Country To City Decor 8 Ways To Make The Change With What You Have

May 16, 2018 9:20 am by admin
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20 dashing french country living rooms
Country To City Decor 8 Ways To Make The Change With What You Have

The farmhouse staple saw a surge in popularity thanks to HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. Check out our guide to installing shiplap in your home.

Store extra quilts—and whatever else—in one of these for functional farmhouse style.

If you’re looking for a youthful take on a country-modern blended living room, then here’s the ticket. This is a gorgeous mix of country textures, cozy feelings and contemporary, fashion-forward accent choices – and the white foundation only enhances it all!

Prop up some old window frames or shutters for an easy farmhouse touch.

Here in Florida, I’ve used those furnishings to decorate and stage a succession of mostly traditional suburban homes. Until now.

If you do introduce a pattern, make it geometric, and save the botanicals for another space.

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There’s no easier way to incorporate farmhouse style than by literally decorating with old farm tools. Hang shovels. hoes, washboards, or antique cheese graters, or convert an old toolbox into a trunk for storage.

There’s a quiet, feminine spark seen and felt throughout this bedroom. The raw, organic nature of the textures shades and wooden ceiling beams brings a bout of country flavor but the chicness of the bedding help to inspire a more forward-thinking experience.

Texture is the definite focus of this bathroom. And if you look close enough you’ll be able to pick out the parts that fit in with traditional contemporary design and a more casual look as well.

Pull out traditional, patterned area rugs and either put a solid rug down or let furniture sit on the bare floor.

Why not decorate your farmhouse with farm-inspired photography or paintings? 

There’s something quite mysterious about this dining room, don’t you think? And it’s gorgeous but what’s really impressive is its classic mix of country texture and modern lines.

Like the bucket and the jar-drying rack chandeliers seen in this laundry room/mudroom.

“But be careful so it doesn’t look like a garage sale,” he added.

A few years ago, when I moved to Florida from my rambling Colorado home surrounded by a lot of open space and horse properties, I brought my mostly traditional and French country furniture with me. Besides the pine armoire, I hauled along a dining table and writing desk (both with carved, curved legs), oil paintings of landscapes, antique wooden chests, gilded mirrors, a marble-topped Bombay chest, needlepoint pillows, patterned rugs, a French tapestry, large ceramic chickens, white quilts and toile bedding.

This room isn’t the example of the perfect blend but it does have a beautiful balance. There’s a quiet countriness surrounding some of the room’s accent choices but overall it’s a subtle, modern bedroom perfect for any youth.

Antique signs reading “supermarket,” “grocery,” or “meat market” are a fun addition to any farmhouse-style kitchen.

Take a peek at this charming example of a modern bedroom that’s been sprinkled with a bit of feminine, country flair. Soft lines, soft neutrals and a pop of mustard make this room a beauty.

Maybe you just use them for canning jams or storing spices, or maybe you feature them in your DIY decor, but every farmhouse needs some Mason jars.

This sink and vanity is practically a piece of art inside this modern bathroom. It stands out but also adds personalized style to the finished room.

How To Blend Modern and Country Styles Within Your Home’s Decor

“Bite the bullet,” Grubb said. “If you’re moving from traditional to transitional, the largest pieces, like the sofa or headboard, need to be brought into play. Don’t start with something small, like a lamp, or it will look like a mistake.”

We love a kitchen that looks lived-in, with old cast iron skillets in full view.

So I had a big chat/design-therapy session with Christopher Grubb, president of Arch-Interiors, a Beverly Hills design firm with an A-list clientele of celebrities and globally known corporate leaders. Both of those groups often have city and country homes.

You’ve heard the expression: You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Well, there’s an equally true, but lesser known corollary, which I just made up: You can take the furniture out of the country, but put country furniture in a city dwelling and it sticks out like a greased pig at Bloomingdale’s.

Win tickets to Hudson Gardens’ first outdoor summer concert of the year

… or at least, install a vintage-inspired one, like this gorgeous oven, the new LG “Black Stainless Steel” series, a collaboration with designer Nate Berkus.

Urban chic interiors favor clean lines. Adding pictures and mirrors that have straight-edged frames, not carved ones, and furniture with straight, not curved, lines will make a traditional space more transitional.

Though my digs and lifestyle have gone from country comfort to city slick, my interior style still has a foothold in that imaginary farm life,

In my Colorado home, the top of the pine armoire had a pair of riding boots on it beside an oil painting on easel.

We’re in love with this space for so many different reasons. The country vibes are obvious, the modern lines are there and the richness of the black and navy foundations makes this a very unique blend of design genres.

If there’s one thing every farmhouse needs, it’s a farm table. After all, it’s where your family will share meals, conversations, celebrations, and more.

There’s something really masculine inside this living space. From the wooden walls that act as a country-cool foundation, to the slickness and sharpness of the lines of every furniture piece, this room too mixes two popular interior design styles.

There is something truly enveloping about this large, galley kitchen. There’s a definite country-vibe going on too but with all the clean and chic edges the designer also make the modernism shine through!

Traditional New England seafood restaurant opening in LoHi this summer

Any farmhouse fanatic knows quilts are the secret to a truly cozy country bed. Need more inspiration? See our favorite creative ways to decorate with quilts.

Windowed cabinets are more traditional – and something country in feel – so when you pair them with more futuristic accents and modern lines, like you see here you get a gorgeous blend of genres that gives the designer a no fail plan.

