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Family Friendly Living Room Get Interior Design Ideas Huggies

Family Friendly Living Room Get Interior Design Ideas Huggies Family Friendly Living Room Get Interior Design Ideas Huggies

So what makes a truly successful playroom that kids actually want to spend time in? The best playrooms are designed to appeal to the interests of the children who use them, with separate zones for all their favourite pastimes.

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Give guests a hint into your family’s passions and interests with a wall of family photographs, a narrow display shelf to showcase collectibles or Christmas cards, or a series of blown up photo canvases (you can order prints and canvases online at the Huggies Photo Centre – you’ll even receive 50 free prints just for registering!)

Living room decor Living room fabric – Kids can be brutal on living room furnishings, so it’s best to go for tough fabrics such as cotton, leather and faux suede. Washable loose covers are a godsend, and will look as good as new after a run through the machine.

When it comes to colour, patterned fabrics are more forgiving them plains, and richer shades such as chocolate and plum are better at concealing sticky finger prints than paler ones. Living room flooring – Cosy rugs and carpet feel soft underfoot and are more pleasant to walk on than wooden or tiled floors.

Opt for low pile rather than plush or shagpile, which will crush under heavy footfall and can be hard to clean. Living room walls – Wipeable paint finishes, such as low sheen or semi gloss, are better suited to family living rooms than matt ones, which tend to show every scuff.

Wallpaper adds visual interest, but choose one that can be wiped clean. Living room windows – Look for window furnishings that let plenty of natural light and ventilation into the living room during the day, and which can be closed off for warmth and cosiness at night.

Venetians and Roman blinds are great for ventilation and light control, but curtains are cosier. Child-proof your living room

Inject some of your child’s personality on the space by hanging their artwork on the walls and displaying their colourful craft projects on shelves.

If you’re short on hallway space, consider a mix of freestanding and wall-mounted storage, such as a coatstand, pegs on the wall, wall-mounted cubbies, or a slimline chest of drawers with baskets for small items such as gloves and hats. Store shoes in a dedicated shoe rack, floor-level cubbies, or a generous basket by the front door.

If the living room doubles as a playroom, think storage and speed. You’ll need a good storage system with space for all the kids’ toys – generally a mix of wall shelves or cupboards, large baskets, and lidded boxes. Make sure storage is easily accessible so the living room can be tidied up in a flash.

A busy family hallway is a magnet for dirt and mess, so go for tough, washable finishes. Keep as much dirt as possible from entering your home by laying a sturdy doormat outside the front door, and allocate a dedicated spot for muddy boots and wet weather gear so they don’t end up being dragged into the living room or bedrooms. Tiles are a great choice for hallway flooring as they’re tough and easy to clean, but make sure they are specially rated for high traffic areas and have a skid-resistant finish to reduce the chance of falls. Contemporary design choices include natural stone, ceramic and concrete.

Baby Baby Care Interior design ideas Child friendly interior design Family friendly living room

First think about what you need to store, and look around for storage opportunities. If you have the space, a built in cupboard is the perfect spot to store shoes, coats and sports gear. It should offer a combination of hanging space for coats, a rack for shoes, and hooks or shelves for bags and rackets.

Maximise floor space in a small hallway by opting for wall-mounted furniture in place of freestanding pieces – think a floating wall shelf and wall-mounted coat hooks and shoe boxes. If your ceilings are low, use uplighters on the wall or vertically striped wallpaper to draw the eye upwards and increase the sense of height. You can detract attention from an unsightly hallway with a show stopping piece such as a dramatic chandelier or a modern work of art.

In a small living room, think double duty furniture such as sofas with under-seat storage; a trunk that doubles as a side table, or a coffee table with shelves.

Most indoor playrooms require a mixture of different storage types – cupboards for boxed games and sets, shelves for books and display, and smaller storage such as plastic tubs, stackable boxes and baskets for all those little bits and pieces.

The front door is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so make sure it’s up to the job. Update an existing door with a fresh coat of paint and some new handles, or replace it with a brand new, contemporary design. The latest design trend is for pivoting front doors, which open smoothly to create an extra-wide entrance. But be aware that pivoting doors are heavy, and might require extra support.

Little ones spend much of their playtime on the floor, so aim for maximum floor space and a minimal amount of furniture in the playroom. Look for flexible pieces that are easy to stack away, such as stackable chairs and folding tables, beanbags and lots of comfy floor cushions. A sofa is a good idea, particularly if your children plan to watch television or play video games in here, but choose a small one that won’t swallow precious floor space.

The family living room is a place where memories are made – chilled-out weekends, the excitement of Christmas morning, and snuggling together on the sofa for family movie nights. But the living room can also be a busy crossroads, with people coming and going, and several activities happening at once. The key to designing a family living room is to combine a practical, multi-purpose layout with cosy soft furnishings and child-friendly finishes.

