Bottle 22 bottle glass handcrafted muranese glass baltic twist mun by vg for sale at 1stdibs
Exclusive Fine Drink Bottle Design For An Interior Design Twist

Exclusive Fine Drink Bottle Design For An Interior Design Twist Exclusive Fine Drink Bottle Design For An Interior Design Twist

MEAUOTOU Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Container Set for Kicthen, 6pcs

This item: Sistema Twist ‘N’ Sip Collection Drink Bottle, 20.9 oz, Pink

Shock your consumers. This cigarette packaging is very shocking. It’s rooted in truth because smokers know the risks they take when they choose to light up. While it may not be the best marketing ploy, it certainly draws attention.

Being a little tongue in cheek with your packaging is fun. If you can make someone smile when they see your product, why wouldn’t you? These paint brushes act as facial hair for the illustrated faces on the sleeves. It’s fun to look at, and definitely stands out against other paint brush brands.

[20 Pack] 24 Oz. Meal Prep Containers BPA Free Plastic Reusable Food Storage Contai…

Piggy back off of current trends to make your packaging more current. This beer uses the incredibly popular font not only as it’s branding, but as its namesake. It’s simple, clean, and modern, and looks slightly ‘hipster’.

Simple Modern 32oz Ascent Water Bottle – Stainless Steel Flask w/Handle Lid – Metal…

Packaging costs you money, plain and simple. If you don’t need an excess of packaging, don’t use it. These music cords are packaged very simply, yet still effectively. The paper wrap is designed beautifully, with bright pops of gold on black, and the colors correlate with the colors of the products.

Glasstic stands apart from ALL other Glass Water Bottles by surrounding the Glass Bottle containing your beverage inside a Durable Shatterproof Protective Shell. The hardness of the shell combined with the relative softness of the Cap and Base along with the Silicone Seals combine to create a Glass Bottle that can take a spill or two without shattering!

Just because your product is one thing doesn’t mean it can’t look like something else, get creative with how your product can look. Instead of being a plain old tea bag, this tea brand turned the bags into ‘tea shirts’, complete with hanger. The hanger keeps the bag upright on the rim of your mug, making it functional and not just for aesthetics.

The outside of your package should be interesting, but what about the inside, where the product is actually encased? If you have multiple parts and pieces to your product, display them separately. This yoyo packaging has small cut outs for each piece of the yoyo, and they all fit neatly inside. The colors of the product relate to the colors on the box, and it pulls it together nicely.

No more unclean hands pulling at tips – a more hygenic way to drink.

40. Create Something With the Product Creative Guerrilla Marketing/Corrine Pant

  • #4621 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Accessories
  • #5989 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Accessories
  • #880 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Camping & Hiking > Hydration & Filtration > Water Bottles

If your product is brightly colored, draw inspiration from it. Use accents of the bright colors in your packaging, like this candy packaging. Each candy is a different color, and each bag uses the color of the candy on its sides and in the graphics. The line as a whole feels connected, but they’re just different enough that you can get the gist when a product is different than the next (without having to look at the candy).

Sistema Twist ‘N’ Sip Collection Davina Water Bottle, 23.6 oz./0.7 L, Pink

Works great for hydrating during my long walks. Also great for kids to limit spillage.

purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Stainless Steel Lid, 3…

Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle, 32oz, Graphite

Exclusive Fine Drink Bottle Design for an Interior Design Twist

I wanted a glass water bottle because I didn’t like the way plastic or metal bottles flavored my water. I was wary, however, of the hazards that come along with a glass container that you carry every day.

The Glasstic Shatterproof water bottle seemed to take care of those issues, and for only $15, was a little more affordable than some other glass water bottles available. I also liked the straight-lined, simple design of the bottle.

My wife has the LifeFactory glass water bottle, and I love the quality of that product, but I wanted something that wasn’t so curvy and feminine.I’ve had this water bottle for a few hours now, and from first impressions, I like it okay.

The glass insert is heavy-duty and durable, and my water doesn’t have any unnatural flavors. Rubber gaskets keep the ends from leaking. There is a lock to keep the lid shut. The clear plastic body is slightly flexible, but not-at-all flimsy, and the “double walled” insulation seems to have slowed the rate at which my ice melts.

My only complaints are about the end pieces of the bottle (the lid and bottom). The material is a very brittle plastic. I could see this taking one fall from a counter or desk and shattering not the glass, but the plastic ends.

