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Desk Decor Ideas

Desk Decor Ideas Desk Decor Ideas

Use cardboard and a a texture of choice to create a super stunning pin board with little to no costs. One could change the pin board as often as it likes an can construct any shape thus making the craft ideal for the children playroom.

Having a poster or picture that’s easily visible, multiple times a day, relaxes the mind and bring greater satisfaction and happiness during the work day. Just like at home, when you hang artwork that you love, a cubicle definitely benefits from artistic and/or photographic inspiration.

Swift and rather simple bookend transformation that will keep your notes and add greenery in your decor within minutes.

Simple mason jars can become insanely graphic tissue holders and they can be personalized to a great extent to match your desk decor.

An immense planner can  make your job easier as it keeps the tasks in front of you in a graphic and functional manner. Use this to your advantage.

It’s no surprise that lamps reign pretty supreme in the electrical-light ambiance factor. Just because your cubicle probably resides under the fluorescents doesn’t mean you have to, too. Even when the office overhead lights are on, you can turn on your cubicle lamp and feel an immediate change with its warmer lumens.

Wood, power tools and patience and the farmhouse desk diy project will be swift, rapid, easy to realize.

Of course, you could always pin your favorite photos to your cubicle wall, but where’s the joy (or the style) in that? Instead, hang a wire “clothesline” across the top of your workspace (but high enough that it doesn’t cover your computer monitor) and use clothespins to attach your photos. These are easy to change out when you want, or you can keep them around forever to make your cubicle a happy place.{found on homeyohmy}.

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17. Hang a picture (or three) of your favorite people, places, or things.

Any container can receive color and texture rapidly, choose to emphasize your own desk decor and create a better work environment for your well being

View in galleryWhy not bring a little of your décor style to your cubicle as well? It’ll also create a positive energy flow where creativity and productivity abound – that’s a win-win!Here are 20 great ideas for decorating your cubicle.{found on lovelyscrolling and theeverygirl}.

Succulents are excellent office plants, because they can adapt to low light and require little maintenance. They also are a perfect plant for displaying your mad DIY skills – namely, creating these fantastic geo planters. Because desktop space in a cubicle can come at a premium, these mini-sized pieces pack a lovely visual and “homey” punch without sacrificing work space.{found on lovepluscolor}.

Typography inspired for decades, they are sculptural, iconic and motivational designs that send a message through proper wording and expression alike.

Washi tape has so many uses, but ultimately the goal with washi tape seems to be to make things look better and more personable. So it follows that its use would work excellently in your cubicle! Trim out your filing cabinet, or the top of your desk, or even around upper cubicle cupboards…anywhere, really, where a little color and pattern might give you a visual and mental boost.{found on myowntwistonthings}.

It can be as simple as painting rocks into shades of green with white dots. Small white terracotta pots can put you rock garden onto your desk beautifully.

This idea combines form and function beautifully. Why waste precious cubicle drawer space on items that look inviting as “cubicle art”? Organize those markers and hang them from the wall, right next to the scissors and tape. Not only is this type of décor likely to induce creativity, but it also keeps everyday items within easy reach. (Now if only Bob in the cubicle next door would stop stealing your sharpies…)

When you spend more time in your cubicle than you do in your home, you’re going to need some inspiring, pretty items to gaze upon throughout your day. Choose a variety of sizes of simple, contemporary frames, and fill them with artwork that you love. This not only hides those unsightly connector lines that many cubicles have, but it provides you a visual escape when you need it.{found on empirella}.

Copper and marble are simply an extraordinary match; in the composition above a delicate concrete tray also greatly contributes.

This is an excellent use of vertical space, and it also makes your desk look chic and stay organized. If you aren’t allowed or able to attach bins directly to your cubicle walls, consider using these bins in the corner of your desk, where they can still be seen and accessed but aren’t in the way.

The monitor at the right height is highly recommended, the opportunity of raising up the display could offer you additional storage space and desk decor opportunities, take advantage.

A desk decor that you love will be yours thanks to the little things, the items that have meaning to you and are powerful enough to inspire, regardless of their nature.

