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For 20 years we have been building custom homes for more than 3,000 families throughout Texas. As a family owned business, we build each home as if it were our own.

We build energy efficient, custom homes on your lot. Our homes are built to last and covered by an industry-leading 20-year limited structural warranty. Our unmatched, turnkey services include financing through to design and construction. You can also have peace of mind knowing your home was built with quality assurance provided by 3rd-party inspections throughout 10 critical stages of construction. Let us work with you to bring your dream to life.

Although we eventually got a home that we consider a good product, it was a long process that they made more difficult than necessary with poor communication and poor planning. They were very attentive during the sales process, and although our construction supervisor was competent and friendly, we were not satisfied with overall communications, planning, or progress, and we were extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the sub-contractors DesignTech used, as well as their lack of oversight and ownership of the workmanship of their subs. I feel that if I were not as involved in the process as I was, we would have many problems with the house if I had not caught them because of daily site visits and supervision by me. We had one major issue because of lack of clarity that was never resolved. I wrote a letter to the CEO of the company explaining my experience and issues with suggestions for better service, and never even got the courtesy of a response.

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Mike Feigin is owner/CEO of Design Tech Homes. He leads the DTH Team with his passion for building each home to the highest standards of quality.

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Congratulations to The Crumpler Family, building a new DTH home on their lot in Waller and to the Lynch-Harris Family, building a new DTH home on their lot in Houston! Closings with both families took place today and now the construction phase can begin which includes obtaining permits, engineered plans, and homesite preparations. We look forward to bringing their dream home to life!

Welcome home to The Tomlinsons! We just completed their Wakefield design in Tomball, Texas. “The whole process went smoother than I could have imagined…Every employee we met during the building process was professional and caring,” stated DTH Homeowner, R. Tomlinson. Wishing you many wonderful years in your Forever Home, Tomlinson Family! View the base plan of the Wakefield, https://goo.gl/F1irpk

If I could give zero stars, I would. I have no idea who the other people are that are giving these positive reviews, but if they had actually had DTH from San Antonio build a house and worked with the same people that we have worked with, there’s NO WAY they would’ve given positive reviews . The list of problems we have had with DTH San Antonio since we began this process is too long to list. We originally were supposed to be done with the build by February…it is now almost July. On a weekly basis I hear, “we will make it right, just give us one more week” and “we are working on a plan” or “I am in meetings all day, I will contact you as soon as I can” and then there’s my favorite “well, you’ve seen SOME improvement, right?” The employees (with the exception of Ofelia) are vague and evasive. RC and Ryan (main construction managers) got fed up and finally quit working for DTH around January, and our house sat virtually untouched for over a month. Then Greyson was hired to be our contractor, but evidently he has moved on to other projects, then we were passed on to ANOTHER guy, and today Mike Anderson told me that HE will now be in charge of all the repairs needed. Very high employee turnover is a direct line to assessing the lack of stability and reliability of a company. The sub-contractors they’ve hired do absolutely terrible work and rarely even show up when they say they will. And they are building so many houses at a time (in one instance we were…off the record…informed that there were 19 houses being built all over the region) so, the construction manager does not have time to travel from home to home to keep an eye on the workmanship. One day I came out to the house and the painter had his wife painting the baseboards! They did not sand anything so I cannot even run a damp paper towel over any of the wood surfaces without shredding the towel to bits! The granite is chipped and pitted and peeling caulk, paint splatter and grout are ALL OVER the wood floors, carpet, tile, bathtubs, windows, door jams, fixtures…. My parents and friends say I should contact a construction attorney, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel like I am at the end of my rope…We have paid just short of a half million dollars…I just want these people to finish my house!!!! Please, don’t let this company even enter your mind as a possibility…search for other builders…seriously. This review is completely honest and, although lengthy, does not even scratch the surface of the multitude of wrongs this company has befallen on my young family.

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Update: Since the last review I was able to meet with the owner, Mike. He listened to what I had to say and gave positive input. Some issues were resolved. Several weeks later we still didn’t have a final plan in hand so I requested that Mike call me. I was at my utmost frustration level and was ready to walk away from this builder and take my losses. He responded immediately, walked over to Design Manager’s (Chad Ballard) office. Chad and I were on the phone for almost 2 hours. As I directed, he made the changes we wanted. He made some great suggestions and was knowledgable on all design aspects. He emailed me the plans within hours and we were ready for build. Since then, Mike has informed me that the company has changed the process and now the customer works directly with a designer when making changes to an existing plan as well as custom plans for build-on-your-lot customers. I believe had we had access to a designer working on our plans, our experience would have been much better. We are now in the process of building and so far, the contractors have been very accommodating, pleasant and on the ball. As for pricing… we changed many of our selections to the standard option to keep cost down. Their upgrades are expensive but you can build without additional cost t if you stick with standard options. We still have a few hurdles to get over but I’m much happier than I was in the beginning.