I don’t like the spout either. There is no vent-hole, so you can’t drink smoothly with it to your lips, but it won’t pour without spilling either. Maybe that’s just user-error on my part, but it looks like other reviewers had the same problem.

I took 2 stars for quality and performance, but I’ll still use this bottle. It’s comfortable to carry and it looks good in my bag and on my desk.

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Ello Dash BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle, Charisma Purple, 16 oz

32 Oz Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeve Leak Proof Lid 1L Time Marked Measurements BPA-Free For To-Go Travel At Home Reusable Eco Friendly Safe For Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily Intake

Modern, sleek, and simple designs stand out. Use clean lines, simple colors, and sans serif fonts to achieve a modern look. This packaging took a very modern approach, and made it even more modern by making it gender neutral. It doesn’t lean one way or the other, and draws instant attention from viewers who are curious about who the product is for.

32. Include a Tactile Aspect Creative Bloq/J Walter Thompson

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Twist Cap, 22 Ounce, Black

Be extreme, ludicrous even. These Nike Air shoes aren’t packaged in a box, they’re packaged in – that’s right – a bag of air. It is so literal yet so creative. You have to get your hands on them, and it is incredibly effective.

Eveau Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid/Straw Lid, Bumperguard Silicone Sleeve, Wide Mouth Opening, 21 Ounce/630 ml

If you’re product is something you believe to be gift worthy, display it that way. This limoncello was created to be a gift, and appropriately packaged. The white paper protects the glass bottle inside the tall cylinder. When you open the cylinder, you’re able to tear the paper away from the bottle, which is reminiscent of opening regular wrapped gifts.

Use imagery that is a little out there, something that isn’t expected. Luckily, the name of this vodka is a little out there, and the imagery could be pulled from that. The spine appears to be 3D the way it’s printed on the glass, and it gives an awesome effect.

If your product is best coming in a certain type of package, don’t limit yourself to the basic idea. This soap is best coming in a box, but instead of just a regular box you open at one end, it folds open. The folding action makes it just that much more special and interesting, and makes it something worth saving and using for decorative storage.

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I love these bottles. Its very easy for kids to use and my son loves having it every day in his backpack.

KOR Delta BPA Free Reusable Water Bottle I 750ml (25 Oz) or 500ml (17oz) I Eco-Friendly I Leak Proof Flip Top w/Handle I Wide Mouth – Great for Gym, Running, Outdoors, Camping, Sports and Travel.

  • 360° VIEW

(I’m writing this under my husbands account.) My husband got this for me for Christmas, and I LOVE this water bottle. I prefer glass water bottles for the taste, but I’ve had many and most of them shatter the first or second time you drop them.

One I had recently, shattered into about a billion peices while my husband was just washing it in the sink (it only fell about 6 inches), my husband got some pretty nasty cuts on his hand, and after that, I was seriously considering going back to plastic, when he found this awesome water bottle.

Firstly, I’m sure it’s possible to break this water bottle, but it would be a heck of a lot harder than a normal completely glass bottle.The outside layer is plastic. It’s easier to grip than glass, (so less likely to fall in the first place) and has a little give to it.

There’s an inner glass bottle, that holds your beverage, and it’s only touched by glass, so you get the great taste (which, is the first reason to get a glass bottle). The double bottle also acts to insulate cold water (and does a pretty awesome job).

Personally, I’m a fan of the open mouth water bottles (like this one) vs. straws or the pop-up caps. This bottle’s mouth is just the right size and comfortable to drink out of. I like the top [lid] as well.

*note to first time users, it flips ALL the way back. like 270 degrees, so it’s lying against the side of the bottle completly out of your way. I didn’t know this at first and thought it obstructed my ability to drink, but just keep pushing it back (it has two hinges, so it kindof stops, then you have to push it a little harder to get it to go the rest of the way)The [lid] locks as well.

I like this because I carry my watter bottle in my lunch bag, and sometimes my purse, to work, so knowing that it won’t pop open and drench everything is pretty nice. The bottle has a handle as well, which makes it easier to carry when your hands are full.

One last thing: I can’t figure out why, but most of the seals on my other glass water bottles aren’t perfect. They leak. This one is perfect. I’m totally comfortable putting in my purse with my iPhone (when it’s locked of course)All in all, I don’t have one bad thing to say about this water bottle, and will be replacing all of my other water bottles with this one as they break.

(it shouldn’t take too long.)

