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Creative Interior Design By Cheri Messerli And David Rager

Creative Interior Design By Cheri Messerli And David Rager Creative Interior Design By Cheri Messerli And David Rager

Le Mary Celeste is an oyster and cocktail bar in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. Formerly a video editing office, we tore the space back to its bare bones and built from there. Tons of brick was reclaimed from building sites for the walls and floor while wood palates, formerly used for shaping cement forms, were repurposed for the bar top and deck flooring surrounding the bar and custom-built furniture was designed (including slatted backlit banquettes, modular hex tables, and barstools).

Now let’s take a look at the actual house. As you can see, it’s a very cozy and inviting place. It doesn’t seem like a finished design but that’s its beauty. There are plenty of interesting and surprising elements that you can’t stop admiring. Let’s take a look foe example at that lovely origami structure made of a lot of paper cranes. It’s definitely something unique.

Even before Weekends, David and Cheri’s love of design spanned countless creative disciplines. This led them to be natural collaborators when the right opportunity presented itself. That opportunity was Candelaria. David was originally commissioned for just the graphic design, but before he knew it the brief expanded and he was responsible for the full interior design. He describes that this was the point he knew he needed to get Cheri on board, which apparently took some convincing. Fortunately, their complementary strengths led to a successful design partnership. David explains how they have found a natural symbiosis in their joint projects “I tend to take the lead on the technical side of things…while Cheri tends to focus on the larger picture and keeping us on concept, she’s got an incredible eye for colour and she’s also amazing for sourcing – everything from tracking down lamps from Japan to stools from Sweden, as well as finding artists to collaborate with.” Speaking with David and Cheri you get a sense of how their shared lives could naturally progress to a creative venture – they both love, as David puts it, all steps of the design process, yet their different personalities provide diverse perspectives.

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David Rager and Cheri Messerli Posted on January 15, 2014 by VINGT Editorial

Since completing Candelaria in 2011, Weekends has created the interiors for several Parisian success stories, from Pigalle’s cocktail and hotdog bar Glass to Haut-Marais local Le Mary Celeste. In a city like Paris, David sees restaurants and bars as more than just places to go out, he remarks that “most people in Paris don’t have a ton of extra space to entertain in their homes, so these spaces become our living and dining rooms.” Naturally David and Cheri’s backgrounds with smaller scale design means they often get involved in the fine grain details, such as in Le Depanneur, a new bar and restaurant in the 9th with a design that the studio describes as “Palm Springs meets Big Sur”. It would seem logical given David’s background that Weekends would look after the graphics package, but they also took care of the furniture, playlist and a specially designed wooden hi-fi unit. According to David, working on larger scale interiors projects is not necessarily more complex than smaller scale briefs – each project has its own set of challenges no matter the size. He admits though that the tangible rewards of interiors projects, particularly bars and restaurants, are easier to reach “when you walk by a project you worked on and peek inside to see crowds really enjoying themselves, you can’t help feeling that your design plays a part in that” he says. Given the success of the venues they have worked on, it is clear that the type of spaces David and Cheri want to hang out in also tick a lot of boxes for the Parisian population. David confesses that with Candelaria: “initially we were a bit selfish, wanting to create a bar and restaurant just for us. We honestly thought, this is going to be great, we’ll have this place as our hangout for the first year until it gets busy, little did we know it’d be packed from opening night on.”

After taking a look at the pictures I’m sure you all agree now that such a space could only have been designed by a very creative mind. Well, the reality is that two creative minds had to work together in order to achieve this result. It’s an interior design created by Cheri Messerli and David Rager. They are a graphic designer and respectively a fashion designer/stylist. Of course, from the equation can’t miss their dog Scout that is present everywhere.

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And where will Paris and Weekends go from here? Acknowledging that this is a city that works in waves, David and Cheri are hopeful that more and more interesting bars and restaurants will continue to pop up – they even see the potential for the current “burger wave” sweeping the city to pave the way for more diverse, high quality street food options. With their innate ability to create the kinds of places that not just they, but people in their adopted home, want to spend time in, we’re sure they will stay ahead of the wave, whatever form it comes in.

