Cool Unique Decorative Candles

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Cool Unique Decorative Candles

BUY IT Aromatherapy Scented Candles: Extend your aromatherapy selection, with these soy wax candles in non-drip jars. Choose from four different combinations – lavender, orange, peppermint eucalyptus or vanilla – to make up your pack of three.

Gift wrapping is available.

BUY IT Dripping Wax-Style Electronic Candle: Want the real candle feel? This battery-operated find gives off a vanilla aroma and dripped-wax look.

BUY IT Flameless Wax Cut-out Candles: Take your battery-powered candles to the next level. This set of three ivory candles can switch to eight different settings, using their own remote control.

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BUY IT Concrete Candles: Get the industrial look inside your bathroom. These wee concrete candles are painted with pastels or metallics, adding a touch of style to your daily flame.

BUY IT Pumpkin-Shaped Candles: Want to celebrate Halloween – without the real pumpkin? These cute flame holders are smokeless and clean-burning, adding novelty to your kitchen without the carving mess.

BUY IT Floating Rose Candles: Candles are synonymous with a spot of romance. Run a bath filled with bubbles and these rose-shaped candles, for a night for two you’ll never forget.

BUY IT Pebble-Shaped Candles: Take a more natural approach. These handmade pebble candles in soybean wax would look perfect beside a beach-themed bath setting.

BUY IT Pear-Shaped Candle: Think a pear only comes in green? This original 45-hour candle comes in 13 shades.

BUY IT Batman Candle: Batman is unpredictable – but seeing him in your candle is still a surprise. Delivered all over the world, these carved paraffin candles are a scintillating addition to your superhero home decor.

BUY IT Dinosaur Hatching Candle: Have a child or friend that’s just mad about dinosaurs? Gift them a candle that’s truly unique – one that hatches dinsoaurs. Available with a blue or green glass dinosaur inside, these unassuming eggs reveal prehistoric figurines you can take out and keep.

There’s nothing like a candle to instil a feeling of calm. Perfectly positioned beside the bed, bath tub or along the lines of a mantelpiece, a candle is lit for a special occasion – sometimes just enough occasion for a good read, a glass of wine, and a single, flickering flame. These forty decorative picks show the range of styles, scents and themes a candle can cover. Gift wisdom to a friend, in the form of a black owl. Watch the outside of an animal melt away, revealing a skeleton. Get a candle in beeswax, wrapped daintily around a coil. Get quirky and creative with your gifts for downtime, with our top 40 selection for decadent and decorative candles.

BUY IT Bleeding Skull Candle: Looking to scare someone away? Place this bleeding skull candle outside your front door.

BUY IT Flameless Marble Candles: Marble always adds class. Made by the same manufacturer, these candles come with batteries, a remote and a 90-day warranty.

BUY IT Owl Skeleton Candle: Ever wanted to see an owl’s insides? This cute owl decor candle hides a terrible secret – a haunting metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes. Light her wick for up to 30 hours, to see her pretty exterior melt all the way down.

BUY IT Personalized Candles: Want to commemorate a special occasion? These French, handmade taper candles allow you to print names and dates, offering a personalized touch to your next formal gift.

BUY IT Beautiful Taper Candles: For the fancy customer with an upcoming occasion, these taper candles are the perfect asset. Sit their dripless, smokeless and hand-dipped forms into any standard candle holder, to celebrate a wedding, dinner party or church service.

Their elegant gift box adds a touch of class.

BUY IT Soy Wax Candle In Concrete Pots: After a soy wax candle? These concrete-potted, American-made finds come in seven scents and a myriad of colour ways.

BUY IT Artistically Hand-Sculptured Candles: Handcrafted in Israel, these intertwining wax candles make your flame a dazzling sight. Get them in black and white, a multi-colour pattern, or add to your peacock decor with our last quirky find.

BUY IT Layered Candles: Bored of one, or even two-tone candles? These 40-hour candles are layered with many shades of the same colour, adding subtle style to your muted interior.

