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Creative Office Space Planning And Design Interactive Space

Creative Office Space Planning And Design Interactive Space Creative Office Space Planning And Design Interactive Space

Productivity and collaboration among a workforce are invaluable qualities, from which every business stands to benefit from encouraging. Since it’s no secret that environment has a profound…

Optimising your office plan today can save you time and money in the future. The layout of your floor plan can affect everything from employee engagement to productivity. Jobs and workplace structures are in a constant state of flux and it’s becoming difficult for companies to predict which job functions there will be in the next few years.

That’s why businesses are responding by creating workspaces with built-in flexibility and optimised office plans. Previously unheard of job roles have developed in response to technological advances, so companies need to optimise office plans and to adapt to new jobs and equipment.

Here are some tips for optimising your company’s office plan.

The majority of NTT Data UK’s staff consist of consultants, so we designed their office space with hot-desking and collaboration in mind. Our designers used plenty of inviting bright colours, touchdown spaces, meeting rooms with folding walls and a choice of working areas.

RT, the global news network, launched its first channel in December 2005 and now has three news channels broadcasting in English, Spanish and Arabic. RT reaches over 700m people in more than…

As the ever-advancing digital age and ways of modern-day life continue to change the face of what the ‘perfect’ office looks like, we examine today’s…

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Space planning is only one element. Our designers are visionaries and can transform the mundane into inspiring workplaces that everyone clamours to work for. We create office interior designs that take account of everything from colour psychology and your branding to your tastes and technological requirements. We get inside your company’s mindset to portray the right image to your people and clients. Our insightful designers create environments that stimulate and motivate staff. Research has shown that even the most subtle changes in a work environment can increase employee engagement, morale and motivation. We are pioneers in workplace trends and implement changes such as better lighting, high-quality ergonomic furniture and better-designed spaces.  

Real Estate Pop Up seminar at 199 Bishopsgate05/05/201522/03/2017

Interactive Space is forward thinking. We incorporate the latest trends and best practices in space planning for your new office design. We adapt popular office designs and pioneer new ones, which cover but aren’t limited to modular furniture, integrated technology, occupancy levels, hot-desking and breakout zones. Our office designers will plan your new workplace to maximise space and staff satisfaction.

It’s a generally accepted fact that happy staff make a more productive workforce. At Interactive Space we fully subscribe to this belief, keeping it at…

For most office-based companies, direct interaction with existing and prospective clients will normally occur in meeting rooms. These spaces are therefore crucial: outsiders will form…

While open-plan office design has been a recognised as a popular feature of office space planning for decades, it wasn’t until Silicon Valley giants like Google…

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The psychological benefits of bringing nature into the office have been well-documented. This can include anything from plenty of sunlight and plants in the office to water features and nature integrated into the office furniture and artwork. Helix Property, UK property management service providers, decided to set a good example to clients by filling their reception area and atrium with live planters, including in the back of seating. The modifications included the installation of a moss wall.

RT News Channel launches its first dedicated UK channel14/02/201622/03/2017

Interactive Hosts Seminar: Art in the workplace In September 13, Interactive Space hosted a seminar at the Institute of Directors on Art in the Workplace….

Are you wondering how to create an office space that keeps your staff happy, healthy and focused? Businesses often focus their office interior design on…

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Good lighting in the workplace is vital; both too much and too little can have a negative impact. One thing that experts agree on is that natural light is best. Make sure your office has enough windows and if you don’t have enough windows, natural light can come from other sources such as skylights. Daylight aids our circadian rhythms (our own in-built clocks) to be in sync with our local environments, but today’s artificial environments can block this synchronisation. Therefore, it helps to get as much natural help with the process as possible.

Trident House, 46-48 Webber Street, London, SE1 8QW 020 3372 2777

Maximising the Use of Communal Spaces in the Office20/03/2017

Interactive Space is at the forefront of office space planning and design. Not only do we offer innovative and bespoke solutions to our clients, but we also drive down occupancy costs through our insider knowledge and connections. Having helped you select the right space, our office designers develop detailed space plans to define staff seating allocation and ensure that your business will operate with maximum efficiency.

How Office Design Can Support or Change Corporate Culture19/06/201712/10/2017

The seating plan should allow for easy communication between staff and different departments. Modern offices are now designed predominantly to encourage collaboration, even in traditionally non-creative industries. Pockets of collaboration whether in private offices or in open spaces now encourage staff interaction. In fact, more office workers than ever now work on a consultancy basis or hot-desk, so workspaces need lots of temporary desks or touchdown spaces to accommodate them. These should be spread around with access to different departments to improve communications and a sense of belonging.

