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Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas

16. ‘Seeing some of the highest footfall in the entire house, the entrance to a home will always suffer from wear and tear. Make sure you opt for a smart choice of flooring and something that’s hardwearing. A porcelain tile will help to minimise any deterioration while still allowing homeowners to maintain something stylish and design-led, thanks to the choice in prints and patterns that they come in. Porcelain or ceramic tiles offer practical solutions and are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any design scheme. Wood-effect porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative to real wood, visually identical but unaffected by everyday use and much easier to maintain.’ – Sian O’Neill

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We’re all familiar with the saying ‘first impressions count’, but why is it that when it comes to our homes, the hallway is the most neglected area of the house?

4. ‘A horizontal band of colour at ground level which includes painting the same colour on the skirting board will look great and help to reduce the appearance of scuffs and wear.’ – Marianne Shillingford

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If you’re looking for ideas to transform a workaday hallway into a space with personality, take a few minutes to…

You’re not sure what flooring is best for such a high traffic area

Knocking down the cupboard walls to create an open-plan storage and seating area makes a feature out of this space, but it does require discipline to keep it tidy – piles of clutter won’t look good. Another option is converting this area into a loo. If you don’t have one on your ground floor, then this is especially convenient when you have guests.

‘Imagine entering a bordeaux red high gloss hallway? You are certainly going to remember that. Mostly what you will remember is how it made you feel walking through it. You will remember your experience more than the actual colours in many cases.’– Gillian C. Rose

5. ‘Hallways normally lack natural light and therefore light reflective colours work a treat to make the space feel bigger and more welcoming. White or light grey are great options, or light patterned wallpaper.’ – Danielle Parisi, wallpaper designer, The Room Alive

Bearing this in mind, we’ve taken the stress out of decorating your hallway by speaking to interior designers and colour experts on exactly how to make the most of this space – whether you’re battling with a dark entryway, or your hallway is turning into a cluttered dumping ground, these expert tips and tricks will solve your hallway decorating dilemmas.

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3. ‘Hallways, by nature, are typically dark. Brown, green, grey, telephone box red, and any of the primary colours in full hue, are all ones I would avoid. These are dark and very strong colours. Primary colours in small spaces give off to much vibration and stimulation for us to absorb, causing unwanted headaches, loss of attention span and in some cases, even feelings of nausea. When deciding on a palette, if you are seeking drama, consider the level of sheen as well as the colour. You may also want to consider what colours the other adjacent rooms your hallways are coming of off as well as leading towards.’ – Gillian C. Rose

Hallway ideas From clever storage solutions to stylish lighting options, we have all the information and ideas you need to give your hallway the wow factor. Much more than just a corridor that leads to other places, a hall is an important part of your home and it’s definitely worthy of your decorating attention.

A beautifully decorated hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house and introduces your own interior style for…

From storage and lighting to furniture and wallpaper, follow our essential guide to decorating your hallway

14. ‘There are various lighting tricks in order to make the space appear more exciting and feel far more spacious. Layering of light is key when it comes to creating the impression of space in your hallway. LED step lights can help by creating drama. A useful trick is to use 1W LED uplights to light a feature at the end of the hallway. This will draw ones eye down the hallway, creating the impression of space. Combine this with directional recessed downlights, to wash light down the walls, illuminating every inch of your hallway.’ – Sally Storey, creative director of John Cullen Lighting

From awkward nooks to secret niches, make the most of your under-stairs space with these five ideas

Hallways are the most well trodden path in any home, so regardless of whether you have a small hallway or a large…

2. ‘Focus on the fun in the function of a hallway and use colour and painted details to draw the eye through the space and towards the places you want people to go. Paint a subtle harlequin design on a wooden floor and let the diamonds guide you towards the most interesting bits of your home. Strong blocks of colour used on doors will add personality without overwhelming a space plus you can make the choice of colours personal to the people who live behind them.’ – Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux

10. ‘If the entrance to your home is quite compact, in terms of flooring, avoid using intricate patterns and look at large format tiles in a highly polished, light neutral shade. This will create the illusion of a larger space and make the most of the natural light available. In larger, more open-plan spaces, you have the freedom to experiment with both pattern and print. Play around with designs that draw the eye from the door and into the heart of the home. A beautiful parquet herringbone pattern is perfect for fooling the eye into seeing never-ending depth, while still keeping a traditional, warm and homely feel to the overall look.’ – Sian O’Neill, head of marketing at Topps Tiles

Constantly clambering over clutter? Sort it out for good with these handy tips for a smart and practical hallway. Even…

Maximise your small hallway with these simple decorating tricks

Your entrance deserves to be a beautiful space in its own right

Bold wallpapers or paint colours can look stunning in a hallway, but choose carefully and bear in mind that dark colours will often make a space feel smaller than it really is. A busy pattern can also dominate the room if you don’t have enough perspective to appreciate it from a distance – for this reason, a wallpaper will often look great on a wall with a staircase, rather than down a long, straight corridor.