Show what your product is made of in the packaging. This perfume (called Zen) is made with bamboo. Instead of using a bamboo print or illustration, the bottle is turned into bamboo. It becomes a real statement piece, and something someone would like to display.

Accepted Practically EverywhereDue to the unique patented design of this glass water bottle most Yoga and Fitness Studios allow Glasstic on the property. Many of these studios prefer this to ALL other types and many personalize it for promotions or for resale.

Hydrate. Cycling and Exercise Water Bottle – 21oz – 2 Pack – Bicycle Leak Proof Bot…

Veegoal Dishwasher Safe 18 Oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid and Protective Sleeve-Bpa Free

46. Make it Something it’s Not Packaging of the World/remark studio

Only pink water bottles came. I have 3 boys and I couldn’t request a certain color. My boys happen to like pink, but a variety would have been nice.

Great bottles that are easy to clean. The twist and sip portion of the top is convenient but a little hard for my 5 year old to get all the way shut otherwise they don’t leak if closed completely. Overall they are very handy and I would buy them again.

  • The Last Water Bottle You’ll Ever Buy! – Don’t even think about buying another glass water bottle
  • Pure glass insert inside a protective plastic shell – BPA/BPS Free, lead free, cadmium free, toxin-free, worry free!
  • Our unique patented design is shatterproof, safe and accepted in most places glass is normally prohibited
  • This fits your .
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Glasstic comes with world class customer service and is backed by our industry leading warranty – See our reviews online
  • Leak Proof Flip Cap Lid with Handle and Lock. All 16oz lids are interchangeable with all other Glasstic Products

Sistema Twist ‘N’ Sip Collection Davina Water Bottle, 23.6 oz./0.7 L, Blue

I used this over the last few months. Never leaks and easy to open tip. I like the fact that it is pliable; just have to squeeze and the liquid goes right into your month.

39. Get Ridiculous Creative Guerrilla Marketing/Scholz & Friends

Make your product look like something else – just don’t get too drastic. Canned beer is cheap, but a lot of the time, the packaging isn’t too great. This beer is canned, but appears as though it’s in a special beer glass. The contrast between the lid and the rest of the ‘can’ creates an interesting effect, and makes the beer unique.

I really want to love these but there are few problems. I was under mistaken impression that the glass was somehow fused to the plastic. The glass liner is fully removable. Which is great for washing but.

..there is always moisture condensing between the glass and plastic which makes it look dirty and it starts to smell a little mildewy. To be clear, the smell and moisture is on the outside surface not the inside.

The plastic lid seals OK but there’s no o-ring or other securement to guarantee it won’t leak. When turned upside down it did not leak but when I shook it a little liquid dripped out – I wouldn’t put this in a bag or purse upside down.

Hopefully future models will incorporate a more hiking bouncing kid resistant design.

Simple Modern Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Double-Walled Wave Bottle, 17oz – Mi…

  • Locking Flip-Cap with Handle
  • Great For All Beverages, Hot or Cold (Water, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Essential Oils, etc.)
  • Wide Mouth (Great for Fruit Infusion)
  • Pure Glass Inside
  • Protective Outer Shell
  • Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe

Analyze what your product stands for, and show that in your packaging. This beauty line stands for simple, all natural, and pure ingredients. They display that in their packaging. It is simple, clean, and looks natural. The earth toned box adds a nice flare to the natural aspect as well.

4E’s Novelty Water Sports Bottles for Kids & Bikes, Pack of 12 Bulk, 7.5 inches, Gr…

Or in some cases, in it. Break the conventions of what your product is ‘supposed’ to come in. Water typically comes in a plastic bottle. But this water comes in a cardboard box. it’s still just water, but it’s different than anything else on the market, and it’s sure to grab your attention.

  • Bottle lid opens and closes without fingers touching the sipper tip-a more hygienic way to drink
  • This fits your .
  • Pink Twist ‘n’ Sip drink bottle holds 20.96 oz./2.6 cups; measures 2.64 inch diameter x 8.86 inch high
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack); microwave (without lid), fridge and freezer safe
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Designed and made in New Zealand from 100% virgin plastic; Phthalate free; BPA free
  • Leak proof and easy grip; ideal for school or sports

AQUANEÜ 32oz Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve with Time Measurements Daily Water …

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ZULU Studio Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, Grey/Green, 26oz

If you have the opportunity to be playful with your packaging, take it. This packaging is incredibly playful, yet still simple. The illustration interacts with the product but still lets it shine through. The colors relate to the berries, and the act of the character eating the berries indicates their quality.

