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Kitchen, You will certainly discover a considerable estimate of space-sparing furniture which usually is particularly stooped knowing how these modern apartments and even in kitchens as nicely , everything is the identical . The ideas for modern day and parallel kitchen models depend on this concept plus the designers are considering of inventive ideas of which spares space as effectively as empower you in order to fit into however many issues in as negligible area as will be prudent. Apart from this, another adjustable that you may get over while browsing typically the sites of kitchen Insides design ideas, is some sort of shrewd utilization of coloring for kitchens.

Furniture, Do you ever think overwhelmed when you stroll into a furniture shop or are searching a good online furniture store site ?. But maybe choosing home furniture isn`t really as very difficult even as we think it is definitely . There are 3 simple steps to take to realize beforehand what to anticipate . That approach when you`re surfing the particular web or visiting any local furniture store, you recognize what you want plus won`t find yourself walking all-around for hours trying to be able to decide. The steps will be as follows: one Pick a style, 2. Select the color(s), 3. Choose the particular shade of wood a person want.

Landscaping suggestions , When searching for uncover landscaping design ideas intended for your front and back garden landscapes., always start along with your family. Make certain it is designed for everyone to relish and not just regarding one individual. Far in order to often we hear grievances from spouses along with other family members members that they needed it done differently. Your current family is the key aspect of the choice process and really should be assumed of first and most important. Since we all recognize what is the ideal aspect of it just about all , let`s arrive at it.

Decorating ideas, If you prefer a beautifully made house of your ambitions , then decorate your residence with something innovative. An individual will find abundance associated with resources to help an individual in decorating your property , may it be for that holidays, a party, or perhaps a business event or perhaps just good interiors intended for your house. Different varieties , styles and look regarding your house can become designed and arranged because per the needs you have.

Apartment, When you are searching for an apartment, you really should consider a few crucial amenities, such as general public transportation, in-unit dryer/washer in addition to so on. What a person need to do is usually check out more as compared to one apartment when an individual begin on one. Given that renting a condo costs a new good deal of cash, be sure to make this choice after doing all your homework.

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28 | Visualizer: Andriy VoskolovichGreen and grey culminate in a central, minimalist futon bed. Exploding in feature wall textures, grey shines in the wardrobe glass. A green-grey shagpile creates softness.

This modern luxury bedroom main feature is the bed, mixing a real lovely grey and silver bedspread complimented by the smart lamp across the way. The backboard is leather proving once more than this room is one classy, sassy bedroom.

This lovely room, brought to life by the red chair and bed, has a couple of great features to it. Firstly, the deep red color brings the rest of the room to life, but secondly, the wooden features that have been upcycled from boxes add extra character to the room and probably make the room what it is.

Modern, fresh but also unique.

Orange is another theme here, where the bed and the bookshelves take centre stage to inject this otherwise grey room with some much-needed jazz. The space in this room is great, while the beautifully light wooden flooring provides another color to break up the dark backdrop.

The main feature in this modern master bedroom is the large mirror that engulfs the whole of behind the bed. Reflecting the rest of the room, making it all look a little bigger, is a great tip for future homeowners.

The rest of the grey scheme is awesome, and adds a quite chilled out vibe to the room. The two lamps either side of the bed add extra light to a stylish room.

This spectacular vintage room with delightful double bed has so much character it’s basically bursting at the seams. The red and grey works really well because neither overpowers the other, while the clock and four light-shades the work their way across the room further add to this powerfully vintage bedroom.

The bed we’re seeing here is old in style, harking back to a more grand, sophisticated time. The color scheme – black and silver – adds a more modern twist on the design. Customisable with the pillows, this would suit a dark and mysterious looking bedroom to boot.

Very much reminds me of a classy hotel room or an expensive suite. Very cool.

There’s not much going on in this room, but this gives it a relaxing vibe and that’s why I like it. The beautiful cream leather bed surrounded by two lamp fittings is as stipped back and tame as you like.

The wooden flooring is another feature that harks across the the rustic trend. There looks like there is plenty of room for additional features if you would so desire.

This room, with the array of colours going on, is perfect for a youngster and a teenager growing in school. With the personal office space and an area for homework coupled with plenty of storage, this room is perfect for the youngster in your life.