Chuck H. said “You can probably get someone to install Hardiplank siding on your house, but I don’t think you can possibly get anyone who can do it as well as Southwest Siding. Even an independent contractor I asked…” read more

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As a family-owned custom home builder, we’re passionate about fulfilling the hopes and dreams of our homeowners. We believe everyone deserves a home that makes them feel proud and secure. A home they will be happy to share with family and friends, making memories for years to come.

We specialize in commercial architecture, including building design and space planning, for corporate and office needs. Please note that we do not provide design services for single-family residences. We will meet with you… read more

We’ve been building fine, custom homes throughout Texas since 1997. Our success comes from more than just building exquisitely designed, exceptionally crafted homes. Each Design Tech home goes through a comprehensive, third-party inspection process. Each home exceeds the industry standards for energy efficiency. And each home is covered by a 20-year limited structural warranty. Now that’s quality assurance! Visit us today and learn why we’ve been the choice for more than 1,500 satisfied homeowners. We invite you to join the Design Tech Homes family.

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I’ve posted this review several times only to delete it because I do not believe it is my job to speak negatively of anyone. However this company has earned this review fair and square. Let’s start with the fact that it took them 3 years to build a home they promised I would be living in within 6 months. A huge waste of my money and time storing our belongings and finding temporary housing. It took them so long because their staff had very little home building experience and the home was red tagged by the city constantly. Not sure how they even passed inspection when the home was complete the construction was so poor. The red tags were mistakes Design Tech Homes made they did not know city code or standards and contractors they hired are cheap and in training. Their crews were inconsistent we never knew who would show up or if they would show up at all. Not only was installation poor for example my front door handle and lock they’ve repaired multiple times. The last guy that came out laughed as he fixed it. I hope he knows it’s still broke. The kids and I are constantly opening a door where the hardware falls to the ground or comes right off in our hand. Heck sometimes it won’t open at all so we crawl under the fence and go around. We finally put tape on it. There’s no lock on my master bedroom. I have two kids I do t think I realized until now what a problem that would be. The frame on the master bedroom door was cut crooked so every time we open it we have to kick it open now the doors cracked at the top. The stairs were rebuilt multiple times and the chimney. Every single frame in the kitchen drawers is crooked making them difficult to open and my master bedroom bathroom drawer randomly drops to the floor injuring my foot every time. The balcony over the garage had so many leaks it ruined about $10,000 worth of our belongings we stored in the garage while we moved in. Last month they finally fixed the garage. They never came back to finish the balcony the paint and the beauty of the balcony looks terrible. Boards are rotted out, nails sticking out, painted shoe prints everywhere where the contractors were so sloppy they stepped in paint and walked all over the place. When we moved into the home the jacuzzi tub never worked. After we moved in they sent out a plumber. The installation was so poor they had to rip out the tile around the tub to figure out they forgot to plug in the motor. Then it took the another 6 months to repair the tiles. There sales people are awesome and that’s what sold me but she to was gone within a few months. We had 5 or 6 men oversee our project all of them eventually left to find a better job. What threw me over the edge today? Well our master shower handle came off. I’m not really sure how this even happens. This is the third home my husband and I have built or remodeled and the worst by far for a brand new construction on my lot. The handle came off it’s not an easy fix. I called DTH. They know who we are. They gave me a number to a plumber. I called them to fix it 4 weeks ago. Called them this morning and got an answering machine. The plumber took the hardware with them. It’s the same group they’ll use to do work on your home. Of course the repair I’ll pay for out of my own pocket. Anyway, I don’t think the plumber even knows how to fix it. I’m guessing we’re going to have to tear out the tile in the shower to fix this or tear down a wall. Shame on Design Tech Homes. Save your money and time find an experienced builder that has a reliable team and does quality work. Run from this place you’ll be glad you did. Too many excellent builders in Texas to waste your time and money here. Main Street America is a total illusion. The average American can’t afford what they show you on that street. Even if you can you won’t get what you pay for. I’m interested in seeing how Design Tech Homes justifies this situation. I hope we get a response right here on Yelp. Design Tech Homes is fully aware of the situation here. They’re waiting me out so they don’t have to comply by state laws. They’ve had more than enough time to solve every problem we have. I’m TIRED of random contractors coming into my home to fix the same issues over and over. Also, We closed on the home last week of December and we’re unable to move into the home until March because the home would not pass inspection with the city. We lived in hotels during that time it cost us a small fortune. In December when we closed the cost of the home had increased $100,000 dollars.

