Designer Clocks Watches

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Designer Clocks Watches

BUY ITThis vintage steampunk style clock will pair perfectly with that top hat and motorcycle goggles in your closet.

BUY ITThis Manifold Clock is incredible, using 3D motion to create an intricate pattern that is miles away from a standard ticking hand.

BUY ITThis Spirograph Clock is inspired by the ink and paper drawing tool of the same name.

BUY ITAdd a splash of whimsy to any wall with this creative goldfish clock.

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BUY ITThe Ontime Wall Clock has bent hands so that you’re always 3 minutes ahead.

BUY ITThe Scope45 Wall Clock uses a cool stairstep effect for its design.

BUY ITThe long flexible hands of the Lithe Clock are not only unique but they will droop over time, giving a bit more flexibility in each moment.

BUY ITThis creative cuckoo clock has two birds actually meeting on the hour.

4 | This will clock turns 24-hour military time into something whimsical and artful. Its dimensionalism further adds to its attractive design.

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BUY ITFor another way to bring art into the home, consider this History of Art that plays off of some of the most famous artists’ styles.

BUY ITThis Butterfly Clock makes us ask: What is time except the floating of a series of butterflies on a passing breeze?

BUY ITIf you would rather read words than hands, the Reading Clock is the perfect choice.

BUY ITThe Banker’s Wall Clock was originally designed by Arne Jacobson for the National Bank of Denmark. The elegant spiral design makes it incredibly iconic.

BUY ITThe Wall Wonder Clock is really a work of art. Its oak, laminate, and brass construction will fit in even in the most stylish of homes.

1 | Perhaps it’s easier to admit the passage of time if a clock bears what appears to be metal lace over its face.

BUY ITThis clock might not look like much but it has a secret compartment that could really come in handy.

BUY ITFor something on the darker end of the spectrum, consider the Penhurst Dragon Clock.

2 | This retro watch still bears something that’s a little flash forward. its gentle gradation of color delights the eye as the minimal indicators of time intrigue the mind.

BUY ITBring a feminine detail to any wall with the Karlsson Lace Cut Out Wall Clock.

BUY ITThe Star Shaped Flower Wall Clock has an easy breezy feel about it, don’t you think?

BUY ITThis geometric wall clock looks a bit like branches spreading out from the trunk of a tree.

Some people might argue that standard clocks are becoming obsolete. After all, everywhere you turn there is a cell phone or computer screen that clearly displays an accurate time — and you don’t have to wind it or remember daylight savings. But clocks are not purely about functionality. Both timepieces and wall clocks can serve a tremendous style function. You need to look no further than the grandfather clock that used to sit in your front hallway as a child. That kind of timeless craftsmanship and design is absolutely valued, no matter what the supposed purpose of the object. The clocks featured in this post each bring a unique style to the genre of timekeeping. From a quirky frying pan clock that you can hang over your stove to the stunning modern clock designs that represent some of the most iconic pieces from a different era. These clocks are more than a way to know when you’re late for work: they are a way to add a sophisticated (or silly) piece of practical art to your home. And best of all: they’re for sale.

BUY ITThe Icon Clock’s minimalist design makes it a striking addition to a modern home.

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3 | The subtlety of this clock adds to its appeal. Whose eyes would linger on the magnification of the numbers as time passes?

BUY ITSimply called The Minimalist Wall Clock, the hour hand in this clock is actually a small notch in the rim of the design.

BUY ITThe Hoock Clock makes it simple to hang a clock anywhere and lets the orange ‘hook’ become 12 o’clock.

BUY ITA stunning sunny clock that was inspired by radioactivity.

BUY ITA Spirograph Flower Modern Wall Clock will let your minimalist style blossom.

8 | Clock developed by Anna Marinenko as a tribute to Japan.

BUY ITThis extra large wall clock, the Mondaine, is certainly iconic. So much so that Apple actually paid to license the design for iOS.

BUY ITIf it isn’t obvious, this Turbine Wall Clock takes its inspiration from the turbine of an airplane.

