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Creative Faucets And Sinks

Creative Faucets And Sinks Creative Faucets And Sinks

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Having a nice faucet can be the thing that either makes or breaks your modern kitchen. The KWC ONO Touch Light Pro is a great choice as it .

Click Image Above To Buy: Single Handle Contemporary Solid Brass Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet Chrome Finish

BUY ITThe matte black finish on this angular faucet is particularly modern.

BUY ITA unique faucet with a matching sink can really change the look of a room.

BUY ITThe thin design of this chrome faucet is in cool contrast to the knobby cube-shaped handles.

How cool does the Ripple Faucet look? Electromagnetic sensors housed beneath the plate adjust the temperature according to the ball’s placement. When the ball is at the hot end, LEDs light up in red, and when it is at the cold end, leds turn blue.

Another faucet from another Pritzker Prize Winner – Jean Nouvel. This is for the Playstation addicts!Here is how it works: O – Turn On Water, X – Turns Off Water, ∆ – Adjusts Temperature.

We really like the the Hansa Latrava faucet from Octopus Design which treats the shape of the water flow as a continuation of the hardware.

BUY ITYet another LED waterfall faucet. This one needs no battery and uses the force of water to power its LED light.

In this post we feature a set of the most creative faucet and sink designs we came across from around the web.

BUY ITThis antique style faucet is available in a stylish brass finish.

BUY ITThis black minimal faucet would be perfect for any futuristic-themed room.

SmartFaucet by ihouse not only recognizes your needs but it also recognizes your face through advanced face recognition technology and adjusts the temperature of the water and the flow to your personal preset preference. And if you thought the fun ended there be ready to be surprised. The touchscreen on the top of the faucet can be used to access email, check your calendar and even check the outside temperature.

If this is your first visit here, you have plenty to check out! We post some crazy things here:

BUY ITOil rubbed bronze gives this faucet a modern industrial look.

BUY ITHowever, if you simply must have a light colored faucet with sensor to match your theme, and prefer a branded premium design, the above KOHLER model is a good (but expensive) option.

Yet another washbasin that does something really odd – It doubles up as an aquarium! Design by Rossari

15 Modern Bathroom Faucets and Creative Kitchen Faucets – Part 4.

Kohler’s Karbon Model Faucet is an interesting concept. Designed with multiple, moveable joints, the faucet allows you to position and lock water flow exactly where you need it. You can extend the faucet fully to fill large pots, lower it into the sink for food preparation and cleanup, fold it compactly out of the way when not in use, or position it anywhere in between.

BUY ITLet your water flow through a cool chrome sluice with this faucet that includes an LED light.

BUY ITThis regal style faucet really highlights a sense of grandeur.

BUY ITBut if a swan is a little bit too timid for you, we encourage you to check out the dragon faucet.

BUY ITThe stunning HANSALATRAVA Faucet by Octopus Design. Water is so much more than just a flow. It rushes, billows, effervesces, whispers, rages, pearls, dances.

Novel flower faucet from HEGO. A basin faucet made completely from glass. When opened, the water gushes out from the bottom and fills the vase up to the rim.

BUY ITThe glass and chrome design of this faucet is sure to spark the interest of minimalists.

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Waterfall faucet, sleek looking and love that the top is open to see the water.See more

BUY ITOr perhaps you tend more towards an elegant steampunk style home decor.

15 Creative Bathroom Faucets and Modern Kitchen Faucets – Part

You could be forgiven for thinking Graff’s Luna to be some oriental wall art piece. Yeah, it is a faucet!

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BUY ITThe gorgeous curve of this faucet is perfect for any sleek modern bathroom.

BUY ITThe simplicity of this chrome faucet is perfect with the pretty porcelain sink.

BUY ITA bit ostentatious for some baths, but others will suite this gold swan faucet quite well.

BUY ITMinimalist style faucet with no lever. It has a sensor that uses AA batteries or AC power and it automatically disperses water as it senses the presence of a hand.

Rotating Sink, Has Cutting Board, Colander & More. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen — especially if at least one of the parts is very deep like our sink. And I thought I fell in love when we changed ours to a 3 part sink, WOW!See more

BUY ITThe swan faucet comes in black as well, if gold is not your thing.

BUY ITThis wall mounted faucet is super simple but very elegant.

Contemporary Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet – contemporary – bathroom faucets – – by sinofaucetSee more

BUY ITOf course, sometimes you just need the simplicity of a standard faucet.

BUY ITHere is yet another faucet sink combo that adds class to the room.

Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid‘s TriFlow really has a splendid shape.

