Cut down on clutter by creating smart storage in the bathroom here everything is in easy reach thanks to the under counter baskets and built in storage
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Cozy Bathroom Ideas 20 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Incredibly

Cozy Bathroom Ideas 20 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Incredibly Cozy Bathroom Ideas 20 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Incredibly

Hang art on your walls, set it on your shelves, and place it in your windows.

If you have a lot of metal happening, consider stocking up on the same style. You can invest in shelving, shower curtain rings, towel rods, and toilet paper holders that look the same—or at least similar enough to go together.

A solid bath mat is a necessity for any bathroom (it keeps you from slipping!). So snag one you find adorable (that boob bath mat—top left—is too cute), or get one that makes you feel cozy the moment you step out of the shower (that Amazon memory foam bath mat—bottom right—is a godsend).

If you’ve got space, fill it with a rug that ties the room together. (This would probably be in addition to the bath mat, not in place of it. Hey, you might have a seriously big bathroom—I don’t know your life.)

Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters; Anthropologie

A small, decorative ladder can be used as a towel rail. No need to drill holes in the wall!

When I was in college, I got my first taste of home decor shopping. I needed to outfit my bedroom; it came with a bed, dresser, and desk, but the rest was up to me. My chief goal was to transform that stale college apartment room—which had been thoroughly lived in by the time I got there—into a cozy paradise.

Or, buy the products themselves from a single design-savvy company, so the bottles are already matching when you bring them home. My boyfriend owns the complete Public Goods collection (top right)—right down to the wooden toothbrush—and he absolutely loves it.

If you’re tired of the mirror your bathroom came with, consider swapping it for one you love more. A mirror with built-in storage (bottom left) is always a good idea, and a cute one that fits the vibe or your bathroom could be great, too.

Get the look: Boob Bath Mat,, $60 (top left); Get Naked Floral Bath Mat, Urban Outfitters, $39 (bottom left); Get Naked Bath Mat, Urban Outfitters, $34 (top right); Flamingo Memory Foam Bath Mat, Amazon, $9 (bottom right)

Shower curtains are the focal point of any bathroom, so a cute one is probably worth the splurge.

This flurry sloth pillow is pretty much a stuffed animal for adults.

If you sleep under a duvet, consider investing in a seriously soft insert. I have a squishy down duvet insert (just like this one, though this is down alternative) I snuggle up with every night, and I can’t recommend it more.

If you have room on the back of your toilet (or on the top shelf of your above-the-toilet storage unit), buy a trinket tray to store candles, plants, bath products, and whatever else you have lying around. It’s a quick way to make things feel more organized, and it looks great, too.

The words cozy and bathroom might seem mutually exclusive, but a quick Pinterest search of the words reveals they’re anything but.

Not only is this Anthropologie basket all kinds of cute—it’s also a great place to store blankets and throw pillows when you’re not using them.

Get the look: Honeymoon Hotel Petal Pink Art Print, Urban Outfitters, $19-399 (top left); Quibe One Line Nude Art Print, Urban Outfitters, $19-399 (bottom left); Pressed Floral 9×15 Frame, Urban Outfitters, $24 (top right); Kym Fulmer Crashing Waves Art Print, Urban Outfitters, $29-399 (bottom right)

Urban Outfitters; Anthropologie; Anthropologie; Anthropologie

This metal star banner is a quick way to make your room feel more enchanting—and it requires very little effort.

If you’re a light sleeper (ahem, my boyfriend), a white noise machine might help you block out some of the noisy distractions keeping you up.

Not sure what to read before bed? Try this poetry- and prose-filled book by Courtney Peppernell.

Since we control how often it’s used, it tends to last longer than a standard essential oil diffuser (though it does require a little more work).

It’s possible to make a bath mat from real seaside stones. You can find instructions on how to do so here.

I’ve had my eye on these votives for a long, long time. (Click through to see what they look like in the dark—they’re somehow even prettier.)

Installing an additional ledge or rail next to the shower is useful for hanging various things up and keeping them to hand at the same time.