Of course, it might not be *actual* wallpaper that you’re hanging. You could staple up wrapping paper, or pin up drapery or upholstery fabric to achieve the same look. But the end result is a customized, personality-filled cubicle space.{found on homeandfabulous}.

Paint the exterior in dark hues and leave the interior bare or color it differently for additional contrast. Here delicate pattern add further depth, shaping now a colorful, joyful workplace.

Super Useful DIY Desk Decor Ideas1. shape a playful tassel garland2. create a photo display defined by elegance3. epic diy mason jar tissue holder4. swift simple framed to do list 5. tailor a splendid MOUSE-PAD6.

create succulent bookends7. tailor diy marble magazine holders8. claim your office with memories9. design your diy ombre calendar10. use accents to define your space 11. craft inexpensive storage with wooden Crates 12.

inspire with art typography 13. transform your jar lids 14. create desk mason jar organizers15. diy hanging pin board16. Modular DIY triangle organizer17. colorful organizer in your drawer18. raise your monitor and increase storage19.

use wooden boxes to store and beautify20. colorful CLOTHESPIN notes on string21. IDENTITY in simplicity and String Lights22. adorable painted rocks as faux cacti 23. cereal boxes and duck tape 24. colorful tin can organizers25.

posh all copper desk ACCESSORIES26. decorate your desk with memories and contrast27. flowers and simplicity28. $80 inexpensive diy farmhouse desk29. complete your desk with an awesome planner30. boost color and texture 31.

pin the little things, pin inspiration

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At work we sadly rarely get the opportunity to envision our desk from the ground up. The layout is already there, functional, comfortable yet often mundane, visually unappealing; you`re going to change that shortly through little, simple, inexpensive diy projects that will claim the space and make it prettier, more practical and infinitely more interesting. Cast a glance below.

The simplicity of this photo display is stunning, the black and white components bring forward each image and the arrow on the bottom have the functional weight-role while they discreetly point towards the work-surface, they`re there to inspire and motivate you without distracting you.

Use wooden boxes on your desk to obtain a warm and cozy graphic component, this would be greatly emphasized by greenery.

The right-size container can receive chalkboard paint to leave the realm of the ordinary and from there on, endless customization options await you.

A really graphic option to check you calendar, something memorable and somehow personal, intimate.

Cardboard boxes and colored tape can shape a small graphic organizational item within minutes with little to no costs. Feel free to experiment with cardboard and tape to match the needs of your desk decor.

Pegboard organization isn’t just for garage tools – it makes a fantastic cubicle decoration as well. And it’s as attractive as can be! As cubicles aren’t typically large-real-estate workspaces, anything that can double as décor AND a great use of vertical space is something to consider.

Are you taking action towards personalizing your space, your desk decor? How does it look at the moment? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Tin cans are all around, the metal cylinder can be used to shape various storage options and with the right patter, with colors and textures these mundane items become something else entirely.

Use positive joyful elements. A black and white contrast can be brought forward with golden accents and items of memory.

Your sofa isn’t the only place that could use a throw pillow. Especially around 3 pm, when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day, a little extra back support or adjustment is never a bad thing! Plus, a throw pillow allows you to introduce some fun prints and patterns into an otherwise function-loaded space.

A cork board and the pattern of choice will form the a mouse pad will definitely beat its competitors in retail.

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A wise person once said, “They can take the cubicle out of your home, but you don’t have to let them take your home out of the cubicle.” Okay, maybe no one ever really said that, but it’s true nonetheless. Of course, when you’re at work you’re focused on working. But there’s something about working in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both refreshing and important.

A tray is completely useful in helping to keep a desktop organized – there’s something about those boundaries that helps almost everyone contain (or clear!) the clutter. So be organized AND stylish at the same time by choosing a tray that is as pretty as it is useful.

A colorful, positive ambiance can greatly influence one`s day, it can construct that strong feeling or belonging that makes one feel comfortable, at home. The right ambiance ought to be pursued in any endeavor yet at home and at work the two are of paramount importance reason for which the following article follows super cute diy desk decor ideas meant to help one in this regard.

