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Exterior Designs 25 Photos And 20 Reviews Masonry Concrete 2108

Exterior Designs 25 Photos And 20 Reviews Masonry Concrete 2108 Exterior Designs 25 Photos And 20 Reviews Masonry Concrete 2108

I found Sione’s Concrete on Yelp. As everyone should do, I went through the process of evaluating different contractors for estimates on not only price but what their thought process is to complete the job I envision in my head. I had 5 different contractors at my home and ultimately went with Sione’s Concrete. Let me just say that I 1000% made the right choice. Here is why: 1. Knowledge – Sione took the time to not only help me think through design options but he walked through each and every detail on the “how’s” and “why’s” of the job. Here’s how we do this… This is why it is important to do this… He walked me though the excavation process, removal, drainage and pour. He showed me design options from standard concrete to stamped, colored options, borders…etc. 2. Honesty – there were things that I had in my mind which I wanted to do for my project that would have been the wrong choice. Sione had no problem advising me on why to not do it that way. He helped me greatly. I really appreciated this. I never felt like he was taking advantage of me or anything. I fully trust Sione, Paul and this business. 3. Easy to work with/like-ability – Sione, Paul and crew are amazingly professional but extremely likable guys. The whole crew was fantastic. Great people and great personalities. 4. Price – Sione’s price was right in line with the other contractors. A few may have been lower but I didn’t trust their knowledge or commitment to me. They were more about getting a job done and collecting my $$$. Sione was more about helping me find something that I will love and be proud of. I ended up going with a large backyard concrete job where I added stamped, colored concrete with diagonal lines and borders around the edges. We did a drainage system as well as a side yard walkway. It looks beautiful. See before and after pictures. At the end of the day, do yourself a favor and work with Sione’s concrete. Sione, Paul and crew will be my concrete guys for every job moving forward. No question.

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Todd and Brandon both did an excellent job on my very complicated project. Todd was fair in his pricing, and his work was excellent. Typically in my neighborhood contractors try to adjust their pricing, and many of the other companies I spoke with did just that, Exterior Designs on the other hand was fair and honest the entire time. There was no surprise increases in costs, what Todd and Brandon told me they would do was done. Problems inevitably arise, as they always do, but never did Todd fail to come up with a solution. In fact as the project continued, we expanded the scope and everything came out great. We absolutely love our backyard and driveway thanks to Exterior Designs. I wold highly recommend them for any hardscape job.

Todd and his gang have done an outstanding job on our paving project. Friendly, professional and fast. My wife and I have been seriously impressed with the process, and thrilled with the results!

Talk about customer service! These guys are amazing. I have worked on a few projects with Sione and Paul and they continue to deliver every time. I have worked with other concrete companies and since meeting and working with Sione’s they are my #1 pick! Reliable, great service, and a great group of guys to work with.

Last week my yard was a weed jungle. This week it is a beautiful paver patio. I love it. It literally took less than six days to transform my yard into a usable, welcoming space. I am so grateful I found Todd and had him do my project. He is a contractor that still believes in the value of a handshake. He solved some drainage issues and went above and beyond to help me with an irrigation project that i had been dreading doing myself. I still can’t believe I have this beautiful outdoor living space and found the perfect contractor to give me what I needed at a very fair price. Like Todd said, ” I don’t nickel and dime.” Trust that. He doesn’t. A shoutout to Flavio, Noe, and Jackson. These guys came in and did their job. I cannot recommend exterior designs enough. I am VERY happy. Thanks Todd. This is my very first yelp review. I had to do this because of how pleased I am with the work Todd and his crew did. It can be kind of stressful choosing a contractor. I choose Exterior Designs and was hoping for the best. They exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend Exterior Designs enough. Good job!

Jeff was great from my e-mailed quote to getting the job done. He got back to my e-mails right away and was on time for the job inspection and the pour. He and his team helped remove a hedge and poured concrete at three location around my house. The finished job was great, the weather was not in our favor, so he and his team stayed very late to cover up the newly poured concrete so the rain would not mess it up. However there is only so much you can do when mother nature wants to rain. I do have a spot on the concrete that is indented from the cover up. Jeff has offered to come back and fix the minor spot. I will would recommend Jeff to my friends and family. Dave W.