Plants have a way of making an environment all the more blissful, and this four-plant starter pack is perfect for novice plant moms.

If you have a tiny piece of furniture you don’t know what to do with, try setting it next to your bathtub like an end table. (Or level up and actually buy a small piece of furniture for this purpose.) There, you can use it as a home for all the things you want near you while you’re taking a bath—candles, books, wine, washcloths, plants, and anything else that’ll fit.

Because I honestly don’t know where else you’d put your towels and washcloths. Plus, if they’re cute (ahem, #3), you might as well show them off. Fold, roll, or stack them on a shelf (top left), roll them up neatly (bottom left), or invest in some hardware (top right and bottom right). You can’t really go wrong—and you’ll thank yourself for the towel and washcloth accessibility later.

This tiny bedside lamp reminds me of the fireflies my brother and I used to catch as children. An added bonus: This light is bright without being too bright—odds are, it won’t keep you up at night.

A bath tray is everything I’ve ever dreamt of and more. Seriously, you can reasonably read a book (or watch Netflix!) in the bathtub without the risk of getting its precious pages (err, your precious computer screen) wet. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

You can use a shelf to allow you to read and have a drink while relaxing in a hot bath.

And if you want to avoid potential flammability, grab some cute crystals and sprinkle them along the sides of your tub. (I’m not a crystals person, but I saw someone do this on Pinterest, and it looked incredibly cozy.)

Add a few plants to the bathroom to make it feel and smell fresher.

Wicker baskets can be an excellent alternative to shelves in the bathroom. They can be attached to the wall easily enough using a variety of methods.

If you don’t want to splurge on a memory-foam mattress, you can always get a memory-foam mattress topper instead. This thing got me through all four years of college (where mediocre mattresses were abundant).

Don’t fret if your bathroom is short on shortage—you have plenty of options. I always invest in an over-the-toilet shelving system (like the ones in the top right and bottom right images), but alternatives work just as well if you have room for them.

Metal hairpins and other such items can be kept in one place by attaching a magnetic strip to the wall. You’ll never lose them again!

Find a toilet paper brand you love. Then find a cute way to store it.

If you want curtains that dim the light without blocking it completely, these net ones should do the trick. You can also hang them at the foot of your bed to use them as a makeshift canopy or room divider.

Finish things off by putting a trinket tray on the back of your toilet.

Get the look: Opalhouse Blush Bath Collection, Target, $10-13 (top left); Four-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set, Amazon, $35 (bottom left); Gift Set, Public Goods, $40 (top right); Dragan Bathroom Set, Ikea, $5-13 (bottom right)

This Himalayan salt night light is a cute twist on the Himalayan salt lamp trend you’re seeing everywhere.

Amazon users love this luxury sleep mask, which has more than 2,300 five-star reviews.

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This wicker tray is perfect for breakfast—or a quick cup of tea—in bed.

You can make a mirror into a real part of the room’s decoration if you can think of an imaginative enough idea.

But now you’ve been filled with a new resolve to turn your bathroom into a snuggly oasis—the stuff of Pinterest dreams.

Let’s be real, bathrooms can smell all kinds of ways. To keep yours fragrant in the best way possible, grab an oil diffuser, some incense, or some Poo-Pourri (potpourri made specifically for the bathroom—I’m not kidding).

This diffuser comes complete with fragrant oils that’ll keep your room smelling great no matter the time of day.

Get the look: Peaches Shower Curtain, Urban Outfitters, $39 (top left); Risa Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $88 (bottom left); Tegula Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $88 (top right); Magnolia Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $88 (bottom right)

Investing in a memory foam pillow *might* be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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I just bought two new blankets and ordered this to go along with them. Why not have a nice-looking place to toss my throws when I’m not snuggled up with them?

Hampers are practical necessities, but that doesn’t mean they have to be utilitarian looking. These are just as much decor pieces are they are easy places to toss a used towel. (Plus, having separate hampers for clothes and towels will keep your other laundry from getting damp waiting for wash day.)

