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Cool product alert lametric smart clock
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Cool Product Alert Lametric Smart Clock.

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Lametric a wi fi smart clock that gives you any information you could want
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Lametric time wi fi smart programmable battery clock with apps
Lametric timeCool product alert a smart button pusher for your dumb devicesCool product alert lametric smart clock 18Lametric time wi fi clock for smart homeAppstore lametric time smart clock for home and officeCool product alert lametric smart clock of the picture gallery

5.0 out of 5 starsFinally! Awesome Gadget for the Connected Home

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Product Dimensions 7.9 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches Item Weight 14.4 ounces Shipping Weight 14.4 ounces Manufacturer LaMetric ASIN B01IVTVK3W Item model number LM 37X8 Customer Reviews

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Your family gets smart home notifications at a glance, and controls smart devices with the click of a button

I purchased this at a discount from another retailer, but it still wasn’t worth the price. It is a fun toy, but there are so few apps within the LeMetric main app, that it’s…Read more

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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant

We used to work in a digital agency and often had a hard time gathering all the most important product numbers like app’s ranking, downloads and website stats. It simply took too long to gather them from different slow loading sites. We decided to solve this problem by creating a simple device that saves time, tracks key metrics autonomously and motivates the team. We believe that key information should radiate, people do not need to spend time on getting something important.

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Inside the meeting room, LaMetric Time can show time till the end of the meeting and motivate colleagues to finish in time. Place LaMetric Time on the shelf or shop-front and engage customers with promotions or get likes to your Facebook page.

The app needs a major upgrade because it is very basic. Some of the pictures are hard to recognize what they are unless someone told you what they were. I returned the clock because I felt I spent too much money for toy clock and if you lose a internet connection the clock is useless.

Also the clock must be connected to the 2.4 band of your wireless router and your phone must be on the same 2.4 band too. Which is something I didn’t like because I have a tri-band router and I normally kept my cellphone on the 5ghz band.

When I bought my clock it was 199.99 now amazon has it listed at around 390.00. Definitely not worth that price.

LaMetric Time tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and any other metric needed for your home or business, and displays them almost in real-time! It works as an always-on display for the whole family by showing notifications from smart home devices and allowing anyone to control them with the click of a button. LaMetric Time eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information you need. Instead, you receive key information at a glance, all in one place. The possibilities are endless. It also shows real-time notifications from IFTTT-connected services. LaMetric Time is standalone Wi-Fi device, iPhone or Android smartphone is needed for setting it up and configuration only. The interface is easy to use: left and right buttons for navigation between the apps, middle button for taking related actions. The form factor is sized to fit well on a table, shelf, shop-front or a counter.

I haven’t been able to set it up due to can’t get the app for I Phone to allow me to open the clock.Read more

perfect, works great!my only comment would be on creating an open webhook GET API client that would allow me to make my own calls

The astonishing pics below, is other parts of Cool Product Alert Lametric Smart Clock write-up which is labeled within Home Design Interior Modern, clock,alert,smart.

Cool Product Alert: A Smart Button Pusher For Your Dumb Devices

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits. Always get precise time and show your difference with thousands of clock faces Track weather, emails, events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and other metrics in real-time Get notifications from Netatmo, Alexa.

Toggle Philips Hue, WeMo with the click. Works with IFTTT Wake up to your favourite Internet radio stations, stream smartphone music to stereo speakers Standalone Wi-Fi device, iPhone or android smartphone is needed for configuration only.

LaMetric supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz networks

Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Speaker with APP Control for Pixel Art Creation (Black)

Absolutely the coolest thing ever!!! Other than setting it up initially to connect it which took a while to figure out with my wi-fi, it’s great!Read more

Too expensive for what is it but if you have the cash to spend its by far the coolest clock I’ve ownedPros-Highly Customizable-Shows you information you would otherwise look at your phone for ie weather, stocks, etc-Has IFTTT integration (I set my clock to scroll my sms messages when I receive them)-Cool display piece conversation starterCons-The bluetooth speaker is meh but its more of icing on the cake-Display can be “fuzzy” to some but I think its fine-Wifi connection occasionally cuts out (could probably be fixed with a firmware upgrade in the future)*Note the picture I attached is a little over exposed and is more clear in person

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Cool Product Alert: A Smart Sprinkler Controller To Water Your Lawn

Finally someone released the desk clock I’ve been waiting for. For years I’ve searched around for a smart home style clock that would not only keep time, but allow me to customize what time zones I want to see, run timers, add apps, etc.

