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Closet Design Ideas Closet Design Ideas

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Top fashion blogger Atlantic-Pacific serves as the inspiration for an enviable closet-office designed by Catherine Kwong

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One of the best ways to create an Instagram-worthy closet: be strategic about how you hang items. It’s really as simple as taking an inventory of your clothing and the different widths and heights of pieces as they hang on the hanger. “I think in most closets you tend to see just long hanging or short hanging,” Adams says. But carving out space for items of a medium height, like say long skirts or summer dresses, could help you maximize space even more. “That gives you the opportunity to put things below it,” Adams adds. Because who really would say no to a little extra shoe space?

No denying a closet with some shelf space can be a real lifesaver when it comes to storing extra clothing or accessories you can’t fit on the rack. That is, until you start piling items so high you can’t tell what’s what anymore. A good rule of thumb: keep stacks to 5 items or less.

The most important room in many fashion insiders’ homes? A robust, always-changing closet. Here, a Los Angeles blogger invites us into …

Consider streamlining your walk-in closet by implementing a closet system. These pre-designed solutions come complete with a variety of storage options, like shelves, drawers, built-in closet rods and a shoe rack. Not only do these closet systems allow customizable assembly, but they providing timesaving accessibility, keeping items visible and within reach.

Either way, a good system will not only help you find exactly what you need, it could also help you catch pieces you haven’t worn in a while sooner. “If you start to notice that you’re not wearing something or that you know that you’re picking one over the other, then you really need to consider, ‘Should I just get rid it?'” Adams says.

The most important room in many fashion insiders’ homes? A robust, always-changing closet. Here, a Los Angeles blog editor invites us i…

It seems simple enough, but all too often home owners find excuses to keep from putting clothing away. “Everyone has a chair or leaves clothes on the floor and then it just becomes sort of like, ‘Oh well, I’ll clean it up at the end of the week,’ or whenever you do laundry,” Adams says. Kicking this bad habit for good, though, could save you a hefty cleaning job down the road. “Just making it a point to put things back, even when you’re trying on, will save time in the long run and keep your closet tidy,” Adams says.

“Stacking higher than that usually things are falling off, you really don’t know what’s at the bottom anymore,” Adams says. And with piles under control, you’ll be able to give your closet more of that boutique feel you’d come across at your favorite store. “Part of the appeal is really making it feel like you’re shopping in your own closet,” she adds. No one could argue with that.

Our roundup of the Web’s most fashionable interiors. This week: Coco Rocha, Eva Chen, and more

Choose from a variety of flooring options to find the perfect look for your bedroom.

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Jennifer Aniston Anoints The Home Trend We Never Knew We Wanted: The Drive-In Closet

Read on for her eight essential “Closet Bible” rules for keeping wardrobes, large or small, looking tidy and beautiful year round.

Even the smallest closet in your home can be turned into a functional, organized space with these simple storage solutions.

Lisa Adams spends countless hours inside beautiful closets. As the CEO of LA Closet Design, she’s had a hand in creating some of the most Instagram-worthy wardrobes in the world, for celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Monique Lhuillier, and Khloe Kardashian.

The extra touches Hollywood closets are made of, without the extra cost.

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A man’s closet requires a few simple additions to achieve optimal organization. Use these storage solutions to make his space clutter-free.

It’s one of the most used and often most abused spaces in your home — the bedroom closet. Find out how to organize it with these practical storage solutions.

Guiliana Rancic critics celebrity fashion for a living… so she better have a stocked closet to back it up

Ultimately, it’s important to find a home for each of your items in order to maintain organization within your walk-in closet. A clutter-free space will not only simplify the task of finding the items you need, but it will make your closet a welcoming room.

The master closet is often the largest closet in every home. Discover solutions for utilizing every inch of the space with these organization tips.