3.9 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #116,483 in Kitchen & Dining (See Top 100 in Kitchen & Dining) #2,571 in Home & Kitchen > Kitchen & Dining > Travel & To-Go Drinkware > Water Bottles #16,980 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Accessories #21,927 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Accessories Date first listed on Amazon July 1, 2016

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If you can make something work just as well smaller, try it. The more compact something is, the easier it is to store and transport. These flashdrives are connected together by cardboard. The entire thing is only the size of a credit card, and easily fits into a wallet. If you need to give someone a file, you simply tear off a notch, load it, and hand it off. It’s convenient and reminiscent of those popular pull tab flyers.

Fun Life Bento Lunch Box, 5 Compartment Insulated Leakproof Meal Prep Container Eco…

How to get into the hearts of your audience with the emotional branding tactics used by Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola

Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make a request to customer service.

Seller Warranty DescriptionAll parts including glass inserts and caps are warrantied for 30 days after purchase. Contact Glasstic at 1-800-879-2444 for any issues or replacement of broken parts. We accept returns for 30 days for any reason.

If broken, we offer replacement glass bottle inserts and caps 1 time FREE within the first year. Replacement glass inserts and caps can be purchased on our website for the cost of shipping.Ingredients- BPA Free Plastic Outer Shell prevents shattering and spillage of beverage in case of a break.

– Glass Water Bottle to hold all your beverages so they always taste great – Flip cap sports lid with lock making it leak free and very easy to drink from – Innovative Handle allows for comfortable carrying

44. Address the Situation Creative Guerrilla Marketing/Acholz & Friends Berlin GmbH

3.0 out of 5 starsI wanted a glass water bottle because I didn’t like the way plastic or metal bottles flavored my water

Take your product and abstract it in your packaging. Rather than having just a regular small box of orange juice, the boxes are abstracted into ‘segments’ of an orange. They’re then wrapped up in a similar material that fresh bags of oranges come in and appear to construct an entire orange.

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle – 32oz Large – Fast Flow, Flip Top Leak Proof Lid …

  • +
  • +

BOTTLED JOY Water Bottle 2.5L Large Water Jug Handle BPA Free Plastic Sports Water …

Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy, or something you genuinely needed?

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Misc Home [20 Pack] 32 Oz Two Compartment Meal Prep Containers BPA-Free [Black]

People love beautiful things. Using and buying them make people feel good. Another interesting tea bag, though taken in a different direction, is this bird tea bag. It floats beautifully in your cup, as though it’s flying, and gives off an aura of serenity.

42. Be Morbid Creative Guerrilla Marketing/Reynolds and Reyner

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47. Use the Product to Your Advantage From Up North/Kei Meguro

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  • Design
  • Design inspiration

This is the purpose of packaging. Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It’s more than just putting your logo on a package. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way.

Make people uncomfortable if that’s your style. These juice boxes are very, very strange to look at. The resemblance of the actual fruit is uncanny, and seeing it in juice box shape makes you do a double take. It gives the impression that you’re drinking straight out of the fruit, and makes it seem healthier.

Product Dimensions 2.6 x 8.9 x 2.6 inches Item Weight 1.6 ounces Shipping Weight 1.6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies) Manufacturer Sistema ASIN B01GTZO0IC Item model number 795-3 Customer Reviews

Highland Park Distillery celebrated the launch of a 50 years old island single malt whisky with an disarmingly beautiful design. Your home would be eternally greatful to have such a magnificent decoration made from precious metals. Give your collection of fine drinks a boost with this splendid acquisition.  The “Highland Park 50 year old” has only 274 siblings made so it is sure to become an exclusive collectors` love. Each of the 275 limited edition bottles is unique: each has its own intricate hand-crafted ornaments.  Harrods London was the place where this bottle first saw daylight and where it is still exclusively available until the end of October. The distillery’s oldest and most prestigious drink has a design inspired by Orkney Islands. Artist Maeve Gillies (international bridal jewelery designer) constructed all the ornaments from sterling silver suited for such a magnificent drink.

Being eco-friendly is a great way to get people to love your brand. One way to be eco friendly is to give your product’s packaging another purpose. These bottles seem like normal enough cleaning products at first glance, but when you interact with them you realize they’re not made of flimsy plastic. They’re porcelain bottles, and are intended to be used as vases once the product inside is gone.

Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle 12 oz – Sippy Cup Leak Proof Sports Cap with Stra…

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[LIFETIME LIDS] LARGE Premium 3 Sets 3 Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Com…

SHBRIFA Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle 32oz, BPA Free Glass Drinking Bottle with Neoprene Sleeve and Leak-Proof Bamboo Lid

If your package is interactive, people will love it. This Smirnoff alcohol features a wrapper on the outside that you have to physically peel off. It also resembles the fruit in which the alcohol is flavored, and makes it feel more natural.

Limit your color palette to create a cohesive look. These rice cakes drew their color palette from the flavor, sea salt and balsamic, so it took on a nautical theme. The shades of blue work great together, and the complement of orange adds a nice pop.

SunCraft Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Boxes – Set of 3 – Leak Proof BPA Free Food St…

Using multiple colors and shapes in an interesting pattern is a great way to stand out. This tequila packaging utilizes these things, and has a very unique look. It looks fun and playful, and promises a good time if you choose it.

Glasstic was built to be durable. We made it extra thick and put a protective outer shell around it in order to help keep it safe for everybody including kids as young as 6. Please remember to disassemble, inspect and clean children’s bottles daily to make sure their adventures have not damaged the glass water bottle insert in any way.Moms everywhere understand that kids have accidents and make a mess every now and then so having a product like Glasstic from a company that understands and has anticipated this is a real life saver when the need arises!

Knowing how to make your product stand out amongst all the others on the shelves can be hard, so take a look at these 50 creative and unique packaging examples and tips to draw inspiration and learn how to make your packaging appeal to the masses.

5.0 out of 5 starsI’ve tried tons of glass bottles. This one rules.

50 Strong BPA Free Reusable Water Bottle with Time Marker – Motivational Fitness Bo…

  • A large drink of water first thing in the morning is a great way to welcome the day ahead.
  • Try adding a slice of lemon or lime to your drink for extra flavour

Kablo Glass Water Bottle 32 or 21 oz, 100% Borosilicate Glass, BPA Free

Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Glasstic is a safe glass water bottle that consists of a pure glass bottle insert contained inside of a durable, BPA-Free plastic outer shell, flip-cap and base.

Valuebox Spin Bucket System Mop with Extended Length Handle 2 Microfiber Mop Heads …

Glasstic is BPA Free, Toxin Free, Metal Free and Recyclable.Glasstic allows you to completely stop using bottled water forever… that alone is a huge help but with Glasstic you can recycle and reuse forever! Glasstic is not only a product but also an effort in conservation. We freely replace broken parts in order to promote reuse and conservation. We believe that by doing this we can all share in maintaining our environment for future generations…Glasstic was developed for environmentally minded people like you in response to the growing evidence that single-use water bottles were damaging the environment due to their massive overuse and the lack of people recycling them effectively.Do you realize that 10s of billions of single-use water bottles are being wasted and not recycled? Imagine what that is doing to the Earth…Do your part and help save the Environment one bottle at a time!

Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle – 16oz – Double Walled – Flip Cap Sports Water Bottle

I guess I didn’t look closely enough at the description that states you’re only getting one water bottle, not 3 like the photo suggests. Selling one of these for $10 is kind of a joke, in my opinion, and I think the photo is a little deceiving.

They are worth $3/piece, not $10.

If you can tell a story with your packaging, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. People love stories, and they love uncovering information they may not otherwise. This packaging for socks tells a unique story. When you pull out the socks, a tuft of cotton is stuck to the top, replicating the smoke stacks that often were found on sock mills in previous years.

Being a little suggestive with your packaging can attract a different audience than you could have otherwise. This product is just regular bread, but the packaging portrays it as something else. The packaging is actually to promote breast cancer awareness, and it does a great job of attracting attention.

Be unorthodox with your packaging. As long as consumers can draw the connection between your product and what it’s packaged in, you haven’t gone too far. This vodka gel is packaged in a tube that resembles caulking. It’s an interesting way to get the product out, and it’s a fun play on industrial gels.

Silicone covered bottles or canning jars do not offer this peace of mind…

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purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Stainless Steel Lid, 12/22 / 32 oz

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Perfect For On The GoSince we all agree that EVERYTHING tastes best in glass use why not use a Glass Bottle from Glasstic to bring your favorite hot or cold beverage everywhere you go. The innovative yet simple design of this glass water bottle gives you peace of mind on so many levels…

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Sistema To Go Collection Mini Bites Small Food Storage Containers, 4.3 oz./127 mL, Pink/Green/Blue, 3 Count

Is there a common idea when it comes to your type of product? Try using it in your packaging to get universal understanding. This liquor bottle doesn’t only have an incredibly detailed label, but it has a funny brown paper over wrap. Everyone knows what it means, and everyone can get a bit of a chuckle out of it.

  • Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars 714 customer reviews
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #38,283 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #880 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Camping & Hiking > Hydration & Filtration > Water Bottles #4621 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Accessories #5989 in Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Recreation > Accessories
  • Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here
  • Would you like to tell us about a lower price?
  • ASIN: B00EDS3P0C
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 3.5 x 3.8 inches ; 14.4 ounces

We own multiple of these bottles for my twins’ packed lunches. I love how compact they are for the amount of water they hold. They have lasted longer than other lunch box bottles overall I think because the plastic isn’t rigid. Highly recommend

If you can use your product as part of the actual package, do it. These shoes have awesome bird boxes, and instead of leaving the shoes just lay inside the box, the laces are strung through holes, giving the illusion of a worm in the bird’s mouth.

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8 Pieces Flatware Sets Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks, SENHAI 2 Pack Rustproof Stai…

After seeing the limitless possibilities there are for making awesomely creative packaging, there should be no hesitation to push your product’s package to the max. It can be functional, purposeful, entertaining, or just outright bizarre, but one thing’s for sure: The more creative and inspiring your packaging is, the more likely the product is to sell.

Sometimes simplicity is key, and that holds true in this packaging. The earth toned, recycled material gives off an earthy feel, which is solidified with the feather illustration. The bright pops of color on the labels lend to the design nicely, bringing a bit more of a modern twist to the package.

  • 20.9 Ounce
  • 15.5 Ounce

Ello Pure BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Lid, Blue Squares, 20 oz.

Sports Water Bottle, 400/500/700ml/1L, BPA Free Leak Proof Kids Bottles for Hiking,…

09. Consider the Process Behance/Priscila Grassi/Jorge Galán

YEBODA Glass Water Bottles 18oz Bottles For Beverage and Juicer Use Stainless Steel Caps – Including Colorful Nylon Protection Sleeve,Pack Of 6

Squeeze Sports Water Bottles – 6 Pack Plastic Water Bottle Set With Lid and Writabl…

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Exaggerate your shapes, colors, and illustrations when you can. This cereal brand uses a bear as its character (since it’s honey flavored). Instead of just having a picture of a cute bear, the bear has his mouth wide open, stuffing it full of the delicious cereal inside.

You can make your packaging cool, but if you can make your actual product cool, you’ve got a real winner. Take this milk soap, for example. It’s just soap made with milk, and could easily have been just another rectangular bar. But instead of doing what was expected, the soap was turned into an ice cream treat, related directly to the milk contained inside.

Stay hydrated with Sistema’s re-useable Hydrate range, reducing landfill from one time use bottles.

Fun Life Bento Box, Meal Prep Food Storage Containers Set, 6-Piece Eco-Friendly Whe…

G-Flask Vacuum Insulated American Flag Water Bottle- Made from Stainless Steel and …

  • 360° VIEW

All Sistema Hydrate products are dishwasher safe – Top rack.

water bottle easy to clean glass bottle essential oils outer shell glass water flip top flip cap plastic shell really like highly recommend plastic outer double wall glass insert glass inside everyday carry around easy to carry plastic on the outside mouth piece

Now that you’re thinking about it, odds are, you bought it because it was interesting. Yes, you may have needed shampoo, but did you need that specific brand? The one with the sleek, expensive looking bottle? No, but you bought it because you thought it would make you feel fancy, even if it’s the same product as what’s in the discount bin.

If there’s one item people shell out tons of their hard earned cash on, it’s liquor. With so many brands out there, don’t you want to make sure yours stands out on the shelf? This liquor pulled out all the stops. It’s enclosed in a unique box, comes with shot glasses, and is an incredibly vibrant yellow and pink. It screams ‘good time’, and could be kept to display to commemorate a weekend well spent.

A Safe Glass Bottle SolutionIn the event of a break, the glass is safely contained inside the durable, protective outer shell. No dangerous mess to worry about. We all know accidents are going to happen so why not put your mind at ease and choose Glasstic to save yourself the worry of a dangerous mess.

Zenbo Glass Water Bottle 32oz 26oz or 21 oz, 100% Borosilicate Glass BPA-Free for to-Go Travel at Home Reusable Safe for Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily Intake Drink

Unfortunately this is seemingly the best and only product on the market in its class as a shatterproof glass water bottle. I was disappointed because right when I took it apart, I saw on the bottom what confirmed my suspicion.

