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Closets By Design Complaints

Closets By Design Complaints Closets By Design Complaints

Beverley Jones was awesome. On time and precise. Id definetly recommend this company of you want your closet lookomg FAB

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Laughing out loud at Brad’s comments! He might have a second career in private investigating! Hope it’s better than his customer service skills 🙂 But…now you can all see how unapologetic these people are. Seriously cannot wait to be done with this company forever. If they ever decide to get my closet right… I would like to add, Brad, that while I left 69 negative reviews I left 45 positive ones. That’s a 40/60 ratio by the way in case you can’t/don’t want to do the math. I would like to point out my Elite status on Yelp so that everyone knows that my reviews are based on truth and fact and if they were boring, no one would want to read them 🙂

I LOVE the ideas that they have to organize my space and the best is that they work with my budget

Let me start by saying that Jon (installer) is a GREAT credit to the company. He came to my home to install two custom reach in closets and immediately realized the designer had not taken the correct measurements; some panels were too short, others were too wide; the designer had failed to account for the placement of my light fixtures; and, the accent top shelf (ATS) was too big. He worked with me to explain the situation to management, and was able to obtain and install the correct parts promptly. I am very grateful to him for his diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. He is everything that the company as a whole should aspire to be. I found Yvette (customer service rep) to be helpful in correcting the mistakes, but I felt like she did not believe me initially and I had to prove to her that I was not just being difficult; the designer really had measured everything incorrectly and was now non-responsive. Unfortunately, I CANNOT recommend Angela (designer) at all. In fact, if you decide to work with Closets by Design and you are assigned Angela as your designer, I strongly suggest you request someone else. Although she is personable, she is neither competent nor professional. She failed to take correct measurements, or send documents as promised (i.e., she said she would finish the designs at home and send me a copy of the final designs later, but never actually did), and I found her to be extremely non-responsive to calls, texts, and/or emails throughout the entire process. I felt she was more focused on selling me a one-sized-fits-all solution instead of providing a truly customized design that took my needs (i.e., my desire to maximize storage space and be able to rearrange shelves/rods later as needed) and the benefits and limitations of my space into account (i.e., the fact that the top of the existing closets was wide open, and the placement of existing light fixtures, etc.). However, now that I realize all the errors she made (measurements, etc), I believe it’s possible that perhaps she is not ill-intended; she just really does not have the capacity to deliver a custom design. I was disappointed that the process did not go more smoothly. And, in the end, Jon said there was one piece that needed to be cut again since the measurements were still wrong (my ATS / Accent Top Shelf). He asked me to sign forms saying job was complete but he promised to bring it back in a few days, and I went ahead and signed because I really felt like he had gone above and beyond and had earned my trust. But I never got that ATS back and I emailed Yvette several times after the fact but she was non-responsive. That was unfortunate because they came SO close to getting everything right for me– finally. I am not sure that I would do business with this company again, and I hope I never need to. Although I communicated my concerns about Angela to the company early on, they never accommodated my request for a new designer (although they said they would send someone new, they never did). Additionally, they originally refused to honor a coupon that had been mailed to my address, saying that they had never seen such a promotion and it must have been sent to me by mistake (although it had my name and address on it). Overall, it was a very stressful experience (and unnecessarily so). If the designers were better trained, or an installer came out to double check the measurements and plans prior to delivery, and customer service was more inclined to serve customers or give us the benefit of the doubt, that would go a long way toward improving the overall experience. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case. The inconsistency in their performance is evident in the wide range of reviews, suggesting that it truly is a gamble to contract Closets by Design to do work in your home. Hire someone else.