Brickwork Beauty 50 Types of Grey Laidback Loft Purple is the New Grey Cozy Little Shack Classroom Chic Wood for Good Rustic Real Estate Purple Bedding and Plant Pots Bike-Shack Bedroom Purple for A Princess Dark & Beautiful

7 | Visualizer: DattrandsA grey feature wall is powerful, not overpowering. A geometric headboard acts the focal point, while grey bedding comforts white drop lighting, patterned wooden floors and two beige chairs.

26 | Visualizer: KGM VietnamThe rectangle patterned headboard extends to the ceiling to neatly partition the bedroom into a sleeping space and a dressing space.

24 | Visualizer: Nika VorotyntsevaGrey lends the kitsch elegance, in this grey and white space. Grey frames a crochet print and bed under, while white gets fresh in bedding and curtains. Pastels and metallics draw the eye.

Steel Grey Greatness Bubble-gum Bedroom Lovely Loft Conversion A Tasty Transformation Breakfast in Bed and a Book Homey Haven

Designer Susan Ferrier of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors decorated this Alabama lake house in a modern traditional style, with the help of drapes in dusk around the bed.

The design for this room has a beautiful, wooden floor and rug combination with the large, comfortable bed in the centre being accompanied by the two windows either side, allowing natural light to reflect from the stylish grey and white color combo. I love the mirror to the left that has a light beaming from the top.

The room we have here is luxurious but is also brought to life with the little spice that is the pink throw over the bed. The framed mirrors and the pictures on the left side of the photo add a lovely personal touch to this bedroom and make it look all the more attainable in the process.

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35 | Visualizer: Marta GordGrey and wood alternate in this industrial space, built for a bachelor. Rough wooden bedframes, window seats and a feature wall are joined by a grey headboard panel, walls, bedding and cylindrical lighting.

LED lights frame the scene.

21 | Visualizer: Omar EssamGrey and orange are a perfect pairing in this modern space, offering warmer tones. Grey evokes calm in a feature wall and bedding, while wood and pumpkin invite autumn siestas.

Grey and White Delight Straight Edge Style Spacious and Superb Basically Basic Modern Master Bedroom Bed of the Future

This is a really fantastic, laid-back style room, with the bed being the main feature, surrounded by the pair of ornaments towards each side that look like tree branches. The feel of this room is very much like that of a hotel room, and this is in no way an insult.

The solid, standard style double bed in the centre of the room looks as though you could sleep in it for days.

20 | Visualizer: Đình Dũng HoàngGrey denotes softness, in contrast to black and white. This multi-monochromatic space offers grey relief in a soft rug, duvet, and glass wall panel, while black, white and wood frame the rest.

A dark and moody looking room, this screams out modern hotel room every day of the week. The slim bed looks beautiful, while the mirror combined with the lighting fixture form the impression of a grand, suite-like room.

The back wall, although a little dark, is still smart, working well with the mix of shades around the room.

This is such a classic Halloween style room, but it’s funky and fantastic and I would just love to sleep in here. The matching wavy lines between the bed-spread and the rug on the floor offer a Twilight Zone feel the room, and the grand old headboard in the background only adds to the haunted house feel to this whole room.

As do the pumpkins…

What I love the most about this room is the rustic look it has and how well it works for the whole room, and still leaves it looking classy and stylish, the placement of the bed, which is moved away from the window is unusual, and adds even more spectacle to this light purple and white rustic room.

This modern bedroom has a chilled out vibe with an African influence coming from the furniture around the outside of the room. The room itself, full of light greys and two hanging lights has a beautiful style.

The wooden flooring is also a real nice feature of the room, supporting a floating bed in the centre.

This room is probably the simplest, most stripped-back room on the list today, and it really does look like a bare room with merely a bed and a mirror. And even that mirror isn’t hanging up. But that’s what makes this room so cool. It’s got the feel of a stripped back and relaxed decor that is becoming popular in conjunction with the popular rustic look. And this fits right into that category.

From silvery shades to cooler blue tones, this hue is a go-to color for designers. And since it also has a calming effect, it’s the ideal hue for a serene sleeping space. Take a look at these gorgeous bedrooms and feel free to copy.

