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Home Decor Tips And Trends Decor World My Picture Co Uk

Home Decor Tips And Trends Decor World My Picture Co Uk Home Decor Tips And Trends Decor World My Picture Co Uk

For the modern interior, the slogan “Anything goes” applies. A mix of different furniture styles, colors and patterns can give a unique, fresh look to your space. Many people, however, hesitate to mix several styles in interior design out of concern that the meticulously planned space could eventually resemble a disorganized mess. With our proven rules and simple tips you will manage to easily create welcoming and stylish rooms in your home.

Summer is finally here! Rich colours, warm sunshine and an airy breeze give us a feeling that is incomparable. Do you want to capture this feeling in your flat? No problem! With these tips you can bring that holiday feeling straight into your home and feel like you are in paradise!

Cut the stems immediately when you get home so your flowers will last longer.

Where does the first impression of an apartment arise? Mostly from the hallway. Moreover, what do your guests see there? Hopefully no junk room! If you want to improve the first impression of your apartment, then here we have some helpful tips for you. This way you can transform your hallway into a stylish picture gallery…

Are vases too boring? With bottles and cups you can join the trend.

Does your wall seem plain and boring, but you have no idea what to do with it, and don’t want to spend a lot of money? We present six creative ideas that will bring more freshness into your home, and put more life on your walls!

Outstanding or embarrassing? Your own place reveals a lot about your personality, your hobbies and your life– way more than you think! We know, that “there’s no accounting for taste” – but there are still some ways to avoid droping a clanger when it comes to decoration. Here we have our top 10.

With its restrained colour scheme and clean surfaces, the minimalist style of living has been and remains in vogue. Nevertheless, do you long for a short break from the world of reduction, and a trip to more cosiness? You’re not alone! Many people feel the need to put more warmth and cosiness into their homes. Therefore, one of the hottest decorative trends predicted for 2017 is the material of terracotta.

Minimalism has been growing in popularity as a living choice in recent years. Particularly in urban centres, living space is becoming increasingly scarce, so reduced furnishings are called for. Minimalism can help you not just to create more space in your home, but also to bring clarity and calm into your life!

You’d like to decorate your apartment in a warm and personal style? Then you should definitely use textiles. By using different materials you bring color and life into your home and create a cozy atmosphere. We show you how to give your apartment a trendy and individual look with photo textiles…

Rents are getting more expensive and rooms, smaller. Nowadays many people have to get by with less space than before, making all the more important to get the best use out of the space you have at hand. With the right pictures on canvas you can make your rooms appear bigger. Here are a few tips for you to make your small apartment feel more spacious.

New year, new happiness: the same is true for the decoration of your home. 2017 will bring many exciting trends in home decoration, some of which are already proving themselves to be important. Allow us to introduce six of the most interesting upcoming decorative trends in 2017. They will be an inspiration to you!

Do you know this? When entering a room, you have not even looked around you correctly, because your gaze already wanders inevitably to a very specific image. This usually is not an accident but a cleverly staged design. In this article you will learn how to use this phenomenon for your own photos.

Whether they are in a bouquet or in a greenhouse, flowers are a beautiful type of decoration that allows you to bring a meadow in the summer or a jungle directly into your own home. Whether your favourite type of flowers are hydrangeas, roses, lilies or orchids, our ideas enable you to create your own paradise of flowers!

For enthusiastic photographers, there is hardly a more beautiful wall decoration than their own full-size photos. The only question is how it’s presented. Even for experts, there is a bewildering variety of photo papers and finish options – but which are the best for your photos?

Have you recently married or have your wedding coming up? Do you want amazing pictures in your wedding dress that capture the best day of your life? Romantic and idyllic are all very well and good, but do you want your pictures to be something special? Then try Trash the Dress, the newest trend in wedding photography!

Brass is currently very trendy – the material and colour are very modern and elegant at the same time. If you think tone on tone is boring and prefer something more upbeat, that’s no trouble: picture frames are ideal for skilfully staged contrasts and accents….

