40 cool unique toilet paper holders
40 cool unique toilet paper holders
Cool Unique Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holders

Cool Unique Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holders Cool Unique Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holders

BUY ITWhen’s the last time you visited a bathroom that could honestly be described as “adorable”? A plush Hello Kitty roll holder is a step in the right direction.

BUY ITA sturdy cast iron design similar to the previous giraffe, but featuring a graceful cat instead – as demonstrated in this photo, these extra-long dispensers can also work well as paper towel holders!

BUY ITDesigned by Philippe Starck, this AXOR toilet paper holder is made of coated solid brass just like the Patricia Urquiola model, but this elegant fixture supports two rolls.

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Perhaps you’re a prince or a princess who lives in a castle, and is used to being surrounded by knights in shining armor, protecting you from all that is evil. Now you can add another knight to your royal army, though this one goes in your bathroom. Click here to check out this medieval toilet paper holder.

BUY ITNature themes make for popular and very welcoming bathroom motifs. The Nature Walk tissue dispenser takes the form of a simple branch yet maintains just the perfect curves and angles to keep the roll firmly seated on the spindle.

BUY ITVery minimalistic! This brass toilet paper holder is surely a stylistic improvement from the bulky plastic rollers from big box stores.

BUY ITSimple, gorgeous, and functional. Is it the perfect toilet paper holder? Maybe! Would it coordinate with any dark-themed bathroom interior? The chances are good!

BUY ITNeed a gift for a teacher or nutritionist? This apple-shaped roll holder also accepts stacks of ordinary facial tissues after removing the interior spindle, and it would look right at home on a desk.

BUY ITWay too cute! This little resin-cast bear offers a fresh roll with one hand and covers his nose with the other. This would be a nice gift for a new cabin owner or would make a charming addition to any nature-themed bathroom design.

The spindle behind the bear holds up to three spare rolls of toilet paper.

BUY ITThis gorgeous roll holder is the work of Patricia Urquiola in conjunction with AXOR. Available in solid brass with chrome or nickel finish, this piece demonstrates equal measures restraint and style.

YOU’VE DONE REDECORATING for every other area in your home. You’ve spiced up the indoor lighting, the home office, and even the living room seating. Now, all that remains is the lowly bathroom. Let’s start by adding some unique toilet paper holder design ideas to the mix.

BUY ITRemember the Mr. T toilet paper holder? Introducing Mr. P – this charismatic pair can give each of your bathrooms a distinctive personality by making TP fun.

BUY ITHere’s another design for fans of minimalistic bathroom fixtures. This tissue holder features a matte white surface to go with any bathroom.

BUY ITUse this handsome giraffe as an ordinary roll-holder or stack multiples for a nice source of backups. It’s made of heavy cast iron so it stays in place during everyday use.

BUY ITWho guards your throne room? This hand-painted knight is cast in resin with incredible detail, ready to serve anyone who beckons for ye olde hindclothe.

If you love retro, and you love cute, and you love having something cool and quirky in your washroom, this Polaroid camera is the thing for you. Not only do you get the toilet roll holder, but you also get some matching Polaroid photo toilet paper as well! Enjoy the scenery every time you visit the loo! Click here to check out this unique toilet paper holder design.

BUY ITEverybody knows somebody who takes their phone with them absolutely anywhere they go. Whether that person is you, or somebody you love, this toilet paper holder and phone rack combination is sure to please.

This collection of 10 cool and creative toilet paper holders is sure to transform your daily bathroom visiting experience forever. Let’s begin the journey…

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(Oh, and if you enjoy this post, here are some cool toilet games you can play while using the bathroom too. Epic!)

BUY ITSimple and very attractive. Don’t pass up this floral toilet paper dispenser if you want a classic look without the extravagance.

BUY ITAnother roll holder from Design Toscano, the imaginative company that created the two items listed previously. This gargoyle boasts a fierce and protective stance, ready to defend your toilet paper against any unwelcome intruder.

BUY ITSo intricate! This French country-style toilet paper holder would look fabulous in almost any bathroom – and because its made from iron, it would be easy to repurpose for other uses.

BUY ITMade from reclaimed wood and real steel pipe, this sturdy roll holder features a sturdy shelf for storage of extra toilet paper or scented candles above. This lovingly-crafted item would make a neat housewarming gift or a nice accent to a bathroom based around sustainable or upcycled materials.

BUY ITIt looks just like a Polaroid camera and dispenses paper from the photo slot. While it does have that classic Polaroid charm, it’s a good thing it doesn’t look too much like a real camera, right?

BUY ITBrass wire supports the toilet paper roll, and a solid oak peg holds it to the wall. This is a nice-looking and simplistic toilet paper holder well-suited to bathrooms with refined decor themes.