The straight edges that surround each part of this design make for an interesting addition. Making the room look part cartoon – see the outline of each character in FOX show, Archer – the effect injects the bed, furnishings and backwall with something a lot more interesting than a standard bedroom.

The headboard which stretches to the roof is a funky style and further accentuates the black outlines on white furnishings.

23 | Visualizer: KRoomGrey and pink offer the feminine in a couple’s bedroom. Grey stripes the walls and bedding, while pink adds detail, a black rug grounding.

8 | Visualizer: Angelica AndreichenkoYet another one that uses cool geometric patterns on the headboard side to good effect.

This bedroom is a beautiful and uplifting style, with the many traditional-looking features almost giving the room the feel of being on a country prairie, and it’s easy to imagine looking outside and viewing the vast fields of countryside. A cute room that could easily fit as a children’s bedroom, this is an understated yet beautiful bedroom.

With the rest of the room making waves as a beautiful, sleek-looking grey number, the addition of the purpled bed to the room improves the look ten-fold. The lighting fixtures, too, are something smart making this room look super plush for a relatively decent price.

Shout out to the beautiful bed stands each side of the bed.

This master bedroom designed by Elizabeth Kennedy and Ray Booth in Houston, Texas, celebrates softness, from the Rogers & Goffigon fabrics to the muted gray walls. Brass details keeps the palette warm and welcoming.

This room is another one with an awesome walk-in wardrobe that covers across the whole of the wall. Great for the fashion conscious, this room is also decorated in an array of light colours and relaxing shades.

The bed in the middle of the room is a lovely style, marooned like a comfortable little island. With a light built into the headboard, we’re looking at one swanky pad.

Designer Albert Hadley created a chic design in a small 1820s Colonial home in New Jersey by painted the walls a surprising, rustic gray, then pairing it with light, antique furnishings.

Cozy Orange Smart and Sophisticated Uniquely Understated Big Orange Simply Spacious Modern (Royal) Family Regal Lite

Your teenage kid will be quite the trendsetter with this style, with the contemporary metal work throughout the room again giving this a warehouse feel, while still looking a little neater and tidy than steampunk style.

In the master of this Charlotte, North Carolina house, designer Lindsey Coral Harper used Farrow & Ball’s’s Drag paper to create a cool and calming look.

This monochromatic room has so many different shades of grey that it’s hard to have imagined this room looking great away from the picture, but what we’re seeing only goes to prove how well it does indeed go. A lovely looking, comfortable bed is the centrepiece of this great, grey masterpiece. Bonus points the for artwork above the bed and the really great rug at the foot of it.

This smart room merges orange and light colours with a neat, tidy and sensible room to create another great modern masterpiece. With a seat in the far corner looking out onto the street below, this bedroom set is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to commit to anything too out-there and crazy.

14 | Visualizer: C4 GrafxGrey and purple play off one another in a room lit by a silver chandelier. A plum feature wall leads to violet bedding, curtains and an aubergine rug. Grey fills the spaces inbetween, adding character in a chaise longue.

15 | Visualizer: Sherin HanyLighter shades of pastel add decorum in this Florentine-patterned space, perfect for pampering. A violet chair matches a throw, while a grey rug and wallpaper align with a headboard and white drop chandeliers.

4 | Visualizer: KDVA ArchitectsGrey is the ideal minimalist hue. This space highlights its charm under panelled LED lighting and simple block furniture.

There’s very little to say on this room that doesn’t spring out at you as soon as you look. The slightly off-lemon coating on the back wall works incredibly well contrasting against the darker, murkier yellow carpet.

The low bed-frame is stylish and the cover on the duvet is simple yet stylish, this is low-key one of the coolest pictures on this list.

3 | Visualizer: Yaroslav KovalchukMonochromatic is not just black and white. This statement space juxtaposes grey and white in wall panelling, bedside fixtures, distressed wood and seven art forms.

When you talk of stylish, unique rooms, this is certainly one of them. The grey color with a tinge of blue works perfectly, making the room almost look as though it’s under the sea. It’s a really fashionable style of room, and the double-toned features – the bed, the drawer and the sink – all work really well with the backdrop of a light grey wall.

