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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design Commercial Interior Design

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While residential interior designers focus on homes, commercial interior designers conceptualize spaces for businesses. This would include hotels and lounges, restaurants and retail spaces, offices, banks, theaters, hospitals and examination rooms, libraries, schools, country clubs, spas, shopping malls, and everything in between.  

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in the success of any business…but what is it exactly? In today’s post, I reveal the ins and outs and the importance of commercial property interior design for businesses.

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Need a new look in your business?  Tired of the same old flooring and all the high prices to replace it?  Meet Jeff Hoekstra, our floor covering estimator and price negotiator.   Jeff buys direclty from the manufacturers to save you money.   Jeff will figure your project on a state of the art estimating program.  Once the product is selected, estimated, ordered and delivered, we introduce you to Mike Holm.  Mike our project manager has the well earned reputation of getting the job done right and on time. Mike will send only quality floor covering craftsman to your installation.   You will be happy with the finished product.

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Commercial Interior Decor, Inc. (CID) provides interior design services, products and installation for the hospitality industry throughout the United States.

Once the construction phase is complete, the designer then transforms the physical structure into a living and breathing space in the decorating process. Commercial interior designers choose motifs and styles that suit the needs of the business, and then bring it to life with the right color schemes, furniture, fabrics, wall and window treatments, artwork, accessories, and finishes.

It falls on the commercial interior designer to make all of these requirements come together into one usable and beautiful space…and they are more than qualified to do so!

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Commercial interior designers are trained to prioritize functionality and safety without sacrificing style or aesthetics. For example, a luxury hotel needs to accommodate a certain amount of guests if it wants to maximize profits. But in order to do so, the hotel has to impress guests with spacious rooms, lavish bathrooms, and breathtaking views. It should wow guests with its lobby, and make room for high-end amenities including spas, saunas, gyms, outdoor spaces, pools, and a restaurant and bar.

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Is the distinction really that important? Yes! Homes and businesses have different design needs. Residential interior design is all about creating welcoming and livable spaces for homeowners, whereas commercial design seeks to increase functionality and elevate style for financial gain. Whether it’s a luxury hotel developer or a small business owner, it is up to the commercial interior designer to translate the client’s vision in ways that are practical, profitable, and of course, chic. Because the scope of work is much larger than residential projects, commercial interior designers usually take on more responsibilities.

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Commercial interior designers know how to space plan without surrendering design. They are also trained to ensure that everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. They are heavily involved in the renovation and construction process, and work closely with contractors and manufacturers to make important structural decisions including architectural details, lighting, floor and ceiling design, window placement, and technological upgrades. Commercial interior designers also define the project’s scope of work, draw schematics and blueprints, select the right materials, and oversee budgeting and scheduling, along with other important duties.

A talented and experienced commercial interior designer has the power to transform a failing business into a booming one. They thrive on fast-paced projects, can communicate the needs and visions of various businesses, and have the innate ability to conceptualize large spaces that everyone from clients to guests to customers will love.

Video: What is Commercial Interior Design? Commercial buildings are very different from homes or other residential structures and have different design needs. In this lesson, we’ll talk about commercial interior design and see how this impacts the designer’s job.

Visit the Interior Design Basics & Principles page to learn more.

What is the difference between residential and commercial interior design?

Although we are best known for hospitality interiors, Commercial Interior Decor, Inc. coordinates projects for offices, schools, restaurants, retail spaces, medical facilities, churches, and more. View Services

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