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Home Decorating At Spotlight Your One Stop Decoration

Home Decorating At Spotlight Your One Stop Decoration Home Decorating At Spotlight Your One Stop Decoration

Make perfectly rolled icing, in elegant pastel colours or bright shades, with intricate cut-outs, glitter, sparkles or piping.

Have you ever wondered how people make the most beautiful and professional looking cakes? Now you can do the same at home, with the wonderful range of decorating items available here at Spotlight.

To help you find the perfect statement piece for your intended room, we will take the example of the living room. For the living room, you could use a large centrepiece for the coffee table. Of course, you could also choose a fancy lamp cover or large piece of wall art to draw attention. A statement piece should draw the attention of guests immediately, so choose wisely where you place your statement piece!

Our last suggestion is not an item, but a tip for your home decorating needs! Even though it may be tempting to buy loads of decorations for your home, it is easy to overdo things. Adding too many home decorations can make your home appear cluttered, so it is advised to choose your items carefully.

Paper decorations offer a classic vintage look although lighted letters offer some serious glamour, the lucky birthday boy or girl will finally have their names in lights! If you are decorating your home for a birthday, then do not forget the birthday banner! There are tons of choices, including those which include all the milestone ages alternatively, check out our gorgeous bunting for a dash of country charm. Planning your big day? Then at Spotlight, we have lots of decorations that will offer an elegant touch to your beautiful wedding, Table favours will help to ensure that guests know where they are sitting whereas, a Mr and Mrs banner would be a great way to welcome the new couple home.

Well, that is a matter of personal preference really and who and what the party is for! There are a few things to consider when choosing your party decorations, and there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you in your quest. First of all, consider who the party is for and match the style and decorations to their fabulous personalities. Add colour and vibrancy with awesome ceiling decorations, spirals and much more. If you are planning a themed event for your child’s birthday party, then we have so many categories and characters that you could choose from. With banners, decorating kits, ceiling decorations decorated with the characters from Frozen, Paw Patrol, Spider-Man and many, many more.

Essential Tools: A smoother will ensure a professional finish or choose an angled or straight spatula to neaten up your prebaked treats. With icing combs, smoothers, triangles and trimmers, there are so many tools, gadgets and gizmos that are guaranteed to take you’re baking to the next level.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot buy several home decorations for your home’s interior. The trick is to buy the right items. For example, you could choose a combination of wall art, decorative cushions, a throw, rug, and a centrepiece for your living room. All these items will tie the design of the room together, but will not cause your room to appear too cluttered.

What Is the Third Essential Home Decorating Item I Need in My Home?

Do you have a query about our home decorations? Do not hesitate to contact Spotlight to find an answer to your question. We will be happy to assist you.

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about all the tools, accessories and goods that you could need to create baked works of art. Everything that you could possibly desire to add those creative decorative elements to your sweet treats or baked savoury delights. Plus, it is all available here at Spotlight’s guaranteed low prices. Shop online or instore today to create delectable treats that are decorated to perfection.

Utensils, precision tools and clever gadgets will help you to beautifully decorate and present birthday, wedding and celebration cakes, while kids will have hours of fun decorating cookies, cupcakes and more with the ready-made decorations available.

At Spotlight, customers can find countless storage solutions you can use to keep your home organised. By keeping your home organised, you can draw attention on the right things, instead of clutter!

Fondant, Icing, and Colour: Make a statement with your cake decorations with our choice of fondant icing tools, colourants and with decorating gel, pens and more, there is so much included in this collection that the only limit truly is your imagination.

The next essential home decorating item you will need in the home is undoubtedly some wall art. Ideally, you want to have wall art in every room of your house; this includes your bathroom. Of course, the type of wall art you use in various rooms depends on the room itself. Fortunately, you can find countless viable options at Spotlight.

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One of the essentials we always recommend is a beautiful centrepiece for your entryway of hallway. When it comes to home decoration, many Australians forget about the entryway and hallway, since it is only considered as a pass-through to the actual home. However, designing your entryway and hallway can certainly make your home feel more inviting. Therefore, be sure to add a centrepiece such as a piece of a wall art, a mirror, or a fashionable mounted coat rack.

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we love to party, and this range of Room and Table Accessories includes just about everything that you could need to throw a fabulous party. These finishing touches will help to make any celebration a success. Plus, with such great value deals and Spotlight’s guaranteed low prices, you will not need to spend a fortune to make your party look a million dollars. Whether you are shopping for a child’s party, a birthday, a wedding, baby shower or anything else, make Spotlight your one stop shop for all your party supplies

Put the Finishing Touch to Your Home with the Home Decorating Ideas from Spotlight!