In my opinion, LaMetic really hit this one on the head.Now full disclosure I already have a lot of WiFi connected devices in my home such as Philips Hue lights and the Netatmo weather station. Having these kinds of products will greatly increase your enjoyment of this device as it increases the versatility of things you can do.

I think the best way to describe how useful this gadget is, is to describe how I’m currently using it. So, as of right now I have the local time displayed for about 30 seconds. I also have a little animated Christmas tree (this the season) that displays on the left hand side of the time.

After about 30 seconds the time sweeps away to reveal the date and day of the week. After that data from my Netatmo station is displayed, the order is indoor temp, indoor CO2 levels, indoor sound level in DB, outdoor temp, and outdoor humidity.

Next it sweeps away to reveal news headlines, and finally, a countdown to Christmas.Now for the really cool part – I have the LaMetric synced to multiple Twitter accounts such as CNN Breaking News, local area news, NWS weather alerts and a few others.

These are set up not to constantly display, but to play a little alert sound, and scroll across the screen as they are posted. I can’t emphasize how cool this is to me. I can be sitting there watching TV, hear a bunch of sirens out the window, and moments later see the news scrolling across the LaMetric from my local Twitter news feed.

It is very cool.On top of all this, nearly all facets of these settings are customizable, so you can adjust how long you want things to be seen, how loud the alert tone is and what kind of tone to play, etc.

LaMetric did a very good job with designing these tools and it really shows. I’ve also noticed LaMetric releases a lot of firmware updates (sometimes 2 per week), so they are very active with addressing user needs and bugs.

Impressive.Aesthetically this thing looks great. The LED’s are soft and not too harsh so it can be displayed next to a TV or computer monitor and not be too distracting. The sounds and volume for alerts are fully customizable and can be muted if you don’t want the audible alert.

The little icons on the left hand side really add a fun touch to the information it displays. I can’t comment on the Bluetooth speakers as I use this in a room with a HiFi stereo so have no need for them.

Overall product build is solid and feels nice with the exterior coated in a soft-touch rubber/plastic.Over all I am really happy with this thing. Sure it’s a bit pricey, but after a few weeks with it that sting goes away and you’re left with a really cool gadget.

My only recommendation is for LaMetric to implement a way to mute the alert sounds during different times of the day, such as ‘mute alerts from 11PM – 8AM. I like the alerts when I’m up, but not so much when I’m trying to sleep.

Other than that, home run LaMetric. Awesome product.

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I saw this product in many youtube videos so I decided to order it right away, upon figuring out where to buy it I found out it was $199 which I would have guessed half that amount. But it seemed cool enough to spend the money on so I went for it.

Once it arrived I couldn’t resist waiting for Christmas so I busted the box open and began playing with it, it’s truly a cool product but the app which sets up how it works is somewhat poor.

For them to sell a product this cool I would expect a better app experience, it seems as if a lot of outside developers are what is making the different applications not exactly LaMetric them selfs. Love to see what the future holds maybe the second generation of this product will be worth it or maybe worth $99.

95 lol

The most over priced smart home device in existence. This device should never retail over $80.

Most of the existing devices are personal and designed around the seeking information. Besides personal use, LaMetric Time works for your family and team, it eliminates the seeking process and delivers only important things. LaMetric Time makes it with style by shaping key information and pixel art into simplicity. As a result, the environment is getting more cheerful, intelligent and engaging.

It’s pretty cool, although the app store is pretty paltry. I developed my own app and was a bit disappointed with the flexibility of the platform – you basically have to write your own webapp for the end user if you want to allow them to customize it (no way to provide a webview or something for app configuration where I could allow the user to OAuth themselves into a service).