While plenty of the rooms we’ve taken a look at today are plush, fancy and the bedrooms of our dreams, there’s a lot to be said for the modern, standard bedroom. With lots of awesome furniture, this bedroom fits that bill.

Fresh, understated and perfect for a university student or someone studying, this looks like it could be perfect for writing an essay or some last-minute research.

This cozy looking hideaway is a large room with all of the features compacted into a small room, giving the vibe of the area a lovely, cozy feel. With quite an arty feel to it, this is something you can imagine in an apartment in New York or San Francisco.

With a modern take on a retro feel, there’s few people who wouldn’t love to call this room home.

Find yourself your very own palace with this regal, traditional looking blue bedroom. The grand double bed and footrest at the end of the bed only add to the royal feel to this room, and I really don’t think it would look out of place in a royal hall.

Finishing the bed off with the bed curtains, you can get practicality, privacy and plushness a plenty with this delightful piece of furnishing.

The first thing I think of when I look at this room is that it looks like a giant birthday cake decoration. And I mean that as a compliment. Cute, with solid bright colours, this room is like a doll’s house come to life.

It’s hard to imagine your son or daughter not wanting to sleep in this classic bedroom set-up.

This is one of the boldest designs on the list, and mainly because of those two large windows each side of the bed. Not too dissimilar in style to the previous picture, this spacious room keeps features to the bare minimum so that the dark bold outline-style doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Situated on the shores of the beach, this awesome flat would be the envy of almost everybody.

39 | Visualizer: Tomas SciskalaGrey and pastels mix beautifully together, as this sleeping space shows. Light grey walls and a matching headboard are popped by hues of mint, baby pink and blue to add the feminine.

Intersecting sepia portraits and bedside dandelions provide delicacy.

9 | Visualizer: Roman PravnikLending the masculine, grey wows in matte walls, a corrugated hanging light and complementary bedding. A row of white books and distressed abstract even out this grey and beige space.

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This very simple, stripped back loft renovation bedroom couldn’t get much more bare, but this is massively to the advantage of the room. Making the bed and the windows the focal point of the room, you don’t notice that there’s very little furniture present.

A smooth, curved looking bed makes the whole room look a lot more relaxing, adding to the vibe.

What an awesome looking bedroom. It’s also one of the brightest, most fun rooms on the list too. Each pink item adds a real flavour to the room, giving off a bubble-gum vibe to the solid grey backdrop that might otherwise look a little dark.

The bed looks super comfortable and the cool clock in the background adds a little more character again to a really exciting room.

34 | Visualizer: Eke InteriorsGrey and white evoke a relaxed feel, backgrounded by taupe cotton panelling. Letting in light from a floor-length window, grey, brown, white and taupe are sun and lamp-lit. A beige woollen rug keeps them company.

A cool, collected feeling prevails in the Chicago bedroom, with its soft, silvery colors and ebonized floor. To give the alcove a “jewel box feeling,” designer Alessandra Branca did the curtains and walls in Fortuny’s Lucrezia in Pearl Grey and Antique White.

41 | Visualizer: Dmitriy KurilovYou can hear the sea in this oceanic bedroom, heralded by a painting in blue. Grey velvet bedding and quartered carpets mark the space beneath a multitude of black and white hanging lights.

And just look at those beautiful wall sconces!

In a Victorian rowhouse in Washington, D.C., designer Barry Dixon hung a round beaded Coco lantern by Four Hands and painted the walls gray to draw attention to the tall ceiling and illuminate the reading nook, furnished with Zentique chairs and ottoman. 

6 | Visualizer: Fly Design StudioTextures dominate this muted space, made resplendent by a hanging bauble light. Mirrored by a bedside bauble vase, grey strikes in a feature wall and joinery. Differing woods line the rest.

Very Much Vintage Functional and Funky Red All Over the Room Red All Over the Room Part 2 Sleek and Sexy Show Home Style

Designer David Mann chose a shimmery gray, silver and black color scheme for this sexy, contemporary bedroom in New York. For brightness, the owner simply pulls back the floor-length curtains to reveal an expansive balcony.