Marion S. said “I recently had my gutters cleaned and, while the contractor was on the roof, he noticed my chimney chase was completely rusted. This contractor could have replaced the chase but doesn’t clean fire places.…” read more

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“Our new driveway has added so much curbside appeal, and I’m sure has increased the value of our house.” in 2 reviews

I saw the first review for Service Concrete after I had consulted with them. I didn’t let it sway me from hiring them since my consultation with their foreman Jeff, showed him to be a patient and reasonable person. Also, the first review seemed to be written by someone who can never be happy; you know the type. That said, let me tell you about my wonderful experience with Service Concrete. I needed a retaining wall between my neighbor’s property and mine. We each wanted to terrace our sloping yards differently, so a new wall was needed to accommodate us both. The wall needed to be fifty feet long, average three feet high, and step down at intervals. On top of the wall we wanted to build a new wooden fence. Once we had removed any plants we wanted to keep, and a few we didn’t, Jeff and his men began work. They made quick work of digging the trench, building extremely solid forms for pouring the concrete into, and reinforcing the whole thing with rebar. I had specific and general aesthetic requirements which they were happy to accommodate. Jeff worked closely with me on the positioning of the post brackets so I could achieve the fence design I was after. He listened to my ideas and worked to implement them. When it came time to pump in the concrete, Jeff and his crew took their time to make sure it was done right. When they came back to remove the forms, I had to leave for the day. When I came home, not only was my beautiful new wall in place, but they had cleaned everything up and shoveled all the dirt back next to the wall. I couldn’t be happier with the work they did, and though it wasn’t cheap, I found the price to be completely fair. I also enjoyed talking with Jeff who is a friendly and interesting guy. I will definitely hire them again for a future retaining wall project I have in mind. I recommend Service Concrete highly!

Frog O. said “We have a large backyard and we hired a landscape designer to draw plans to help us decide how to hardscape and landscape it. With our scale hardscape drawing in hand, I was surprised how difficult it was…” read more

I highly recommend Exterior Designs, Inc. for installing pavers. Todd Chandler, CEO/President (who lives in San Carlos) and his crew did a fantastic job on our driveway…and in only 2 days!!! They were prompt, courteous, efficient, and highly skilled. Their price was also the lowest of the other companies we got bids from. Our new driveway has added so much curbside appeal, and I’m sure has increased the value of our house. We love it!

We wanted to remove the concrete covering our front yard so we could build raised beds. Jeff and his crew demo’ed and hauled away the 9’x11′ concrete hardscape covering our front yard and built a 3 foot hight retaining wall on one side of our property (needed because now we had exposed dirt and live on a hil). I received several estimates, and in all honesty Jeff’s was about 10% higher than the others. However the other contractors were either sketchy, flaky, or did not show up for the estimate appointment. Jeff was responsive and also spent the most time with me going over the project so he really understood what we wanted. Throughout the pre-project planning Jeff was very responsive including responding to e-mails quickly and at times in the evening or on weekends. On the day of the work, his crew arrived right on time and did a great job. They also gave me some helpful tips for the DIY garden project I was about to begin. There were some issues which came up, as far as contractors go they were probably mild. Some debris and concrete wound up on my neighbor’s side of the retaining wall, and there were some areas of the wall which were chipped away when the forms were removed. All of these issues were resolved appropriately and within a couple of days after I contacted Jeff about them. Also on the day of the project, I think there was a little bit of a miscommunication between Jeff (who gave the instructions and then had left the work site for a bit) and the mason who was building the wall regarding exactly what was to be done, I realized this and pointed it out and it was resolved. Overall Jeff is honest and fair, the work was well done, because you get what you pay for, the slightly higher rate was worth the investment.