Madelyn A. said “SHE GOT UP AND WENT TO WORK!! YAZ HONEY!! There are many levels of customer service ranging from the light introduction and “feel free to browse” to the full service “I got you!”. When we walked into the…” read more

Our custom closet was installed on Friday, 5/22/2015. The installer placed all six door handles in the wrong place leaving markers on the doors where they should have been placed. We called and spoke to manager/wife of owner Stephanie P. with displeasure and refund request. She committed to calling back the following Tuesday, but didn’t. She elected to have an unknown person call back even though she is the person that we spoke directly with at the time of install with our concerns. After the installation four additional defects were discovered on the product. After emailing pictures and speaking with Stephanie the “so called” manager she refused to refund any portions of the monies paid, disregarded the additional defects stating “the doors are going to be replaced anyway”, and did not follow back up with me by phone as stated, but sent an email intentionally ignoring all of the issues requesting that we call their office to schedule a date for them to install new doors. I am extremely displeased and mad at myself for not reading previous reviews prior to engaging in a relationship with this company. We had a wonderful initial experience with our designer Stephanie L., it’s unfortunate that the company doesn’t follow through on what she set up to be a great future relationship!

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Although the installer was a bright spot, and the only bright spot, I will save you the long description of issues and just tell you to forego. As a business person/owner, I can only say do not patronize this establishment. Not only are they not capable of installing, nearly timely without constant measurement product issues, returning a phone call or email when there are issues is beyond Corrine’s ability. Oh, but she feels free to charge your card on record, in full. Absolutely cannot recommend.

Installer was awesome. My wall was curved a bit and he fixed the pieces to look as if they were always there. Good problem solver. Lori, the sales person stayed in contact w me and always returned my calls and questions. Would highly reccomend this company.

I have mixed feeling about the work I paid for with Closets by Design. The designer, Arnie, arrived to look at my master bedroom closet and let me know my options, this service is free but he won’t leave without a credit card and deposit. He will promise you it’s the best price possible, you won’t find better, you can cancel within three days (though they won’t refund your money, they hold the deposit until you’re ready to go through), how beautiful it will look and finally how your home value will approve. So if you are seriously not ready to take the plunge, don’t call them. I told him what I would not pay and away we went. The installation was scheduled about two weeks later. During that time I had an vet expense that was more than I expected. I called Arnie, and instead of refunding me, he worked the price down. Since this was needed (it’s the only closet in my condo), I was pleasantly surprised with this perk. Then I received a reminder email and it was back to the higher price. Apparently the office doesn’t talk to each other or update their systems. I pointed out the error and was told she would look into it and I never heard from her again. So I called and threatened to contact my credit card company and that got a response. Installation day! The guy called when he was outside and installed it seamlessly. He doesn’t clean up his mess though and when I contacted closets by design, they never responded. He’s paid a $100 “trip fee” and I was told clean up was included so I’m not thrilled with that portion of the service. Since I couldn’t be home when it was installed, I just lugged all the old closet stuff to the trash. Overall, I’m happy with it, I wish there wasn’t dead space on the top. Arnie said it would be 16″ for storage and at best it’s 10″. I would have preferred it to be 6″ so I could have some more hanging space length. Is it worth the $1,600 I paid, that’s undecided. Elfa was quoting me $1200 for install of the same design and that would have been wire and metal, so I don’t think the price is totally outrageous…it is high though. The customer service and communication could be better and a forced sale is never appreciated.

Do Not Use Closets by Design! BEWARE..!!! I purchased $6k worth of furniture from them a few years back. In November, one week before Thanksgiving, I had a flood in my condo and needed to move the furniture in order to remove the wet carpet. Because the closets and murphy bed were attached to the wall because they were so heavy, the restoration company did not feel comfortable removing the furniture from the wall in order to remove the carpet under the furniture. I called Closet by Design to ask if they could send someone out to remove the furniture from the wall. I was told that they were busy and would not be able to send anyone out until after the holidays and proceeded to give me dates in January! I explained that my situation was urgent because I needed to move the carpet to avoid mold and the awful smell that was coming from the wet carpet. But…. nope! They would not help! Even calls from the insurance adjuster were not enough. BEWARE! The customer service is horrible. They displayed no compassion for me or my situation. It is December 28th and the furniture is still attached to the wall. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

Products & Services According to the information provided by this company it offers closet, pantry, garage and playroom storage.