A queen sized bed, a set of drawers and two plants is clearly all you need in the modern bedroom, as this simplistic room is evidence of. Although there’s not much to this room, you get a real sense of modern beauty from it, with the lined curtains covering a balcony looking out onto a city view.


Like nothing much I’ve seen before, this room takes on a certain sea of tranquillity with the blue back wall features which add a very certain level of relaxation to the room. The cute bedside tables either side of this double bed are unique and have a great style about them, and the bed itself further plays into the relaxing theme with the blue pillows and throw.

22 | Visualizer: Andrew RepnGrey’s cool allows yellow’s sophistication in this bold bedroom. Framing the central feature, grey chairs and an ottoman play with charcoal and white on a wooden floor.

This lovely home room really has the feel of a lived in, cozy family home, with a great big thick bed and a beautiful interior. There’s a lot to be said for a homey, low-key bedroom, and this vibe certainly makes for something a little more comfortable looking than a lot of the high-fashion styles that we’ve looked at here today.

Perfect for a Teen Lofty Plans Baby Blue Dreams A Sea of Tranquillity Teenage Trendsetter Queen Bed, Queen Style A Modern Bedroom

The final picture gives no let up on the posh, regal look we’ve seen a few times here. Although not as grand as the last picture, this is more of a regal-lite approach, while the focus of this room is the hanging light from the roof.

Plush and beautiful, this room is a real royal treat.

Although there’s not much to go off here, you can see for yourself that this room has a sleek and sexy vibe to it. The red really gives off a romantic vibe, while the pictures on the wall and the smooth, curved features make for a beautiful and intriguing look.

Awesome Art Deco Laid-back Living Office in a Bedroom Lush and Light African Influence Hotel-like Home Funky and Fresh Gorgeous Greys Inspired by The Outdoors Perfectly Plain

2 | Visualizer: KYDE architectsThe modern industrial is exemplified in upper concrete walling and simple grey bedding. A wooden floor adds warmth, as a glass walk-in wardrobe mirrors more grey.

Because again, like a few of these pictures before, there’s very little by the way of furnishing in the room, you get the feel of it being somewhat like a show home. But this doesn’t stop it from being beautiful and make all of us jealous.

I love the way the small window shelves are sat behind the bed, allowing for ornaments or lighting the bring that wall to life.

What we’ve got here looks to be part office, part bedroom, with the chair and desk towards to left-hand side of the room serving as somewhere to get a bit of work done. I really love the large walk-in wardrobe across the other side of the room, which looks absolutely perfect for a clothes lover who needs plenty of space.

There you have a great selection of our favourite grey-inspired rooms from the world of interior design. There was such a wide range of options, that hopefully we gave you some food for thought if you ever decide to take the plunge when decorating your own master bedroom. You can go for the quietly understated designs we’ve seen plenty of times before, or the more extravagant regal style. Be sure to weigh up which would look best in your room, and finally, good luck!

10 | Visualizer: Anwar Al Jufrey KhalidA loftier respite is offered by grey and wood. Wooden Roman blinds reveal concrete and wooden stairs, culminating in a black futon bed. Monochromatic art ties it together.

This bedroom is almost the classic modern bedroom: cool, stylish, fresh and stripped back bare. The stripped lights above the double bed are exciting, while the small tableside area next to the mirror is just what you need for getting ready in the morning.

With the addition of the wardrobes towards the side of the room, there really is little else you need.

Designer Vicente Wolf painted the bedroom in this New York cottage Benjamin Moore’s Patriotic White, a color that “reads white in the day, then as it gets darker takes on a blue-y green tone.” To balance out this choice, he picked out gray furnishings for the rest of the room.

The colour of the moment, grey is everything you want it to be in almost any living space. Compatible with living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, it’s only natural that its powers would work beautifully in a bedroom. These forty grey bedrooms show the stretch of grey across a range of themes and colour solutions. Often paired with brighter reds, oranges or purples, its muted hues complement and contrast over a variety of design solutions. Whether for a couple, bachelor or bachelorette, each of these designs delivers to their desired end – pampering, relaxation, or a good night’s sleep – with grey as their hero.

16 | Visualizer: Room QuadroGrey makes the space larger, through walls headed by white textured panels. Mirrors either side reflect grey walls and framing curtains, doubling the space on either side.