Concrete is expensive work, knew that going into it. Given all the variables, considerations with rain flow, and the “one shot at getting it right” nature of concrete that’s to be expected. I had a pretty sizeable job needing a detached two car garage pad, an oddly shaped patch, and a driveway widening run. The last two were on an incline and I wanted some shape to the driveway extension so I could have some plants in between it and my neighbor’s yard. Called in several contractors. Sione wasn’t the cheapest but he was on the lower priced side of the spectrum. I ended up choosing Sione because he came across as more professional than the cheaper guys and also volunteered advice to pass on to whoever I chose for the job if I didn’t go with him. I appreciated that and didn’t find that attitude from any of the other contractors that came out. My only ding against their service was a missed appointment for a follow up estimate but he took full responsibility for it and was quick on the reschedule. When it came to the job itself the concrete turned out beautiful. They busted their ass getting everything done in a reasonable amount of time and finished ahead of schedule. The driveway extension came together with a nice smooth curve to accommodate plants and the oddly shaped piece had some well placed section lines drawn in to blend in well with the existing concrete. If they hadn’t done that and just laid out a blank slab it would have looked terrible and that wasn’t something I realized during the planning process. Their clean up was fairly well done. I was debating whether knocking off a star since there was a few hardened puddles of concrete I had to take care of and I’m still finding rocks from the base layer spread in the yard that I’m constantly looking for every time I pull out the lawnmower. In the end though the pros outweighed the cons and it wasn’t enough to drop their score.

I had Sione’s completely tear out and replace and widen my driveway cutout. These guys are great, and are really punctual and professional. Plus, they finished everything on schedule and according to the quoted amount (How rare is it to find a punctual contractor??) The best thing about them is the communication, they walked us through the whole process start to finish, and were always there to answer questions as needed. Thanks Sione!

It’s concrete so it’s boring and unsexy and might not warrant a 2nd glance (unless it’s totally screwed up) but, Sione actually made it fun! 5 stars for answering our email on the same day 5 stars for being professional and friendly! 5 stars for having a very competitive price (1700 less than the competitor!) 5 stars for protecting our grass and patios and quickly cleaning up everything! 5 stars for finishing the job before most of the other companies responded to our first email! Sione is such a nice guy and the two men he put to work on our job (David and Jose) were hardworking but friendly enough to stop and chat for a few minutes about what they were doing. They took the time to explain every aspect of the job and the whole process was very interesting! Our job was relatively small — a 10 x 12 patio — upon which we planned to build a playhouse for our kids. Other companies wanted to pour a thin, rinky-dink slab but Sione gave us a quality foundation that would support ANYTHING we wanted to build on top of it. There were footings and rebar and an end result that is strong and truly beautiful even though it’s going to be totally covered up by the playhouse. We were incredibly impressed by the finished result and the final price tag was $1700 less than our initial bid from another company! All of our future concrete business is going to Sione.

“Jeff and his team built a new retaining wall in our hillside backyard in San Francisco.” in 17 reviews

I left a message with Sione’s for a request for a quote. The owner was polite enough to call back and tell me they don’t service SF anymore. Many others wouldn’t have returned the call. I appreciated the professionalism and wanted to leave a review. Thanks!

Ming T. said “Mike is wonderful. He provided me the most comprehensive quote, when compared to other options I explored. He was here to make sure the work was done to my satisfaction and allowed me to make last minute…” read more

I recently used Exterior Designs for a contract I had. Almost all of the work was paver stones, which is their specialty so I subbed it out to them. I worked primarily with Brandon (Todd’s son) who did excellent work in design and oversight. I also spent a good amount of time with their lead foreman (Flavio) who was very knowledgeable and respectful. As a guy who’s been doing this type of work for nearly a decade, I was even surprised with their speed. These guys finished the entire project (driveway, stairs, multiple patios’s and walkways) within a month. I estimated that it would have taken me at least 7 weeks, which put me way ahead of schedule which is great for business! I plan on using them again in the future for all my paver stonework and would highly recommend that anyone considering them do so too.

Needed to demo and replace the concrete floor in my garage and behind my home. I got three referrals from Build Zoom. Service Concrete was notable because they were the only company of the three to have a CA license specifically for concrete work. The rest had general contractor licenses. Jeff’s bid was also the lowest of the three. And I could tell by the answers he gave when he scoped the project that he knew what he was talking about. We scheduled the job. He offered to start a day earlier. He had parking permits. He was organized. He needed no hand-holding. His crew just showed up and got the job done. He did the demo in one day, though we allowed for two just in case. He poured the new floor in one day. Then we just waited a few days for it to dry thoroughly. The new concrete looks great. My only regret was he could not deliver on my request for a low carbon emitting mix. To get it would have delayed my start date. I appreciated their professionalism and quality.

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Jeff and his team leveled/repaved our sidewalk for a very good price. Good quality, reliable and responsive.

