Exploring the test office design trends of 2018 greener on the inside
Introducing terrariums there has been a slow and steady trend towards terrariums lately as they work their way onto the tables and countertops of the
Exploring The Hottest Office Design Trends Of 20 Greener On The

Exploring The Hottest Office Design Trends Of 20 Greener On The Exploring The Hottest Office Design Trends Of 20 Greener On The

Combining modern elements with natural ones is the main aim of Biophilic spaces. This year, we’ll see a huge number of nature-inspired office space. And keep in mind, these offices are more than just eco-friendly spaces filled with plants. This design uses nature as its “skeleton” for the use of a wide variety of natural textures and patterns. Although Biophilic design was nothing more than a concept just a few years ago, it has become more popular than ever in tech hubs across the world.

With that in mind, let’s go over some of the biggest office design trends for this year and see how they affect the modern workforce…

Furniture: Office Accessories Exploring the Hottest Office Design Trends of 2018

As you can clearly see, office designs this year aim to bring health, harmony and comfort to the workplace. During the next twelve months, you can expect thousands of companies across the world to start redesigning their office in an effort to provide more ease-of-mind to their employees and create a productive atmosphere where employees feel like they are home.

Of course, this is just a short list that doesn’t go into too much detail. If you want to get some in-depth knowledge on the biggest and hottest office trends for this year, head over to the Office principles website and see what their experts got to say on the matter.

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Since millennials have become the dominant workforce in the business world, they are the ones who dictate the terms and shape the designs of modern offices. And what the millennial generation is looking for is an unconventional work environment. From open-floor plans to co-working spaces and relaxation areas, millennial-inspired offices are fun, exciting, motivating and comfortable, contributing to the general efficiency of their occupants. Owing to millennials, the modern office has become more stimulating, creative and cosy, featuring unusual work areas, comfortable and laid-back lounge rooms and intricate, atypical designs. Such an unorthodox work environment supports dynamics, creativity and a unique culture in the workplace.

Office designs for 2018 are nothing if not chic, bringing concrete as their most popular material option. Soft grey hues of concrete are harmoniously combined with refreshing pops of green and soothing neutrals, creating a unique modern-industrial-inspired offices with the authentic flair of minimalism. However, a beautiful visual appeal isn’t the sole feature of the 2018 work environment. The modern office equally values both aesthetics and functionality, so trends in 2018 are both practical and stylish. For example, the modern office design features delicate design aesthetics, as well as highly functional layouts that contribute to workplace efficiency. No wonder that more and more millennials choose to work in an office space where they have everything they need to succeed.

People still want a chic office, and this year, it looks like concrete is the most popular material option for office designers. They combine different hues of grey with soothing colors to create a minimalistic, industrial-inspired look. But beauty isn’t really the number one factor – people still want practicality. Therefore, one of the biggest trends this year is the combination of style and functionality.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration.

Those offices that prefer keeping the privacy of separated cubicles can opt for a greener design. Green wall dividers are introduced to the modern workplace to provide hard-working employees with more privacy and less noise. What makes them so appealing is their soothing nature and cheerful design that contributes to the general enjoyableness of the workspace. However green walls and green dividers are just a portion of the office greenness. Offices that can’t afford massive green wall installations can introduce hanging baskets and lovely planters to add splashes of green.

This year, some companies are getting rid of boring, old cubicles in the favor of natural wall dividers. These dividers provide more privacy and less noise, and in turn, allow employees to stay completely focused during thr workday. Moreover, these green walls not only elevate office design, but also increase the air quality in a closed space. Basically, this design increases productivity and improves health of the workforce, so no wonder why it’s so popular…

While some bring work home, others prefer bringing a piece of home to work. Instead of having a stiff, formal design, modern office spaces have a homey atmosphere that contributes to the comfort of employees. Not only do they feel more relaxed at work, but they actually don’t mind staying a few hours longer because their office is their second home. Nowadays, for example, offices in Australia feature playful and home-inspired designs, with comfy furniture like lounge suites in Sydney, cosy fireplaces, exciting bars and kitchens, and even refreshing showers. More and more employees prefer going to the office to working from home because they are more productive while still enjoying homey comforts.

People love to bring their work home these days. We literally have millions of telecommuters in the United States alone. However, some designers are trying to bring a piece of their home to work. So instead of having modern, formal furniture, these offices maintain a “homey” atmosphere, which allows workers to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. This design actually increases productivity, because people don’t mind working a few additional hours, since their office feels like a second home.

Accentuating human connection with nature, biophilic spaces aim to include the natural world into their design. These nature-inspired offices are more than just eco-friendly spaces dotted with greenery. The biophilic design actually uses nature as its framework for the use of different, nature-inspired patterns, textures, plants and natural lighting. While this inspiring design was once nothing more than a concept, now, it’s becoming more and more popular, especially in urban centres and tech hubs.

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The classic office space has gone through a number of changes throughout the years. Today, some of the best offices out there feature styles and designs more inspiring than ever. Every year brings us something different and 2018 is no different.

Modern office spaces have greatly changed over the years, featuring designs and styles more inspiring than ever. Each year brings new and exciting design trends to the work environment with the aim of boosting the workplace efficiency and meeting the needs of a business. Dynamic office trends of 2018 will bring happiness, wellness and productivity to the modern office, contributing to the well-being and prosperity of both employees and businesses.

Not only does all the greenery liven up the modern office, but it also provides it with numerous benefits, including the increased air quality. Finally, green comes in small doses, too, along with beautiful decorative terrariums. As beautiful accent pieces, terrariums are used to introduce succulent, air and even carnivorous plants while simultaneously elevating the office design. Office designs of 2018 will bring harmony, style and wellness to the workplace, emphasising green trends, chic accents and home-inspired atmosphere.

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