BEWARE before you deal with this people, they look and act professional but are really CHEAP. I called them to give me an estimate and when they gave the estimate it looked higher than my budget, we said no and let it go, after 2 weeks at the end of the month the manager called and told me that they will do it for a cheaper price as they wanted to get the sales before the end of the month, we agreed upon a price and the next day the sales person came to our house to get our sign for the contract, this is where they cheated us, she brought the same design but at one corner they changed the depth of our cabinet from 20inches to 16 inches without notifying us, we overlooked it as we trusted them and the sales person was nice and signed the papers. When they came to install we realized that the depth was not what we asked for. We called the manager and she was very rude and told us that if we didn’t read the contract it was our fault to trust them and not read the contract. She said we have the signed paper now so do whatever you can but we will not fix the problem.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Nola on a master bedroom closet system and am so impressed and pleased with the end result and whole experience.” in 4 reviews

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My family is moving to Atlanta next month We hired Closets By Design to redo the closets in the new house. More then excited

Great experience with Closets By Design. I had 2 closets in master bedroom designed. They came promptly, measured, designed, priced and bargained, and sealed the deal. Miranda, my designer, was awesome! She showed concern towards my budget and really worked with us on what was more necessary to have so that I didn’t over do it and get slammed with an over the budget project, not at all pushy like other sales reps. She was insightful and very helpful in designing towards my needs. As I organize my new closet I realize the simple design satisfies my needs…originally thought I needed more. Now I have a simple clean design. Very happy with the product…very easy to adjust the shelves and rods. They arrived as planned. Installers were efficient and did clean work.

My wife and I were looking to pamper ourselves and have a closet system designed for our master closet. We inquired online with three companies and Closets by Design called me to set up an appointment. The designer came the next day and was a bit pushy to make the sale. After 3 hours she left my home she had designed the entire closet that incorporated everything I asked for. The pricing was more than the other company that came out (the third company never even called me back). The reason I chose this company was we liked the design better. The install was scheduled for six weeks later. The quality was okay at best… It looked like a Home-Depot left over special. Overall a so-so experience at best.

Installation day! I’m not sure if others are picky or if they really did have bad experiences but from design to installation the service was incredible. We had our entire master closet done and could not be happier with the resulting product. Michelle was great to work with on the design and it came out exactly how we wanted it. Jon was awesome and did a great job despite the snow storm that hit! He arrived on time and was incredibly efficient. I would definitely recommend Closets By Design. Also FWIW we also asked Closet Works to provide a design and when she sent it to us, it was NOTHING like we discussed / wanted. It sounds like some others have had a bad experience….but we received top notch service and would rate them an A+!

Had our closet designed by Valerie who did an OUTSTANDING JOB! We are thrilled with our new closet. Tom the installer was OUTSTANDING! We will be utilizing both closets by design as well as Valerie & Tom again. Valerie we appreciate everything you did for us.

Great customer service! I had a clear expectation of the work and was scheduled so I wouldn’t miss my work trip in the afternoon. Once the tech arrived he did a great job. He called ahead to tell me he was running late and made sure I under stood what he was doing and asked me questions about the set up as well so it would look the way I wanted. I am very impressed with the new look of my closet and the additional space will come in handy!

Two months from order to installation. Only sent 1 installer who arrived at 11 when expected at 8 and he was there well in to the dinner hour. Then told me that he didn’t have all his tools and wasn’t able to finish installing some of the trim. Told me he would come back. Appointment set for this past Saturday. He was suppose to arrive before noon and at noon, no installer. Called and cancelled appointment because I had already lost a 1/2 day waiting on this guy and had things to get done. Called Monday to reschedule and was told that person I needed to talk to was on the phone and they would call me back. NO CALL. Called again Tuesday and was given exact same story about person on phone and would call me back. Here I sit several hours later and STILL NO CALL. I tried calling again and get a busy signal. What reputable company has a phone that rings busy these days? I would not recommend this company to anyone. Over priced, poor installation service and no followup. They cashed my check immediately though so they are quick on that. It has been 2 weeks since the install and here I sit frustrated that the job still isn’t done. I shouldn’t have paid them until he was done with the trim. Have more closets to do but it won’t be with this company.