“I also spent a good amount of time with their lead foreman (Flavio) who was very knowledgeable and respectful.” in 3 reviews

A few years ago, I had my wooden deck replaced with pavers by Exterior Designs. They added steps, a fire pit area, planters and a small wall for seating. Really enhanced the look of my yard! Very happy!

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Todd, Brendan and his crew were prompt, attentive and courteous. They were helpful with designing, planning and executing the project. The project took only a few days but the crew were careful and made sure to take every precaution to make the walkway and steps look beautiful. We are very pleased with the results and will definitely recommend their services to others in our neighborhood.

I didn’t know Sione Unga before I started by backyard renovation. I was lucky that Sione was recommended to me by my civil engineer, Craig Smith, from BKF Engineers in Redwood City. Prior to meeting with Sione, I planned on installing paving stones in my backyard. I showed the civil engineer’s drain plans to the representatives from each of the paving stone companies. Interestingly, the paving stone reps felt like the drain plans were unnecessary and/or simply didn’t understand them. I already spent a lot of money on a civil engineer and a surveyor, and I didn’t want to chance the success of my project with a paving stone company that didn’t know how to implement the drainage plan. So, I reached out to Sione after I did my due diligence on him on Yelp. When I met with Sione, I was impressed by his knowledge of drains and their installation. I initially wanted to use his help for installing paving stones. But, Sione explained that for the purposes of my young family enjoying basketball and skateboarding, etc, that stamped concrete was a better solution. After Sione quoted me the cost of stamped concrete plus drainage, I knew that I wanted to work with him because I would be saving a ton of money (trust me, it’s a lot). But, I am not writing this review because of the money that I saved. I am writing it because I am so appreciative that Sione delivered on executing the drainage plan and placing the stamped concrete according to the engineer’s specifications. This was a highly complicated project, and I know that not just anybody could have done it. Sione is a very smart guy, and he never let me down during any part of the project. After the project started, I even had Sione replace my backyard’s retaining wall. In the end, Sione’s work is simply top-notch. Everyone who has seen my backyard has complimented it. Even former construction workers and other tough critics give it props. Although, what may be even more important, is that I can trust Sione with his construction projects blindly. Although he doesn’t know this, a common acquaintance of ours told me after my project was complete that “Sione is honest as the day is long.”

I would have given this guy (Sione Unga) zero stars if that was an option. I emailed him asking for an estimate. He responded back and said he wouldn’t be able to stop by until 9 days later. I agreed and changed my busy work schedule. Six days later and on short notice I get an email (he doesn’t even have the courtesy to call me) telling me his schedule “just got jammed up.” His follow-up response: “Scheduling issues are a part of everyday life.” Hmmmm, apparently it is for Sione Unga. Folks, read the other reviews complaining about how he deals with potential customers. Multiple people complained about appointments being canceled at the last minute by him. You make the choice, but I highly recommend you not even waste time contacting Sione Unga.

I live in a flat section of Cow Hollow and needed to replace 22 of my sidewalk squares. Finding 3 companies to get quotes from was a bit of a challenge. I contacted Jeff and had a quote texted and emailed in 72 hrs. The pricing with the city permit worked out to $118 per square (worth noting it you are getting bids). Based on my other quotes, the price was competitive. We set a date for the job. The crew showed up on time and got to work. The project requires a jack hammer, truck to haul the debris for the old squares, and bringing in concrete for the new squares. After completing the demo and pouring the new concrete, the larger crew moved on to another job and left 1 guy behind to finish smoothing the new sidewalk squares. We felt Service Concrete did an outstanding job and would use the company again.

Got several bids for replacing a 4 ft high wooden retaining wall in our backyard. The wall spanned the width of our yard on two levels, and also jutted in and out at several angles, creating a far from simple design layout. Jeff at Service Concrete was not only competitively priced, but he also seemed to have a great sense of customer satisfaction – – working to find the best combination of aesthetics, design, cost and structural integrity. Once the project started, he was on-site on a regular basis and often also worked side by side with the crew. If I have to cite a negative, it’s only that the crew was not able to work a full 5 day week, so the project took several weeks longer than estimated. This was a bit frustrating, but offset by how friendly and courteous the crew was. All was forgotten when the project was finished and the end result far exceeded our expectations. They took extra pains to preserve plants that needed to be dug up, and even helped us transplant and save a mature apple tree. We’ve already recommended them to friends, who are equally as pleased with their project too. I would definitely recommend!

