Easy small closet organizer plans
Closet with storage containers on the top shelf
Closet Organizer For Small Closet

Closet Organizer For Small Closet Closet Organizer For Small Closet

Keep the bottom of a hall or coat closet organized with a rolling boot tray. Wheel out wintry footwear only when needed with this boot caddy made from the base of a drawer.

Greatest Hits Organizing Small Spaces Storage & Closets Video

2. Store clothes on shelves more efficiently with shelf dividers.

1. Double your available hanging space by adding an extender rod.

To add additional hanging storage, hang a branch on an empty wall to double as a rack. It’s functional and just seriously cool looking.

Don’t worry, your shoe addiction is in good hands. A column of rods can turn an empty wall space into the perfect place for storing high heels.

No more falling-over stacks of shirts and sweaters. These are useful for making purses stand upright, too. Shelf dividers from Amazon, $19.72.

Let’s face it: Unless you’re an Academy Award winner raking in $20 million a movie, you probably don’t have enough closet space. And even then, maybe you don’t. (Mo’ money, mo’ shoes, amirite?) Instead of cutting your clothing collection in half, use these tricks and products to create twice as much space as you had before. You can thank us later.

Turn the bottom of your closet into a little shoe condo with multi-story shoe storage. You’ll find lots of options here. You could also place these on top of a shelf to make the most of your space.

Afraid to invest in built-in systems for the trend-chasing teens? Try removable modular systems such as these hanging options from Pottery Barn Teen. Available in different colors and styles, these can be rearranged as easily as hanging cloths.

Get your kids in the habit of putting things away with their own coat closet. Elizabeth Joan Designs created a coat closet to store children’s outerwear, backpacks and shoes.

Shelf dividers create organization where there was none before. Plus, the sides let you stack piles higher without fear that your sweaters will just topple over and end up on the ground. The worst.

All it takes is about $50 worth of MDF (and a little bit of hard work). DIY from Tom Builds Stuff.

This sliding organizer, perfect for hanging scarves and belts, ensures easy access to the depths of your closet. And it’s totally easy to DIY yourself!

Even the tiniest closet can provide ample storage space for a home office. This hall closet is equipped with a desk and storage bins. The always-functional shoe holder provides pockets for everything a working girl needs when conducting business from home.

Storing shoes is every girl’s nightmare, but don’t stress. You can fit more pairs on a shelf when you position each shoe facing the opposite direction. Try some cubbies to help keep everything tidy.

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Okay, so the folks at I Heart Organizing who came up with this idea used dowel rods, but tension rods would work, too. What could be easier?

If a swath of nearly identical items choke your overly-full closet, consider giving Stylebook a try. The app helps you log everything you own, and makes it easy create new looks you didn’t even know you had. Basically, it’s Clueless come to life.

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To get a high-end customized look on a low-end budget, use systems like Cincinnati-based Organized Living’s “Freedom Railway.” These easy-to-install systems, available from organization-focused retailers, are perfect for the not-so-handy man.

Shown here in cypress, the rail system includes adjustable drawers and shelving.

Create more space in the baby’s room by tucking all your nursery needs in the closet. Lisa Janvrin, owner of YouthfulNest, designed this adorable space that includes changing table and drawers for baby supplies.

The clothing rack above the changing table is all you need for a wee little wardrobe.

Pull-out bins make the most of the narrow closet’s depth, putting items stored at the very back within reach.

A tiny bathroom linen closet is transformed into a more functional space for cleaning supplies. The closet had become a junky catchall space. Jessica Bruno, a DIY blogger for Four Generations One Roof, attached affordable wire pull-out trays to the shelves.

She then stocked the closet with laundry and bathroom supplies. 

James Wagman Architect created an elegant and fully stocked bar in this tiny closet in the entryway of an apartment. Pocket doors disappear to reveal the ultimate impromptu party.

Even house guests travel with smartphones, laptops and tablets, so give them a space to work. DeMorrow converted a closet in a spare bedroom into an office and study station. She also used hidden space on the side of the closet by breaking through a wall and creating display shelving.

10. For the not handy types… make a closet organizer with an IKEA KALLAX and some tension rods.

Create the illusion of more space by blending a small pantry door with surrounding walls. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath replaced a traditional six-panel door with a flat door and painted it the same color as the wall.

By adding baseboard and shoe molding to the door and installing a touch latch similar to those used airplane cockpit doors, the pantry disappears into the wall. 