The right paper and a piece of string may beautify your desk decor rapidly, these can be changed often, they`re inexpensive and they easy integrate in any setting.

To keep your enthusiasm and energy levels up throughout the day, a boldly colorful accessory or two might be just the boost you need. Take this cobalt blue pen holder, for example. It’s a simple, modern piece that takes up very little desk space but provides a jolt of décor appeal…especially when paired with a red task lamp and natural bamboo stalks.

The TO DO list is insanely useful and practical and in those rare days in which it is empty, one could transform it into a desk tray. Choose a pattern that you really love but don`t forget that you can change it anytime.

Your cubicle bones are likely the neutral-est of the neutrals, which is as boring as can be if left alone but as perfect as can be if you want to incorporate your own décor color scheme into your cubicle. Which, of course, you do. Yellow, white, and grey add a cohesive, personality-filled vibe to this otherwise totally cookie cutter cubicle.

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Pretty much anything on a pedestal is awesome, right? So let’s make your paper clips awesome by putting them up there, too! Gather a few pint-sized mason jars and dollar-store candlesticks, glue them together, and viola! Glammed up office supplies. Spray paint the jar lids for maximum color coordination, if that makes your heart happy.{found on aroundthekampfire}.

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If you have the space, it doesn’t hurt to forgo the massive binders and reference books for a softer, more aesthetic shelf resident. Wicker, paper, or crocheted balls, for example, add a refreshing curve appeal to a space that’s very angular by nature.

If there’s a color that just brings you joy, or a sport, or a theme of some sort that really transports you into a happy place, find a chair that resembles that color or theme and bring it to work! Your cubicle will be instantly transformed, particularly because the office chair is a larger visual item than almost anything else.

While they won’t last forever, fresh blooms add instant beautification to a drab office cubicle. Make it a habit to change them out every week, like grab a fresh bunch every Monday on your way to the office. They not only look fresh and pretty, but they smell great and are a definite mood-lifter.{found on sugarandcloth}.

A couple of old toys glued on the jar lids could receive a cool copper, silver or gold finish that would highlight the item as iconic, timeless.

Stacking up paperwork in the vertical plane in a cool container would certainly help certain offices. You can use cereal boxes and a cool wrapping paper to achieve the end result rapidly and inexpensively.

If you’ve got a few reference books that must be out on your desk at all times, it never hurts to create a charming frame for those books, right? Pick out some largish rocks and spray paint them gold for some wonderfully unique, colorful, and dare I say chic bookends? The easiest DIY ever, it’ll have a huge impact on your cubicle décor.{found on designlovefest}.

A DIY desk decor can have a mainly functional component in your setup whilst it beautifies the whole. Above a crafting drawer has received colorful cardboard compartments that brilliantly contain your magical craft supplies.

Simple clothespins keeping your colorful notes can look mesmerizing on a piece of string. Color codes can help one`s organization pattern and beautify the whole.

An impeccable stark white setting flooded by light may be redefined through a floral presence. It may be everything one needs.

Simple setups require simple interventions. Here the photo display on the cork-board is very discreet, beautiful, and the two pieces of greenery are adding a slight contrast to complement the pastel color palette. Note how simple and positive is the trash can.

A stark white space ought to look impeccable, your desk decor can be populated by simple components, here in black and copper creating great contrast. Sensible typography touches and a warm string light further enhance this sensible atmosphere.

Simple cardboard can shape an extraordinary module, a triangle with variable depth that can be assembled on your desk to your liking. The new organizer can be emphasized with textiles or paper to ensure its fit in your desk decor.

This gorgeous watercolor calendar is a pretty quick DIY project, but the style benefits will last a loooong time. Using a small wooden box turned on its side, attach some brass hooks. Paint watercolor ombre on some cardstock tags, and use vinyl letters and numbers for the date. Not only will you keep on top of your appointments, but you’ll do so in a beautiful way.{found on annabode}.

20 Cubicle Decor Ideas to Make Your Office Style Work as Hard as You Do

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