Setting up an indoor playroom can be a real time and sanity saver. Not only does it give your children somewhere to play independently, but it takes the pressure – and mess – away from your main living spaces. And, of course, knowing that your little ones are safely occupying themselves will free you up to do other things around the home.

Furniture that double-duties is another great space saver, such as a storage ottoman or a toy box that doubles as a craft table or seating. A low-level table and chairs is perfect for little artists or builders, and won’t take up too much space. Remember that any furniture in a playroom is likely to receive a fair battering, so choose pieces that are sturdy and built to last.

Dark, narrow or awkwardly shaped hallways call for some smart interior design tricks. Mirrors are a great decorating tool – consider lining both walls of a poky, poorly lit hallway with mirrors to visually double the sense of space, and make it feel lighter and brighter.

Indoor playrooms should be all about fun; think cheery colour schemes, robust, kid-friendly finishes, and plenty of well-planned storage so that toys can be found and put away in a flash.

A busy family living room can be a magnet for mess, so fight back with a well-planned storage system. Floor to ceiling shelves are a great solution, as they’ll hold everything from books to toy baskets without taking up much floor space. A couple of large, woven baskets will look chic in the living room, and toys can just be tossed into them at the end of the day. If your living room doubles as a playroom, you may need to add a toy box or some containers on castors that can be stacked in a corner or rolled under the sofa. And don’t forget small storage for all those little pieces such as Lego and craft supplies – a couple of unused Huggies Pop-Up tubs are perfect, and they won’t cost you a cent.

A cosy family living room has a cocooning vibe that draws you in – think warm colours and soft, tactile fabrics. Pile the sofa high with cushions, scatter around a couple of snuggly blankets, and lay a cosy rug or carpet on the floor.

Good storage is essential in any family hallway – it keeps the area clutter free and allows you to move through comfortably. Whatever storage you choose, make sure it’s easy for the kids to reach and consider labeling cubbies or hooks with each child’s name so there’s no confusion about who owns what.

Good hallway lighting creates a warm, welcoming vibe and gives you enough light for fiddly jobs such as tying the children’s shoelaces. Maximise natural light in the day by removing curtains or blinds from the windows (if you’re worried about privacy consider adding frosted privacy glass). If you’re renovating, think about installing a skylight in the ceiling to maximise natural daylight. You’ll need a mix of ambient lighting, feature and task lighting for night. This could include a generous ceiling light or chandelier, feature lighting trained on paintings or displays, and a lamp on the console or recessed floor lights so that guests can navigate their way through the hallway.

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Making a few small changes to your hallway design can make a big difference to the morning or evening rush, so don’t forget to factor in all the little things you do there. Do you need a mirror where you can check your makeup before you dash out the door? A hook on the wall to keep car keys out of reach of little fingers? A lamp on the console table so that you can sift through the post on your way in?

A generous coffee table that’s big enough to accommodate a craft session or a TV dinner is a good investment. In a small living room, consider stackable side tables that can be grouped together when needed, and tucked in a corner later.

Timber flooring is timeless and robust, and can be brightened up with a striped or patterned rug or runner. If you’ve got your heart set your heart on carpet, go for a low level loop pile that won’t show every footprint. Make sure it’s stain resistant, and remember that darker shades such as charcoal and chocolate brown are more forgiving than pale ones. Choose a wipeable paint or wallpaper for walls so that it’s easy to clean off scuffs and marks. Or consider tongue and groove paneling, which is tough enough to withstand bumps and scrapes.

Flooring should be warm and comfortable enough for hours of happy floor play. Lay a fun, patterned rug over hard tiles or wooden floors, or choose cosy wall-to-wall carpeting in a sturdy loop or cut pile that won’t require too much maintenance. Other flooring materials to consider include rubber, lino and cork.

Steering clear of breakable furniture such as glass coffee and side tables Anchoring shelves and televisions to the wall Covering all power sockets Removing any dangling curtain or blind cords Covering the fireplace with a screen Making sure there are no small, easy to swallow objects left lying around such as coins or marbles.

Baby Baby Care Interior design ideas Room designs and ideas The perfect indoor playroom

If the living room doubles as a home office, look for a small desk or one that flips down from the wall. Make sure there are enough electrical sockets for computers, and a good task light. You may want to conceal the work or play zones of your living room when it’s time to entertain – you can do this with a folding screen, a bookcase-cum-room divider or a roller blind.

This can be a casual display of collectibles on the mantelpiece, a wall of family photos, or one or two of the kids? photos or paintings turned into canvases – anything that tells a story about who lives here and what’s important to you. It’s easy to turn your digital photos into a striking living room display – join the Huggies Photo Centre and you can order prints and photo canvases online – you’ll even receive 50 free prints just for registering!

