall, this show needs a serious revamp to appeal to the younger and broader market. Times are changing and so are home improvement projects.

Because our Florida home remodeling shows feature superior vendors, thousands of excited homeowners attend our events every year. Our sold out home shows consistently surpass the expectations of both our attendees and exhibitors.

To serve the South Florida community, our home remodeling shows are held at the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Broward County Convention Center in Florida every year. Our commitment to the consumers and businesses of South Florida has been a contributing factor to the Home Show’s longstanding success.

Due to our regular interactions with the local market, we have established strong relationships with many of the best companies in the area as well as members of the local media. These connections allow our home improvement events to consistently meet impressive standards in terms of quality and size.

1950 Eisenhower BlvdBroward Convention CenterFort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (305) 667-9299

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Maybe we just needed stuff or maybe the right mix of companies attended this year – all I know is we had a great time today! We stopped by the Yelp booth and got some Yelp swag – thanks for the luggage tags and buttons! We saw some people walking around with Yelp tote bags – like the ones given out at the Yelp Burstday event – Yelpers were everywhere! We were in need of some things and found them at the show – we got a 21 foot long saw and cutter to remove palm fronds and berry clusters from our Queen Ann palms, a plug in air purifier that is guaranteed to work (it had better!), and a veggie cutter to make salads and veggies look as good as they taste…not to mention give us ability to make waffle shaped fries at home! I got an email from the Fort Lauderdale Home Show a few days ago that included coupons for half price tickets so today’s event cost us $5 per ticket – well worth it! We also arranged to have free home evaluations for products we need – that saved me from calling their companies as I had planned. I got discount cards at both booths so we may save some money. This year’s event was fun. We’re glad we went!

If you have any questions about the Home Show, please email us at [email protected]

When you become an exhibitor at the Home Show, your brand will get an entirely new level of exposure. You will get the opportunity to generate massive brand awareness, promote your products and services, and even close deals on the spot.

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To attend our next home design and remodeling event, purchase your tickets here. If you get your tickets early enough, you can get a special discount and reserve your spot before the Home Show sells out!

Strengthen Your Home Improvement Business Brand and Drive Revenue

For more than 40 years, Home Show Management Corp. has been bringing together industry-leading professionals from the entire spectrum of home renovation products and services in South Florida. With two home renovation shows in Miami and Fort Lauderdale every year, the Home Show always features the latest trends and brands in the home improvement industry.

To ensure the Home Show is a truly valuable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved, we properly vet interested exhibitors before they participate in our events.

The show was pathetic. It will only be good if you are looking to remodel your bathroom. Everyone was already packing up well before the show ended. Do not waste your time and money.

Steve Plotkin with Larry Perl, have produced the South Florida Home Shows for more than 40 years. As founder and president of Home Show Management Corporation, Plotkin knows what it takes to put on a successful and unforgettable event. To this day, he remains committed to helping consumers find the latest in home décor and remodeling services.

We always enjoy going to this show. This is the perfect location and the event management staff does an excellent job laying out and prepping for the event. I like seeing the commercials on TV to plan in advance to attend. Parking is a breeze in the large parking garage with multiple levels to handle the largest of crowds. I’m used to getting coupons in the Sun Sentinel and had to dig a little to find them this time. It’s usually a nice savings like 1/2 off admission. I cut the coupon and took it with me only to discover it’s dated and I had cut out one from the previous day. Grrrrr! Once inside the vendors are adequately spaced out. I was surprised this year by how many of them were actually engaging and really worked hard to strike up a conversation and lure you into their booth. I strolled up and down the aisles, stopped at several of the vendors I had interest in and worked my way through the crowds. This year there were cooking demonstrations and other guest speakers from some of the home improvement & reality tv shows. I also like that there’s bars scattered throughout so you can grab a glass of wine, cocktail or your favorite beverage while enjoying the show. There’s food vendors in the back to grab a bite and plenty of bathrooms for when you’ve gotta go. Great show and can’t wait to attend again next year.