Play around with different towel and washcloth display options.

Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters; Amazon

Get the look: Vilto Shelf Unit, Ikea, $69 (top left); Wall Mount Towel Holder, Amazon, $23 (bottom left); Romana Towel Ring, Anthropologie, $48 (top right); Sculpted Leila Hook, Anthropologie, $16 (bottom right)

These cozy bed sheets come highly recommended by more than 8,500 Amazon reviewers. (If that’s not high praise, I don’t know what is.)

Because nothing says cozy like a makeshift canopy covered in firefly lights.

Got wall space? Put up some art. My friend Caroline told me her bathroom went from nice to nicer when she hung up some of her favorite illustrations and paintings. Photos, drawings, and typography would work just as well.

Make sure you have something (or some things) that’ll keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

If you’re not into candles, but you are into your room smelling great, consider these P.F. Candle Co. room sprays, available in scents like amber and moss, teakwood and tobacco, and patchouli sweetgrass.

CultureCozy Bathroom Ideas: 19 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Incredibly Cozy

This dimmable bedside lamp gives you complete control over how bright your room is at any given moment—making it especially great for nighttime reading or journaling.

Get the look: Bryanne Linen Towels, World Market, $7-11 (top left); Zig-Zag Bath Collection, Anthropologie, $18-36 (bottom left); Slowtide Zephyr Stripe Towel, Urban Outfitters, $60 (top right); Bolman Bath Sheet, Ikea, $13 (bottom right)

Pour all the products you need into matching bottles and label them. Your bathroom will look much more stylish and homely in an instant!

Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters

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Repurpose smaller pieces of furniture by turning them into end tables.

Once you finally emerge from this hygge-filled Pinterest black hole, you remember that these bathrooms aren’t your own—that you didn’t even know the words “cozy” and “bathroom” could go together until you searched the phrase on Pinterest minutes (hours) before.

Get the look: Incense Stick Bundle, Urban Outfitters, $27 (top left); Aspen Bay Reed Diffuser, Anthropologie, $40 (bottom left); P.F. Candle Co. Room Spray, Urban Outfitters, $9 (top right); Poo-Pourri Lavender Vanilla Bathroom Deodorizer Set, Amazon, $23 (bottom right)

I’ve never been one for incense—I’m more of a candle gal—but I have friends who love it. This beginner’s kit is filled with white peach sticks that smell like roses, but you can also get a green version that smells like tea.

And if you really want to take things to the next level, you can always unify your bath products.

Sleeping under a weighted blanket helped one of our writers get to sleep when she was dealing with mild insomnia, and it might bring you comfort, too.

Scroll down to find 19 cozy bathroom ideas—simple ways you can elevate your bathroom game (plus 76 products to help you do just that).

Get the look: Floating Candle, Anthropologie, $16-24 (top left); Crystal Allies Raw Stones, Amazon, $13 (bottom left); Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, Amazon, $14 (top right); Love By Luna Crystal Set, Urban Outfitters, $25 (bottom right)

Keep these cozy slippers by your bed to keep your feet warm from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you crawl back into bed to go to sleep.

I already own this blanket in pink, but I just ordered a second one in light gray because it’s so snuggly and two is undeniably better than one.

Get the look: Blush Glass Catch-All Tray, Urban Outfitters, $20 (top left); Antiqued Vanity Tray, Anthropologie, $88 (bottom left); Wicker Tray, Anthropologie, $128 (top right); Rose Gold Vanity Tray, Anthropologie, $38 (bottom right)

You’d be surprised how much an ordinary spice rack fits in with the style and decor of your bathroom — plus they’re extremely useful for storing and sorting various bottles.

Keep the holiday cheer going all year round with these Urban Oufitters candles that smell like cinnamon, frosted fir, and Monterey pine.