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BUY ITToo funny! This dog rear toilet paper holder will definitely get guests talking at your next house party and nobody will ever forget the day they had to pull toilet paper from such an unusual place.

BUY ITCreate a traditional look in your bathroom with this antique finish gold lion toilet paper holder. The intricate background medallion pairs well with the scrollwork of artful classic bathroom decor.

BUY ITThis hanging tissue holder features a magnetic catch that makes it easy to change out the roll without removing any parts. This could be a time-saving gift for somebody who cleans up after household members who don’t replace the roll as often as they should.

BUY ITHere’s another Polaroid toilet paper holder option – just as cute but with a fresh color theme.

BUY ITDiabolo is a quirky roll holder available in either black or orange. It’s a fun alternative to the static fixtures that dominate current toilet paper holder design.

BUY ITWant to clear some space in the cabinets or get rid of an unsightly storage solution? This concrete shelf can house a substantial pack of toilet paper while looking as creative and charming as could be.

BUY ITStainless steel toilet paper holders look great – but more importantly – they’re easy to clean too! The ZACK Linea toilet paper holder is sleek and minimalistic, and perfect for those who aspire to a bathroom that always looks pristine.

The Toilet Paper Tree Holder offers a creative new way to hold your toilet paper rolls – both the one you’re currently using, and all the extras for when you run out. Just affix one of these trees next to your toilet, and you’re good to go! Click here to check out this creative toilet paper holder design.

BUY ITSo while these roll dispensers might advertise their dual purpose as a phone holder, most of the shelves are just as easily utilized for more decorative purposes – like in this photo of a double dispenser with a potted plant happily sitting atop.

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BUY ITWhat to do with those extra rolls of toilet paper? How about storing them in a smooth designer container like the Birillo from Alessi? Make guests more comfortable by leaving one of these near the loo, instead of hiding the spare essentials somewhere too hard to find.

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BUY ITDo you use super-strength rolls? This adorable strongman roll holder is up to the challenge! Playfully named Mr. T, this design is sure to brighten any bathroom.

BUY ITMade from curved white-coated aluminum, the Curva toilet paper holder is a straightforward design with a clean aesthetic.

BUY ITVery cool and stylish – this spherical tissue dispenser was Japan’s 2008 Good Design Award winner and now it can bring good design to anyone’s home. The innovative shape proves that toilet paper holders can be as attractive and hygienic as any other product.

BUY ITDouble roll holders aren’t just convenient… they’re stylish too! Just like the previous roll holder, this design also features a convenient shelf and striking industrial design influence.

BUY ITIt’s hard to find an elegant holder for toilet paper rolls. It’s just not the most elegant of concepts, that’s all, but this shouldn’t stop you from searching out something that fits your interior decor.

This holder is constructed of stainless steel and coated with pure copper to prevent rusting. Complete with concealed screw mounts for simplicity, this piece is the ideal choice for a refined home.

BUY ITThis robot is a fun DIY project and just so happens to work as a versatile toilet paper holder too. Made from verified eco-friendly basswood, the pieces are easy to assemble – and when you’re done you can reposition the arms and hands or even make the robot hold items.

It looks great unpainted but can be spruced up to match your bathroom with ease. The design is based on the Chinese character jiong, often used as an emoticon online.

Whether you’re just looking to replace the generic holder that came with your house, or want to go all-in to coordinate everything your newly remodeled bathroom, this big list of 40 creative toilet paper holders is sure to inspire! Some of these picks are chosen for their good looks, quirky sense of humor, ease of use, or genuine luxury. Keep an eye out for the kid-friendly options to help get young ones more excited about potty training or hang a silly novelty spindle to give friends or housewarming guests. Or head toward the end of the list for a high-end bathroom decor investment to last a lifetime. There’s something for everybody.

BUY ITSculpted in resin but finished with metallic paint, this Grim Reaper roll holder is a cool combination of intrigue and affordability.

BUY ITBathroom reading materials aren’t an essential, but they’re always nice to have. Stuff your previously-read subscriptions into this freestanding magazine and tissue holder to make sure your bathroom is as convenient as it is lovely.

BUY ITThis incredibly detailed toilet paper holder takes the shape of a ferocious dragon with intricately shaped scales and immaculate coloring. This dragon would be a fun piece for any hardcore fan of fantasy books.

By the way, if dragons are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on dragon home decor.

BUY ITNever let a guest face the embarrassment of an empty toilet paper holder ever again! This dispenser has plenty of space for spare rolls.

BUY ITRobotan is a charming porcelain roll holder that comes in several bright colors. The cute little robot ears hold the toilet paper.

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