Good luck charlie house 5 of 10
Good luck charlie season 4 episode 7 rat a teddy
Good luck charlie season 1 episode 15 charlie goes viral video dailymotion
I love the house from good luck charlie on the disney channel the couch the rug the pillows the wall decor so great



Good Luck Charlie Home Interior.

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The period I was pregnant I visited one of my friends who had two kids. She was telling me how she succeeded to know all the cartoon characters and cartoon channels since she has been staying at home with the two kids. The same thing happened to me now. I can tell you all the cartoon channels my daughter watches and even some of her favorite cartoons and their characters. One of these channels is Disney Channel.

If you still watch this show you may continue your exploration and notice some other interesting things related to their home.{found on 7thhouseontheleft}.

Kitchen is also a place which worth’s to mention. Here you can notice the large windows, the chalkboard on the refrigerator or the colorful furniture, like the blue chairs near the round table.

Here you can watch wonderful cartoons and some interesting shows. One of the shows is called “Good Luck Charlie”. All the story is around the Duncan family and its members. Amy/Mom (a nurse), Bob/Dad (an exterminator), PJ, Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie. In each episode, Teddy (the oldest Duncan daughter) records a video diary for Charlie (the “surprise baby” of the family) when she gets older with advice about being a teen in the Duncan family.

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Basement is an attractive place too. You can notice the brick walls, the wood beams, the chalkboard wall and the huge barn door. Another place you might be interested in is Teddy’s room. Here there is a nice bed on a raised platform, some JA pillows you might like and the pottery on the bookshelf which seems interesting too.

Their house is a really attraction and extremely colorful. There are used vivid combinations of colors like: turquoises, greens, yellows, oranges and browns. The patterns of different kinds and various textures are not forgotten too. There is a stone fireplace in the seating area, in the back of the living room, sections of wainscoting, and even a few shingled walls. Perhaps an interesting item is represented by the presence of insect-related accessories that appear on the wall .Their presence has a logical explanation, Mr. Duncan is an exterminator.

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