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Kitchen, You can discover a considerable estimate of space-sparing furniture which usually is particularly stooped knowing how these modern apartments plus in kitchens as properly , everything is the similar . The ideas for contemporary and parallel kitchen models depend on this concept along with the designers are considering of inventive ideas of which spares space as nicely as empower you in order to easily fit into however many points in as negligible place as will be prudent. Besides from this, another varying that you may move over while browsing the particular sites of kitchen Rooms design ideas, is the shrewd utilization of colour for kitchens.

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7. The new drawer cabinet I had made was installed and between the countertop and first drawer, was hollow, and a strip of vinyl skin was added across the opening and when I placed my finger there, I could pretty much push it through. It is attached to nothing and in a short amount of time will be pushed through and will be left with a hole. 8. The vinyl strip under one of my cabinets is cut crooked looks like crap.

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I assumed this was a big deal and asked them what the charge would be to handle it as I needed my kitchen back in order for my son ASAP. They said the charge would be about $500 plus a $253 teardown. I didn’t know what this meant but it seemed like a big deal as they would have to leave, stop the job, and reschedule me out for another time and who knows when they would be back. The description of work needed was that everything is on pause until this happens because its important and needs teardown (very poor description that wasn’t true). I called and asked them if there was anything they could do on the price and they said no. Assuming this was just a really big deal I just said, “Go ahead” so that we could get the install done. This is the point where I felt completely taken advantage of. They finished that “work” in less than maybe 15 minutes.

February rolls around, permits were granted and everything seemed fine. We would check on the house weekly, call the construction company and Home Depot with no call backs with no luck. Well, now it is March, 2018 and we are told things “in an ideal, perfect world” would be completed the beginning of April. They lost our floor order, so now we can’t put the floors in. Our cabinets have been sitting in boxes in our house for weeks, and we are moving in. We had to pay three months of extra rent with the expectation that by the time we moved in the end of March the kitchen would be done (every month asking our landlord to extend).

DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT IN-HOME SERVICES for your remodeling projects. In January of this year we began a kitchen remodeling project. We decided to use Home Depot for the project because we were told that they would manage all aspects of the project and stand behind the work of their individual contractors. The initial refacing of the cabinets went well except for a couple doors which were put on opening the wrong way and some missing molding. The doors were corrected. The appliances were delivered and installed with no problems. When the tech came to measure for the countertops, we were told that the new counters would be approx. ¼ inch higher than the old ones. This was not a problem. However, when the countertops were installed they were actually 1 1/2 inches higher than the old ones. This left the stove and dishwasher looking like they were sitting in a hole.

In New City, NY ages ago we had a delightful experience with Home Depot on Kitchen remodel – worked great and it was magnificent. That fooled us into believing that we could AGAIN trust them. Nope. Our Georgia renovation is a horror show. We are now three weeks in and products not delivered and nobody calls back. I am visiting the store end of the day TO PERSONALLY see the manager. Local rep, nice guy, does nothing in a big way. We should NEVER have taken this project on. STAY AWAY.

Maybe I am a picky customer because I am an estimator for a large construction company. However, I can tell you this process has all the red flags of a job gone wrong. I have been working for general contractors in the Los Angeles industry for over twenty years and this experience has been unprofessional and frustrating. I have paid THD $1,200 and the Andrew ** estimate/site visit was $250. I expect a refund of $950 immediately.”

Please beware if you feel Home Depot will stand behind their services. My tenant ordered an oven from them. After Home Depot came to install it and left there was a gas leak. They refused to come back and fix it. It was a very dangerous situation and Home Depot just hired attorneys to defend them, leaving me the homeowner with a damaged house and an unhappy tenant which moved out. A huge loss, but again Home Depot just used their attorneys to not take care of any of it.

3. The wall on the right side still had and has old caulking and crap stuck to my wall. It was to be fixed and cleaned off so that the installer from Majestic Marble could caulk the side. When I complained to OUT OF SPACE to Dean and to Irfan, who is the project manager about it, I was informed that It should have been sanded and repaired so the countertop could be completed. Ben, who did the cabinet job, was sent back, not to fix the wall but to just add caulking. He kinda laughed about it as if it was not a issue. The wall and the wainscoting, which was broken and reattached broken, looks like crap. My daughter took it upon herself to fix it. Again it was laughed off.