I don’t typically leave reviews but I felt like o had to when it comes to this company. They were so professional, on time, communicative & respectful. They did an amazing job on our large backyard patio! I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.

Love my new walkway and path. Can’t say enough good things about this company. The owner was helpful and had good suggestions for my project. The workers were true craftsmen and did a beautiful job. They were also prompt, tidy and courteous.

Albert D. said “Mike is great. We had him redo our driveway and the walkway leading up to our front door with paver stones and it turned out beautiful. Mike gave us a very fair estimate, even beating some that would’ve…” read more

Sione just did the sidewalk and new curb cut of the whole front of my house!! Looks AWESOME! So excited that it’s done and came out perfectly. Sione worked with the City permit dept. for permits (and the rain) and it was done quickly. Paul the Operations Manager was onsite daily, and Sione was available 100% of the time checking in when needed. That was much appreciated. The crew was super duper friendly and professional. After the quote came in, there was no pressure. I totally recommend. See photos.

Took too much effort to get them to do the job correctly. First time was a disaster. Upset the city inspector which cost me more money. Second time had to watch every move they made. Had to argue and fight with them every inch of the way. Stay away. If they are cheaper, there is a reason. Again, way way way too much trouble. Very hard headed and very emotional. Overall a horrible experience. Whatever we saved in fees was wasted by having to manage them every inch of the way. STAY AWAY.

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I got a notice from the city requiring some tree pruning and sidewalk repairs. I reached out to Jeff a couple week ago and liked his level of responsiveness so I sent him a copy of the City’s notice and asked him for a bid. He went by the building to see the sidewalk squares that the city marked for replacement, and he came in with a bid that was competitive, so I gave him the OK to move forward. Before starting on the job, I needed to figure out whether I’d be expanding the tree basins for the street trees or not since the roots were getting large, so I told Jeff that I’d have an arborist make a determination on the best thing to do for the trees. This is when things got weird. I asked him if there would be a reduced rate if we ended up expanding the tree basin and wouldn’t have to replace all the sidewalk squares that the City marked. He explained that his bid covered his crew for the entire day and he wouldn’t be able to reduce the price; fair enough. Then, he mentions that he wants to take a second look at the trees’ roots for himself and provide his opinion on what we should do, so I waited for him to stop by the building to do this. I spoke with Jeff today – a day or two after he went back to see the trees’ roots – and he tells me that his original quote only covers the replacement of 9 out of the 20 squares that the City marked for replacement. Flabbergasted, I remind him that his quote says, “The price for replacing marked sidewalk squares by the city would be $xx plus city sidewalk permit or approximately $xx. The price includes all labor and materials, plus patching the area at the property’s front entrance.” There’s absolutely no mention of only 9 out of 20 marked squares being repaired/replaced. I ask him how and why this has changed from his original bid, and his reason was that he made the determination on his own to only replace some squares?!?!?!?!?!?!? Jeff, shouldn’t information like this be presented to your client up-front? We had multiple conversations over the last couple weeks, yet you failed to make any mention of this. Or do you always do this to your customers, trying to gouge them after the fact? Slimy…

As part of our home remodel, we had do replace our sidewalk, driveway and curb according to SF regulations. Jeff from Service Concrete went above and beyond what we had contracted for him. First, he understood the city requirements so well that he pointed out an important mistake on our curb design (which had been drawn by the architect and approved by the city). He advised us on correcting the mistake and we were able to get it resubmitted to the city without any problem. This saved us from a very expensive problem. He did this even before we selected him — he was just doing his homework before preparing our proposal. Second, a city inspector required us to install a concrete-filled metal pipe in front of our water heater. We told Jeff about this on Thursday and even though this wasn’t in his scope of work, we asked him and he came on Saturday to install the pipe, allowing us to pass inspection on Tuesday. Jeff quoted a very fair price, happily did the work, and the price was just as he quoted. What I also like about Jeff is that he was present and involved in the entire process. Through this remodel I have been working with other subcontractors and it’s always an “Estimator” who gives you the good sell, and then the work is done by someone else who doesn’t quite live up to the promises that the estimator gave. For Service Concrete, Jeff is the one responsible from beginning to end. In the end, Jeff poured a beautiful new sidewalk, driveway and curb, passed inspection, and did it all within schedule at a price that beat 2 other bids. Great service, great price.