Do you feel confined by the lack of free space in your home? Is everything in the way? Do you long for freedom within your own four walls? Free up space and declutter! We offer you six tips for a tidy, comfortable home!

Is the sight of your walls more depressing than inspiring? Bare walls and stark colours as far as the eye can see? Luckily, this is a quick and easy fix! There are many beautiful ways in which you can create your own perfect unique wall with clocks, mirrors and pictures!

A bouquet instantly brings more life and pleasure into your apartment. You can arrange a large bouquet in a prominent place or, if you prefer a casual way, several small bouquets in various corners. A little tip: cut the stem immediately when you arrive at home after buying the flowers and put them in water. However, you will need to wait thirty minutes before you can start with the arrangement. You can also cut a cross into the stem of flowers that are particularly thirsty, which lets the beautiful flowers absorb even more water.

The best holiday souvenirs are always the photos that you have taken yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you take photographs just for your own pleasure, or for your travel blog: you will be looking for unique holiday photographs instead mass produced images. There are already far too many of those on all the usual internet portals. Let us show you how to make distinctive holiday photos that will remind you of your travels for many months and years to come.

What if Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary is just around the corner and you still haven’t found a suitable present for your loved one? A Photo Calendar is a perfect way to create an ideal gift that costs very little, but offers a wonderfully creative and personal option. Or perhaps you would just like to have a new photo on your wall for each passing month? We would like to suggest seven great tips on how to create your very own, individual Photo Calendar.

How come that some images, buildings or spaces in their charisma have harmonious effect on us? What confers a nautilus shell or the leaf of a tree this perfection? And what, you’re going to ask you now, all this has to do with interior design? All that you will learn in this article!

Spring is here and you’re planning your major spring clean. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to add a fresh coat of paint to your living room to welcome spring? Get inspired by the exciting colour trends of 2016 and find the best colours for your home!

Have you recently decided that photography is the perfect hobby for you, but then have you also noticed while you were arranging your photos, that many of them have not turned out well? The reason for this could be that you are making some typical beginners’ mistakes. There is no reason to worry about this, though, because these mistakes can easily be avoided. Here we will show you what you need to know, if you want to make some really amazing photos.

Do you normally take time to think about how you are hanging your pictures? This is often a missed opportunity for many people to artfully organise their wall to make it more interesting. Deliberately arranging your photos turns them into a single unit and also grabs people’s attention. But beware of creating chaos; otherwise you achieve the opposite effect! We are going to present seven popular ways to hang photos which will bring your images into the spotlight.

Do you often take your work home with you? Or are you self-employed, or planning on becoming your own boss soon? Then you need a comfortable and efficient home office that will motivate you and help you work your best. We will show you the steps to take and give you some tips and tricks on how to create a home office where you can really work!

Do you love holidaying by the sea so much that you long for the atmosphere of the Mediterranean when you’re at home in the summer? Would you prefer to feel like you’re on the Costas all year long? It’s easier than you think! We’ll show you the colours, materials and items to use to decorate your home and create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The word terracotta refers to unglazed ceramic products. The colour terracotta is a natural, warm, earthy tone with a relatively high proportion of red. Whether as a wall covering, flooring, or in the form of accessories such as flower pots, jugs and bowls, matte terracotta conveys warmth and a Mediterranean lifestyle. If you don’t want new to re-tile your floor, and a wallcovering is too expensive, then you can paint one wall in a terracotta colour, and pick out one decorative element made from terracotta.

The scent of cookies and mulled wine wafting through the air, pre-Christmas music softly playing while you wrap those first Christmas presents, already looking forward to Christmas Eve. To make the countdown to Christmas even more enjoyable, you should arrange some beautiful Christmas decoration in your apartment.

Designing a photo book, how hard can it be? But once you start, the first questions come to you: How do I start? Which structure is suited best? And which layout should I use? Our tips will help you to create the perfect design for a photo book. And best of all, it’s totally easy!