The star’s latest renovation plan has us curious…and envious

Inside “E! News Weekend” host Catt Sadler’s Los Angeles closet

If a closet system is not what you had in mind for your walk-in closet, then selecting individual shelves, adjustable closet rods, clear containers and other closet accessories might be the option for you. This allows you to design your space in a manner that suits your budget and needs. Be sure to use as much vertical space as possible when deciding how to organize your walk-in closet — this allows for maximum storage.

While it’s perfectly fine to test out different hangers now and then, you also want to keep things consistent. “Once you start with plastic and then you have velvet hangers and then you have wood hangers and then you have wire–that’s where it just really starts to look messy in your closet,” Adams says. Bottom line: Find a hanger type you like and stick with it. Not only that, be sure to leave those unappealing dry cleaning hangers where they belong: the trash.

Interior and set design duo Marks & Frantz reimagine every fashion girl’s dream closet from Sex and the City

Your closet is one area you definitely shouldn’t settle for bad florescent lighting. “I think people just sort of live with what they’ve inherited,” Adams says. But just think about how much easier it will be to get dressed in the morning or put away clothes when you can actually see your wardrobe. One key place most people forget to light: closet cabinets. Adams suggests investing in battery operated, LED lighted hanging rods for storing clothing. Not only can they help illuminate those tricky areas, they can easily be turned on at the push of a button.

A Dream Closet Inspired by Fashion Blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific

We walk in the fashion designer’s spacious, contemporary closet.

The abundance of storage space that comes with a walk-in closet makes disorganization seem impossible. But, while it might appear like the tall ceilings and ample storage area would leave little room for clutter, proper organization techniques are still necessary for keeping a walk-in closet mess-free.

Having a designated area in or near your closet for getting rid of non-essential items can make a world of difference for keeping things organized. Take dry cleaning for example: How many times have you brought items home only to shove them, paper, plastic, and all, right back into your closet? “If there’s a place where you can sort of undress the dry cleaning and then get rid of the hangers and recycle the bags, then you’ll do it,” Adams says. “If there’s no system for it, that’s when you start to accumulate it.” Another upside: You’ll be able to easily purge those old receipts, wrappers, and other junk you find hiding in the pockets of your clothes.

Whether you’re organizing the clothing in your closet by color or designer, the real key is just deciding on a system that works for you–and not giving up on it. Adams also finds it helpful to organize by formality, creating areas for formal, every day, or workout attire to spot things quicker. You could also try coordinating by style, with sections for specific clothing items like shirts or dresses.

How to create a chic, personality-filled closet with Lisa Perry

The most important room in many fashion insiders’ homes? A robust, always-changing closet. Here, a Los Angeles writer invites us into h…

The ceiling is a blank canvas offering many ways to take your bedroom’s decor to the next level.

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The most important room in many fashion insiders’ homes? A robust, always-changing closet. Here, a Los Angeles designer invites us into…

Where the exec behind blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Bourne trilogy stashes her red carpet wardrobe.

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Los Angeles-based blogger Aimee Song gives us a glimpse into her fashion-packed closet via Instagram

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You won’t believe what Khloe Kardashian keeps in her closet.

Inside Cupcakes & Cashmere Blogger Emily Schuman’s LA Closet

According to Adams, the secret to creating such gorgeous spaces all comes down to a few simple habits, many of which seem obvious at first, but most home owners tend to forget or simply ignore. “Once you make these rules a habit, you start to want to be in your closet more,” Adams says.

Choosing lights for your bedroom remodel can be fun, but it’s best to have a plan to ensure that your new space has the look you truly want.

That leads us to “the purge.” While it’s always good to reassess your wardrobe on quarterly basis, even better would be making it a habit every day. “I tell my clients daily and that’s where incorporating the hamper or trash helps,” Adams says. “I’ll have a place for dirty clothes and then I’ll have one for tailoring or donating.” So if something doesn’t fit anymore–or you’re just not into that sequin top you bought months ago thinking it would look cool–you can easily let it go without regret.

The amount of space that comes with a walk-in closet leaves plenty of room for clutter. Learn how to get the most from your space with these organization tips.

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