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Church Conversion By Homewood Interiors.

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The owner of this former church overlooking San-Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park converted it into a single-family home with three bedrooms. The church built in 1909, was bought in 2007 by commercial property developer Siamak Akhavan. The brick exter

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“Charles Dickens said, “A very little key will open a very heavy door.”

The story of the Providence Methodist Episcopal Church in Glenelg, Maryland began in 1889, as a gift of land by the Warfield family. As the cornerstone was being laid, Benjamin Harrison was President, the Coca-Cola Company had just incorporated, and the last official bare-knuckle boxing title fight in the United States was held.

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Beautiful Church Conversion in Mill Hill by Baker Kavanagh Architects

Entering through the oversized, custom Mahogany double doors, unveils an extraordinary blend of modern construction with Gothic Revival style. A custom 8 ft diameter glass dome, and custom windows with handcrafted gothic arches immerse the space with natural light. The dilapidated accent windows were replaced with handmade stained glass windows in Homewood Interiors company colors. Antique reclaimed heart pine floors were put down.

The now 3,800 square foot home is located in Glenelg, a rural village in Maryland, USA.

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The 3,800 square foot space underwent an extensive interior and exterior renovation. “We were conscious to preserve the local landmark,” says Stacia Smith. Custom masonry stonework was sourced to match the existing stone from the late 1880s.

Originally constructed in 1867 as the Church of Palms, this historic building located in Brisbane, Australia, was converted into a luxury home by Australian practice Willis Greenhalgh Architects. The now contemporary residence features a large gourme

Ecofriendly materials were selected for the kitchen and bar area. The interior furnishing and finishes create a bespoke juxtaposition with items such as industrial chandeliers and antique finishes. The interior redesign is an exemplary representation of Stacia’s personal design aesthetic.”

Stacia Smith, principal designer and founder of Homewood Interiors engaged an architectural firm specialized in historic building restorations to give a new life to this church from the late 1880s.

After decades of abandonment, interior designer Stacia Smith purchased the property in 2012.

HomeDSGN has received this project from our WeTransfer channel. Architects and interior designers are welcome to submit their work for publication.

Beautiful Church Conversion in Brisbane by Willis Greenhalgh Architects

This penthouse is the crown jewel of the Abbey Lofts, a former Howard Park Methodist church, built in 1910 in Toronto, Canada. the structure switched affiliations a few times-United in 1925, then evangelical in 1970-before turning into residences in

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects has recently completed this coastal holiday house in Western Australia. Located at Florida Beach, only one hour from Perth, the home design emphasizes and focuses on the immense Indian Ocean. All space is aligned and

Established in the 1850s in honor of Reverend James Bickford, this small church located in Adelaide, Australia, was converted and renovated in 2011. The contemporary residence has an open style living room with 16-foot ceiling, three spacious bedroom

“For me, a little key unlocked the creaky and warped, 10 ft doors of an old church. Those doors led to months of planning and preparation, followed by many more months of decision making, setbacks, traipsing through mud and snow, being chilled to the bone, and working harder than I knew I could”, says Stacia Smith, principal designer of Homewood Interiors.

In 1961, the town’s congregations reunited to form a new church, leaving the Providence decommissioned. In 1974, a local architect gave the church a new purpose, by converted the space for residential occupancy. He and his wife, a famous potter, lived in the church for thirty years, as it became a new staple for the town’s lovers of the arts and crafts.

Nineteenth Century Church Converted Into a Cozy Contemporary Home

Though we’ve rehabilitated the exterior, we wanted to ensure that it would match the previous exterior structure. “It is important for me to remember Designer’s PR the Church and maintain its architectural integrity. Inside, we worked diligently on the interiors, preserving and restoring many of its original features.”

This church conversion was undertaken by the Swiss firm Evolution Design in 2015. The home is located in Middleton-in-Teesdale, England. The Chapel by Evolution Design: “Set in the very best walking area of the beautiful North Pennines, just a short

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Utrecht-based studio Zecc Architects has converted a catholic church built in 1870 into a spacious house. Located in Utrecht in The Netherlands, the 5,112 square foot church features an open contemporary interior design. Read more information about t

2011 is now behind us, and we decided to dig into our archives to find out which projects were the most viewed in 2011 on HomeDSGN. Just sit back, relax, and click the photos to see more views for each project! 01. Tangga House by Guz Architects 02.

Stacia had fallen in love with the Church’s original bones and charm. She immediately saw the potential for housing the new location for her interior design company, Homewood Interiors.

HomeDSGN’s 20 Most Popular Apartment Interior Designs of 2011

Mill Hill is a landmark heritage church, located in Bondi, close to Sydney’s center in Australia. Baker Kavanagh Architects have converted the church into two luxury apartments, planned around internal courtyards. The original ironwork and windows ha

Photos by: Ashley Michelle Photography and Homewood Interiors

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