I was not impressed with many of the other applications on the platform – many of them seem out-of-date or broken.

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4.0 out of 5 starsCool hardware, OK apps, be prepared to write your own

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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Make it yours with thousands of clock faces and own creations

The LaMetric Smart Clock tells you a lot more than just time. You can customize it to display the information you care about. Check it out:

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

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Don’t feel alone and make your day with fun icons and animations, add corporate identity to office clocks, join the community of creators and make your timepiece different. The combination of useful information and pixel art creates the unique charm of your environment.

Cool Product Alert Lametric Smart Clock of The Picture Gallery

The initial product launch and getting it off the ground was really challenging. We’re extremely grateful to our Kickstarter backers, supporters, and everyone who pre-ordered LaMetric Time from the first batch. Seeing the excitement of our first customers once they had hands on the device was super rewarding.

Those who know how to correctly use it and develop apps will definitely benefit from how cool this clock is.

Good product. Highly customizable. My only complaint is that the display is blurry. You have be 5ft+ back in order for it to be clear. I have it under my tv so it’s not an issue.Read more

I bought this thinking it would be interesting and useful.. ITS A CLOCK that’s EXPENSIVE

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Make yourself more productive by getting time, weather, tweets, followers, breaking news, stock quotes, workout timers and other key information at a glance.

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4.0 out of 5 starsit’s great! And if an old techno-tard like me can …

Works as advertised although it’s a just pretty looking clock/weather if you don’t use the online metrics and the stock ticker. Speakers are lousy and shouldn’t be used.

Divoom Timebox Smart Portable Bluetooth LED Speaker with APP-Controlled Pixel Art Animation, Notification and Build- In Clock/ Alarm – Black

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Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller with 15 customizable LCD keys, adjustable stand, for Windows 10 and macOS 10.11 or later

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The product itself is rather nice, but the problem with a ticker display is that it’s always moving; you never really get to see what you want when you want to. I like the retro pixel look, it’s not crisp, but good enough for me.

Only a small space on the left end is able to display color. There aren’t too many developer apps so I’d call the function sufficient but shallow. The brightness can adjust to conditions, which is nice.

If I were to change this clock, I’d release a cheaper version. If I were to ask myself what this clock should be worth/priced at, I’d say $60. I’d get rid of the radio/speaker function because I don’t use that, I’d make it bigger.

or make the pixels smaller so it can leave up stationary information. Every pixel should be able to display color. Unlike a smartwatch, Lametric only shows one function at a time; one line of information at a time.

And you have to wait for all your apps to scroll through before you see it. Even a cellphone’s notification bar provides better instant information at a glance. No sms notifications. Pitiful! Smartwatches do better.

And I’d make it hangable with any wall hanger; put the power cord on the side or bottom, so you can hang it flush on a wall.

Controlling home devices from a smartphone is good, but not enough when the entire family needs access to the information. LaMetric Time is always-on, highly visible intelligent display & control for smart home devices. It shows information from such devices like Netatmo, Alexa, Nest, Sonos, Ring, SmartThings and controls Philips Hue, WeMo and others with the click of a button.

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LaMetric Time IFTTT channel allows to display notifications from lots of services or smart devices. With LaMetric Developer, you can create indicator apps that allow to track sales figures, KPIs, other metrics or button apps which let you take actions like get a taxi with the click of an action button.

5.0 out of 5 starsWorks as advertised although it’s a just pretty looking clock/weather if you don’t use the online metrics …

apps app weather device display radio internet wifi news expensive useful twitter setup speakers ifttt speaker gadget settings stations alarm

ROCAM Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio, Dual Alarm, Snooze, Night …

Wake up to your favourite Internet radio station in the mornings. Stream favourite smartphone music from services like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora to LaMetric Time stereo speakers. Enjoy the visual equalizer!

3.8 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #1,895 in Amazon Launchpad (See Top 100 in Amazon Launchpad) #49 in Amazon Launchpad > Gadgets > Audio & TV #97 in Amazon Launchpad > Gadgets > Wireless Accessories #206 in Electronics > Home Audio & Theater > Compact Radios & Stereos

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