Choose your hallway flooring Flooring is a great way to make an impression and tiling is ideal for creating an individual look. Black and white chequerboard styles are super eye-catching, as are colourful, patterned patchworks or sleek marbles (or marble-effect). Tiles can be quite cold, though, so if you prefer a more cosy floor, carpets will suit you. Cream carpets are hugely popular and will brighten a space, but in a high-traffic area like the hall, they will quickly become stained, so it’s a good idea to include runners or rugs in colours or patterns that will hide mucky footprints.

6. ‘Often hallway space is limited, leaving little room for lots of accessories or other decorative items. Adding wallpaper is an ideal way to add a design feature and personality to the area without taking up valuable space or over cluttering. Stripes are a classic choice for homes and can be used to create the illusion of space in a hallway. Horizontal stripes will lead the eye upwards and vertical stripes will elongate the area. Choosing light and neutral colours or the ever-popular shades of grey will also add to the feeling of air and space.’ – Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper

11. ‘It is important to consider the size and length of your hallway when selecting a colour palette. If the ceiling is low, you can make it appear taller by selecting colours that will create an optical illusion. In this case, avoid making the ceiling the same colour as the walls.’ – Gillian C. Rose

7. ‘Make a feature of period wood panelling by adding patterned wallpaper inside the panels. This is a great option for maintaining and updating period features or if you’re worried that wallpapering the entire wall could feel overbearing. Alternatively, add wallpaper to an alcove or underneath the stairs to draw attention to the space.’ – Alex Whitecroft

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The hallway may be a functional place for removing coats and shoes and greeting visitors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look exceptional. You can achieve a lot with striking wallpaper, a stylish mirror or standout lighting.

Wooden floorboards or wood-effect laminates are also very popular in hallways, and it’s easy to see why, as they look great and are simple to clean. A good coat of varnish will prevent damage to floors, but if you want to add extra protection, use rugs or runners, which are also great for reducing the noise that hard surfaces can create. If you have wooden floorboards that are left uncovered, it’s a good idea to remove high heels before walking on them, as they can mark and dent the wood.

Wallpaper is making a big comeback and, with so many different designs and colours available, it’s a fabulous choice for creating…

Herringbone Indigo Cotton Rug (as Stair Runner), from £40, Dash & Albert Europe at

Clutter is a no-no in a hallway, so storage is really important. The key is having a place for everything so you don’t end up with piles of shoes or gym kit thrown about everywhere. Hang hooks to keep coats conveniently out of the way or place a traditional coat stand in the corner. Think about where to keep shoes – a bench that has shelves or storage compartments below it is ideal. A console table provides a handy surface for post and many have drawers for storing bits and bobs, too. If there’s space to include other furniture, a sumptuous seat of some kind will create a decadent look and make people want to linger in the hallway.

18. ‘Blinds can be used to add a pop of colour and visual interest in the hallway where there is less wall space for other decorative elements. Introduce a window blind with an on-trend botanical design to bring the scheme right up to date. You can introduce texture to a neutral hallway with digitally printed window blinds. The result is a simply stunning showpiece for windows.’ – Mike Stephen of Apollo Blinds

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Sirius Feather Pattern Metallic Textured Wallpaper in Gunmetal, price £15.99,

8. ‘Clever painting techniques can help make a narrow corridor or hallway seem bigger. Use a lighter colour at the top of the wall, and halfway down – where a traditional dado rail might have gone – change to another colour. But always with small rooms, use light coloured paints and furniture, to help give an illusion of more space.’ – Cato Cooper, co-owner of The Emporium Somerset

A whole pile of storage is available under the stairs. This is often where the vacuum cleaner, ironing board and all kinds of household products are dumped, but if you can possibly avoid this, you could turn it into a place for keeping coats and shoes, with shelving to accommodate each member of the household’s kit.

Do you have a small hallway? The hallway is often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes, a…

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15. ‘If you’ve got a corridor, hallway or narrow space you want to make better use of then it is worth spending an hour or so getting it organised, and suddenly that poorly utilised space will become a dream area. By running lengths of peg rails along the walls you can create clever storage solutions and can hang not just coats and hats but bags and gardening equipment such as watering cans, brushes and trowels. Add a run of overhead shelving above or around head height to store boxes and baskets and keep shoes and bits and bobs off the floor. Keep the clutter under control as all too often a corridor or hallway can become a dumping ground. Make sure there’s a home for everything and everything has a home.’ – Cato Cooper

9. ‘Zoning the areas works a treat to make hallways look bigger. Having a seating area, an organising corner and a welcome home area filled with things that you love, be it one of your favourite pictures, your favourite candle, perhaps some plants – whatever it is that makes you instantly feel at home.’ – Danielle Parisi

Hallway wallpaper ideas that will add interest to your space

In most properties, hallways aren’t very wide and, as a result, they can often feel quite dark. If you live in a house, your front door has a role to play here, as glass panels in the door or at the side will allow light to pass through from outside. On a more basic level, try to keep the doors that lead off from the entrance hall open, as this helps to create the feeling of a larger space and enables more light to flood in.