Nobody who has lived in or visited Paris over the past few years can deny the recent injection of energy that the city’s bars and restaurants have received. In the past la capitale’s gastronomy was revered for its purist adherence to tradition rather than modern innovation, but as many recent articles have attested, this time-worn veneer has begun to crumble. New niches have been created in a range of new Parisian spaces, which challenge the status quo of zinc bars and confit canard by offering exciting new flavours and experiences – often spearheaded by international chefs and operators – from the food through to the physical environments. Californian husband and wife David Rager and Cheri Messerli, are “Weekends”, the interior design team behind many of these ‘new wave’  Parisian venues. Originally hailing from other design backgrounds (David is an art director and graphic designer, Cheri is a stylist, illustrator and jewellery and fashion designer), they first teamed up together to design Candelaria – a small taqueria and cocktail bar in the Marais, which introduced Parisians to the heady delights of authentic Mexican food and artisan cocktails in a space as finely crafted as its food and drinks. In Candelaria and all of Weekends’ subsequent projects there are certain constants: a love of organic materiality, a graphic use of colour and an appreciation of how light interacts with space in both day and night. These recognizable qualities reflect the brightness of the personalities behind Weekends  – David’s infectious affability and Cheri’s calm warmth – and also their origins, they admit that as natives, California is a big part of their identity and the first place they draw influences from. In spite of this, Weekends’ undeniably contemporary designs achieve the difficult balance of existing harmoniously with each unique site and context – they may import inspiration but the result feels like a natural evolution of each space’s story. Perhaps the secret is the Weekends philosophy – creating places they would want to hang out in themselves.

Glass is a bar in the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris. We completely demolished/removed the former bar (a fillé) structure and started from scratch designing the space, bar, dj booth and all of the furniture as well as the identity/logo. We also found several artists to collaborate with on the space including Andere Mondo, who created the mirrored table surfaces.

Sekarang mari kita lihat rumah yang sebenarnya. Seperti yang Anda lihat, ini adalah tempat yang sangat nyaman dan mengundang. Ini tidak tampak seperti desain yang sudah jadi tapi itulah keindahannya. Ada banyak elemen yang menarik dan mengejutkan bahwa Anda tidak bisa berhenti mengagumi. Mari kita lihat contoh musuh pada struktur origami yang indah yang terbuat dari banyak bangau kertas. Itu pasti sesuatu yang unik.

David and Cheri relocated to Paris four years ago, just after they were married. With typical Californian nonchalance, David explains how the move came about: “We’d been coming to Paris every year on vacation and thought, why not give it a shot. We didn’t have any big plans or commitments and thought if we didn’t like it we’d just pack the two duffel bags we arrived with and head back to California”. In hindsight, he feels they came at the right time, as the previously mentioned wave started to swell “it was the beginning of a big rush of energy in the city with lots of new things opening up and people wanting to do new things”, he says. He sees the progression of Paris’ bars and restaurants as a natural extension of the rising awareness and popularity of ‘bio’ (French for organic and bio-dynamic), a movement that first gained traction with markets and fresh produce to cook at home. “Paris has always been a city focused on quality in many areas, but after eating great organic produce at home it makes sense that one isn’t going to be satisfied with just another mojito in another corner café” he quips. David remains circumspect about the inevitable loss of older establishments during periods of rapid change commenting “that’s just life in any city”.

For Le Depanneur’s little sister, Terrasse, we converted a boulangerie into a relaxed and open space for cocktails, wine and small plates. Like Le Depanneur, we designed and created every stick of furniture and surfacing for the space…

cheri messerli – stylist and illustrator; and david rager – graphic designer and musician

Contemporary Family Crib Menggabungkan Hormony and Refinement

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Moreover, there’s a very inspiring cluster of paper lanterns that sits above the bed. Everyone could go buy a paper lantern or even make it themselves, but how many of you actually though of creating such a combination? The couple was also very creative when incorporating the storage space in that bookshelf/bed. It’s a great way of saving some space. Overall, the couple has managed to create a unique and very creative space that seems to fit perfect with their needs. They plan to move in LA where I’m sure they’ll create another impressive interior design.

Penggunaan Ruang dan Beton yang mengesankan di A-sero`s Galicia House

Selain itu, ada sekelompok lentera kertas yang sangat inspiratif yang duduk di atas tempat tidur. Semua orang bisa membeli lentera kertas atau bahkan membuatnya sendiri, tetapi berapa banyak dari Anda sebenarnya yang menciptakan kombinasi seperti itu? Pasangan itu juga sangat kreatif ketika menggabungkan ruang penyimpanan di rak buku / tempat tidur. Ini cara yang bagus untuk menghemat ruang. Secara keseluruhan, pasangan ini berhasil menciptakan ruang yang unik dan sangat kreatif yang tampaknya cocok dengan kebutuhan mereka. Mereka berencana untuk pindah ke LA di mana saya yakin mereka akan membuat desain interior lain yang mengesankan.

