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Scandinavian interior design 5 scandinavian interior design meet some beautiful scandinavian interior design
Do These 6 Things If You Want Scandinavian Interior Design

Do These 6 Things If You Want Scandinavian Interior Design Do These 6 Things If You Want Scandinavian Interior Design

As most Nordic people lived in small houses and stayed indoors for extended periods of time due to the long, harsh winters in the Nordic regions, adopting this practical style was an answer to their needs.

The look is undoubtedly stunning, but we love it most for its ability to make a space feel bigger. (Calling all teeny-tiny apartment dwellers!) The idea is to pare down to the essentials so your abode is nice and clutter-free. 

“My absolute favorite Scandinavian decor trend is taking what would normally be a boring storage piece, and making it a design focal point in your home,” says Anna Decilveo, merchandiser at Swedish-founded company Tictail. “The shelf or basket you would’ve likely hid in your closet is, instead, a work of art in itself. We’re already seeing so much of this from emerging Swedish brands on Tictail.” From designer clothing racks to statement kitchen organizers, now every facet of your home can be Scandinavian-level chic

While bare walls are often seen as ideal, it does not mean that you have to ward off all decorations. A certain amount of clutter is, after all, what brings a home alive.

Americans are known for perpetually chasing after a “balanced” lifestyle — but the Swedes just do it. Author of Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced Happy Life, Niki Brantmark (also the brains behind My Scandinavian Home) knows a thing or two about balance. As described in the title, lagom means finding just the right about, which is a beautifully Scandinavian approach to life and design. She predicts it will make its way from our daily schedules to our bedrooms, where “conscious buying and slow design” will take center stage.

The fact that the Scandinavians love their daylight is largely due to the fact that their countries are subjected to short days and long nights. Hence, most Scandinavian interiors typically sport large windows to maximise the light radiating through their homes, achieving a bright and welcoming space.

A continuous-line piece gives plenty of personality without having to worry about clashing colors.

While Scandinavian design isn’t limited to just a single look, there are a few elements that defines this unique Nordic style.

If you’ve scrolled through Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed an overwhelming number of minimally-decorated, impeccably-organized spaces taking over your feed. This trend is none other than Scandinavian home design, an interior style famous for its simplicity, functionality and neutral color scheme.

When you pin images and tear out magazine photos of rooms you love, says interior designer

What kid wouldn’t want to fall asleep under these cute, wood-stick tents? Here, Finnish interior designer Susanna Vento created a monochrome bed complete with an adorable tented canopy, as seen in ELLE Decoration Sweden. This trend has already started popping up in the U.S., like in Lucy Liu’s son Rockwell’s playroom. Kids around the world will be pretty excited about this one.

It’s no surprise the Swedes turn towards monochrome artwork, like in this Gothenburg home, considering the rest of their house tends to stay in the realm of black and white. Not that America will ever go strictly minimalist (we’re too obsessed with antiques and collecting, well, everything), but we’d love to see this simple, graphic artwork interspersed amongst colorful rooms. Layer them for a casual, but stylish effect.

One of the key design elements of a Scandinavian home is a light or muted base. Changing the flooring to a white or pine colour is a great way to achieve this. If you don’t want to break up your existing flooring, you can lay the new flooring on top.

Minimize clutter by keeping chaos covered. Whether in your kitchen, living room or home office, challenge yourself to keep shelves and tabletops clean. Only display what you want people to admire. The rest deserves to be neatly tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.


The Nordics love their outdoors. This translates into incorporating natural elements into their interior to bring them closer to the great outdoors.

The buckled straps of this sling-style chair highlight the buttery softness of the leather.

It is not hard to see why Malaysians love to create a Scandinavian design for their homes.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate, get organized or simply feel inspired to tidy up, scroll through the list below to learn simple ways to master this space-saving design trick. 

Scandinavia’s favorite accent color? Clearly, it’s blue — a bright blue that stands out brilliantly against all-white interiors, like in this colorful 1920’s Copenhagen home belonging to industrial designer Josefine Bentzen. Let’s just say, the monochromatic phase is over.

Scandinavian design for a study in La Costa Condominium, Bandar Sunway by Pocket Square What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Blogger An Magritt used tape (black, of course) to hang up this poster in her kitchen. It’s perfect: Non-permanent, so you can change up your artwork frequently, and still graphic enough to make a statement. The Scandis are all about their chic DIY projects, and we expect the U.S. will be soon, too!