.. MADE IN CHINA. My suspicion arose from when I first open the package and held the product and I could tell the plastic and even the glass itself was poor quality. I tossed only the glass bottle in the dishwasher, and hand-washed the plastic.

After the dishwasher the glass bottle will need to be hand washed as water spots stain the inside.I’m giving this 4 stars despite my complaints on quality because the design of this product is excellent.

The price is high since knowing that it probably cost pennies to produce, but fair because of its design and functionality.If this was made of quality glass and top/bottom pieces of metal instead of plastics.

. it would be a superior product. As it stands I expect to be replacing this device in a couple years from normal wear and tear of the plastics.Also, if anyone who represents the company happens to be reading this, another “upgrade” would be to make the top lid incorporate glass as well, or even metal, so that absolutely no plastic comes in contact with the contents of the container.

When creating a package, utilize every inch that you can. This box uses a pretty floral pattern on the interior. Instead of leaving the inside untouched, the pattern makes the box feel more upscale, which, in turn, makes the product inside seem more upscale.

Use the product to create your imagery, but make sure it relates to what you’re selling. These headphones are used to create music notes. Since the notes aren’t printed on the paper, they’re 3d, and really add something extra to the flat piece of cardstock.

Stay hydrated on the go at school, sports and picnics with a range of stylish drink bottles. The brand offers a variety of sizes, fashionable colors, sports and kids’ bottles with features such as the hygienic Twist ‘n’ Sip caps. There is a drink bottle to suit all your family’s hydration needs.

The secret power of nostalgia: How you can use it to fuel your creativity and enrich your design

45. Relate it to the Cause Creative Guerrilla Marketing/BBDO Dusseldorf GmbH

Chef’s Star Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack 18oz Bottles for Beverages and Juicer Use Stainless Steel Leak Proof Caps with Carrying Loop – Including 6 Black Nylon Protection Sleeve

Millions of customers in over 100 countries around the world use Sistema products to help make their life a little easier.  From drink bottles to lunch boxes, microwave mugs to kitchen storage boxes everywhere, Sistema containers are used people find a purpose that suits their lifestyle. Sistema was built on one man’s dream in his garage in small town New Zealand. That dream has now grown to include a team that spans the world. The vision to manufacture a beautifully designed, well made container in New Zealand and ship it to customers around the world has finally been realized. But our dream has not finished as we continue to innovate and design an ever increasing range of products manufactured to suit our customer’s ever changing requirements. Be assured that every container that leaves our state of the art factory is made using virgin material that is both BPA and Phthalate free. All Sistema products are dishwasher (top rack), microwave (without lids), fridge and freezer safe. Taking the simple premise that customers want a well-made, beautifully designed, food safe storage container that would be stackable, the Sistema range was born. All of Sistema’s featured collections help make life a little easier: Klip It , Bake It, To Go, Microwave, Lunch, Hydrate and Storage. We offer stylish drink bottles in a wide range of sizes and fashionable colors; there is a drink bottle to suit all your family’s hydration needs. We also have a range of bottles that feature our popular patented TWIST ‘N’ SIP lid. This unique lid allows the bottle to be opened and closed without fingers touching the sipper tip – a more hygienic way to drink. Look for the distinctive Sistema wave design on every Sistema bottle.

If you have a quality product, let it speak for itself. Don’t feel the need to surround it with shiny, obnoxious wrappings if it doesn’t need it. These tights are great quality and look great as well. Instead of hiding them away in a box, they’re front and center, allowing you to see how great they really are.

Try to make a play on why someone would need your product. These earplugs do just that. The cap resembles the volume knob on a stereo, and the motion of taking the cap off ‘turns down’ the volume. The cap really isn’t blocking out the noise, the earplugs are, but it’s a fun twist.

4.0 out of 5 starsMetal top and bottom would make this product the best

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw for Hiking, B…

Don’t feel obligated to make your illustrations or graphics completely realistic. If you can stylize your imagery and use it as a textural element, go for it. This package uses a simple illustration of a head and hair. The hair moves throughout the box, creating a pattern in the background. At first glance, you don’t know what the pattern is making, but as you explore the package, you realize it’s been hair all along.

