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Galley Kitchen Remodel

Galley Kitchen Remodel Galley Kitchen Remodel


If you’re considering adding a kitchen island to your galley kitchen remodel, you may be able to do so without any construction required. Portable kitchen islands are widely available, and they can be a great option for galley kitchens that are small enough to require a more flexible design. They can add the same types of storage as a permanent island, featuring drawers, cabinets and pull-out elements that will allow for cookware and other supplies to be secreted away. The countertop of a kitchen island can be used for cooking preparation or as additional bar-type seating for guests.

Photo By: SBM Photography, New York; Design By: Jeannine Williams Design

Are you making these common kitchen renovation mistakes? Before you start ripping out your cabinets and shopping for new appliances, answer these 10 key questions that can save you time, money and heartache.

Previously dark, dated and cramped, these five galley-style kitchens are now bright, modern and functional. Browse the before-and-after photos, and learn how the designers overhauled these spaces.

10 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Solve your small kitchen quandaries with an efficient galley kitchen floor plan.

The kitchen suffered from virtually every shortcoming imaginable, from cramped quarters to tight counter space, odd configuration and lack of light. The most important quality missing, though, was personality.

This simple galley kitchen opens up to the home’s backyard area, making it easy to cook and serve food outdoors. The layout also lets in plenty of natural light.

Opening up one wall in a galley kitchen makes room for a bar-height counter that lets guests in on the cooking action. Design by Nicole Sassaman.

Limestone flooring, rich cherry cabinets and granite counters maximize the wow factor in a small space. Design by Christopher J. Grubb. Photo by Scott Mayoral.

Commandeering four square feet of floor space from an adjacent room created a larger, more squarely-shaped space. Jeannine Williams Design installed new ductwork to improve ventilation and rewired the space to increase lighting and services.

Doubled storage space includes a new island.

Useless walls enclosing tight spaces were removed to provide welcome openness. Gayler Construction added custom millwork to lend sparkle and distinctiveness. The result is a cohesive, light, airy and far more functional space.

Walls between the kitchen and hallway and the kitchen and dining room were removed, the range was moved and an island was added for family meals. “This family of four was thrilled to have their kitchen open out to the dining area with a large peninsula,” Cho reports.


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More costly and complicated—but also potentially more efficient—is a permanent kitchen island. The benefit here is that you can add functional kitchen features like a stove, sink or refrigerator to the island, completing or adding efficiency to your existing work triangle configuration. You’ll need plumbing and electrical hookups if you’re going for a full-featured island, as well as the budget to support the installation. However, this can be a great option for a larger galley kitchen remodel.

Similarly, a galley kitchen remodel can often involve the addition of a kitchen peninsula. Whereas a kitchen island can sometimes be cumbersome in galley kitchens—especially a smaller one—a peninsula may give you the added storage and functionality you want, with a more out-of-the way design. Generally, a kitchen peninsula will connect to one wall of a galley kitchen design, creating an “L” shape and offering all the potential benefits of a kitchen island in a more open design scheme.

A gut remodel turns eight outdated rooms into one modern, open kitchen with top-notch sustainable features for cook Adrian Hale and her family.

This state-of-the-art galley kitchen features Poliform cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and a back-painted glass backsplash that reflects the mood of the homeowner in the changeable LED light that shines on it. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

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A 1960-era home featured a dark, claustrophobic kitchen. The sight lines to the family room were severely limited by the kitchen’s upper cabinets.

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When designing a galley kitchen, make sure you have enough aisle space and storage.


It’s one of the toughest rooms to redo, but we’ll guide you through the process.

A galley kitchen’s layout is characterized by two parallel countertops with a walkway in between them. In this design by Andreas Charalambous, the dining area is on one end of the kitchen and the entryway is on the other.

In general, galley kitchens are smaller spaces, which can be a great benefit to anyone involved in cooking or food preparation. The famous “work triangle,” which co-locates the refrigerator, stove and sink, offers maximum efficiency with minimal steps between the various components. The tradeoff is that sometimes the space can feel cramped, dark and not terribly welcoming to guests. A galley kitchen remodel can address all of these concerns via some simple tweaks, many of which can be achieved on a budget or even without raising a single hammer.

This homeowner removed some of the upper cabinets to make room for artwork, extending the art gallery feel of the living room inside the kitchen itself. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

This Brooklyn kitchen was so small it could only fit one. The owner wanted to be able to entertain in her kitchen and talk to guests while cooking. She also wanted more space for counters, kitchenware and – believe it or not – food.

Designer Jennifer Allison shortened the height of the upper cabinets to improve sight lines, extended the peninsula and infused the kitchen with much lighter colors. Thermador appliances, Silestone counters, Houzer sink and Delta Touch-free faucet added to the modern flair.

The kitchen in this Lexington home ”was so dark, even though it was all white,” recalls Anjie Cho. “It was bleak, outdated and just sad looking.”

Galley kitchen remodeling can be a great way to take a kitchen space that’s already efficient and functional and add elements that increase both its utility and attractiveness.

The original kitchen was long and narrow, with a short L that wasn’t utilized. The kitchen suffered from minimal lighting, poor ventilation and inadequate storage.

This galley kitchen combines red and black colors with stainless steel finishes for a bold statement.

This sleek, modern kitchen combines navy walls, marble countertops and ebony-stained hardwood floors with stainless steel accents. Design by Erica Islas.

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Expect nearly a third of your budget to go for cabinets and hardware.

Besides looks, consider your changing needs when evaluating your space.

One of the elements you’ll definitely want to consider in a galley kitchen remodel is the addition of space and storage. Always a key concern, especially for smaller galley kitchens, space, storage and surface area can be added via a kitchen island, peninsula or other storage options like countertop containers or pantry storage.

Architect Ben Herzog applied his skills to his own kitchen and dining room, creating a space where family and friends love to gather.

Figure out what you want from your new kitchen with our questionnaire and worksheet

Learn how to remodel your kitchen by transforming a well between the kitchen and dining room into an open breakfast bar.

Designer Anjie Cho removed the wall between kitchen and living room and added a peninsula with overhang for seating. The move gave more space to the galley, allowing the kitchen to be wrapped around the seating area for added room next to the table.


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In a galley kitchen, the sink is typically on one side and the range is on the other. Design by Gail Drury.

Designer Karen Needler shares her story of a small kitchen remodel featuring pro-quality appliances and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Photo By: Jaime Solano Photography; Design By: Jennifer Allison

Get all the info you need on galley kitchen remodeling, and prepare to add an efficient and functional design to your kitchen space.

Form meets function with beautiful results in this sleek contemporary kitchen featuring state-of-the-art appliances. The white cabinets are complemented by gray countertops, while a yellow accent wall helps to elongate the space.

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