If you love the look of wallpaper, again, choose a wipeable type or seek out one that actually encourages your kids to draw on the walls, with empty frames or cartoon bubbles for them to fill.

Use the walls for extra storage space by hanging toy baskets or hooks from the wall, or suspending hanging baskets from the ceiling. And make sure it’s all properly labeled to make packing away at the end of the day a breeze.

The first step in designing a practical family living room is to think about how you’ll use the space. Jot down everyone’s needs – from watching television and homework to grown up entertaining. Then draw the living room and furniture to scale and move pieces around to find the best layout. Try to keep the living room floor clear so that people can move about with ease – this may mean shifting some furniture elsewhere or replacing large ones with smaller pieces.

Kids’ tastes and interests change quickly, so aim for a playroom design and layout that’s flexible enough to grow with your child. Schedule regular clear-outs throughout the year to get rid of any toys that are past their use-by date, and be open minded about altering the layout to fit their latest passions. Those things worth investing in – decent storage and quality wooden furniture – should see the kids right through childhood, particularly if you’re willing to use them in new ways, or even in different rooms, as they get older.

The sofa takes centre stage in most family living rooms. Look for one that’s big enough to fit everyone, but not so large that it swallows up the room. Modular sofas that can be reconfigured to suit your needs are a good idea. Or, if space is short try combining a small sofa with armchairs and some comfy floor cushions.

Baby Baby Care Interior design ideas Child friendly interior design Family friendly hallway

For very young children, this usually means a mixture of different zones for floor play, drawing, building and flicking through books.

Not sure what sort of first impression your hallway design makes? Step outside and come into the hallway as though for the first time. What do you see? If it’s bland, characterless walls and chipped paint on the front door, it might be time to get out the paint brushes and rollers. Next turn your attention to the hallway layout – is it easy to move through? Is there somewhere to put coats, bags and incoming post? Keep furniture to a minimum so that you can move through the hallway comfortably, such as a slimline console for keys and post, a small bench or armchair where the kids can sit and pull on their gumboots, and built-in or wall-mounted storage for coats and shoes.

Try not to be too rigid with your living room displays; add to them and move things around to reflect your family’s journey, whether it’s new holiday snaps or shells collected on the beach.

Unleash your child’s imagination in an indoor playroom that’s designed for fun; think bold, bright hues on the walls, decorative wall stickers, and festive and whimsical decorations from the ceiling or walls. Give the playroom some “wow” factor with special touches such as a wall covered with chalkboard paint, a bank of child-safe plexiglass mirrors for dressing up fun, an indoor playhouse, or a swing suspended from the ceiling.

It’s unavoidable that there will be times – even if it’s only for a few minutes – when the children will be left unsupervised in the living room. Make it safe by:

The first step in any playroom design is to make it child-safe. Banish any sharp corners, fragile decorations, dangling cords, and cover all power sockets. Also, make sure that any large storage pieces in the indoor playroom, such as bookcases or chests of drawers, are firmly bracketed to the wall.

When it comes to fabrics, choose robust and washable materials such as denim or sturdy cotton in forgiving colourways that won’t show every scrap of dirt – darker neutrals, patterns and stripes all work well.

What does your hallway design say about you? Is it a calm, organised space or more of a dumping ground for shoes, prams and unopened post? While it isn’t a room as such, the hallway is a busy spot that performs multiple functions, so it’s worth giving it the design attention it deserves. The hallway should be functional, easy to navigate and inviting, so think smart storage, hardy finishes, and a few personal touches that give guests a little insight into what your family loves.

When it comes to living room furniture, choose sturdy pieces that will withstand rough treatment, such as solid wooden table with rounded corners, and quality sprung sofas rather than foam ones.

Keep the hallway decor bright and uplifting by painting walls a light or neutral shade. Consider adding decorative interest with wall stickers, a feature wall of patterned wallpaper, or tongue and groove paneling.

With older kids, you might consider adding a long bench for Lego construction or arts and crafts, a display area for finished projects, a piano or music corner, a reading nook, or a tiled area for painting.

While playrooms and mess tend to go hand in hand, having an organised storage system will allow the kids to find their toys quickly and tidy them away at the end of the day. Take a good look at the room’s existing storage and see whether it could be improved with more shelves, a fitted bookcase or additional small storage.

If grown-ups will be using the playroom too, incorporate a small sofa or a couple of armchairs so there’s somewhere comfortable to sit.

When it comes time to decorate the playroom with paint, flooring and fabrics, choose ones that are tough, washable and forgiving. For walls, it’s best to choose a wipeable paint finish, such as semi gloss or low sheen. Look out for the new low tox types that won’t fill the room with nasty chemicals. If you’re the creative type, consider painting a fantasy mural across one wall to encourage hours of imaginative play.

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