Urban chic spaces are tailored where country homes are loose. In a city space, drapes are fitted, pleated and precise; they don’t puddle or flutter.

This kitchen has so much innovation around it, even though you may not realize it at first. The blending of both vintage, country styles with contemporary looks – like the open shelving  and delicate island – make this a really unique space.

The stuff country kitchen dreams are made of. (You just might want toread this first before installing one, though)

Join me next week when Grubb takes us along the design continuum from traditional to transitional, contemporary to modern, explaining the differences in these design styles, and how to pull them off.

Cowhide and sisal rugs add softness and texture to any living room, while natural wood elements reinforce a farmhouse feel.

Open ceilings like this add character and recall similarly structured barns or industrial buildings.

Sometimes our personal styles don’t fit into one tightly knit box, instead our inspiration comes from a variety of different decor genres. And that’s especially true when it comes to creating our home’s ethos. Today, we’re showing you some gorgeous and simple examples on how to mix modern and country style and design within your home’s decor as well as some tips and tricks for making it an easy blended pairing.

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It’s getting hotter in Colorado. Here are some places to stay cool with river surfing and other water sports.

Here’s another sink and vanity pairing that blends in with a country style with ease but it’s innovation and forward-thinking style make this a shoe-in for those that want a more artistic, modern home.


A framed chalkboard in the kitchen or mudroom is not only country-chic, it’s also super handy.

“You can absolutely create a great urban space with traditional furniture,” he said. The trick is to add a few contemporary moves to create a look he calls transitional.

In April, we announced Hudson Gardens’ biggest outdoor summer concert lineup yet. Now, they want to invite you to the first show of the season.

Five houses later, I am living in a new, modern home at the urban epicenter of downtown Orlando. How urban? I can see City Hall from my front sidewalk. I’m a three-minute walk from a dozen restaurants and even more bars, a grocer, a flower shop, a UPS store, a yoga studio, a Starbucks, a French bakery and a place that sells graffiti burgers, which I have not had the nerve to try.

Syndicated columnist and speaker Marni Jameson is the author of “House of Havoc” and “The House Always Wins” (Da Capo Press). Contact her through

Maine Shack, a traditional New England seafood restaurant, will open in Denver during the summer 2018.

One word comes to mind when viewing this bedroom and that’s … slick. Every choice made here was a chic, sophisticated decision that left the exposed wood welcoming to all and the black and white accents a contemporary movement.

Display your prized plates, just like Grandma did in her farmhouse.

Modern and minimal go together. An urban chic interior will have long swaths of clean surfaces, strategically punctuated by a sculpture or vase. Traditional country interiors are more relaxed, and better absorb the books, dishes, dog leashes and baskets of magazines.

Milk bottles filled with wildflowers, a compote of bright lemons, or a bowl of farm-fresh eggs instantly imparts a farmhouse feel.

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My country-pine armoire in my current urban-chic home looks a little like a hay bale in a high rise. But, fortunately, we have ways of making that work.

It’s going to be incredibly hot this week so here are some ways you can cool down in the water.

Yes, it’s possible to have the country house of your dreams. From easy rustic touches to larger architectural projects, here are some of our favorite ways to give any kind of home a farmhouse feel.

This super clean bedroom offers up a chic space anyone would love to dive into. The wooden accent wall meshes well with sharp lines of the rest of the bedroom.

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Just one piece of abstract art can inject a modern feel to a traditional setting. You can pick up nice, inexpensive framed art at home stores like Z Gallerie or paint your own canvas with bright splashes.

“I pretty much need to turn a country sow’s ear into a city silk pillow,” I tell Grubb.

Installing barn doors is a clear country choice. See some of our favorite ways to incorporate barn doors into your home.

Overall, cut back on the amount of art you have, said Grubb. “Contemporary spaces show more surface. Let rooms breathe more by clearing wall space, and removing patterns.”

Have you ever seen a bathroom this spacious before? It blends luxurious and clean modernism with the coziness of country-time decor on each side of the room!

I shared with him some of the following ways I’d given my traditional furnishings a citified spin. He approved and added a few more ideas to my list.

… whether you turn a vintage ladder into a nightstand with boards on every step for shelves, or drape quilts over the rungs.

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To adapt, I’ve had to give my country-girl decor a city-chic spin without buying more stuff, which I refuse to do because of my self-imposed austerity program.

Here’s a living room that blends both country accents with the overall feel of a minimalistic, modern space. It’s light, it’s bright but the rawness of the woods and neutrals brings a coziness right in.

So far, the worst (and potentially fatal) choice your daughter made was to consume an entire bottle of wine and then get into her car.

And here’s a really homey, modern living room that will make any family feel not only welcome but also stylish too. The textures and casualness of the choices throughout make the country vibe shine through but the sharper lines and monochromatic colors bring in the contemporary style as well.

Tuck yourself into a stately canopy bed for a country-quiet night’s sleep.

A classic slipper tub is the focal point of any true country cottage bathroom.

When you have more space, you can go with more bulk when designing. And here we see a masculine, country kitchen sitting inside a gorgeous, open modern space. And we love it!

A key difference between traditional and contemporary spaces is their use of color. Traditional interiors layer prints and patterns, while more contemporary homes use solid blocks of color. On my kitchen chairs, for instance, I flipped the seat cushions. They had a needlepoint rooster on one side; now the solid black underside of the cushion faces up. I did the same with decorative pillows throughout the house.

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