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horrible experience with CBD rep, S. Llanes for initial consultation! The project – garage cabinets for an intown townhouse The main issue here: the rep’s attitude: – rude and condescending, found trivial opportunities to correct me on any number of trivial details and in an arrogant manner (she was barely 25, about half my age) – she was pushy, less interested in hearing what her customer had to say than imposing her own opinion on what she thought was most appropriate (I appreciate advice, opinions, from the experts, but those are usu. best dispensed after listening to the customer properly) – she was rushed and seemed like she could not wait to move on (it was a 3 pm appointment), spending no more than 35 minutes doing what the competitors (Tailored Living, California Closets) took 3-4 hours to do. – tools were rudimentary: a scratch pad and pencil, when competitors were using CAD – she was expensive: by far. Thus offering the worst service, for the highest price. – no follow up: compared to the competitors that seemed to take much more interest in following up to see if / how the could win the business. I would stay away from this organization based on the experience with their rep and suggest to use companies with professional, courteous and interested sales persons.

I wasn’t impressed by Closet By Design. They installed some shoe shelves for me in my mud room but there was a gap between the surface of the shelf and the tile on the wall above. The sales girl who did the measurement never answered the phone after she took my payment and when I called their office they said they would send someone to check but it has been a year now and no one ever showed up or contacted me. Very disappointed.

A different installer came out and seemed as surprised as I was at how it looked. He did a great job at fixing the closet so that it meets what I expected. Originally the sales person wanted me to “half” the cost because he said I didn’t understand the drawing–but finally remembered what I had said –three times — so that we came to an understanding and the closet was fixed for no additional charge. At least they made it right.

Marilyn H. said “Sherri Robinson is the best design consultant I have come in contact with on any project for my house, hands down. I have used Eddie Z’s before, with poor results from “design” consultants, which were…” read more

Ann P. said “I had the moving itch to move to a new construction home but my fiancĂ© loves our current home and asked me what would I like to do to the house to want to stay. So I thought about it and I thought a custom…” read more

I had a great experience with Closets By Design! From the designer who came out and spent a few hours with me making sure my closet was exactly how I wanted it, to the installers who were very clean and professional and on time and the office staff was always very helpful and friendly when I called. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sub-par products, poor installers. Many better companies to deal with, keep looking.

(978) 425-6166 Closets by Design 1 year in business 2 Shaker Rd, Suite C110 Shirley, MA 01464-2557

Gisha J. said “This review is long overdue! My husband and I needed to get our closets reorganized in our condo for two bedrooms in Chicago, IL. We received quotes from multiple closet organization companies but…” read more

Made my appointment over the phone they were very accommodating to schedule for us right away told him that I found out about them through a mailing solicitation we were interested in having our garage fit it with storage units ,however on the day of the appointment nobody showed up when I called they said that there must have been an error that I wasn’t in there system even though I had talked directly to the same person that took my call the second time they had absolutely no record of it which cost me a day out of work and a lot of aggravation needless to say I won’t be using Closets By Design there are a lot of local companies that do the same thing

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Absolutely love my entertainment center! The designer listened to my needs and made sure that the unit accommodated everything I needed. Including my printer! The installers were on time and did an amazing job. I can’t wait to get all my closets organized!