We were told the job to resurface our kitchen would take 4 days, from the start of the project to final completion. It actually took 6 MONTHS! We had 4 different individuals come out to take measurements because the prior measurements were incorrect. There was zero communication from their office in Kent, Washington. I had to call multiple times to get updates. Please do not use these people! They are overpriced and give awful customer service. This has been one of the worst experiences of our lives and they offered us a 15% discount, like a slap in the face. If one person reads this and decided to not go with Home Depot then this post did its job!

The next problem came when the missing cabinet was installed crooked as the company did not give the installer the lazy Susan hinges. I told the installer the door was crooked and there was a huge gap as the crooked door was not aligned with the frame of the cabinetry. I then asked him to go to Home Depot to buy the lazy Susan hinges. He went only to return saying he could not get them. He told me the company would call on the Monday January 22-2018 and have someone come out. No one never did. I have opened numerous complaints to Home Depot only to be given no answers. I had to report this to the Better Business Bureau.

In Nov 2017. I hired Home Depot to do a reface on my small kitchen. It was contracted out to OUT OF SPACE owner Dino. I ordered new doors, quartz countertop and new drawer unit. The reface is a absolute mess, the vinyl that is put on the front of the existing cabinets is not even on straight, peeling off, the hinges from the new doors were attached and now have split the wood and they want to come back and just glue it without any support behind it. Here is a list of what issues I have. 1. Cracks are in my cabinet frames from the hardware from the doors. This cannot be left like this. 2. The countertop was removed and a hole was left in my wall. It was not until I asked why this is not fixed, we were told how to go about fixing it. I insisted that it be fixed and we were left to finish the job by cleaning and sanding it down so we could paint. I was informed by Ifran it should have been fixed and paint ready.

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So I bought a granite countertop everything is fine traveled a long way to NJ to pick the granite. That place was beautiful the place named MSI. So the installers had to template twice. I asked each one of the template/ installers “Do you charge the customer or Home Depot 75 dollars to come out again?” “No, we don’t. We tell the customer to go get your money back for it.” Ok, so I call up Home Depot, get nowhere FAST. So if Home Depot isn’t getting charged for the 2nd template and the installer don’t charge the customer the 75 dollars WHERE THE HELL DOES THE MONEY GO? I know it’s only 75 dollars but I’d rather give business to people who don’t contradict each other and not knowing where extra charges are really going!!!

After several hours of phone calls with ACS and Home Depot I was given 2 different reasons for the change and assured a crew would be here first thing Tuesday morning and would finish the work in time for the plumber to come. 10:10 the crew showed up – but with no materials, which had been discussed with the manager the day before (that the crew needed to pick up the materials). I called at 9 am and the manager assured me they were on their way. When I called the manager back at 10:15 he said that was a mistake to ask about the materials – he is now telling me he told them to come to the house first and check to see if they need anything, yet the crew thought I already had the materials. The customer service has been just horrendous. Then to top it off Home Depot called me last night about the balance due. No, I’m not giving them another dime, told them to talk to the manager that I have been dealing with.

The new contact, a divisional manager, immediately offered us a $2,500 credit which was much appreciated. December 15, 2017 worker arrives to fix everything without any idea what the 4 problems were. Then after opening a box with repair materials, we discover all materials incorrect. He told me he’d file report with local office and I sent email to manager without any response and once again was ignored until January 18, 2018. That day I requested additional compensation for further delays. Was told that’s possible but not until all work had been completed. February 7, 2018 all repairs completed and we finally have use of the entire question. Contacted manager same day to express our satisfaction and work out final credit amount. It’s March 16, 2018, five weeks later and no response! To be continued…

Total Kitchen Refacing told the BBB I refused to let them in my house to fix this crooked cabinet which is false as they never contacted me. They have misrepresented the correct actual facts of what kind of poor service and workmanship they provided to me. I refuse to go into another Home Depot Store again. It will be Canadian Tire or Lowe’s Canada. Eventually I had to pay out of pocket expenses to have a handyman remove the crooked cabinet, install the correct hinges and put the door back on. I never imagined that Home Depot Installation Services provides the worst customer service I have ever experienced as a Canadian Consumer. Also TK Refacing (Total Kitchen Refacing) located in Markham, ON is just the same. Do not hire any contract services with either as you will get burned just the way I did.

