Closet door designs and how they can completely change the décor
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Closet Door Designs

Closet Door Designs Closet Door Designs

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Sliding doors are an efficient way to save floor space and, if they’re hung like barn doors (like the ones in the photo), they add architectural interest to the room. Photo courtesy of Rubbermaid

Louver doors have slats set in a frame running the length of the door. The louvers allow air to circulate into the closet, while obscuring the contents. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Top 50 Best Closet Door Ideas – Unique Interior Design Ideas

Wood and white paneled doors evoke the look of Japanese shoji screens in this calming, low-maintenance bedroom. This look corresponds beautifully with Asian decor as well as other minimalist, natural furnishings.

Bedroom closets generally have sliding doors or bi-fold doors, which take up less space since they don’t open out. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

You may be more interested in the contents of your closet than your closet’s exterior, but don’t be too quick to dismiss your closet’s design potential.

A simple white curtain hung high and wide adds to the pared-down, natural look of this sweet bedroom designed by House Tweaking. A curtain is a great way to hide a cluttered closet or even add an extra bit of space.

Sliding and bifold doors, mirrored facades, and breezy screens and curtains are just a few closet door ideas sure to take your room to the next level. Depending on the space allotted, you can turn your closet doors into extensions of the closet itself, with built-in shelves and storage compartments, as well as overhanging rack units.

A great space saver, the doors in this stylish bedroom slide from side to side, only exposing the section of closet that is needed at the time. Frosted doors with a hint of blue coordinate with the room’s soft, calming atmosphere.

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Removal and new subsequent installation is relatively easy, requiring basic tools and a straightforward plan, making the upgrade from your closet’s standard hinged door a cinch. While sliding doors keep your closet space open and uninhibited, additional inlaid glass, mirror, or frosted paneling provides further special capacity. Bi-folding doors are a possible alternative as well, taking up less than half the floor space of a swinging door and minimizing the risk of unexpected clutter debris fallouts. Curtains and screens keep your closet partitioned without feeling fully closed off, and the rustic-style room all but begs for some barn door charm.

A closet is an extension of one’s room, and not everyone wishes to keep the contents of their closet secret or in perpetual confinement. An expertly selected and implemented closet door lends style and individual appeal to an otherwise secluded subchapter of a room, allowing smoother foot traffic and, bonus of all bonuses, more space to store your apparel and personal treasures.

Bi-fold doors allow you to access your whole closet at once and save space by folding accordion-style instead of swinging out. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

For rooms that could use a quick do-over, closest doors are an easy way to make an unforgettable transformation.

Doors covered in patterned squares create a sophisticated feel for this gorgeous metallic closet. The bronze color choice is bold and reflective, adding depth and a touch of glamour to the space.

As if a wall of closets wasn’t good enough, these gorgeous bi-fold closet doors each feature a large mirror to provide the perfect dressing room within the bedroom. The mirrors are also fantastic for reflecting light, making the entire room feel larger.

Subtle pattern adds depth and texture to this ultra-feminine space. A metallic sheen on the closet doors reflects light and boasts a glamorous feel in this chic bedroom.

An alternative to the trendy sliding door is the classic pocket door. Here, a glass pocket door makes great use of space and looks fresh and modern in this well-appointed bedroom.

Reuse vintage doors for a custom look. Design by Sarah Richardson

The closet door is a great place to have some fun and experiment with pattern and even art. Oversized flowers create a whimsical look in this neutral space. Since the closet door is a great canvas for making a statement, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold geometrics, classic stripes or your favorite pattern of the moment.

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Hall closets typically have a single door, but bi-folds are a good option, too, depending on the size of the closet and space around it. If you’ve got extra room, why not try a double door, for easier access to your coats and boots? Photo courtesy of California Closets

A pair of frosted glass doors provide a dramatic entrance to this glitzy walk-in closet. When closed, the frosted doors keep your belongings discreet while still allowing plenty of light to pass through.

Bi-fold doors are not most people’s first choice as they are often seen as dated and only one step above the dreaded accordion door. However, these simple doors are both affordable and great for saving space.

Plus, painted white and surrounded by a lovely floral print, the doors in this adorable dressing space look anything but dated.

Though this adorable setup does not do much in the way of hiding a mess, a single curtain tied back and hung on a long oar looks absolutely adorable in this cabin bedroom. Note: A tidy closet is a must for this cute setup.

Your closets deserve beautiful doors, too. Bi-fold and louvered doors are great options, saving space and allowing for air circulation. Photo courtesy of California Closets

For a softer vibe, cool gray wooden doors offer the convenience of sliding doors while adding a trendy barn-door feel to this serene space. Consider painting your doors in your favorite hue to add a wow factor that will brighten your day.

Great for a kid’s bedroom, patterned curtains can easily hide a mess. They are so simple to swap out, the look can change along with your child’s taste.

Simple white doors are taken to the next level with vibrant colors in this contemporary space. Blue bedding and an interesting red rug tie the look together, while Lucite chairs and a neutral color palette throughout let the accent colors shine.

Siding closet doors are an excellent choice for small spaces since they take up minimal space. In this masculine bedroom, a metal sliding door adds a cool, contemporary look.

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