40 | Visualizer: Michel LeyraudAlmost green, this grey and beige bedroom looks different closer in. Dangling white bauble lights glow on a grey rug and charcoal walling. Beige and white bedding with light-wood fixtures rest beside bedside tables.

An olive chair adds a finishing touch.

A Quaint Quality A Bold Bedroom Fantastic French No Need to be Scared of the Dark Lemon Zest Living It Doesn’t Get Cuter Than This A View of the Town Yellow Studio

In the master bedroom of this Los Angeles house, designer Mary McDonald embraced European drama with the help of a crisply-pleated bed curtain and pops of taupe and lavender in an otherwise all gray room. 

32 | Visualizer: Oporski ArchitectureLight and bright, this space only softly touches grey. Glowing lamps on a white bedside bench herald a soft space for sleeping, amongst white and swan grey.

37 | Visualizer: Koj DesignEclecticism is muted by grey in a half-wall, quilted chair and charcoal bedding. Dots connect to photos and memories on grey, while wooden walls and flooring sidle next to a stack of books.

You rarely see a room that looks so spacious, so bare yet also really stylish. This attic room with a concrete floor barely has any features, yet the roof beams and solo white finish makes this seem a lot more stylish that it sounds when describing it.

Full wall wardrobes are almost miss-able across the room from the bed.

42 | Visualizer: Image Box StudioA touch of honey is all it took to liven up this grey space, resplendent in honeycomb patterning. Grey and honey mix with black and white to add colour and texture to different living areas.

31 | Visualizer: Eke InteriorPerfect for a couple, this grey and white room focuses on clean lines. Simple charcoal pinstripes adorn a white wall and curtains, while grey oscillates between dark and light.

Designer Mary McDonald covered one wall in the bedroom of a Los Angeles house in Ralph Lauren gray suiting wool to make it feel cozy, but painted the other walls Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams to keep it light. 

The petite scale of this Colonial-era bedroom in this Charleston home designed by Jill Sharp Weeks required her to abandon symmetry and overlap one of the windows. To help soften this, she painted the walls a light gray and the window trim white to help them blend together. 

11 | Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja UrhVisualizer: Anna FedyukinaSprigs of fresh tulips add life to this three-panelled headboard, acting as a background. Matched by mirrors on either side, grey and green clothe the bed in natural tones.

The style of this room and the color combinations seem to be extremely popular right now, with a multitude of layers of grey on top of each other working really well. This fairly basic but attractive room is brought to life by the large light on the ceiling which illuminates the whole room.

Elegant and sophisticated, this room would be a sure-fire hit for anybody.

This beautiful bedroom with the cool bed and grey exposed brick walls makes for a fresh bedroom that not only looks modern but also really stylish. The bed is being held up by legs in the middle of the frame which give it a look like it’s floating only add to the exciting look of the room.

What a cool room.

25 | Visualizer: Hieu DoanGrey emanates the modern and clean. A side wall, bedding and side table in grey meet a beige headboard and monochromatic canvas, in this unisex space.

29 | Visualizer: StanzaA grey inlet shines in this space, as framed by white walls. Wooden floors offer a base to an L-shaped bedside table, window seat and bed, dressed in – you guessed it – a myriad of grey tones.

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Designer Nina Farmer layered shades of gray with autumnal colors in this New England home’s master bedroom. Our favorite part has to be the walls covered in Phillip Jeffries’ soothing silk-and-abaca wallpaper in a silver gray palette. 

This room – which is a modern loft conversion – is a plethora of pink, violet and grey that transform an otherwise average spot into something a lot more modern and fun. As you look across the room you find that the three colours compliment each other really well, while the base color grey keeps the room from becoming too bright and too adventurous.

This Massachusetts home, designed by Frank Roop, puts a new spin on nautical decor by featuring soft blue accents against a gray backdrop, instead of  the usual navy blue and anchor takeover. 

13 | Visualizer: IqosaGrey and red intersect beautifully in this space for desire. Striped with a rose-red headboard and throw, grey wooden walls show off abstract art and add diamonds to the rug below.