The initial email from Andrew ** on Friday stated that we’d be contacted the day before the estimate/site visit with a time window. This did not happen until we called Patty at THD, who then had to call Andrew **. It appeared that we had been forgotten. We were satisfied with Andrew ** responses to our questions, but we cannot agree to pay for 100% of the countertops before the job is complete. Paying for 100% before job completion, and getting bad customer service is a recipe for failure. If the install is unsatisfactory and as bad as the customer service we have received; then we have no leverage to fix the problem.

I strongly recommend using someone else for your countertop purchase and install. I recently purchased countertops from Andrew Lauren through Home Depot (April, 2018) and I am not satisfied with the quality nor their service. I believe they took advantage of me and waited until the last minute to present some issues to sucker me into paying a ton of money for something VERY VERY minor. My six year old son is a type 1 diabetic so I went with their expedited service for an additional $300 to get our kitchen back in a working order as soon as possible. I was quoted $300 for the expedited service… Then my salesperson told me it is actually $500. They later gave it to me for the original offer of $300 and then acted like they were doing me a favor. This expedited service was offered before install/delivery. The countertops were delivered with minor chipping on the top.

I bought a microwave and had it installed through Home Depot. The installer did not screw it into any studs, vented the van into the kitchen instead of into the vent in the wall and put a large hole into my new cabinet to hold the microwave up, the washer holding the microwave in that large hole was smaller than the hole. I contacted H.D. They referred me to Sedgwick Claims who then referred me to Linn Star who is the one who installed it. It took several phone calls, emails and 2 visits from installers saying they would not touch it to fix it because it was way too messed up.

Had they completed the demo when I asked I would have been able to investigate and compare prices or do it myself, but they did not. Had they told me that the “teardown” they were talking about was just to take apart my old parts under the sink. I would have done it myself! The installer even said he would have done it without question but the office had to be called because of the valves.

What a disappointment. I used HD expo years ago when I rebuild my own bathroom and it was wonderful. Pallets in the garage and with each phase of the project I would go down and get what I need. How far they’ve fallen. Oh, just try complaining to someone. Call HD and they route you to the local home services office that screwed things up in the first place. It’s like they get customers using the HD name, HD takes their percentage and walks away. I feel pretty stupid trusting HD.

They used a couple of maybe $10 parts and moved on to the countertop install. I said, WAIT a minute, I’m going to call the office back because that is ridiculous for 15 minutes of work. Someone who wasn’t paying attention like me wouldn’t have known that their $753 dollar charge was COMPLETELY not reasonable and they were taking advantage of consumers like myself. They described the valve replacement and “teardown” as something that seemed like a big deal, later to find out it was resolved in 15 minutes and they had $753 dollars additional charged to my credit card. This is ridiculous, hence the poor review. I called and spoke with Dolores ** and she said she wasn’t going to do anything for me, wouldn’t work down the price, and had a very rude tone. The others involved in all of this ere Bailee **, Erica **, and Glenn ** (the salesman).

We purchased a granite countertop thru Home Depot and paid for installation. This counter was manufactured by MSI. There is what they are calling a fissure, to me it is a crack running thru the granite, and a chip has developed. Neither company will warranty this material. I have only had it for a year. Poor workmanship, poor quality granite, and definitely poor customer service.

“Home Depot Installations” in the Houston area is a complete disaster under the direction of supervisor Dana **. As a supervisor, Dana is a complete joke! If this were part of a small independent mom-and-pop business, I would tell them that they will be out of business very, very shortly. I am totally shocked that a company the size of HD puts up with the horrible customer service and the disorganized, deceptive activities of their people. HD does not appear to care at all about the bungling that I have had to put up with.

I broke my hand and needed a dishwasher. Found one online @ Home Depot. Ordered it on a Tue, they would deliver Friday. I stayed home from work all day Friday. No delivery, no call. When I tried calling to inquire, got disconnected 4 times. Finally, on Sat, got a hold of someone who had no idea why dishwasher didn’t get delivered or why I didn’t get a call. Said someone would be calling me to setup the delivery. No one called. I called on Monday and they said they would need to reschedule for Thursday delivery. When I clicked on the link to check status of order, it said, Thr, 12-4 pm. I get home Wed night and the message on my machine says 9 am-1 pm delivery.