Rolling Sands BPA-Free 24oz Water Bottle Bulk(100 Pack, Made in USA)

1.0 out of 5 starsMy boys happen to like pink, but a variety would have been nice

These are the only bottles I have ever found that DON’T LEAK!!!!! I love that you can throw them in a kids lunchbox or your purse and you don’t have to worry about spilling!!! LOVE THESE!

  • $19.99
  • $19.99
  • $19.99
  • $19.99
  • $19.99
  • $19.99

Try to appeal to every sense a human has in your packaging, if you can. The sense of touch is played up again in this sheet packaging. Small pieces were inserted inside the package before it was vacuum sealed, and it created a 3d, raised effect. It’s interesting not only to the eye, but to the hands as well.

Consider the actions a person will go through while interacting with your product. In this case, the product is luxury slippers. Since they’re a luxury item, they come inside a nice dust ruffle, which is then placed inside the box. The purchaser would open the box, see another package nestled inside, and then discover the slippers. The simple act of layering the package adds the luxury aspect, and makes it easier for purchasers to rationalize spending the few extra dollars for the experience.

Make sure your design complements the product that’s inside. This packaging looks simple and natural, just like what’s inside. You can see all the parts and pieces that you’re getting before you purchase it, so it gives off the impression of transparency and being proud of what you’re selling.

Tree elements helped construct the bottle`s design: the influence of the sea, wild weather and the passage of time.  The sterling silver ribbon embracing the bottle squeezes the clear glass as if it was the last time that it can touch and love the complex drink. “In recognition of the famous St Magnus Cathedral and its medieval beauty, the front of each bottle features a single piece of circular Orkney sandstone into which is hand-carved the Highland Park amulette. Inside the bottle, behind this sandstone, lies a Sterling silver replica of the St Magnus rose window which is revealed over time as the whisky is enjoyed.” Every great conquest comes at a price. This particular 50 years long waiting period combined with a complex taste and a monumental design has an interesting price: $ 16, 470.

5 star77%4 star8%3 star3 star (0%)0%2 star2 star (0%)0%1 star15%

Push your design as far as you can, you never know what interesting solutions you could come up with. Trident used the shape of their product to create teeth. Rather than just having the simple red lips, they added in funny mustaches and facial hair. It takes a unique idea and pushes it further.

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Simple Modern 32 oz Summit Water Bottle – Stainless Steel Metal Flask +2 Lids – Wid…

Fork Spoon Chopsticks Set, Rerii Stainless Steel Cutlery Set, Portable Flatware Set…

Use the texture, color, or shape of the product to your advantage. This meat packaging uses the actual meat as a design element. The negative space in the animals reveals the actual product underneath, creating a contrast between how it began and how it is now.

Leading the way with Phthalate and BPA free plastics, Sistema manufactures high quality bottles that are safe for you and your family.

Where food products are concerned, being able to see what it is you’re getting is incredibly important. Who knows what’s lurking in bags and boxes when you can’t see inside? These dog treats have a cut out window so you can see exactly what you’ll be feeding Fido. There won’t be any surprises once you get the product home, and you can tell that it’s quality just by looking at it.

If you have a product that a lot of other people produce as well, try to be innovative in how you display it. This honey package took a step in the opposite direction of the typical glass or plastic jar, and is a container made of beeswax. What’s even better, once you’ve used up all the product, you can flip the container over and reveal a wick on the bottom. You then burn down the package, making it completely waste free.

Instead of only using texture visually, use it physically. People will be physically interacting with your package, so appeal to their sense of touch, not just their sense of sight. This packaging for insect repellent uses texture at the bottom of their bottles. Not only does it help you keep a firm grip, but it adds an interesting sensation to your hands, and visually relates to the dotted imagery on the top area of the bottle.

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If your product is manufactured a certain way, try implementing it into your packaging. These cookies, for example, are baked in an oven. So why not package them in an oven? It’s a playful and approachable take on a standard bakery box, and it feels like a real treat.

05. Complement the Product Behance/Marie Zieger/moodley brand identity

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Sistema Twist ‘N’ Sip Collection Drink Bottle, 20.9 oz, Pink

Relate the imagery to your cause. This packaging is for a plant based digestive aid. It takes a stab at meats, and when the pills are popped out, it looks as though they’ve been shot in a shooting range. It goes with the slogan ‘target heavy food’, and gives the impression that it’s powerful.

Use patterns to step up a simple take on packaging. This tool packaging is simple in structure, yet gets taken up a notch with the interesting striping on the background. The color scheme give it a quality, all-American feel, and the tools speak for themselves.

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