Scandinavian bedroom design in Puchong by Double Art Design Studio

If you are a frequent cook in the kitchen, or use it for entertaining guests, you can add a kitchen island, or hack down a wall to join up the dining room and the kitchen. But, if you only use the kitchen to make roti kaya and telur, they can even repurpose some of that space with built-in cabinets to store all your belongings from the rest of the house.

If your home includes these large windows, you will need to add curtains or blinds to shield from the sun. Or, if you have the cash to spare, invest in insulated glass panels with UV protection to block out the heat.

This bubble-shaped pendant light brights a soft, diffuse glow that’s like candlelight with the volume turned up (aka very hygge.)

If you prefer to keep things minimal, make use of functional items such as books, wicker baskets or blankets that could serve as both a useful item and a decorative element.

Many Scandinavian furniture are designed as art pieces itself, making them practical yet beautiful statement pieces, while simple accent walls or décor pieces are great to bring a ‘lived in’ appeal to the space.

Needless to say, one of the most commonly visited place for functional, budget friendly Scandinavian furniture and Scandinavian home decor is none other than Swedish furniture giant IKEA.

The lifestyle of the Nordic people ultimately shaped the Scandinavian style that we see today. That’s why Scandinavian interior design is sometimes known as Nordic design.

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Colour pieces adds personality and puts focus to key elements. However, one tip to bear in mind is to keep colours in blocks to avoid muddling the interior.

Not up for cladding your walls? A sleek slatted screen can add a similarly spa-like effect without the renovation.

Instead of tucking away your calendar, place a big graphic version like this on the wall like a modernist art piece.

As the style places a lot of emphasis on function, designs are usually kept to its core minimal forms, preferring simple, solid pieces of furniture to avoid unnecessary chaos.

As colours in Scandinavian room designs are usually light, neutral and muted, textures are a great subtle way to bring life to a space without turning it into a mess.

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. sent in request and got reply very quick.” – Elaine Loh

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch to bring the Scandinavian style to your home. Getting the look is a matter of making small tweaks to affect big change in the way your space feels.  

Avoid the whole nautical look by avoiding navy blue, and keeping the rest of your decor as contemporary as possible.

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There’s something so serene about slatted walls, like those at the Finnish Dream Hotel; like you’re hiding away in a cabin or about to spend the most relaxing hour in the sauna.

The focus on Scandinavian design usually revolves around Sweden, but Finland is catching up in a big way. One of the happiest countries in the world, the Finns are doing something right. It could be their deep connection to the outdoors, their tasty but simplistic diets, or if you ask us, it definitely has something to do with “cottage culture”.

Scandinavian design for a study in La Costa Condominium, Bandar Sunway by Pocket Square

Will the space need to accommodate kids soon? Or, do you plan to move into a new place and rent this out later on? Even though the Scandinavian style is very clean and compact, you may need lots of storage such as custom-built cabinets and wardrobes to hide the clutter to achieve the clean minimalist look.

Browse recent projects from interior designers in Malaysia at

Currently with 2 outlets in Malaysia and more scheduled to open soon, it offers some of the widest range of Scandinavian home furniture and décor that are practical and versatile, ranging from different price points to suit your needs. It is no wonder the place is constantly packed with shoppers!

Such as its minimalistic forms, the colour palette is often kept light and simple.

Scandinavian Design Is The Secret To Making Your Home Feel Bigger

Whether you’re adding them to your tablescape or working feather patterns into your wallpaper or bedding, Scandinavians are all about adding a nature-inspired element to every space. (Just make sure to go with faux-feathers, okay?)

Then, fill in the details with splashes of colour, such as picking out a yellow couch, or having a blue cabinet. You could even throw in red if you are feeling bold.

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A well-designed space can also improve your home’s resale value.

The best benefit of these super-sized Helvetica calendars? You’ll always know the date. Why are we all sticking to our itty-bitty agendas and iPhone calendars when we could have this hanging on our wall? Interior design inspiration site Nordic Leaves makes an argument that massive monthly calendars are the home accessory on the rise.

The subtle weave of grey shades gives some depth to this easy-to-apply removable wallpaper.

Feather motifs have caught on a little here in the States, but we’re excited to see a full-blown feather epidemic going on in Sweden, as seen in this Swedish Easter tablescape.