This splendid red and grey room is smart, tidy and most of all: looks totally functional. A lot of the bedrooms look beautiful to look at but you would find it hard to live there, but not this one. This has everything you would need, in a color scheme that would suit almost anyone. The ace floating bed, the cupboard space and the natural light all make this room perfect for use.

This picture, which offers us very little to see by way of the bedroom, shows us why if the rest of the room matches the luxurious purple bedding, you’re in for a treat. A large frame with an unusually large headboard, this bed looks fit for a princess, with the purple floral rug beneath the foot of the bed looking equally as smart as the rest of the room we can see.

30 | Visualizer: Desygner HoangThis minimalist grey bedroom is a darker space for sleeping. Wedged between floor-length mirrors and grounded on wood, a sprig of flowers gives contrast.

1 | Visualizer: Penint Design StudioPatterned to perfection, this grey bedroom uses stripes, hexagons and concrete to provide a canvas for autumnal hues. Bright copper pendant lights and olive green are set upon by pops of yellow, blue and black in a rug and ornaments.

We’re looking at another really trendy, really cool looking apartment block room with cool furnishing (those turquoise chairs, anyone?) and plenty of space for relaxing and winding down. The bed in the centre of the room just in front of the large window would certainly take a little getting used to, but that’s something I would take for this expensive-looking bachelor pad.

This awesome art deco style room finds it’s attraction in the fact that it doesn’t look unattainable to you or I. It’s a fairly standard looking room but it’s a room that looks delightful all of the same.

With a lot going on, from the comfy bed to the many ornaments around the room, this classy room is a great idea for your home bedroom.

When you’re looking to change your bedroom space up a little, one color scheme that often gets disregarded is grey. Rightly or wrongly, it’s just not a hugely popular choice. We feel this is a bit of a mistake, however.

Grey, especially when accompanied with another, more electric color, can often be brought to life, as the darker color works as the perfect foil for a shade with a lot more energy. We’ve compiled a list of the 64 best grey bedroom ideas to provide inspiration and excitement to your decorating experience.


This studio apartment bedroom is a basic look at a stylish color combo. The yellow bedspread and lamp stand out in the backdrop of the grey wall, but these two colours to together really well. As for the rest of the room? Well, there’s not much else.

The seat is stylish, giving this room a 60’s vibe and works equally well with the color scheme.

This picture literally allows you to imagine how it will look to take some quality time to yourself to relax, take some breakfast in bed and kick back with some reading. Another light pink color lends itself to breaking up the otherwise standard white and grey mixture beautifully.

Not too dissimilar to the room we previously looked at, the main difference here being that this looks like the ‘lived in’ version of the room. We see the chair moved into the centre of the room where there’s more space, while the wood headboard and shelves towards the back of the room have been decorated and look even more homely than before.

27 | Visualizer: Le AnhShapes, rather than colours, dominate this grey space. A chequered feature wall leads to an oblong bed space, matched by a cylindrical bedside lamp and table.

5 | Visualizer: Harun KaymazGreen-grey tones add and remove emphasis in this bedroom. Centred by a focal grey and white abstract piece, concrete walls background two side tables, a leather chair and rug.

19 | Visualizer: RubikGreys and purples meet again in this multi-hued bedroom, lacquered and ornate. Grey provides a light central panel, turning purple on the sides. Purple-hued browns adorn the floor and leather chair, while a grey clock pops above central yellow cushions.

What I love about this room is the kick it gives you when you first take a look. There many storage areas in this room are emphasised by the larger areas having a yellow backdrop, which is also complimented by the yellow bed.

Just think how much this brightly coloured room would affect your mood once you woke up in the morning for work – you would practically be jumping for joy before 9am.

This loft conversion is such a cool looking room. The first thing you notice in this room is the open-plan balcony that this bed is situation on, and the rest of the decor that plays on this very rustic approach.

The lights hanging down and the beams across the roof give it a stylish feel, and I feel this would be perfect for the teenager looking to gain a little of their own personal space.

What’s really fantastic about this room is that the colour-coding is very basic – mainly grey – but is then split up nicely by the baby blue bedding and wooden cabinet. What I like here is the fact that this blue throw can be taken from the bed and exchanged with another colour, adding another element and style to the room, while still keeping everything looking and feeling similar.