Oh how I wish I knew then what I know now. Hiring Home Depot to reface our kitchen has been one issue after another. NOTHING that was “promised” actually happened. From poor products to unmet deadlines, from wrong measuring to errors in ordering, from unacceptable craftsmanship to lack of communication, my wife and I could not be more displeased. The 3-5 day “promise” is a complete joke. The cleanliness of the process was a complete lie. The contractors were less than professional. One contractor was at our home for 1.5 days then never showed up again. A second contractor came to “clean up the mess” left by the first guy. The countertop we ordered was to be a high gloss laminate… all it does is show water spots.

I had my kitchen cabinets resurfaced by Home Depot. When the cabinet doors arrived I pointed out to the installer that there were two doors with very noticeable dents in them. He stated that he will install them for now and make sure new ones were ordered and reinstalled right away. This was 3 years ago. I have since then left repeated messages for the local Fort Myers office who installed my cabinets as well as the 800 number where I made the appointment with. No one has ever returned my calls and no one has ever offered to resolve the issue. This is the worse customer service and the worse remodeling job ever. The laminated parts are peeling off and I never even cook in my kitchen. I would never ever recommend having cabinets resurfaced by Home Depot. The fact that this company will not stand behind their work is so disappointing.

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We called Home Depot and it took a week and several calls from us before we even got a callback. They scheduled a time to come look at the shoddy work only to have the contractor they hired call and reschedule causing us to cut plans short to be there. They came to “fix” the backsplash and clean up but I’m still not satisfied as Home Depot did nothing and made us deal with the contractor they hired.

I had my kitchen cabinets resurfaced 2 years ago. There is a one year warranty. Within the first year I had them come back 3 times because the laminate was pulling away. The warranty is up and we are now fixing it with Gorilla Glue.

Home Depot asked for a lot of money down. This is not standard practice for a remodel. I am not sure how Home Depot gets away with requiring so much money up front, but as an estimator in the commercial construction business for over 20 years I can tell you this is not normal and appears to be illegal per the CA State Licensing Board. If my wife and I had not pressed Patty at Home Depot to tell us what was going on, I don’t think Andrew ** would have ever contacted us.

Was working with the customer care about the kitchen project. After couple of time going back and forth then customer care decided to ignored me. My request about the information of the materials. Nothing. Still waiting. So now Home Depot denied give information to customer about the materials. Home Depot make the customer paid. Stay away from Home Depot. Materials are poor, managers disrespectful, customer care doesn’t work, etc. Don’t use Home Depot.

In addition, I was originally told that my granite countertops came with a lifetime warranty from HD– no questions asked! That appears to be a lie. Is dishonesty also sanctioned by HD? If there are any management people at HD that are concerned at all about this review, I suggest that they contact me Immediately. I feel sure that no one will contact me. On several occasions I have requested that someone call me but I have had no response from HD. I have asked repeatedly for the supervisor, Dana **, to send me the contact information for her boss and she simply ignores my requests. Don’t buy your countertops or anything else from HD! It’s hard to imagine that such a big company could be in such complete management disarray!!!

HD visited the house and took measurements. HD sent someone to the house a second time to take measurements a second time for the purpose of creating a build of materials. On Friday HD confirmed they were starting on Monday. On Monday HD was a no show and no call because as they were packing their truck they determined there were materials missing and they didn’t want to do a partial on the job and revisit later. HD said they would call me that day with a new delivery date that may be as soon as 3 days. I got no phone call because apparently the guy who was supposed to call had a car accident. Spoke to manager who said he was taking ownership and would get back to me with a delivery date. He did not so I called back 3 days later and was given a ship date and we arranged a new install date.

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Best way to share my experience with the Kitchen remodeling dept is to show you the letter I sent them when I fired them. By the way THD is The Home Depot, and Andrew ** was the 3rd party installer contracted by Home Depot. Patty was our representative employed by Home Depot. “I am unhappy with the service I have received and want to cancel my order, and get a refund. I understand the estimate costs $250. We paid $1,200 down for the countertops and expected to be treated better. Between Home Depot not managing this process well, and Andrew ** not responding to our emails we were wondering if anyone one had remembered that we ordered C-tops. I place blame on Home Depot and Andrew ** but more so on Home Depot and their business practices.