Office design is one of the most effective ways of successfully communicating your corporate culture to your staff and clients. Every business has a unique…

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An innovative floor plan makes use of every single space from hallways to landings, and places furniture where hot-deskers can work and impromptu meetings can take place. Some creative companies strapped for space use open areas in the office to hold large meetings that allow staff to sit and participate from the stairs. Multipurpose spaces are being utilised by employers for everything from multimedia presentations to casual breakout areas. Bristol-based EMO & TRA are marketing and company branding agencies that were relocated under one roof, necessitating good communications. This involved fitting a new spiral staircase to link the companies, booths for group work and an open space with a blackboard that allows for brainstorming and collaborative work.

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If you’d like help with optimising your office plan, please contact Interactive Space.

Real Estate Pop Up seminar at 199 Bishopsgate The event was hosted by Interactive Space and attended by Clients, Developers and Agents. The seminar demonstrated…

The importance of a well-designed reception area cannot be understated: a service point for guests and clients, an office’s reception area is where your visitors…

Union Car ParksGreat Suffolk Street/Ewer StreetLondon,SE1 0UE+44-20-7928-8428

Have you ever wondered how the colours in your office affect your employees and how you do business? If you haven’t yet thought about it,…

Mix open and closed office spaces to suit different working styles and make sure you minimise distractions with sound absorbent furnishings and layout. Our award-winning design for Natixis’ Global Asset Management (NGAM) included adaptable furniture using bench desking, finished with acoustic screens. If optimised, the seating plan can be rearranged or adapted at any time, allowing business operations and workflow to proceed smoothly.

In London, space is at a premium and businesses are finding new ways to optimise the space they have by utilising open plan hot-desking, multifunctional rooms with moveable partitions and innovative storage solutions. Integrated technology can really help with saving space and chairs, sofas and desks now feature hidden and discreet power points and wireless technology solves the problem of messy wires placed all over the office.

Don’t wait for lease expiry and overcrowding to force the situation. Our office design consultants and project managers can invigorate a company from its office location all the way to its brand recognition. A good office space keeps staff happy, but a great office space becomes a catalyst for improved business practices involving frontline staff all the way up to leadership.

Interactive Space was honoured at the British Council for Offices (BCO) Awards, winning the ‘Projects up to 2,000m2’ category for the London and South East…

More and more employers are beginning to understand the benefits of looking after the wellbeing of their employees. In fact, the great British entrepreneur Richard…

As reported by The Guardian, staff absence as a direct result of stress is now costing UK employers approximately £11 billion each year. Another report…

Interactive Space leads the way with ‘green’ designs too. Our Environmental Policy addresses sustainability issues and best practice product specifications.

In recent years, offices have started to embrace flexible working and different working styles. In an effort to increase productivity and staff satisfaction, a strong…

The office cubicle enjoyed a heyday that spanned for almost 50 years; but now, encouraged by an increasing resentment for confined working spaces and an…

Creativity in the workplace is a vital component of a successful business. Contrary to popular opinion, creativity is important in all industries, not just those…

For many, the office is the second home; employees spend hours behind their desk, and the office environment dramatically influences their working patterns. An intelligently…

Businesses have different interior design needs and space planning requirements as they continue to grow or downsize. We can bring order out of uncertainty or chaos! Our office designers help companies optimise the space they have or oversee a seamless office relocation.

More than just a matter of space planning and design within your office, employees’ desks are a hub of production and are a major impact…

Good seats designed for back support and mobility, combined with versatile furniture, are great tools for an optimised office space and seating plan. Where you seat people is vital for workplace productivity, so you need to think of this in terms of department, skill sets, personality, competition and the need for mentorship and supervision. Environmental factors, such as lighting and air conditioning, can impede on your perfect seating plan because no one wants to sit under an uncomfortably cold blast of air all day.

Optimising your office plan today can save you time and money in the future. The layout of your floor plan can affect everything from employee…

If you’d like to find out about how Interactive Space can help with any part of your relocation planning please complete the form or give us a call on 020 3372 2777.

Effective use of space enables you to reduce accommodation and utility costs, drive down your environmental footprint and improve working conditions. Our Space Planning & Design team can help you plan your space for maximum efficiency and cost control. Analysing how your staff actually use the space is a good step towards designing a workplace that increases staff satisfaction and productivity.

Hotly Tipped Desk Trends in Office Design for 201723/01/201722/03/2017

Modern offices are more collaborative than ever before and need to quickly adapt to changes. A major reason for these new and ever-evolving ways of…

In this stage, our highly-skilled office designers will bring best practices in workplace design to life. We’ll draw office plans and brief specialist contractors. From project managers to contractors, our team pools their talent to work as a unified collective working to schedule and turning the design into reality. We will also prepare the documentation needed to gain Landlord and Building Control approvals, taking care of all the complicated paperwork.

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