We are a made to order custom cabinet shop that specializes in giving customers what they want in a one off custom cabinet. We do not limit our customers in color choices, we hand finish our cabinets in our own paint shop… read more

This is not a professional company; please don’t be deceived by the pictures! I got the closets installed, and I am very disappointed in how they carried out this task: 1) During the first in-person meeting, the salesperson did not show and as a result the company offered $100 off at the next meeting, but it was not honored as it couldn’t be combined with any other offers. 2) The salesperson is pushy and will make a fake call to the manager to get you a lower price; it’s just a gimmick to convince you. Unfortunately, we fell for it! 3) The salesperson incorrectly measured the distance between walls, and as a result, there is a gap between the closet board and our wall. It looks very unprofessional, and there is no fix to this issue despite the fact we spent thousands of dollars! 4) Here is the kicker: the installation person hurt himself because he wasn’t wearing gloves. We had asked him to wear gloves but he had simply refused. We found his blood all over our closet, carpet, and the ladder that we let him borrow. See some of the pics attached with this review. I came in direct contact his blood and was disgusted and concern about risks of infectious diseases. I called the customer services manager (Jennifer) the next day and her response, in her exact words, to these issues, “so, what do you want from us?” She was very rude and then never followed up. I called on a biweekly basis to see if they can come back and get the wall issue fixed but I kept getting a different response each time. The issue was escalated to Ed (VP at the company) who assured us that things would get fixed in the next few weeks. There was no a response for almost three weeks, and then I found out that both Jennifer and Ed had left the company. Then I had to start all over again and explain the issues to a new manager (Larry). Over a period of two months, he helped get someone to take a look at the problem and then offered to put a piece of wood between the wall and closet board – a very cheap, unprofessional, and a dirty solution to the problem. I didn’t receive any assurance regarding the infectious disease concern since I came in direct contact with the blood, a payment for the cleaning services (we had hired a cleaning lady to come and clean the blood stains). Here is the last email from the manager: “Did this cleaning lady clean your whole house? Or just the spots where he bled? Based on the pictures that you originally showed me, It is hard to believe that anything other than spot cleaning was necessary. That should not cost $150.” I am not sure if the manager understood that we took a picture of the blood only where we saw the blood. There were so many other spots that we had missed hence we had to get a cleaner to clean the place. I am sure the manager himself would have done the same if he was in my position. In short, please do not use this company as provides the worst customer service and improper installation. I hope this review helps any future customers if they are considering this company. – link to pictures.

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Jeff E. said “Amazing personalized experience. Mike (Carson) was very good about getting back to me every time I had a question. The quality of his products far exceeds the competition! We had cabinetry installed in our…” read more

We have left 5 different messages to speak to a manager and no one returns our phone calls. After having someone come out and help us design an awesome closet with barn doors, the designer gave us specifications to build a soffit. We paid a contractor to come out and build it, and then had Closets By Design come back for final measure. BUT the designer had screwed up, and it wasn’t even possible to make doors and the track to the dimensions! So now they are trying to sell us a different design, and we’ve been trying for two weeks to talk to a manager about it but keep getting passed around. Avoid at all costs.

Closets by Design has received 3.89 out of 5 stars based on 2 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A-.

This is the worst company I have ever worked with. There designs are terrible and there customer service is even worse. DO NOT EVER give them your money.

Myra S. said “I was looking to replace cabinet doors. Unfortunately they don’t sell those separately. I did receive prompt attention and assistance. Although I was not able to find what I need it I still give them a 4” read more

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Horrible customer service….Never again. The design process started out great, she was very attentive, professional, and had great design suggestions. But this was the only great part. Dealing with the office was just ridiculous. I asked a week out if they knew what time the installers would come so I could adjust my work schedule and not have to take an entire day off. They said they couldn’t give that information until a day prior. I felt this was ridiculous, but oh well, they already had my money. The day prior to install, after 3 phone calls requesting the arrival time, I finally received an answer in the late afternoon. I was promised two senior installers to arrive first thing in the morning. This never happened. They showed up 5 hours late. When I called to complain, I was told everyone was in a meeting. Finally, I reached someone and they said to make up for being late, they would send two senior installers. I said that’s ridiculous as I was told two senior installers were coming anyway. In other words, they weren’t doing anything to make up for them being 5 hours late. Three weeks have gone by and Corinne in the front office promised a $50 credit off of the $75 trip charge in the form of a gift card. I spent three weeks trying to receive that credit, only to be told now, that I will only get the credit if I leave a positive review. Seriously?? This is a how a company is run? Shame on them. I will take my business elsewhere. They were the most unprofessional company I’ve worked with in a very long time. Their entire front office staff needs to be fired for horrible customer service and never following up.