I did an entire kitchen remodel with Home Depot cabinets, countertops, all new stainless steel appliances, top of the line that they carried. The person that assisted me was less than helpful. She does this perhaps daily but her qualifications did not measure up. It seemed as though she just wanted a sale! She got a hefty commission out of me. I really wanted granite but she talked me out of it. She focused solely on Silestone. So that’s what I ended up with. Straight end which is terrible! It’s too dark for the space. I also purchased a Pegasus black double sink. I loved it until the partition between the 2 sinks started to become very rough to the touch. It’s under-mounted. I spent close to $30,000 dollars doing this kitchen remodel! I had to refinance my home in order to do this remodel! I purchased an LG high end stainless steel dishwasher and it only last 2.5 years before I had to replace it.

I completed the paperwork for refacing the 3/2/17 and committed to a cost of over $12,000. The product finally arrived at their warehouse in May. The installation was scheduled three different times and changed. The last time the installation was cancelled the morning the installer was to come to my home. The appointment was changed to the following day and he didn’t show until 2 p.m. When he started working he realized he didn’t have enough product, some of the doors were the wrong size or missing and there were no drawers. (I have 8 in my kitchen.) He worked the next day stating he would do an expedited order on the missing items. That is the last I heard and I can’t get any information on the timeline for completing the job. In the meantime the items from my kitchen cabinets are stacked in various rooms of my house. I will never again contact Home Depot for any work in my home.

Home Depot Kitchens Company InformationCompany Name:Home DepotYear Founded:1978City:AtlantaState/Province:GACountry:United StatesPhone:(800) 466-3337Website:

I ordered a new countertop and tile backsplash from East Hanover, NJ Home Depot. Everything started great, the Home Depot associates were great – the problem is the contractors they used. The countertop installers left electrical outlets exposed and I ended up with a short that I needed to pay an electrician to fix. When Home Depot called for a balance due I mentioned this and they said they would review and get back to me. Then the tile backsplash was scheduled and the Friday before (work was scheduled for a Mon/Tues) I was told at 4:15 that I was confirmed and they would be calling be back before 5:30 with a window of time on Monday. I didn’t get a call on Friday so I called 8am Monday. It was then I was told I was rescheduled to 11/3 and 4. I had arranged to be home from work, I had the plumber cap the appliances and I had the plumber scheduled to come back late Tuesday to hook the appliances up again.

The tile is cut unevenly and when we went to put the light covers and electrical covers back on, there are gaps and also cracks in the tile. Erskine Interiors who did the project for Home Depot made light of the whole thing, making our time not seem worth anything for the 5 Saturdays and the one weekday we gave up for a backsplash install. They offered $300, just to make me go away. Home Depot did nothing to make this right. We spent a lot of money there and will close our account once this project has been paid off and never shop there again. Very poor service in the way they handled this, or should I say I the lack of handling this. Tarnishes the whole projects. I want Home Depot to make things right.

Kitchen cabinet refacing and quartz countertop installation – We signed and were told if we put this on our HD credit card we would get 2 years interest free. Months later we’re still seeing 6 months and struggling to change. Home Depot called to schedule my cabinet refacing. We set a date and I got a call on Friday to confirm they would be onsite Monday 10 AM. I was told I needed to empty all my cabinets and there may be some dust in the air, “So cover your furniture.” I spent the weekend packing up my cabinets, moved everything to storage and covered all my furniture with tarps. And I scheduled vacation to be home while the work was being done.

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Against my better judgment for going with a big box store but as a result of an “excellent” salesman who promised his best workers and to personally “oversee” our project, we signed a contract for new countertops and cabinet refacing May 25, 2017. Countertops installed mid-August, excellent work by that subcontractor. Cabinet refacing “completed” September 7, 2017. Good work but 4 problems discovered that weekend, but “no problem, they will fix everything. Called and sent emails to salesman and our project coordinator. I was totally ignored by our local contacts until November 2, 2017. Tried finding other contacts within HDI but we’ll hidden or was told to contact local office.

Sedgwick was going to close the claim until I contacted them and told them they were not going to do that because my microwave was not fixed, they once again made me contact Linn Star who after several phone calls and emails finally agreed to buy me a new cabinet and mail me a check to have my contractor install the microwave correctly (I refused to let them install it, if they couldn’t do it correctly the first time and it took this long to get it fixed why should I give them another try). It is now 3 months later and I just got a call to schedule delivery of the cabinet, I still have not seen the check. I will NEVER recommend or buy any major appliances from Home Depot. Anytime I would try to contact Home Depot they would refer me to Sedgwick. Save your time, money and patience and DO NOT have anything installed through Home Depot, once they have your money they don’t care what happens!