BUY ITAnother sparrow clock option includes 12 detailed swallows to take place of the clock numbers.

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BUY ITAnother reading clock that only changes each 15 minutes.

BUY ITOr another option is the Celtic Timekeeper Sculptural Dragon.

BUY ITThe 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock is literally made of cement and crafted to look like a spiral staircase, connecting space and time by way of the 4th dimension.

BUY ITThe Hands Free Gear Clock has a large outer sprocket that tells time by way of a tiny arrow at the top of the clock.

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BUY ITA color wheel wall clock would be perfect for a graphic designer.

7 | Time in this clock reveals itself as gracefully and beautifully as a Chinese coquette behind her fan.

BUY ITA Retro Gear Wall Clock is a simple and affordable way to bring this cool industrial style into your home.

Some people prefer to learn the time on a vintage grandfather clock that resonates through a tile corridor. Others like the chime of their rare tabletop Philippe Patek. Then, of course, there’s the old standby of the large wall clock. No matter what our time-telling preference, we do not expect to exact significant effort to see that it’s 4:20. These designed watches, however, make complications on a true watch-o-philes’s wrist seem. They certainly reveal a preference among designers to eschew the relationship between form and function. They are about as easy to read as a 19th century marine chronometer. Beauty has its place in clocks, but who wants to read an instruction manual or watch a Youtube video about how to read a clock?

BUY ITDisplay the love of your home – or home away from home – with one of these typographic city clocks.

BUY ITWho needs hands when you can have this MOMA Timesphere Clock that seems to defy gravity with its design.

BUY ITDesigned by Ivan Kasner for LEFF, the Hazy clock has an opaque face that obscures the clock to create a dreamy feel.

6 | One should wonder about a clock’s effectiveness– or at least about the designer’s sense of relationship between form and function– if it comes with instructive photos.

BUY ITTime will really fly if you have this basically magical sparrow clock. The clock comes with a pattern for easy, artistic installation.

BUY ITChanneling the Etsy aesthetic are these knitted cotton clocks that feature a lot of impressive detail.

BUY ITThis bubble clock might remind you of a slightly fancier version of the industrial clocks that adorn many public schools.

BUY ITBeautiful, simple wall clocks are available on a budget, too, like this one from JustNile.

9 | Color wheels not only give the time but also an aesthetic means of diversion. Is it synesthesia if you start thinking of numbers in terms of colors?

BUY ITThe Karlsson Moon Glass Wall Clock is perfect for amateur astronomers.

BUY ITHowever if you are looking for a digital wall clock for your home, we highly recommend the Ivation LED calendar clock. It is simple, beautiful and easy to read even for the visually challenged.

BUY ITThis simple molded clock is perfect for making your home a bit greener (literally).

BUY ITOne drawback of the cuckoo clock is its tendency to wake you in the night. But this solid wood clock has a light sensor that will turn off the cuckoo feature at 6PM.

BUY ITThe vibrant pendulum on this cuckoo clock gives is a really modern spin. If you fancy cuckoo clocks, be sure to check out our post: Modern Cuckoo Clocks

5 | Telling time inherently requires a bit of mathematical knowledge. In this case, however, it might take thrice as long to determine the hour if reading the scroll-like domino structure. It might therefore be akin to reading Japanese scrolls.

BUY ITThe Round Geometrick Wall Clock gets a bit met with its design.

BUY ITThe Pict Wall Clock is another minimalist design, meant to give viewers a “picture” of the time rather than an exact moment.

BUY ITThe Tone35 Wall Clock is coated stainless steel, available in this stunning black, white, or grey.

BUY ITThePresent clock is no regular clock. In addition to its lovely gradient rainbow colors, the clock actually moves annually, with 12 o’clock representing the winter solstice and 6 o’clock representing the summer solstice.

BUY ITThis quirky fried egg clock is the perfect kitchen wall clock for breakfast time.

BUY ITThe Extra Normal Wall Clock has an extra clever design, with laser cut openings subtly revealing the time.

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