Painting floorboards white is wonderful for keeping your hallway light. Scuff marks are inevitable, so embrace the worn-in, shabby-chic finish if you choose this as your flooring. White painted stairs and landings look great. You can mix and match your flooring, but if you have wood everywhere, the stairs may benefit from being left bare too. If you prefer to cover them, use a runner, rather than carpeting from end to end, so that the contrast between wood and carpet doesn’t look so pronounced.

17. ‘Normally a hallway tile is an extension of any tiling on the ground floor. For instance, a tile used in a kitchen/dining area is followed through into the hallway to give a consistent feel to the flooring and will make the area feel larger. This can be a variety of aesthetics to suit the property. Alternatively, the hallway can be made a feature, such as encaustic or a traditional Victorian chequerboard. Wood is often used in living areas and by using wood effect porcelain tiles throughout areas including hallways, you can achieve the warmth and depth of wood with the practicality of porcelain.’ – James Arkell, founder of tile specialists Techtile

12. ‘Think about how you wish to feel in your home. This will inform you of the colour and the direction you will go towards. For example, for a warm glow, the skirting could be a clotted cream colour high (gloss finish); the walls could be in a soft butter yellow (flat finish), and the ceiling could be in a hint of peaches and cream (flat finish). For a fresh, cool bask, the skirting could be a crisp light grey (high gloss finish); the walls in a pale minty colour (flat finish), and the ceiling the palest of azure (flat finish).’ – Gillian C. Rose

‘Hallways are the most important transitional spaces within our homes so whatever we choose to do decoration-wise has to work perfectly with the other rooms that lead off it,’ says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. ‘This decorating dilemma often results in us being super cautious with colour and using neutral pale shades which can flatten the atmosphere creating a space that is simply a functional corridor that no-one really lingers in or remembers.

Embrace the phrase ‘small is beautiful’ with these welcoming ways with tiny hallways

Amtico Decor – Corona Mono. Prices from around £165 per sq m, Amtico –

‘You need to break down the visual boxiness of the space and add focal points of interest that make it a more dynamic part of your home to be in.’

Mirrors are well known for their light-reflecting properties and are used in almost any well-planned hallway scheme. There are so many shapes and styles to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional French design or a more modern sunburst version.

Transform your hall into a welcoming and fit-for-purpose entrance, with our clever hallway storage ideas. The hallway is the first…

13. ‘Lighting plays just as important role as colour does when creating a mood. After all there is no colour without light. If your hallways are simply designated points from A to B, then you want to make sure that your walkway is clearly lit. If you are interested in creating a specific mood, than you may want lights that will wash over your wall colours. Alternatively, you could illuminate your ceilings with uplights that bounce light off of the ceiling and then reflect down into the entire hallway.’ – Gillian C. Rose

In dark rooms, you can’t go wrong with neutral colour schemes, as they are great for brightening a space. Walls offer plenty of scope to add interest, whether it’s with colourful artworks, clusters of photographs or an ornate piece of furniture. Use the hallway to reflect aspects of your personality – in many ways, it’s a great place to experiment, as you don’t spend an enormous amount of time here.

For a rustic, country look, natural greenery is a wonderful way to bring the outside inside and introduce seasonal scents,…

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If you have a high ceiling in your hallway, a big glass chandelier will look amazing, especially if the light is reflected in a mirror. A staircase is a good place to hang a chandelier for maximum impact. Otherwise opt for a stylish ceiling pendant and include some lower-level lighting, such as a floor-standing lamp or table lamp.

Ancona Galvanised Antique Copper, 3 column vertical, 1800 high, 10 sections with welded feet, £2820 inc VAT, The Radiator Company –

1. ‘If you are craving more colour in your home, then hallways and stairwells are the perfect spots to do so. Hallways are typically smaller spaces, so we can afford to add more colour as we are merely passing through to our main living spaces. Are you looking for a more subtle and welcoming hallway in which to enter? You may want to consider the colours of the sun or candlelight. Who wouldn’t welcome being surrounded by the warmth of a golden glow? It conjures up the feeling of home and contentment. Whether or not you are near a garden, you may want to consider bringing one in by using soft lettuce leaf shades. I would recommend a dull flat finish as this creates gentler shadows and softer reflections. However, if you wish to create a more dramatic environment, then by all means select colours that conjure up strong immediate emotional responses – deep aubergines and plums will do just that.’ – Gillian C. Rose, colour scientist, interior designer and founder of The Science of Colour

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