5. The back wall under the backsplash which I didn’t replace, showed the old green paint that I was told not to paint over, we were going to attached a strip of quartz to cover under the black splash it, was silicone with clear and shows the discolour through, makes it look moldy and dirty. 6. The vinyl skin that is stuck on the front of the shelving and stripped along the cupboard front, was never prepared and therefore is not sticking the way it needs to be. It’s bubbly and started to already lift. When Ben can back again, I asked about this and left me glue to fix it. He added some to one part that was lifting. Some areas that needed the skin were missed and it shows.

I have been fighting this since Nov. This should not be happening. I have taken off several days from work just to deal with it. I am asking for a refund and have also gotten in a new professional contractor to look it over. What he saw verified my complaints and also told me I overpaid. I am in agreement with him as I paid for a job I thought was professional and got a crappy job. I was told by OUT OF SPACE, they would come back and fix the issues but I don’t trust them. I asked for someone else to come back rather than the first guy BEN who cut corners and did a crap job. I am in the works with HOME DEPOT to get a full refund. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.

Oh, and let us not forget that the countertop subcontractor arrived but said they couldn’t remove the old countertop so simply left. All the while we are living for more than 6 weeks out of boxes with all of our kitchen “stuff” packed away. When we would make calls to the General Contractor, Matt, we should have saved our breath. Because we continue to seek compensation, we discovered that Matt is no longer employed by Home Depot. Samantha has taken his place and because our complaint is 6 months old, she has really nothing to offer us. This project was nearly $20,000… a huge amount for us to invest with little or no reward. My wife and I continue to love the refacing idea, but would NEVER recommend Home Depot for the project. The anguish was not worth the reward. Because of this experience, Home Depot will not be receiving ANY of our future business. Go elsewhere people.

They didn’t even show up to the first appointment to measure the kitchen. I called the store and they gave me the contractor’s number. So I called the contractor and they said the store had called them and said I cancelled the appointment. I will not try to use them again for anything.

5 days after the materials were supposed to ship I was called and told the materials had not shipped because the company they get them from in Canada ran out of materials themselves. Now I’m given another ship date. To say the problem is their Canadian supplier is reprehensible. The problem is HD. Since I have a contract I don’t know how this will work but if the materials do not ship when promised I am canceling the whole thing and starting over with someone else even if I have to sue HD for what I’ve already paid.

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In the last week I want to share my experience with readers so others can be warned of dealings with Home Depot. I decided to trust Home Depot considering it is a big company to do my kitchen renovations. It was done with TK Refacing located in Newmarket ON . The 3 day renovation somehow was rushed turning get it to a 1 day job. I was missing one cabinet and one drawer. This was Dec 27-17. After hundreds of emails and getting the runaround from both Home Depot and Total Kitchen Refacing I finally got my missing cabinets on January 21-2018.

I had 5 countertops replaced with granite through Home Depot. What a miserable experience! I have never been so surprised and so disappointed with any major company as I am with Home Depot. Other than shopping at their store for items that I can’t buy elsewhere, I am done dealing with HD and I will attempt to spread the word about what a disreputable, dishonest and poorly run company they are. I will not attempt to detail all the disasters associated with the purchase and installation of my 5 countertops.

When we started our kitchen remodel the first week in November, 2017, we were told it would be done by Christmas. We ordered all our appliances, countertops, cabinets, floors, backsplash and everything. We were told we would receive a call before Thanksgiving to set up a time to start construction since we had torn everything out. No call, two weeks after Thanksgiving we called, the phone system at our local Home Depot (Cherry Hill, NJ) hung up on me four times before I got through to someone. When I finally did they said they were waiting on a call back from us. We found an email saying specifically that THEY had to call us, but we finally got around to getting things back on track. Two weeks before Christmas we were informed that the remodel would be done in early January, “so sorry for the delay, but with Christmas it slowed things down.” In January, we were told, again, “so sorry, but the remodel would be finished the LATEST mid February.”