First things first, always remember to put your piping tip in the bag before you fill it. It might seem obvious, but this is one of the most common mistakes made. You can make your own frosting, with so many recipes online, or you can purchase readymade amongst our selection of decorating goodies at Spotlight. Pick your piping tip with your final design in mind, with individual tips and sets available. Each of the different types of piping tips that we have also come in various sizes and you should scale accordingly with your final creation.

The method you use to decorate your cake will depend on what ingredients you have chosen to use, and what you have decided to make. If you are making a complicated design, the most important thing to do is to plan what you intend to be doing before you begin. A little doodle and a list of things to do will give you a starting point and help to ensure that all your ideas work together, when icing your cake, Place your cake on a turntable and then use a scraper at a 45-degree angle or a smooth, professional finish on the sides. Always make sure that your cake is fully cooled before you started adding frosting and other decorations. Store cakes at room temperature, unless they are filled with whipped cream, fruit filling or buttercream. They are best eaten on the day but will store overnight in an airtight container or the refrigerator, depending on the item. Be creative and have fun with your design, decorating cakes should be fun and with these handy tips, your baked delight is bound to be a success!

What Is the Second Essential Home Decorating Item I Need in My Home?

What Is the Fourth Essential Home Decorating Item I Need in My Home?

Spotlight is the one stop shop for all your cake decorating supplies, and we have just about everything that you could possibly need to add that extra dash of magic and to create your own professional quality showstoppers at home. If you are not quite sure which of our tools is up to the job, check out our handy guide below for just about everything that is included in this selection.

Can I purchase room and table party decorations from Spotlight?

Can I buy cake decorating accessories and tools from Spotlight?

Style is a necessity when putting the finishing touches to your home. Add that missing piece with Spotlights Home Decorating category.From Clocks to Vases, Furniture Coves to Artificial Flowers & Plants, Spotlight has all your home decor needs covered.

Add a touch of colour and style to your party space or table with these excellent-value decorating items from Spotlight.

What Is the First Essential Home Decorating Item I Need in My Home?

Make decorating your party fun and easy! You will be able to add colour and vibrancy to your party décor with our fabulous selection here at Spotlight. Strewn confetti across the tables will add a little sparkle to your party decorations, with cute hearts, dots,  birthday wishes and so much more available. Decorate with a classic banner, confetti, bunting, petals and so much more! One of the signs that we have in this range could be perfect for leaving party guests little messages or just welcoming them to your event.

Spotlight has an incredible amount of home decorations, but also storage solutions. Therefore, customers can find the suggested home decorations and storage solutions at Spotlight. We also offer these items at the sharpest price in Australia because of our lowest price guarantee, so shopping for your home decoration items at Spotlight comes with multiple benefits.

Our next recommendation is not just a home decoration, because it is more of a functional item, more specifically storage solutions. The reasoning behind this is simple, because you can only have a beautifully designed home when you have a place for everything.

Do you want to add something special to your home that finishes your interior design? Or is your home missing something unique, but cannot put your finger on it? Get the most out of your home and put the finishing touches in place with the following home decorating ideas from Spotlight! Read on to find out what you cannot pass on!

Choose your decorations to match an occasion, age, theme or colour scheme and buy individual items or choose some of our convenient party packs.

No matter which room you want to decorate with some beautiful accents, we always recommend a statement piece. Of course, statement pieces are more effective in certain rooms than others. For example, a living room and dining room with a statement piece will have more effect than a hallway or entryway with a statement piece.

Piping: Our selection of decorating goodies at Spotlight includes just about everything that you could possibly need to ice your cakes, including piping tips and bags. Check out the piping tip sets that we have available so that you have a range of different piping styles to choose from.

Do you have any cake decorating tips and tricks for beginners?

Sparklers and Candles: For a cake that will really make a great impression, sparklers are guaranteed to add a touch of something special. Plus a birthday cake is not quite complete without being topped with candles, and we have a wide selection of cake candles in lots of different colours. Check out our selection of number candles, a great way to mark a milestone year.

Choose from items such as streamers, bunting, centre pieces, table covers, hanging decorations and garlands, banners, and a variety of table confetti and other decorations to decorate a table or a whole room for kids parties, baby showers, birthdays, weddings and all types of events.

Ask guests to turn off their phones, signal the way to the restroom, or anything else you want to share. Herald, the arrival of a new addition, decorate a baby shower, or just wish the return of your favourite wanderer ‘welcome home’ with our selection of banners featuring a range of different phrases and wishes. Whether you are planning a birthday party, Luau themed event, or any other party that requires some fab decorations, then Spotlight is sure to have the decor that you need to make sure that it is a party to remember.

What Is the Fifth Essential Home Decorating Item I Will Need in My Home?

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