Clean, straightforward lines is one of the main key elements in Scandinavian designs.

A cozy play tent is perfect for little ones’ sleepovers or as a fun, low-to-the-ground option for toddlers moving to a big kids bed.

There’s an ethereal feel to these giant paper lanterns, both an interpretation of Asian-inspired light fixtures and a sideways take on a traditional chandelier. In calligrapher Ylva Skarp’s home, as seen on Nordic Design, four huge lanterns hang over her kitchen table, creating a whimsical overhead installation.

And it’s true, there are many home owners in Malaysia who went the full IKEA DIY route, and created a beautiful home.

Wood is one of the most widely used natural elements as it brings in a warm hue into the otherwise cool toned space. The rustic wood and textured grains brings a raw, natural appearance, effortlessly turning the interior into a cosy living space.

Layer the space with touches of cool, muted neutral shades, ranging from light to dark tones to create depth, preventing the interior from looking dull and bland.

Scandinavian-inspired design for living room in Casa Tropicana by Pocket Square

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The black-and-white aesthetic has been done in every corner of Scandinavia — which is why we’re so excited to see grey walls making a comeback. They provide the same neutral, monochromatic appeal, but dial it back a few notches, as seen in a home from Swedish real estate company Alvhem.

What if I need a more “complete” Scandinavian design? Loose furniture and accessories can only get me so far

Emerging around the 1950s in the Nordic countries (including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), it is part of a modernism movement where designers wanted to make design accessible to the general public.

Start with a cool white, beige or gray base for your walls and ceiling as it opens up the space, bouncing off light in the process to keep the space bright and well-lit, exuding an airy vibe throughout. You can even redo your flooring to use light wood.

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You won’t find many Scandinavian furniture pieces with lots of ornaments. Instead, all pieces are kept simple and compact, so they take up very little unnecessary space.

An interior designer or renovation firm that specialises in Scandinavian style can look at the bigger picture, and make the space work for your family. For example:

The problem is, sometimes our homes contains elements that need to be removed, or re-positioned. For example, a wall that’s in the way, or an existing ceiling with ornate cornices. And to redesign those, you need the help of an interior designer or renovation contractor.

A jewel-toned blue rug with cream leaf-shaped accents brings in classic Scandi-style nature motifs while still keeping your look modern.

To freshen up your living room or bedroom, swap ornate patterns, like florals or animal print, for clean, uncomplicated designs like stripes or diamond prints. Simpler patterns will elongate other lines present in the room, making the entire space look wider than it really is.


The open spaciousness; the wooden elements blending effortlessly with nature; the sunlight bouncing off light-coloured walls and floors; all these elements create a bright and airy freshness that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Do you recognise the stool above? No it’s not an IKEA Frosta Stool that sells for RM12. Instead, it is a stool designed by Nordic designer Alvar Aalto in the 1930s. This iconic stool has spawned numerous imitations and adaptations, and is a quintessential example of the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture design. The bent L-legs allow it to be stackable.

Scandinavian design is very compact, functional and practical; perfect for Malaysian homes that are shrinking in size.

After years of chevron, we’re eager for stripes to make a comeback — especially if they’re simple and black-and-white, like this H&M Home pillow seen in artist Nina Holst’s Norwegian home.

To give your living room or bedroom a “Nordic winter” feel, you can add some scented candles to simulate a fireplace, whilst filling your space with delectable scents in the process.

Alternatively, if IKEA is a little too mainstream for your taste, you can opt to look at other brands such as NestNordic (in Oval Damansara and Penang), Joy Design Studio (Shah Alam and Bangsar), and Smuk Living (Solaris Dutamas) for your dose of unique quality designer pieces. However, these may come at a slightly more premium price tag.

It’s very tempting and inspiring to look at the designs in the IKEA catalogue and go, “if I bought all those pieces, my home would look exactly like that!”

“In a time when we’re feeling constantly connected through technology and social media, wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal sanctuary in which to switch off?” says Brantmark. Creating a highly-personalized space that is warm an welcoming, without the distractions of phones, television, or computers is important in counteracting busy day-to-day life and focusing on the heart of design.

But, how many of us have felt a little disappointed after we spent all that time and money, only to get a space that didn’t “feel right”?

