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Concept Hotel Designed On The Iconic Hollywood Sign.

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Hollywood sign hotel hollywood sign hotel
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The firm is seeking investors, developers, hotel operators, designers and engineers to take the proposal to the next step, after which the plan will be presented to the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Governor of California.

ArchDaily Articles The Hollywood Sign Hotel The Hollywood Sign Hotel 12:12 – 15 April, 2010 by Sebastian Jordana

The proposal aims to preserve the image of the Hollywood sign and make use of its unique location. Bay Arch plans to double the size of the famous letters at a height of 105 feet, building them out from the back. Guests will get a chance to stay in one of the letters of the iconic signs, offering views of Los Angeles.

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Every now and then, we find some crazy ideas around the web. What about this one?  Christian Bay – Jørgensen, owner of Bay Arch, has an idea to turn the famous Hollywood Sign into an hotel. This could solve the money/land issues that have been sorrounding the sign lately. The plan calls for the famous letters to be enlarged to double the size, building them out from the back, allowing guests to stay inside the Hollywood sign itself.

Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood sign is in a spot of bother. Private owners of the land around the sign are considering to sell their spaces to developers who many fear would use these areas commercially to build hotels or board up advertisements that might obscure the sign. To prevent this, the non-profit Public Trust For Lands group has stepped in and they are actively driving a campaign with a deadline to raise money for buying the land in question.

Danish architectural firm Bay Arch has proposed to transform the iconic Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills area of Mount Lee Los Angeles, US, into a luxury hotel.

This hotel may not develop into anything more than an architect’s vision, but if it does we wouldn’t be complaining! 🙂

13 May 2010 Bay Arch proposes Hollywood Sign luxury hotel concept

Cite: Sebastian Jordana. “The Hollywood Sign Hotel” 15 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed .

The 10-level hotel will include 308 rooms, depicting unique theme of the history of Hollywood. The structure will also house an observation deck, three large swimming pools, a movie theater, restaurants, a conference room and a museum. The sign will be illuminated at night.

All legal issues aside, there is a Danish architect named Christian Bay-Jorgensen who has come up with a killer idea which he believes would solve the issue. He has proposed to convert the sign into a huge boutique hotel. In an interview he has expressed his desire to give this majestic structure an all new dimension. His plan is to make the hotel more touristic and even consider it as a possible venue for industry events like the Golden Globe and Oscar Award ceremonies. Though Christian’s vision (shown below) appears to be something that is not impossible at all, the general consensus among people in charge is that it is too far fetched an idea.

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