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Jeff and his team built a new retaining wall in our hillside backyard in San Francisco. The work was done quickly and done well.

Jeff knows concrete and is an honest contractor. He built a massive retaining wall on Potrero Hill for me and the results were excellent. When going into large projects, it’s a certainty that there will be surprises, so you need someone to work with you through these challenges fairly. I felt calmer knowing that Jeff was my partner. He has also done smaller jobs for me (walkways and sidewalk squares) and the results were also great. Thank you!

Jose I. said “Cato’s Paving will be my only option for any asphalt an concrete needs. As a fellow contractor we use them and recommend to our customers. Alfonso very polite and professional with every single project.…” read more

I worked with Jeff and his team for almost 5 months straight. The time includes several projects consisting of replacing two massive retaining walls, replacing the main water line through the driveway, sidewalk squares, and some general contracting work including fixing the deck and building the fences. Jeff’s price was very good. I think it was the best price. I liked that his contract called out areas in the project where there was risk to go over the bid. When he wasn’t sure what the cost would be, we agreed to assess it when the time came ending up with some shared risk. I prefer that over one fixed price that is much higher to take into account the risk of a lot of time consuming and costly additional effort. After so many months of working together I can say that Jeff is very honest and personable. He was always willing to incorporate my many detailed requirements without a lot of nickel and dime back and forth on minor changes. He followed up on all asks and details to ensure that the the project was completed to my satisfaction.

An AWESOME – local family business I would use again!!! They love what they do and do it with pride – Plus they just are really nice people to work with….their crews were just good people who strove to ensure the job got done as needed. We have 2 adjacent proprieties – One property needed all the 40+ old concert drive and walk way replaced – plus adding a new patio area – the other needing new areas added to already in place concrete areas – Sione and Paul worked with us to help us understand what would work in the areas, plus brought their ideas and expertise to really upgrade the properties. They took care of EVERYTHING – They were very thoughtful about making sure we still had access to our homes – as well as they took care of clean up.

Jeff and his crew did an amazing job replacing our driveway and sidewalk earlier in the new year. They were extremely responsive and flexible… coming once to open the sidewalk so that our plumber could run a new water line, and again a week later to add rebar and pour the concrete. Special kudos goes to Jeff’s foreman for staying late and being patient while working with my parents to make sure the concrete was perfectly sloped for drainage. He worked with my dad, who’s a retired structural engineer and also picky and meticulous when it comes to home projects 🙂 Jeff and his crew were punctual, hard working, and very professional. We love the the quality of their concrete work and would definitely recommend them!

Wish I could give more stars. Sione is kind, wise, personable, and very easy to get in contact with. His employees are skilled artists with pavers and concrete. They worked very hard and fast with spectacular results. Left zero mess behind while going above and beyond with helpful touches in the yard when finished. I had no idea a driveway could be so beautiful! Thanks, Sione.

We are extremely pleased with Jeff and his teams work. Not only did they do a fantastic job replacing our driveway and sidewalk but also came back a few times very quickly when we needed a bit of extra clean up We highly recommend them

Todd, Did u do the wood siding for the house on the first image? I

Great job. Removed lots of concrete in record time at a fair price.

“Todd and Co. took out my old cracked concrete and replaced it with beautiful pavers.” in 8 reviews

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Jeff and his team are first rate! He is extremely responsive by email, the work required coordination with our tree team and they dovetailed perfectly. The quality of the work was terrific, his team is great and the price was fair and reasonable. Highly recommended!

We had an excellent experience with this outfit. The city required us to fix our sidewalks within 30 days of the notice. After contacting 7 other firms, Service was the first to get back to me, send an estimate and confirmed the timing of the work. Jeff, the owner, communicated through every step in the process, showed up on time and fulfilled their commitment to complete the work. Jeff, his supervisor Chris and the team did an excellent job, and were respectful of our property. Highly recommend this company!

My new driveway and walkway are absolutely gorgeous. Todd and Co. took out my old cracked concrete and replaced it with beautiful pavers. They did the job in record time as promised and worked seamlessly with my plumber. Flavio and Crew were very professional and cleaned the job site each evening before leaving. The price was very nice as well. I’d pick Exterior Designs again in heartbeat for any paving job.