As far as arrangements go, you can choose the classical vase. You have a wide choice of colours, shapes and materials and will most definitely find one to your liking. However, if you find vases boring, there are many other options. For example, an old beer stein works as well as an enamelled milk churn from a flea market. Bottles have been popular for a while now. Simply remove the labels from the wine and water bottles from your latest party and use them as a vase for single long-stemmed flowers. Bowls are also great for flower arrangements. Get some dianthus flowers in different colours, fill the bowls with water and put the flower heads into the filled bowls. You have just created your own little pond.

Already looking forward to your next holiday? Don’t forget to pack your camera and capture your beautiful moments. But you can’t just rush off and start taking the best photos of the year – nothing is worse than a photograph of a stunning subject that has been badly photographed! We’d like to give you ten great tips for successful holiday photos.

In winter, it’s often wet, cold and grey. The wind whistles around your ears and after work, you just want to get home quickly, to somewhere where it’s warm and you can get comfortable. It’s precisely in this cold time of the year that you need a cosy retreat, where you can leave everything else behind you. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

Bowls, cups, pots: terracotta is particularly in trend on the dining table.

When it comes to buying wall decoration, there’s basically only one rule of thumb – YOU have to like it! But we have some tips to help you choose wall décor that will come together to create a harmonious and cosy look at home. Have a look at our basic rules and decide for yourself which fit both your taste and home best.

Photobooks are a wonderful way of giving a personalised gift to someone close to you. Holidays are not the only theme that can offer inspiration and great images – just think about the person you would like to offer a gift to, and the theme for your very own photobook will come immediately to mind. We would like to suggest some helpful tips and ideas for a personalised photobook that will make someone close to you very happy.

Dynamic or static, no matter what you’re photographing or how, it’s you that decides where the viewer’s eye is drawn. To create an appealing image and draw their gaze to the essential details, there are a few basic rules of (image) composition that you should definitely know and apply. Of course, you’re free to experiment and deliberately break some of the rules, too.

Photography continues to evolve, and there are new trends in 2016 being used by artists and creatives to take even better pictures. We will introduce you to six exciting photo trends that will inspire every aspiring photographer to capture new images.

The long white wall in your hall looks empty and sterile like a hospital hallway? Your living room in an old building is huge and has high ceilings? Whenever there are big areas and nothing to guide your eye, you can use your own photos to set accents and create structure. Here, we show you the opportunities you have with hanging pictures in a row, gallery-style.

The current trends are combining traditional style and modern interior. Tomorrow’s decoration is focused on simplicity and a subtle range of colours in combination with eye-catching pieces. The characteristic feature still continues to be the functionality of the furniture. Read more to find out what kinds of trends are coming, staying and going for 2016.

Are you still waiting for that holiday, is it already over or did it just not happen? You can still enjoy the summer! Create your own private oasis in just a few pleasant hours. You can get a real holiday feeling at home with the right decorations. We will show you how to turn your balcony into a true summer holiday paradise in just five steps.

Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, your Anniversary with your partner or Mothers’ Day – you don’t have to go into a local shop and buy a gift, why not give your loved one something very special to express just how much you value and appreciate them. Photos make a perfect gift! We would like to suggest 7 ways to use your photos to bring pleasure to your loved ones.

Colour experts agree: while white walls and restrained colour concepts have dominated our walls over the last few years, 2017 is the year to add more colour in our lives and homes. We’ll tell you all about this year’s trendiest colours in this article.

An expressive portrait, a detailed landscape photograph, or an especially successful snapshot from your most recent holiday are all worthy of a place on your wall. If your favourite photo is to become an eye-catching feature, then it needs a proper backing material and sometimes a frame as well. We’ll show you some fantastic ways to bring your photos into the limelight.

Your own masterpiece in a large panoramic format above the sofa – a great wall decoration! There are even more exciting and exclusive ways to design your photo prints with the suggestions in this post. And the best part is, our suggestions offer many ideas; we even lend a hand and thus save you a few euros.

Love hanging out on the balcony on sunny days? Is your next holiday destination… the balcony? With spring around the corner, it’s prime time to start sprucing up the balcony for sunbathing weather! Just remember that the type of furniture, plants and decoration best suited for your balcony depends on its positioning. Whether you have a north-, east-, south- or west-facing balcony, we have some pointers for you.

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