Cantine California started out as Paris’ first organic burger and taco food truck and after several years and thousands of dedicated fans (who pop up wherever the truck pulled up) CC decided it was time to open a flagship restaurant. A former Chinese restaurant in Paris’ Arts and Metiers neighborhood was gutted and we rebuilt the space in Cantine California’s image from the ground up.

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The Beast is Paris’ first Texas-style smokehouse. Chef/Owner Thomas Abramowicz left his job in the coorporate world to live and study with the BBQ masters in Texas and bring the tradition back to his hometown. We were asked to build a  brand identity  to help tell his story and worked with Thomas to come up with MEAT + FIRE + TIME to support our utilitarian stenciled logo.

The Ecology Center, in San Juan Capistrano, is a regional hub for eco-education that engages and empowers individuals and families. Through fun, hands-on activities, they teach practical, environmental solutions with impact at the household and community level. Our ongoing work with The Ecology Center has included branding, graphics, interactive exhibition design, and a retail environment. 

Candelaria is a Paris’ first taqueria tucked away in the Marais district. It features a hidden cocktail den specializing in mescal, and a chef from Mexico City. This project included concept creation, interior design, furniture design and the opportunity to collaborate with many artists/friends including: Adrian Rubi-Dentzel, Danielle Rubi, Ashley Helvey, Keren Richter, Amy Jo Diaz, Mary Manning, and Confetti System.

Clean lines and natural materials make up this California inspired Paris kitchen. Mostly focused on take-out burgers and tacos we created a space that is also inviting and comfortable for eat-in diners.

Thomas Deck and Michael Donohue met around a campfire a decade ago and after sharing some stories realized they also shared a love of beer. The two kept in touch ever since and after enough transatlantic recipe sharing became enough Donohue packed up his things, left his job running a brewery in the USA and moved to Paris to get serious about craft beer. The logo and identity tells their story, reflects their personalities and expresses the way they feel each beer tastes. Work includes branding, packaging, accessories, and a bilingual website. Some photos included were taken from the wonderful blog of Holybelly Cafe in Paris, who was an early fan of Deck & Donohue’s craft beers.

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LOS ANGELES – Part restaurant, part market, part publication, Botanica is a lively space in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood. Working with local architects, Freeland Buck, we converted the former drop ceiling liquor store by peeling the space back to its original shell and opening up the back wall and patio giving chef/owners Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling, a space that reflects their personality and cooking – bright, lively and communal.

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Weekends was created by husband-and-wife design team David Rager and Cheri Messerli as a collaborative space for side projects. Each working on their own creative endeavors and having separate design practices. As the name suggests, projects were structured around the free time that weekends provided; however since the couple moved to Paris from California, Weekends has become weekdays as well and remains a space where the two share their love of design, interiors, furniture and collaborations with other artists through the vehicle of interior design projects.

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Setelah melihat foto-foto itu, saya yakin Anda semua setuju sekarang bahwa ruang seperti itu hanya dapat dirancang oleh pikiran yang sangat kreatif. Nah, kenyataannya adalah bahwa dua pikiran kreatif harus bekerja sama untuk mencapai hasil ini. Ini adalah desain interior yang dibuat oleh Cheri Messerli dan David Rager. Mereka adalah desainer grafis dan masing-masing perancang busana / stylist. Tentu saja, dari persamaan tersebut tidak boleh melewatkan Scout anjing mereka yang hadir di mana-mana.

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Weekends is a design studio with a passion for interior design, branding, concept, and creative consulting. With studios in Paris and Los Angeles we specialize in introducing emerging brands to international markets Scroll down to see some recent work.

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For decades, the restaurant and bar Le Depanneur was a veritable institution in the heart of the Montmartre district, near the theaters, cabarets and the ever-popular Moulin Rouge. After being shuttered for years, Weekends, along with project manager and designer Gilles Tombeur, helped resurrect the space. The resulting restaurant is equal parts Palm Springs and Big Sur and featur es a menu of organic burgers, tacos pr ovided by Cantine California and Paris’ largest tequila list.

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