Get the look: Abstract Lady Print Rug, Urban Outfitters, $29 (top left); Floral Space Printed Rug, Urban Outfitters, $39-189 (bottom left); Luna Chenille Striped Rug, Urban Outfitters, $149 (top right); nuLOOM Area Rug, Amazon, $26 (bottom right)

Hanging lanterns is a simple way to make a space feel warmer—and it’s a great alternative to hanging plants if you don’t have a ton of natural light. (Pro tip: You can actually put candles inside these lanterns to make them feel even cozier.)

Look, you need toilet paper, and you’ve gotta put it somewhere. Might as well find a way to make its display look intentional.

WoodWick candles are the absolute best, because they smell great and sound like a crackling campfire. The Fireside scent is one of my favorites, though I also recommend Cinnamon Chai, Coastal Sunset, and Vanilla Bean. (I smelled these at a store last week and literally wrote down the ones I liked best.)

Smaller bathroom items can be stored in ordinary glass jars.

I’m obsessed with plants, and I wish my bathroom got enough natural light to warrant its transformation into a small indoor garden. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has hella bathroom windows, consider setting plants in your window sills, along the sides of your tub, and on literally any flat surface you can find.

Urban Outfitters; Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters; Urban Outfitters

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Dare to close your eyes, and you might believe, just for a moment, that you are actually enveloped in that warm water—that those plants lining the shower, those fluffy towels, and those candles along the bath’s edge are yours. That the incredibly cozy bathrooms you’ve been perusing on Pinterest for the past however many minutes (ahem, hours) belong to you.

You can also hang a couple in the corner of your shower—just put them in a corner where you’re unlikely to hit your head on them.

Get the look: Adelaide Mirror, Anthropologie, $298 (top left); Plymouth Sliding Storage Mirror, Urban Outfitters, $148 (bottom left); Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror, Urban Outfitters, $160 (top right); Madeleine Mirror, Anthropologie, $298 (bottom right)

Get the look: Tike Wire Rolling Hamper, Urban Outfitters, $79 (top left); Tulum Basket, Anthropologie, $68 (bottom right); Lucy Woven Laundry Basket, Urban Outfitters, $79 (top right); Chevron Frame Wire Hamper, Urban Outfitters, $69 (bottom right)

Get the look: Wooden Bath Caddy, Anthropologie, $128 (top left); Bamboo Bath Tub Tray, Amazon, $33 (bottom left); Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray, Urban Outfitters, $49 (top right); Maison Storage Bath Caddy, Anthropologie, $148 (bottom right)

Get the look: Himalayan Bath Salt, Amazon, $23 (top left); Zents Bath Truffle, Amazon, $6 (bottom left); Shea Butter Bubble Bath, Amazon, $15 (top right); Just Rosy Bath Bomb, Amazon, $9 (bottom right)

Blackout curtains are vital for napping, sleeping in, or even hitting the hay if you have a streetlight outside your window. I just ordered these light-blocking drapes from Urban Outfitters in blush, though all the color options are solid.

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These 41 products can help make your space warmer, happier, and more welcoming. As someone who takes coziness very seriously, I can say for sure that turning your bedroom into a blissful oasis can do wonders for your sleep and your mood. What’s not to love?

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Take a few minutes (read: hours) to scroll through Pinterest’s “cozy bathroom ideas” feed, and you’ll find images of plant-lined showers, fluffy towels, and candlelit baths so welcoming, you can almost feel the warmth of the water creep along your skin.

Get the look: Live Succulent Plant, Amazon, $6 (top left); Stylish Plant Stand, Amazon, $33 (bottom left); Macrame Plant Hanger, Amazon, $20 (top right); Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot, Amazon, $15 (bottom right)

12 ingenious tricks to make your bathroom the most comfortable place in your home

Get the look: Spenser Stool, Anthropologie, $228-238 (top left); Bamboo Shower Bench, Amazon, $60 (bottom left); Aido Stool, Urban Outfitters, $119 (top right); Kanae Bath Stool, Urban Outfitters, $69 (bottom right)

Even if you just paint the frame of a mirror, it will have the overall effect of making the room look more cheerful as well as stylish.