Beware! The entire design process is “confusing by design.” It starts with the confusing discounting (40%? 10%?) Then the features are unbundled (backing? no backing?) to further conceal the true pricing. Then the rep will state the final pricing is actually a “package price,” which requires contacting the office, further sticking the customer’s head in the prefabricated fog. Oh, wait, not done, then there’s the additional installation cost. Of course, that’s not included in the other prices. It goes on, ad nauseam. Closets by Design’s quote is packaged like a collateralized debt obligation. Obfuscation is a tactic used by snake oil salesmen and closet design reps. It smells as bad as a Ponzi scheme. Be prepared to hold your nose and your wallet. **Update*** Ever see a movie where the con artist picks up and leaves town denying and erasing any trace of interaction with the target? Apparently, that’s Closets by Design’s MO, what a horror movie. Couldn’t speak to the facts so decided to deny the whole thing. Good try, not surprised. I have a copy of the deposit check I wrote CBD, copies of documents developed and emails from your representatives. With that, are you still going to try to fabricate false information? Based on your response, I’ll be sure to post my review to many other social media sites with copies of documents. Beware, beware, this company’s culture and practices are clearly fraudulent and unethical.

I called and scheduled appointment for company to send someone out to give me a estimate to have cabinets put in our garage. We are limited to the amount we can have put in, but the quote I got from another company was for around $3,000. The girl that came tried to work up a estimate, and it was lengthy- I assumed it wouldn’t take but about an hour and I had to be somewhere else, so I asked her could she work up the estimate and email it to me. She insisted that she needed to make another appointment, that we wouldn’t understand it otherwise. I told her I didn’t want to waste her time or mine if it was too much. Still I was forced to make an appointment. I asked her to send me a email with the figures for me to look over anyway. Three weeks later, no email. I called and told the employee that answered the phone that I wanted to cancel my appointment. When she asked me why I told her it was because she never sent me the email for me to review. I believe this is a case of she wanted to come back out to high pressure me into a contract with them. The employee on the phone told me she would pass the information onto the sales lady and have her call me and see if she could send me the email. That was three weeks ago and I haven’t received any phone call from this business. Just makes me realize that I am not interested in dealing with this company at all. I contacted Jason at Closets by Design and more; he came out, set down, worked a figure up right then, and even had a program on his computer for me to look at, and see what it would like. I wouldn’t even give a one star. Closets by Design either has a poor employee or their tactics are very underhanded. I think that she didn’t want to fool with the job because it wasn’t worth her time and she felt she wasn’t going to make enough money off of the job. I would not recommend this company. They didn’t even get off of the ground floor with me. JAW

First designer never got back to me with quote when she came Friday and promised it first thing Monday morning after she reviewed it with the owner. I had to call later in week and ask for quote. I was promised a call back within the hour and never heard from anyone. I again called back a few days later and explained the situation. I was told my first designer was “out on medical leave” (which was the first time I heard that) and they would send another designer. “One of their best”…well their best did not show today for the appointment. I am amazed by the lack of professionalism with this company and extremely disappointed!

Closets by Design – Atlanta – Norcross, GA. Not a good experience. Product is not good quality for the money spent. Installation was very poor, resulting in 3 trips to correct poor workmanship, inaccurate measurements and damaged shelving. I would never recommend this company. They are not rated with BBB. Do your homework and chose another option.