12 | Visualizer: Blalank StudioThe eclectic shines in top-to-toe grey walls, some matte, some concrete. Light grey windows open up a series of picture frames, wooden chest and table, and potted cacti. The industrial desk chair you see here is the Tolix armchair.

Giving off the feel of an old English classroom, this next piece of work centres mainly around the solid wood floor and wooden accessories while the grey back-wall plays backdrop to a stylish, if unusual combo.

What I like about the furniture is the legs they’re held by; metal piping that give the whole ensemble a faux-upcycling feel to it. Big fan.

17 | Visualizer: Zigshot82Grey and black alternate using the tiling effect on the central wall. Placed on black wooden flooring, a grey rug picks up light, allowing a brown-and-beige bed to invite.

Another artist’s-impression style room that takes much inspiration from French decor than it does from anything else. The grand bed, with large headboard is the fantastic centrepiece to this room, while light grey furnishings only add to the cultured look of this room. I would love to see the style of the rest of the house, as this room is gorgeous.

36 | Visualizer: projek_fAnother bedroom for a bachelor, charcoal and wood room here form the slick. Adorned with a racing car over a striking wooden panel, charcoal panelled walls match a plush rug and soft bedding.

The tall radiator, the stylish bed and the great vibrancy the plant bring to the room all pale in comparison to the pure energy of the orange wall behind the bed. A great set of lighting features support what will be a wonderfully bright master bedroom, with windows providing natural light when the orange doesn’t quite take your fancy.

The fresh look of this room and the additional pink elements take this from a boring, modern bedroom to something with a little more sophistication and style. With only two pink elements playing off the light grey, this room never becomes too overbearing, all the while still staying fun.

This cool, cozy room is a mixture of calming grey and wild, zesty and exciting orange to create a modern couple’s bedroom. The awesome looking bed is covered by a huge duvet sprawling onto the orange rug.

A door to the left of the picture goes to your own private ensuite bathroom, making it perfect for a couple looking to get their own private time.

38 | Visualizer: Quang ĐạtGrey becomes warmer in this brown and grey bedroom. Shrouded in semi-lined grey wallpaper, warm chocolate bedding, a chair and wooden elements create cosiness between lighting.

Another wooden bedroom, which uses the walls to compliment it, as opposed to being the main feature. This spacious bedroom which has a lovely double bed, looks like it would fit very well in a Mediterranean holiday home.

Add on the private bathroom and balcony and you’ve got yourself a fantastic looking holiday apartment.

This room has two really awesome features. Firstly, there’s the view from the window, which seems to look across the seaside from the ground floor, giving a sense of the type of building – and budget – you would be looking at here.

Secondly there is the bed, which looks like something from futuristic cartoon the Jetsons. Sleek, smooth and rounded, this space age style room is perfect for the modern person.

18 | Visualizer: LifeArchThis 60’s style bedroom is light and bright, as afforded by the help of grey. White chiffon curtains, a textured wall decoration and feature wall create spaces. A touch of grey bedding denotes the centre.

Another hugely grand room, with the bedding centrepiece complimented by the huge, orange curtain at the head of the bed. This room really is beautiful, and mixes the traditional regal look of a royal bedroom with a modern twist that screams eccentricity.

Finer touches to this room include the beautiful fur rug and a fantastic view of the grounds outdoors.

33 | Visualizer: Bora EvgarGrey and wood make a statement with a panelled wall and glossy dark-wood floors. Two monochromatic prints stand out above glowing curve lights, drawing the viewer in.

This has to be one of the coolest bedrooms I’ve seen in my time, and it’s really easy to see why. Part bike shack, part bedroom, this is such a trendy take on a fairly common style of room. Other than the space to hang a bike on the wall, this bedroom has fresh exposed bricking on the wall, and a small table stacked with various trinkets.

As close to a garage as any bedroom is ever going to look.

This room looks very much like it’s inspired by the outdoors, with the room looking like it’s been set up like a garden shed, but in the best way possible! The wood panelling on the external walls and the flooring give the room a really rural feel, while the bed takes up little room, which gives this whole area an outhouse or poolroom feel.

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