If you are interested in joining the next Home Show event, visit our ticket portal or apply to become an exhibitor today. We sincerely look forward to helping you find the resources you need, whether you are searching for a spectacular product for your home or an incredible opportunity to market your home improvement brand.

The Home Show is the ideal marketing platform for luxury designer brands and businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to Blue I scored free tickets for the Home Design & Remodeling Show in a contest. Boy was I stoked for this event. I am one of these guys that can go crazy at the hardware store. The girlfriend is always complaining because when we go to Lowe’s and Home Depot we need to go for 2 or 3 things and I come out with 10 or 15 things and a 20 minute visit turns into 1 1/2 hour visit. Not only because I like to shop for the house but I look around and try to get ideas since I am one of those ” do it yourself ” type of guys. Upon entering I was somewhat shocked with the prices. While there were very good discount prices on decor items such as paintings and some furniture pieces, the complete body of work of kitchens, landscaping and bathrooms left me at awe. However, these are not some of your mom and pop places presenting the top of the line stuff, there some of the best interior and exterior decorators in the state. So I was in full assimilation mode. From the landscaping with combinations of Bottle, Spindle, Fox Tail, and Sylvester palm trees with Bromeliads and Crouton plants or the Kitchens with stainless steel alliances with granite counter tops, carved wood cabinets and a center island with a wine cooler and storage the ideas and inventions were limitless. There were vendors selling 1000 thread cotton bed sheets, Britto paintings, and designers furnitures. Very good deals for those looking to buy at reasonable prices I stopped by the Yelp table to say hello and make sure if they needed help they knew I was lurking and I would be around to assist. My mind gathered so many ideas that i was taking notes on my phone. Thanks Yelp and Design Show!

If you want to see the latest trends and ideas in home design and remodeling, do not go to the Fort Lauderdale Home Design & Remodeling Show! Yes, for this event the Broward Convention Hall is filled with vendors. I expected that for a show of this size held in South Florida, there would be national vendors. I did expect vendors with displays showing the latest trends and perhaps some original ideas in home design, remodeling, and decor. After all, when you go to the car show, they have the latest card and card of the future. Instead, this show is merely an amalgamation of local vendors. It can be convenient to have them all in one place, but you really won’t find anything new or exciting. We went to the Home Show looking for ideas/vendors for remodeling our bathroom. We certainly did not find any new ideas. Although there were a couple of contractors there, we really were not terribly impressed by any of them. Although we did not succeed in our goal, we did talk to some vendors regarding future work we might have done to our house including vendors with hurricane shutters, impact glass, and individual room air conditioners. We did win some phone chargers from a cruise booth (there were several cruise booths) and we did enjoy trying out the high quality massage chairs. My 11 year old son enjoyed one of the cooking demos. It was a pleasant enough outing for the family but we really did not accomplish very much. If you really want to get design ideas, I would look on Houzz or watch HGTV!

During our show, you will walk through a treasure trove of fresh ideas from a wide variety of industry-leading home professionals. No matter which part of your house you plan to update, the Home Show will provide you with many of the necessary products and services all in one place. In return, you will save both time and money on renovating your home.

At Each Florida Home and Remodeling Show You Will Find: Home renovation and decor including furniture, kitchens, windows, flooring and more… Experience Florida home service professionals available to discuss your next big project.

Design advice and intriguing discussion panels from distinguished remodeling professionals. Celebrity stages featuring demonstrations, showcases and advice panels Valuable resources that will help you master your next home renovation plans.

The Ultimate One-Stop Shop For Florida Homeowners

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Before the show, our team will spread the word about the event and your brand to ensure that your ideal customers attend. During the show, you will get the chance to meet thousands of potential buyers face-to-face and communicate all the benefits of your offerings. Additionally, you will be able to network with home industry professionals and learn about the latest trends in the home remodeling industry.

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