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So he was just going to do it free of charge, but once the office was involved they charged extra. I feel like I was taken advantage of because they didn’t come to do the demo earlier like requested, they knew I would want it done that day and I’m sure they do this to other people in a jam. They didn’t give me the opportunity to compare pricing. Consumers be aware of these ridiculous charges and unnecessary pressure. I hope no others get tricked. Home Depot needs to find a new vendor for their countertop install. I’m really disappointed and was ripped off.

My wife paid in advance the full charge for a kitchen remodeling with Home Depot. The job was completed in late March and early April 2017. The installers were quite professional. Unfortunately, two cabinet doors did not match and had to be ordered. Glides were ordered wrong and they convinced us to use the automatic rolling glides. Half did not work. After two repairmen came they still don’t work. A HD supervisor, Jeremy ** promised us new drawers before the end of June. As of today I have heard nothing from him and he won’t return emails or phone calls. Second repairman came with replacement doors and they were nicked and have to be replaced. I would NEVER recommend or use this company again. Their lines of communication and ability to successfully complete a job are poor. With an upfront payment of $24,000 this is inexcusable.

I was charged for two glass panes and they were not provided and the installer says Home Depot doesn’t even do glass panes. They told me about three weeks until install and waited 6. They rescheduled on me so many times after I had taken off work already. They originally wouldn’t meet with me because my husband was available and they would be giving me “an estimate, the real money, and would be taking a significant amount of time out of their day.” The sales guy said he would be present at the completion of install to verify everything went as we talked about, I have never seen him again.

We are doing a full kitchen remodel, after doing much of the work ourselves or hiring out ourselves we decided to use Home Depot to do the installation for our backsplash. The company they outsourced the project to scheduled the install and then had 2 no call no shows. When they finally did show up, the job was done terribly. They left a mess of silicone caulking and grout all over my new countertops, new flooring, new stainless appliances and our new cabinets. Not only that but they also damaged our new custom cabinets in several spots.

Geoff of Canyon Country, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I called and told them I have Dr. appt at 10 a.m. and they said they would change the notes for 1 pm delivery. I get home at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday and they had called me for delivery at 10:00 a.m. I called back again, and they said I missed the appt and would need to reschedule. I told her about the previous conversation about the Dr appt. She said she sees the note, but they cannot dictate when deliveries happen – its all done by gps. There’s no way to deliver today. How is the communication so messed up here? I told her to cancel my order, she couldn’t do that, I had to call another number and go through the whole saga again. Finally got order cancelled and they promise full refund in 5-10 days… we’ll see. Here I sit, 2 weeks in with a broken hand and no dishwasher. I will never order an appliance from Home Depot ever again.

David of Saint Petersburg, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

We ordered thousands of dollars of kitchen, bath and Laundry cabinets. Shorted one for the kitchen. 1/3 of the kitchen came in wrong color. Sent them back. Seven months later they were finally replaced with the correct color. Now two which put together are not made the same. One good quality and the other standard. There is a gap because of quality. Not a good company to deal with. Lack of customer service. After they get your money they don’t care if anything is right or if you get what you are supposed to get. You have to call and call and wait and call and call and wait. Months!!!

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They were also delivered/installed with some clear substance that I can’t wipe off (probably some type of sealer). I recently reached out to them to fix but it has yet to be addressed. When I purchased the expedited service they said they do the demolition to the old countertops the day before install (that later turned into a same-day demo). I requested that the countertop demo be done right away (10 days earlier) so that if something came up I would be able to address it, get quotes, or handle myself. They said that there wouldn’t be a problem and that it is protocol and they have to demo the day before (which again turned out to be the day of the install, not the day before). As soon as the demo team arrived they told me that the install had to be rescheduled out because I need new valves under my sink (I couldn’t go any longer without my kitchen… Those of you who know about type 1 diabetes in children know what I’m talking about).

Ordered basic granite counters in March and paid right away at the estimate desk… Before they were even measured. I paid in full that soon because I was promised I could get them done by mid April. I originally wanted a more expensive material, but they said this material came the fastest. It’s the end of May and we still haven’t gotten the counters installed, and now we’re being told it won’t be until June. Mind you, this is a rental property, and every bit of work that needed to be done has been done, including an entirely new roof. I’m throwing thousands of dollars down the drain by having to wait to get renters in.