Todd, I believe my review is very fair by the lack of your response to return my calls. Failure to return a potential customer telephone calls is very unprofessional. As I stated in my original review I believe it is important to support local businesses and I still do. When I saw your work at the Home Show I liked what I saw. However, your lack of communication because your a small business owner is no excuse for not returning calls. I do find it ironic that you said your customers in San Carlos would give you five stars yet I see no reviews from San Carlos giving you such high ratings. Oh by the way, you should return EVERY call. I stand by my review.

When searching for a contractor to lay flagstone on my concrete (680sq. ft.) patio, Sione’s Concrete Construction was the third estimate I had obtained. When Paul, the Operations Manager came to look at my patio, I realized right away that this company was top notch. Paul was very knowledgeable and to the point about what would work for my situation. We met on another date to view flagstone together and he gave me his technical opinion. He also drove me to a job he had done that was a similar setting to mine. Once the job began, his crew was prompt and professional. They were very meticulous with each piece of stone and created a work of art. They also laid a small flagstone platform in an area amongst my plants where I have put a water feature. I am beyond pleased with how my patio has turned out and it has added value to my property. Thank you Sione’s!

Jim O. said “I was referred to Forever Putting Green by a family member who had work done in his back yard and was very happy with them. I had taken bids from a couple competitors, but when Mike (co owner) came out and…” read more

“He built a massive retaining wall on Potrero Hill for me and the results were excellent.” in 2 reviews

Mariana M. said “This is a late review as Howard came to my home on 4/3/17 to check for possible mold in a detached structure and the garage in my house. I cannot stress enough how kind and professional Howard is. He made…” read more

Recently, we needed to improve the look of our house with a new concrete driveway. I did extensive on-line research and ended up meeting with 7 contractors to go over design, materials, color, timeline, and price. I was looking for someone who could provide top-notch results in the end, but also someone who could help me visualize the best looking driveway to match the style of our house. Sione met with my husband and me several times, going over styles and colors, allowing us to play with different ideas until we were total satisfied with the plan moving forward. He demonstrated patience, respect, and an eagerness to provide what we were looking for, all while maintaining a great sense of humor and friendliness. While to some contractors, our project was viewed as ‘small’ and therefore insignificant, Sione seemed to understand that to us it was a ‘big’ deal. When it was time for the demolition to start, his brother and Operations Manager, Paul, seamlessly took over. He was up-to-date on all of the details and relayed the information to each of his project teams (demolition, concrete truck/pour, stamping and design). After the project was completed, I asked Paul to return to check on a few ‘loose ends.’ Not only did Paul come out later that same day, but he also brought along Sione who made sure that we were totally satisfied with the end product. Needless to say, we are!

Last year, I decided to fix my garage floor which had a deep crack running through it from one end to the other. I got several bids, and when I spoke to Paul I knew he was the right person for this job. From the beginning all the way to the end, he did an awesome job overseeing the work, his crew was fantastic and professional, and his price was fair and reasonable. If I had to do it again, I would not change a thing. Paul is a pro!

Very happy with their work–fixed our city-tagged sidewalk. They were quick and reasonable. The only issue I had was that they didn’t come by to look at the sidewalk, but it turned out to not even matter. I would definitely recommend.

Howard W. said “Got Watts installed a solar PV roof system and we are very happy with it. This is the second time that we have used Got Watts and both times, we could not have asked for a better experience. Jeremy’s quote…” read more

Love our new patio by Sione’s Concrete Construction. We had an old wooden deck and Sione’s team had it removed and replaced with a gorgeous hardscape patio and for a reasonable price. We also had very large tree roots encroaching on our home’s foundation and they were removed to accommodate a perfect patio. The recent heavy rains proved that our new patio also drains perfectly. They were prompt, friendly and meticulous and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Sione’s for your concrete needs.

I had contacted Sione’s a couple of months ago for a quote on a driveway project. Sione showed up right on time (a real treat in the construction business :)), gave me a detailed description of the work they would do, patiently answered all my questions and provided lots of helpful recommendations. Very professional, and to the point. These guys really know what they are doing and place high priority on good customer service. Highly recommended!

