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Di ruang tamu, Stereo Radiophonograph Brionvega RR126 oranye tahun 1960- an adalah sebuah pernyataan kesan retro dari stereo “high modular” modular yang dapat dibuka menjadi pengaturan yang panjang, atau dibiarkan tertutup dalam bentuk kubus. Di sebelahnya ada customiseterarium dari Pulau Kelinci.

While in Helsinki, I had the unique pleasure of visiting Eero Aarnio in his home. Famous in international design circles since his designs for the Ball and Bubble chairs first appeared in the 60s, Eero Aarnio has continued to create iconic and award-winning designs for furniture, lighting and everyday products. His home is filled with his own designs — from the original prototype for the 1963 Ball Chair to new designs still in development.

The home is oriented on a slight slope to take advantage of the natural light and views of the nearby lake. The space is almost entirely white and the colorful Pastil chairs, Puppy seats/sculptures and large collection of books provide a color and texture to the home. Eero Aarnio has an incredible sense of fun and humor — evident in his designs and his jovial manner. His home is relaxed and comfortable.

Kain Vintage yang dibeli dari Belanda dibuat menjadi tirai untuk kamar tidur utama. Melengkapi kurva dan bentuk bola dari rumah adalah klasik desain khas ini – rak pakaian Eames Rocker dan Eames Hang-It-All (keduanya dari Herman Miller).

Masuklah ke rumah psychedelic yang dipenuhi gaya retro dan desainer klasik ini. Bersama untuk merefleksikan karakter yang bersemangat serta kepribadian yang berani dari pemiliknya.

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you do not require any specific introduction to Eero Aarnio. The Finnish interior designer has produced some of the most iconic modern furniture pieces of the 1960s (Ball Chair, Bubble Chair, Pastil Chair, just to name a few) and his work graces art museums the world over. We have pictures of his beautiful home near Helsinki, Finland which seems to be loaded with designer items! The interiors are vibrant with lots of color and the house seems to be in a terrific setting within woods. Aarnio believes in no barriers between work and play and this is quite evident from the way the house is styled. He has numerous studio spaces spread around his home and there is hardly a space that doesn’t reflect the nature of ‘work’ he is into.

In addition to the central fireplace, white ceramic floor tiles cover a concrete slab that uses radiant heat to keep the home warm. The expansive sloped ceiling was designed to accommodate skylights and to withstand the weight of bookshelves in the rafters and the weight of a few hanging Bubble chairs. The remarkable thing is that many of the designs that span an international career of almost 50 years are quite timeless — the Bubble chairs hang in the sunlit entry in front of Eero’s 2008 design for a tree-like space divider.

This home, designed by Eero Aarnio and completed in 1989, showcases his ideal living arrangement — one that does not include barriers between private life and working life. Eero’s has multiple working areas and studio space scattered about the large open living area and studio and his designs and prototypes can be found in every area of the home he shares with his wife, Pirkko. Since their marriage in 1956, this is the 17th home that Eero and Pirkko have shared. In my talk with him, Eero emphasized that the homes got better and better over time and that this home makes them both very happy.

Name: Eero & Pirkko AarnioLocation: Finland – just outside HelsinkiYears lived in: 20

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Terarium yang customized di atas meja dari Rabbit Island membawa elemen alam yang segar kepada kamar tidur hijau dan kuning. Radio GEC Weltron Space Ball tahun 1970-an yang cerah dan cemerlang merefleksikan gaya Space Age.

Kamar tidur, bersama dengan bagian rumah lainnya, dilengkapi perabotan dipesan lebih dahulu dengan laminasi warna yang glossy dan solid yang dirancang agar selaras dengan tampilan retro di rumah.

Gaya ini terbawa ke area kamar mandi dan dapur (tidak tampak). kamar mandi utama dilapisi ubin dengan kualitas tinggi dengan tekstur bertitik 3D.

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Apartemen yang ia tinggali bersama istrinya, Fion Chang, dilengkapi dengan sekitar 400 produk, mulai dari kursi dan meja putar hingga lampu lava dan potongan dekorasi. Desain klasik ikonis, seperti sofa George Nelson Marshmallow 1950- an yang asli, kursi Eero Aarnio Ball dan lampu meja Louis Poulsen, dapat terlihat di seluruh penjuru. Tapi selain potongan desainer vintage dan yang baru diproduksi dari zaman ini, Alvin mengumpulkan apapun dan segala sesuatu yang terlihat retro sehingga ruang lebih bergaya, katanya. Rumahnya, meski dipenuhi banyak benda yang ditumpuk lebih dari dua dekade, memiliki tampilan yang rapih, berkat cara pasangan inimemutuskan untuk “mewarnai blok” interior. Mereka juga melibatkan Kevin Teng dari The Safe Haven, untuk melaksanakannya renovasi fungsional dasar dengan struktur baru agar sesuai dengan tampilan, dan itu akan memungkinkan koleksi Alvin menjadi point of interest.

Sofa berwarna cerah dari Lifestorey membagi ruang tamu, yang merupakan ruang putih beraksen dengan munculnya warna melalui perabotan, lampu dan perabotan lembut.

“Saya sangat menyukai apapun yang berhubungan dengan tahun 1970-an, terutama era yang disebut sebagai Space Age – dengan desain yang menyerupai helm astronot atau pesawat ruang angkasa,” jelas Alvin Sim.

Sauna is a very important part of Finnish culture. The Aarnio home includes an indoor electric sauna and a traditional smoke sauna built by the water’s edge. Made from pine, the smoke sauna takes 2 hours to heat and sits just a few feet from the lake so that alternating trips to the sauna and dips in the lake are ideal for relaxation.

Aarnio is still actively involved in furniture and toy design. That particular design above is ‘The Puppy’.

Pada area lounge, lampu gantung hijau UFO karya Luigi Colani menggantung di atas kursi ikonis Eero Aarnio Ball dan sebuah turntable GEC Weltron “pesawat ruang angkasa”. Di dinding terpasang sebuah karya kain Marimekko yang vintage bersebelahan sebuah TV Video hitam danputih gantung tahun 1970-an dengan desain yang terinspirasi oleh helm ruang angkasa tahun 1960-an.

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