When space is tight and the laundry room is located in the heart of the home, use upgraded cabinetry that blends in with living spaces. Vancouver-based Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets created this luxurious laundry room with teak cabinetry.

Convert an entry coat closet into a cozy area for storing outerwear, keys, scarves and all other items you take off or put on depending on whether you’re coming or going. The built-in seating provides a comfortable space to put on or take off shoes, which can be stored underneath.

This idea’s a little high-concept, but can help fill any closet efficiently. The differing heights separate clothes by type, and ensure longer items won’t drag on the floor.

Too many shoes and not enough space? Make use of little-used door space by offering each shoe its own S-hook.

See how clear shoe boxes are one of your best organizational allies:

Step into your closet (or as far into your closet as you can get). Do you see any wall space that is not covered by clothes? Put a hook there. Or better yet, if you’ve got the space, put a whole rack of hooks. This is a great way to reclaim wasted space, and you can use those hooks for practically anything: jewelry, belts, purses, clothes that have been worn for half a day and aren’t quite dirty but also aren’t quite clean.

This Washington, D.C.-area homeowner wanted the convenience of a mudroom near her kitchen. However, she also wanted its contents concealed. Four Brothers, a carpentry company, granted her wish with two side-by-side small closets to house traditional mudroom supplies that blends seamlessly with the kitchen cabinetry.

Darla DeMorrow, organizer extraordinaire, used pop-up hampers to keep childhood clutter in order. It’s an inexpensive and light-weight solution for corralling wayward shoes, stuffed animals and toys.

I didn’t know these existed until I saw this Fay Wolf organizing video. Fay Wolf is a genius. Undershelf baskets from The Container Store, $6.99 – $8.99. (Presumably you will be using these to store clothes and accessories, and not coffee cups. Unless you really like having coffee cups in your closet.)

Buying custom designs will better fit the particular piece of clothing you’re organizing. Pants, for example, can easily slide on and off of these hangers thanks to their open-ended design. And you’ll be able to fit more into your closet, since they hang flat against each other.

Stash away unsightly cleaning tools in a tiny broom closet. Designed by Northern Virginia-based Tailored Living, this closet is located just off the staircase and near high-traffic family room and kitchen area.

 Hooks staggered along the wall make the most of the petite space and keep supplies handy.

An acrylic mail file can hold clutches upright, which prevents creases and keeps bags within easy reach. Who would have thought?

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too much storage. Grab unused space anywhere you can, such as under the stairs. Make it a catch-all closet to hold extra food, cleaning supplies and small appliances.

You can double up the number of clothes you store in your closet by adding a second level with a rod. Not to mention it has hooks on the side for purses and other accessories. Even that early 2000s fedora you STILL can’t part with (it’s never going to happen, okay?!).

Stack storage baskets to hold shoes, jewelry, accessories, workout clothes, PJ’s, and more. You can throw a ton in those bins without making your space look cluttered.

If you’re cramped on space, place a small dresser and shoe rack beneath your hanging clothes. The top of the dresser can hold accessories, like hats or jewelry.

Nurture a child’s creativity with an enchanted castle playhouse. Kenarry Ideas for the Home designed this castle playroom in a small basement closet beneath the stairs. It’s the perfect playhouse that opens the door to a child’s imagination.

Meanwhile, parents can shut the door to a playroom mess.

8. For a long, narrow closet with hard-to-reach corners, add exra hanging rods perpendicular to the main one.

Stop sifting through clothing that no longer fits. DeMorrow suggests keeping a box labeled “too small” for items your child has outgrown. When you have time, donate or pass down.

Like scarves, and even shoes! Maria EMB made the most of the inside of her closet door with an IKEA hack: the folks at Curbly break it down here.

9. If you or someone who loves you is extra handy, you could make this DIY organizer for a small closet.

Living in a little apartment can have its own special joys (like being able to reach everything you own without getting off the sofa), but small closets aren’t one of them. If, after you’ve pared down and cleaned out, you’re still at a loss as to how to fit all your things into your teeny tiny closet, read on for ten clever ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small closet.

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Closet

Another brilliant use of hooks is for hanging suitcases in the otherwise wasted space inside the closet and above the door. Lightweight out-of-season items can be stashed in the suitcases — just don’t forget they’re there! Read more and see more photos of this idea in action at Indecent Order (now defunct).

Keep a child’s things nice and neat in this built-in closet created by Tailored Living. Drawers, shelves, an accessible hamper and a clothing rod eliminate the need for bulky furniture in the room. A decluttered bedroom makes for pleasant dreams. 

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