Properly spaced objects will make your home look and feel less disordered. When organizing your closet or styling your coffee table, try to avoid piles and stacks that crowd the space and overwhelm the eye.

With designs that are showcased in such simplistic forms, it is able to blend into almost any household without awkwardness. Scandinavian furniture can also blend seamlessly into most modern homes, so you don’t need to switch out your existing furniture. This gives people the freedom to incorporate their own style and personality.

Choose light-coloured wood with cool undertones such as ash or pine to keep in line with the overall cool vibe, throwing in some plants to enhance the nature elements and bring life in your home.

For a softer look, opt for stripes with an organic, uneven texture that wards off fussiness.

This three-legged garment rack is heavy on both form and function thanks to a sturdy design and a combination of sharp angles and smooth curves.

If you are still a little lost on how to achieve your ultimate Scandinavian dream home, perhaps consider hiring a designer to seek professional advice and find out what is most suitable for your lifestyle.

As property prices rise and space is turning limited, the practical yet sophisticated forms of the style keeps our little dwellings clutter-free whilst maintaining the graceful, cosy aesthetics of a home.

“Bedrooms will become device-free and made up of a palette of soothing greys and milky whites, which combine with natural textures such as soft linen, cosy sheepskins, chunky knit blankets and warm rustic wood for your very own oasis of calm,” she says.

It certainly is. In many ways, Scandinavian design is very suitable for Malaysian homes.

Malaysian properties are doing the same thing. Most new high-rise developments include huge bay windows that extend from floor to ceiling. These can be found in the master bedroom and living rooms (regardless of whether they are directly facing the afternoon sun or not!)

Helsinki-based designer Linda Bergroth created the pop-up hotel KOTI (meaning “home” in Finnish) to provide “an immersive experience into Finnish hospitality and cottage culture,” she said in a statement. This means communal eating and living spaces, innolux lamps that simulate natural daylight, and minimalistic tableware. “Instead of well known design products, I think we should highlight the Finnish ways of sharing,” said Bergroth.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a some chic minimalist decor. But stark black-and-white interiors have had their moment. Scandinavian design, however, will always be a major part of the conversation. We look to the region for all things furniture, decor, and interiors because, well, they live-and-breathe stylish, functional design. Check out the Nordic interior trends that are destined to take over your Instagram feed.

Natural textures, wall claddings, painted brick walls, and textiles are all great ways to look into to decorate your space. And while you would never find wall-to-wall carpeting in Scandinavian designs, a well-placed rug or floor mat can help soften the interior.

Where bold colors make a space feel more intimate, neutral, muted colors make a space feel more open. To increase the size of your own home, experiment with white or off-white paint colors that accentuate your decor rather than overpower it.

Not looking to totally repaint? Hang a black and white photograph or add a few neutral throw pillows to your couch.

The Scandinavian style is much sought after due to its simplistic nature. By keeping most things minimal, it reflects the modernist ideology of form following function, and offers lots of practicality with elegant pieces of statement furniture.

The curved cast brass feather makes for a perfect spot to hang coats, aprons, or dishtowels.

, you need to ask yourself a few questions before trying to replicate the look: “What do you think of when you see this photo? How does it make you feel?” Then focus on the colors and the shape of the furniture separately.

It may sound woo-woo at first, but this two-step process helps you separate the mood of the room from its design elements. People who don’t do this, Workman says, often wind up with that “can’t put my finger on it, but something’s not right” feeling.

For example, you may see a few glamorous gray rooms and think gray = glamorous, so you decide to paint the walls gray, when what you really wanted was an Old Hollywood look (which you could’ve gotten with a mirrored side table, Art Deco-inspired club chairs and a few velvet throw pillows).

We’re seeing a major transition to worn leather pieces in Nordic interiors, like these leather-backed wooden chairs in Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton’s home at La Maison d’Anna G. They’re rustic without looking too antique — and look great with a sheepskin blanket tossed over their back. We’re thinking this might be a Swedish play on the current American mid-century modern obsession.

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As such, designers emphasised on functionality, preferring a clean, minimalistic approach, and shunning away from ornate intricacies and embracing simplistic elegance.

Making a room brighter is the key to creating the illusion of volume. Allow more natural light to shine in through the windows and your home will instantly feel more spacious. So, pull back the curtains and let the sun shine in. 

Scandinavian kitchen design in superlink terrace house in Glenmarie by Meridian Inspiration

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