I also bought all new doors for my entire home. This included a full stained glass fiberglass front door. They measured for it but it came in wrong. They installed it anyway. Later on they sent me a refund for that door. All the materials that I needed to do finishing for all of the window frames, faucet, cabinet hardware was purchased from Home Depot. If I had a do over, I would NOT go to Home Depot! Unfortunately I will not get to do a do over in this lifetime. I hate Home Depot and their attitude and unsatisfactory customer service. I don’t enjoy cooking in my kitchen anymore. I should have used local businesses and supported my local economy! This goes for all of my doors as well. The resolution that I would like is new countertops and a new sink. I’ve considered calling the local news stations and sharing my displeasure with Home Depot and their poor customer service.

*Troy the installer was very nice and did a good job, and Cher the head of communication on the Cabinet Refacing project was very nice. Trash cabinet design was incorrect and they will not refund it saying the door front belongs to me now… It is the wrong size by a lot… Even if it was the right size for the space it won’t open due to wall trim. I pointed this out to the sales guy and he said they could work around it (my background is not in construction and I knew it would be tricky). I have the pricing sheet that says they charged me $295 for it and they are willing to refund me $89 because they can’t refund the actual door. I had a discount, either 15 or 25% I can’t find it on the paperwork so the $295 was discounted but not down to $89.

They said they would get back to me that day with a delivery date for the materials. I got no phone call so I called back. Now I was told the guy who was supposed to call me had a car accident and the manager would look in things and get back to me. After not getting the update I was promised I called them 3 days later and was told my materials were shipping from Canada on 2/28 and they could start the job on March 5. I said they may need to deal with customs, “So let’s target March 12.” I received a call on March 7th (which is an improvement I guess) stating there was a delay and the materials won’t be shipped until March 15th. Then he went on to add, “Sorry for the delay but we’re dealing with a new supplier.” I said, “Don’t blame the supplier because from my perspective the problem is HD.”

In the months it’s taken to get these countertops, I could have more than made up the cost of having them done with a better material through a private company. On top of that, they charged my card incorrectly multiple times, and refunded it to the wrong card. Thank goodness for Amex moving it to the right account for me. Spend the extra money up front. Everything they estimate you is a lie.

When HD was informed of the problem, they promised to fix it. The tech came out and fixed the problem with the dishwasher but was not prepared to do the stove. Now three months after starting this project, we still do not have resolution on the stove and missing molding. We are quite disappointed in HD’s lack of response and would not recommend using their services as a result. The cabinets and the appliances look great, but the countertop problem has spoiled the whole project. Had HD delivered on their promises we would have given them a good recommendation, but lack of follow up has soured us on their services. See the pictures below to see how HD has left this project hanging for two months.

Now we are moving in next week, our floors have magically disappeared, there is no end date in sight, and we are STILL getting the runaround by Home Depot and the local contractor they work through. This is so amazingly unprofessional, I have NO idea how Home Depot has a renovation section of their store. We have been put off, lied to, and now we are out almost $10,000 of extra rent and now food we are going to have to eat out for an extra month because we are moving into the house with no kitchen.

Totally mislead about project and time. Lost pieces of order, staff disappeared, no one helped. Once they had your funds, they couldn’t care less and no one gave a clear idea about the MONTHS it would take to finish. Spend the extra money and have a professional do it, as they are not.

The same thing happened to my LG refrigerator. The store worked with me on the refrigerator. I was not informed that the countertop was going to be seamed together. It looks awful. I’ve called the corporate office several times over the past 5 years. The countertop had a chunk miss out of it that I noticed and a company came out to repair it. That was not first quality as far as I’m concerned. Never having done a remodel I was unaware of what could and would happen. I assumed that Home Depot sold first quality products but as I’ve mentioned, I’m not sure now! My last communication with corporate at Home Depot was very unsatisfactory. They said too much time has lapsed. I’ve been trying to get a resolution for over 3 years with no resolve.

Elaine of East Wenatchee, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Kathleen of Saint Petersburg, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Although they confirmed a 10 am Monday arrival they were a no show so I called them and was told when they were loading up their truck they found they were missing some materials, “So we’re not coming.” I was like, “Really? You confirmed on Friday, I spent the whole weekend getting ready, now I have an empty kitchen and you’re not coming and didn’t bother to call?” And they blamed their contractor.

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