BUY ITWe really like this smart touch sensing series of faucets from Delta. When your hands are messy you don’t need to grab the lever; just touch and voila!

(Sorry guys, no credits on that. We don’t know who the designer is.)

More light play with LEDs. Faucet Light turns an ordinary faucet into a streaming Blue or Red light source. Color changes with the water temperature! It’s blue when the water is cold or simply turned on.

BUY ITCreate a world apart with this individually crafted artistic design. Vas faucets with Imperial Blue design lead you to relaxation with the soothing sounds of flowing water. Inspired by a porcelain vase created during the Yung Lo reign of the Ming dynasty, the blue-and-white floral motif of the Imperial Blue design portrays traditional strength and wisdom.

Washerless ceramic valving ensures reliable performance and durability.

BUY ITIt’s hard to go wrong with a whimsical dolphin faucet.

BUY ITAnother option to make the faucet and sink stand out is with the use of vibrant color as shown in this Jonathan Adler designed Purist model for KOHLER.

Bathroom Faucet from Bandini – the Arya Glass Waterfall Faucet

BUY ITYet another touchless faucet that has a near invisible sensor, thanks to its dark tones.

WET goes one step further with it’s meltdown sink that can even project images from inside to its surface in addition to the sound experience. Is this the first multimedia washbasin out there?

Here is another basin that really stand apart due to the shape of it’s sink.

Whether you’re redoing your entire house or just want to freshen up your kitchen or bath, a new faucet can be a marvelous start. The right faucet can add a pop of color or become a gilded focal piece for an otherwise serene space. Particularly interesting in modern faucets is that ability to include lighting features, as many of the included faucets have LED lights that provide illumination at night and add a bit of funky color to a modern bathroom. And don’t forget about the kitchen where brass faucet arms can swing out over deep sinks to fill pots while still integrating themselves with overall warm industrial feel of so many modern homes. Faucets shouldn’t be an afterthough. After all, you look at and use them every single day. The faucets featured in this post run the gamut from ultra minimalist to utter luxury and best off all: they’re available for purchase right now.

Modern Bathroom Faucet on Modern Bathroom Faucets – Best Bathroom Interior

Bathroom, Bathroom Faucet Black Wood Bathroom Red Flower Glass Vase Cold Water Hot Water Silver Sinks: Amusing Bathroom Faucet Design for Bathroom

BUY ITThis classic pot filler type faucet is perfect for an industrial themed home.

Bandini’s Ocean sink is another idea that could create a ripple.

BUY ITThese unique porcelain faucets are from the KOHLER Bol Series.

A faucet for just sprinkling water is so yesterday. How about bringing in some music while you are at it? X-Light Surround basin from WET comes with a built-in amplified speaker system for MP3 or portable CD-player.

BUY ITLike the curve of a swan’s neck, this lovely faucet has a simple sensuality.

BUY ITThis sleek chrome faucet looks amazing emerging from a natural rock basin.

Speaking of ‘odd’ sinks this post would never be complete without…

BUY ITIf you have cash to burn on your kitchen remodel, this chrome faucet could be the perfect addition.

Unfortunately most of the above models are not available in the market. If you are looking for those that you can buy, do check out: 50 Cool & Unique Faucets

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BUY IT The Bouroullec Shelf with Integrated Single-Handle Faucet is a must have in your modern bath. This stylish, wall-mounted faucet set contains a mineral cast shelf with a sturdy gel coat finish, a laminar spray, and a ceramic cartridge for durability.

With its fresh and sophisticated look, this set is sure to blend harmoniously with your personal bath.

BUY ITA recreation of a vintage style is perfect for a country chic look.

Here is a stylish faucet by Shen Di that auto enthusiasts would dig. Shaped in the form of a gear shifter, it allows you to control the flow of the water depending upon the position of the lever.

A Touchscreen Faucet with a Smooth as water surface : Stefano Ollino Sunrise Faucet

50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Faucets You Can Buy Right Now

BUY ITThis pivoting faucet is the the perfect marriage of modern industrial and minimalist style.

BUY ITAn angular faucet takes its inspiration from modern architecture.

32 Creative Sink Faucets In Contemporary And Modern Designs – Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine

BUY ITThis black minimalist faucet has a temperature sensitive LED.

BUY ITA wall mount widespread waterfall faucet is super unique.

20 Chairs Made from Recycled Materials Strange Places for pets at Home Decor for the Geek in You! World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees

Sink: the surface glows red or blue to denote water temperature.See more

BUY ITThis dark colored faucet does its job with subtle style.

BUY ITBoth chrome and white versions of this faucet are available with a joystick style design.

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