BUY IT Textured Flameless LED Candles: Let the lady in your life have a candle in pearls. These remote-controlled candles add a touch of daily luxury.

BUY IT Coiled Steampunk-Style Candle: Unravel the candle, and re-coil it on a roller. This steampunk find in 100% beeswax is the perfect fit for a Victorian-style home.

BUY IT More Animal Skeleton Candles: Believe in the angelic nature of cats, reindeer and birds? Although bathed in pretty pastels, their lit wicks soon reveal their inner skeletons of death.

BUY IT Succulent-Shaped Wax Candles: Forget living cacti in your garden – these mini succulents add style and flame. Place these citronella candles out the back, to keep away mosquitoes for up to six hours.

BUY IT Scented Candle Set: Can’t choose between the hundreds of different candle scents? Let these candles choose for you, in their best-selling packs of four different aromas.

BUY IT Modern Candles-Shaped Lamp: For a higher price tag, you can fuse candles and a lantern together. This Scandinavian design houses its flames in wrought iron.

BUY IT Geometric-Style Flameless LED Candles: Remote-controlled and always cool to the touch, these modern-looking candles are perfect inside a bunch of flowers or beside the children’s bedside table.

BUY IT Owl Candle: Made with pure beeswax and natural ECO dye, these owl candles are wise inside and out. Gift them to the bird lover in your life.

BUY IT Flameless Candle: For places where children and pets run riot, a flameless candle is best. Made from paraffin wax, these candles use electromagnetics and glowing LEDs to make a light. Use its smart timer to automatically turn it on for five hours a day.

BUY IT Victory Candle: Rather root for peace instead? This bright pink or grey peace candle is the size of a real hand – and is handcrafted in Europe.

BUY IT Rock Candle: Rock on! Perform a séance or get ready for a rock gig, with this rad hand-shaped candle at your side. Made with medical-grade wax and natural colours, it’s a great present too in its beautiful gift box.

BUY IT Luxury Jar Candle: Love the smell of coconut milk and mango? This gorgeous glass-jar candle burns the scent for 120 hours.

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BUY IT Cactus-Shaped Candles: Make your office Scandinavian, with these set of six desk cacti. Housed in metal tealight holders, their unscented paraffin burns for half an hour.

BUY IT Electronic Silver Pillar Candles: Match the metallic tones in your interior. Another remote-controlled creation, these flameless candles steal the show on any dinner table or mantelpiece.

BUY IT Nautical-Themed Candle: Fancy layering that really stands out? This colours-of-the-sea candle, perfect for your nautical home decor, burns for 100 hours in clean-burning soy.

BUY IT Skull Candle: For a skull-shaped candle, this find really is rather pretty. Embellished with a pearl-seed texture, this seven-inch long and four-inch wide find is larger than life in 100% beeswax.

BUY IT Darth Vader Candle: Rather light up Darth Vader instead? Handmade in paraffin wax, Luke’s father forms a classic star wars home decor collection.

40 Unique Decorative Candles To Add A Soothing Glow To Your Downtime

BUY IT Natural Beeswax Coiled Candle: Stand up your coiled candle, on this elegant bronze contraption. Although appearing self-feeding, this flamed illusion is only adhered to the clip, which self-extinguishes for safety when the flame reaches.

BUY IT Glass Pillar Candle: The minimalist home would love this ever-so-simple candle. Moulded in hand-blown glass, its wick burns your own choice of coloured or scented oils.

BUY IT Metallic Gold Ball Candles: Want a more original way to light up Christmas? These three-inch balls comes in boxes of six, for a 24-hour flame upon your mantelpiece.

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BUY IT Gummy Bear Candle: Purple gummy bears have evil secrets, too. This fruit-scented candle with a cotton wick reveals a horror-story skeleton inside. Burn it away in five to seven hours.

BUY IT 48 Unscented Wax Candles In Glass Holders: Need a lot of little candles for a special occasion? This box of 48 in glass might do the trick.

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