Ok, I can’t sit back and let someone accuse a legit customer of being on meth and not being laid. I had an identical HORRIBLE experience to the first review of this company, and I am a REPEAT customer. 1st experience in 2011 was not stellar, so lets revisit. In summer 2011, I had garage cabinets done. My designer Judy was awesome and came up with the perfect system to accomodate for things like working around my required neighborhood trash bin that had nowhere else to go but the garage. The design was great. Install day – not so great. They made one cabinet, which was essentially a floor to ceiling cabinet for mops and stuff, about 6 inches too short. The door for it was correct, the base was too short. Instead of leaving and remaking it, they gave me two options. I could line it up with the top, or line it up with the bottom, so that they could continue with the install. They took the door when they left, and brought it back a few weeks later at the new shortened height. I couldn’t believe that they wouldnt fix their mistake, which was crystal clear on the measurements on the design plan that even I had a copy of. There was a 6 x 6 inch hole essentially in a perfect wall of cabinets. With the death of a loved one that summer, the error went unresolved. Fast forward to 2014. My builder installed closet collapsed. I called CBD and had a WONDERFUL designer, Stacey. She did an exceptional job with my design, maximizing my space, incorporating features I wanted, and answering ALL of my obnoxious questions related to a flooring change I was thinking about doing along with this closet. Stacey was exceptional from beginning to end. For summer 2014, they had a special going on which caused them to be booking projects two months out. I had my designer out before Memorial Day, and the first install available was July 28th- and mind you, my order was pretty small, white, just a few boards and shelves and rods. No biggie. TWO MONTHS. You don’t know what its like to live with your closet on the floor, literally, for two months. I couldn’t wait for install day. Install day was an absolute nightmare, and this company and new owner really showed their true colors. I was called THREE times the week prior to my install, and told the 28th, first install of the day, between 8:30-10am, but probably more towards 10 because I live so far north. At 10:15 am, noone had showed up or called. I called the office, and they tried to call my installer, but they “couldn’t find him”. So they called a little while later and said they found him, and there had been a mixup and he had shown up at another job first by mistake. They said someone would be out by 2. For my personal situation, this was EXTREMELY problematic. You see, my closet fell down and had been down for two months at this point. On the morning of install, I got up early and moved all my temporary racks to my only other bedroom, got everything out of there, covered both beds in clothes, etc. The house looked like a bomb went off. At one point they offered to do it on Saturday. This was NOT an option (it was Monday) and I couldn’t believe I should have to put this mess back together twice due to THEIR mistake. 2pm came around, noone came. 2:30, they called and said 10 minutes. 3pm? Noone. Another call promising they were on their way. 3:30? Still just me. 4pm? still just me. 4:30? nope. 4:51pm, one guy all by himself finally shows up. At this point, I needed to leave to take a state licensing exam that I had booked a few days before, after they confirmed times that I would have a half day install starting in the morning. I had to have a friend take off work and come sit in my home for the install – I couldn’t even be there to see it. My wide plank wood floors were kicked apart at one point where he probably shoved a shelf in the corner. Nothing in the closet was cleaned up, he left that for me. White sawdust all over my brand new dark wood floor. Oh and you should SEE what he did to cut in to my lightswitch plate cover. He left a jagged awful looking mess that I still haven’t had time to fix. He worked at my home til about 8pm. I did not pay at this time, I had told them with my friend supervising the install that i wasn’t comfortable paying until I saw the final work. I’m glad I didn’t. He forgot one piece, which they came back a week later with, and I was given a ghetto valet rod that took a ridiculous amount of force to use. I asked several times to speak with the owner, but he is a pussy and never would call and apologize. I would do three more closets with them if he would have just apologized. But alas, this wonderful product is held hostage behind poor management. I would not recommend this company to others. Oh, and the install guy gave me the inside scoop that Stephanie is the worst designer they have, his exact words were that her designs look like she was smoking something. If you do use this company, two wonderful designers are Judy and Stacey.

“Tom and Carlos were the installers and they were fantastic and professional too.” in 4 reviews

Geeky C. said “My wife and I just moved into our house and wanted a nice library and closet. The library we wanted floor to ceiling book shelving & cd/dvd storage. The closet we wanted a California closet. We looked at…” read more

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We worked with Darlene at the Aurora location. Today our small project was installed and we are very pleased. However, I will add that we didn’t agree to order the design the same day it was drawn up. The price ended up being lower several days later since they were trying to meet month end sales. With the price reduction, we went ahead and placed the order.

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