Mike C. said “Talk about making space for things!! Had 2 of the heavy duty racks installed above the garage door. The gentlemen that showed up were courteous and got right to it. Had them up in no time. We were extremely…” read more

We are an industry leading custom homebuilder – our family company focuses on designing our customers dream homes and building a quality custom home with our 20 year structural warranty. In business since 1989, Kurk Custom… read more

Michael E. Feigin is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Design Tech Homes. Established in 1997, the company is the largest privately owned, full-service, design/build custom builders in Texas. The company has built more than 1,500 homes for families throughout Houston and San Antonio. Mike Feigin was co-host of the Better Home Show radio program for 10 years which aired every Saturday morning on KSEV and KTSA. In 2012, Mike opened MainStreet America, the largest permanent showcase of homes in the country. It is located in Spring, Texas just south of The Woodlands. Here, visitors can tour 12 architecturally diverse and quality constructed Design Tech Homes. Whether you’re looking to build a home for $150,000 or $1-million, THIS is where you want to come before you build on your lot.

Another update (8/5/14): DTH did send their handyman, JB, out to fix our laundry list of little repairs like the wobbly toilet, gaps in an exterior door, and uneven seams in the crown moldings and baseboards. The broken window was also replaced but the repairman gave us a time frame of 10am-12pm and didn’t show up until after 3pm for a 10 minute fix, which wasted my whole day staying home to wait for him. Not the end of the world but this happens often with DTH’s subcontractors. We also finally got our appointment for the cabinet repair but when the cabinet company, Kent Moore, came out to replace the facing, there was more damage and mold underneath. Even so, they would have simply covered that up with new facing if I had not stopped him. It was impossible to know how extensive the mold damage was without completely removing that cabinet so the whole cabinet had to be replaced. Luckily the mold had not spread, but the replacement took another few weeks so now it has taken five visits over 2 months to fix the problems with the improperly installed dishwasher. This has been our typical experience with DTH; everything that has had to be fixed takes multiple visits which is a real hassle. The replacement cabinet is fine but they did not fill in any of the crevices around the trim so it looks sloppy and unfinished and it is more hassle than it’s worth to have them come out again to fix it. I’ll just have to live with it or fix it myself. I have never heard back from the owner personally about our issues so I am still wondering how he plans to “rectify the situation.” He doesn’t even have the courtesy to contact us to apologize. Poor building, poor warranty work, abysmal customer service. I would never, EVER recommend Design Tech Homes. Just waiting for the next thing to break.

This place is super cool and great prices on Furniture. You have to pay to become a member but then you get a gift certificate to use that is worth more then the cost to join to use within a year so you save money.

John E. said “I’ve used this company twice. They answer the telephone when you call, the dispatcher stays in touch with you until she is able to confirm an appointment. The tech calls to update his expected time of…” read more

Sandra T. said “Edwin and his crew outstanding work that they did on my home. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and…” read more

This is now my second review for this business. My first one was removed by yelp because I posted it on both the Houston page for design Tech and the San Antonio page for design Tech. I felt this was necessary because I had dealings with people at both offices in the same owner owns both offices. Anyways long story short my dealings with this company we’re good up until the day they requoted my driveway after we were under contract my contract went up by 40,000. Which breaks contract by going up more than 10% as stated in the contract signed by me and the builders representative. When we talk to David Ellison from design Tech homes we told him that we were having second thoughts and the excuse I used was because my wife didn’t want to move out there anymore evidently these guys haven’t been in sales very long because they said that’s the reason I broke contract they held up there part of the deal. These guys don’t first understand they changed a big cost of what was in the contract which snowballed from main reason we decided not to go fourth was the cost just increased so much that it was gonna be unaffordable for our family. We definitely still have plans to move to Dripping Springs we bought 2 acres. We just have decided not to use this builder based on some negative things that happened during our contract prior to the build they also stated that they did a soil sample with which we have never received but yet that’s why they’re keeping our deposit however in the contract it says if the contract is broken by either party all monies will be returned. I am a realtor and even know I really like the product these guys don’t seem to have the best interest of the client. I will not be passing there name on to anyone I know looking for a custom home builder.

We worked almost a year under a signed contract and were making the final edits for field construction. A new project manager cancelled our contract saying the previous signed version was unauthorized (executed by an exec at DTH) and refunded all our payments. Completely unethical corporation. Buyer beware!

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Carolyn C. said “Dorothy Sitka is a very talented artist. My husband commissioned her to do a portrait of me for my christmas present. I am very happy with the results. I have had many compliments on it. I would highly…” read more

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