It’s possible to make every corner of your home a comfortable place to live. Even the most functional rooms can be transformed into something wonderful. To prove this to you, we’ve put together a selection of some of the most ingenious, but by no means complicated or expensive, tricks you can learn to remake your bathroom.

Journaling is a great way to unwind before bed, and this one requires minimal commitment. Just write down one line about your day, every day, and at the end of five years, you’ll have a truncated account of your life to look back on.

Everyone needs a robe. And this plush choice seems to be an Amazon favorite.

Simulate a starry sky and make your room smell great at the same time with this LED essential oil diffuser, which looks just as great in the light as it does in the dark.

Snow globe meets picture frame in this mesmerizing piece of decor. When you’re feeling stressed, just shake the frame and watch the glitter settle—then repeat as you see fit.

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Get a bath tray so you can read, eat, drink, etc. from the comfort of your tub.

Get the look: Knit Bathroom Storage Organizer, Amazon, $13 (top left); Fabric Storage Bin, Amazon, $13 (bottom left); Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder, Amazon, $18 (top right); Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder, Amazon, $10 (bottom right)

Put a fluffy rug by your bed so the first thing you step on each morning makes you feel calm and cozy. Seriously, running your feet over something soft is a great way to start each day (way better than, say, stepping onto a cold tile floor).

This UGG knit throw looks so, so snuggly. There are very few blankets I’d be willing to drop $125 on, but this one might make the cut.

My roommates and I have a plant mister that we’ve repurposed as an essential oil diffuser. We filled the mister with our favorite (diluted) essential oils—peppermint, cinnamon, and rosemary—and we spray it around our apartment whenever it needs a quick fragrance boost.

Since then I’ve lived in many apartments, and I’ve relished opportunities to dream up new cozy bedroom ideas to further hygge-ify my snuggly paradise. Candles, blankets, and journals are now all staples of my utopia, and I’m always looking for new ways to up my game.

Get the look: Alder Tri-Tier Metal Storage, Urban Outfitters, $89 (top left); Natural Bamboo Shelf, Amazon, $36 (bottom left); Bamboo Three-Tier Shelf, Amazon, $30 (top right); Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Storage, Amazon, $76 (bottom right)

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Luxurious as they may be, bath bombs and other scented bath products can irritate your skin—and in some cases, your vagina. So have fun, but be sure to listen to your body and exercise caution when it seems like a product isn’t right for you.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt chenille, but if you have, you know how incredibly soft and wonderful it is. Imagine wrapping yourself up in a chenille blanket. I know—it sounds too good to be true. But thanks to this blanket, it’s not.

Get the look: Rose Gold Standing Bathroom Storage, Urban Outfitters, $39 (top left); Copper Shower Curtain Hooks Set, Urban Outfitters, $14 (bottom left); Bathroom Hardware Accessory Set, Amazon, $30 (top right); Madras Toilet Paper Holder, Anthropologie, $42 (bottom right)

I’ve never gotten into dream journaling, but some of my friends love it. And this Anthropologie diary is practically asking to be filled with blissful reveries.

Getting towels that are equal parts soft, absorbent, and aesthetically pleasing was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Having something plush to snuggle up in after a shower or bath makes the whole experience better.

Step one was finding a memory foam mattress topper that was both soft enough to cushion the bouncy mattress I’d inherited and affordable enough to keep my college budget intact. From there, I got a fluffy pillow, a squishy duvet insert, and super soft bedding in different shades of blue—a color that would bring a sense of peace and calm to my bedroom, as a cursory Google search of “color psychology” informed me.

Investing in matching bottles and holders for your bath products is a really easy way to make things look tied together, and even fancy. Plus you can get cheap sets pretty much anywhere—Target (top left), Amazon (bottom left), Ikea (bottom right), and so on.

Lining your bathtub with candles can be a dangerous game, depending on your shower curtain situation. But a candlelit bath can also be idyllic. If you feel so inclined, set out some candles—just be sure to place them where they’re not likely to catch anything on fire.

Let these curtains transform your bedroom into a starry oasis.

This pillow chair makes reading in a bed a whole lot easier—and more comfortable.

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