This is a short review because everything was perfect. From estimate to final site cleanup these guys are on it. They kept me up to date daily on any issues or problems. The driveway the did for us in stamped concrete is amazing as are the retaining walls. 100% recommend these guys.

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Chris F. said “I bought a new house this year and when I lit a fire for the first time this fall, a large blast of soot fell out of the chimney when I opened the flue. When we lit the fire the house filled with smoke and…” read more

“I liked that his contract called out areas in the project where there was risk to go over the bid.” in 5 reviews

After the city tagged my sidewalk I was lucky enough to find Jeff and his team to repair it. Jeff came by the day after I contacted him, compared to three other companies that never even returned my calls. His rate was very reasonable so I decided to add an additional walkway to the project. Being in the business for many years, Jeff personally knows the city inspectors and is very familiar with the permit process. Also, I was impressed when Jeff said the city inspectors were reasonable people – I assume that meant he has constructive, not combative, relationships with them. Within a week after my initial contact Jeff completed the job and it looks fantastic!

We needed to replace over 1,000 square feet of driveway and Sione Concrete Contractors was absolutely the perfect choice for us! Received six estimates for our cracked and uneven driveway. Needless to say, my designing skills for a driveway was very limited but knew I didn’t want to replace with just plain concrete or pavers. Out of all the contractors, Sione knew exactly what I wanted…segregated concrete sections separated with channels of rock. The whole process went very smoothly. Project manager Paul is awesome and is right on top all phases of construction with his team that did an awesome job. Everyone was professional, punctual and cleaned up the work site every day…couldn’t be happier with the end result. Would highly recommend Sione Concrete Contractors without reservation for your next project. Can’t wait to get them back for our backyard project.

Our driveway and our two-level concrete and aggregate back patio were in need of replacement. We contacted multiple contactors before settling on Sione’s Concrete Construction Inc. Sione’s proposal was not the lowest but did come in at about mid-level. In our initial meeting with Sione we felt very much at ease in talking to him about what was needed and getting his thoughts which assisted our vision of what was needed. Sione is very friendly and thoroughly understands his business. We like things to be all set out in great detail so no misunderstanding can ensue but Sione let us know that once demolition occurred we could all better visualize how things would look and of course he honored his original estimate even though things may have had to been slightly altered from the original plan just as he had promised. Sione and his entire staff illustrated honesty, integrity and a great work ethic which is hard to duplicate in contractors. The driveway was done with stamped colored concrete. Sione assured us that we would love the finished product and he would do everything possible to make sure that final color turned out has we had envisioned. Obviously, we trusted him as concrete is not our expertise and he did not disappoint! His crew was at our house pretty much non-stop with Lenni acting as the project manager. Lenni was amazing with his work ethic and eye for detail. Sione had found a way to avoid cracking our grout along our existing pathway and new driveway which was much appreciated. The project was finished with a power washing and scrubbing of our entire walkway and a sealer was applied which gave the driveway a serious pop! We removed a planted area, boxwood hedge as well as wooden retaining wall and concrete patio in our backyard. Lenni and Louis constructed a concrete retaining wall with footings that was finished off with a veneer stone facing. Louis assisted on a majority of the project and showed his expertise particularly in the back when it came time to laying the patio pavers and building the veneer retaining wall. Lenni and Louis took their time placing our pavers which were very large and extremely heavy. They took time to make sure we were happy with the layout and wanted our approval as they moved forward. We watched in amazement as these guys moved the heavy pavers around and cut the veneer so all would match perfectly. Steve worked very hard as well as was the expert when it came to plumbing needs. Sione came by regularly to check on the status of the work and looked for our feedback and provided his own. Additionally, he was always available to his workers for feedback when unexpected topics arose so that time was not lost and the topic could be addressed quickly. He assisted us with seating wall lighting which really makes the back look great in the evening. We can’t express our gratitude enough for the care they all put into our project to make sure we were happy at every step along the way. We developed great respect and friendships with Sione and his team as they truly worked hard during their 3 weeks on the job. We were home much of the time this work went on and there was not much down time as Lenni and his crew worked very hard 5 days a week steady from 8 AM-4 PM like clockwork. Their work is amazing and we truly couldn’t be any happier with the finished products!! We would wholeheartedly recommend that this group as we are confident you will not be disappointed.

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