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Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow House Plans Bungalow House Plans

Predominantly built in the early 20th century, Bungalow homes are a more compact version of the popular Craftsman style. They are typically square in plan or deeper than they are wide, making them perfect for small urban lots. A full-width porch may be supported by stone, brick, or paired wood columns at the front and sometimes also at the back. Craftsman features like a low-slung roof with wide eaves and exposed rafter tails often appear in bungalow plans, though decorative details are restrained. Bungalow building materials are inspired by nature, utilizing stone, stucco, wood shingles and clapboard. The so-called California bungalow developed in the 1910s and accentuated porches and garden connections. The interior of a bungalow home is warm and inviting with plenty of windows, space-saving built-ins such as hutches and sideboards, and a floor plan that accommodates families both large and small. Bungalow homes are also perfect for empty nesters, with bedrooms and living space all on one level. Related collections: Craftsman House Plans , Narrow Lot House Plans , and House Plans with Porch .

Bungalow homes dotted the first true neighborhoods of America connecting the city to what was then considered rural communities by streetcar. These small homes required only the narrowest pieces of land in which to construct them and today they remain a favorite style to erect on narrow property lots especially with the additional second stories that offer expanded living space. Entire urban communities have and continue to spring up as people actively pursue the American dream of home ownership through the construction of Bungalow homes and yet, the Bungalow also enjoys heavy support in suburban communities as well; albeit, usually as a larger version.

Originally designed as a one or one-and-a-half storied home, these small homes typically had two or three bedrooms, a bath and a good sized living room that flowed or was open to the dining room and kitchen. As Bungalows continue to flourish and remain relevant, you can find homes that are much larger and contain a second floor or even a basement. These two storied homes generally are highlighted with additional bedrooms, baths and occasionally offer a loft or some type of bonus space while retaining their charm and character.

These homes were used by sailors and wayfarers as a respite from their exotic adventures and served as a hostel of sorts for weary travelers. These homes were ideal for the hot, humid climate of India, especially the wide verandahs which offered some type of covered area to guard against the brutal weather. Additionally, these homes featured an abundance of windows which were used as a means of cross ventilation in order to increase airflow and movement. These homes were practical, simple and very livable; they featured verandahs shaded by the overhanging roof, an open floor plan that facilitated the movement of air in the hot climate and there was an abundance of doors lining the home which provided access to the indoor/outdoor spaces allowing for increased airflow.

Bungalow house designs cannot be described without the inclusion of porches as these are considered a prominent feature of this home style. Even though there may be some confusion when discussing these homes and what may or may not constitute a “pure” Bungalow home, the addition of porches offer no resistance; there is always some type of front covered porch and as time has progressed so has the addition of outdoor space. Oftentimes, not only is there a front covered porch but there may be a side or rear screened or covered porch featuring easy exit/entry points to the interior portion of the home. As American’s propensity for leisure increased so has our desire for a home that reflects ingenious ways to enjoy this leisure time which can result in numerous outdoor spots designed for dining al fresco, relaxing and entertaining.

These small homes of previous times and their more modern counterpoints have helped fulfill many American’s dream of home ownership with their simple construction exterior and artistic, detailed interiors. Bungalows, then and now, offer a path to homeownership that features style, charm, solid construction and enduring architectural design principles and techniques.

Bungalows present numerous options for the inclusion or exclusion of garages; especially older versions where street parking in urban areas was the “norm.” Today’s more modern Bungalow homes often feature a two car garage with plenty of vehicle and/or storage space. This modern version may be highlighted with an attached garage; however, many modern Bungalows include a detached garage in keeping with the historical, vintage feel of their predecessors.

‒Open, flowing floor plans, particularly in common areas. Many Bungalow house plans have living, kitchen, and dining spaces within this common area. While they may be smaller in size, these areas often feature soaring ceiling heights, the addition of a breakfast nook or gathering room and built-in detailing designed to make these spaces feel much bigger than they actually are.

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Bungalow homes originated as a smaller home that utilized space efficiently and created warm and cozy spots for communal and family gatherings. America’s Best House Plans is proud to offer a diverse and eclectic selection of Bungalow house plans in a wide range of styles that will best meet the needs of you and your family’s preferences. The term, which is a derivative of the word Bengali, originated in India and was used to describe a home in the Bengal style. This Asian architectural form originating in the countryside of the Bengal region of South Asia, was traditionally only one story, small in design and featured wide, expansive verandahs.

‒Low, pitched, gabled roofs, often with additional decorative details. These features tend to set Bungalows apart, giving them tremendous curb appeal complete with vintage charm.

As a group, these homes do not necessarily fit into any one style, size or category; however, the following are typical features found in Bungalow plans:

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‒Expansive front porches, complete with grand tapered beams/columns and other architectural details. These porches create lovely transitions between the outdoors and indoors. Oftentimes, Bungalow house plan’s front porches afford numerous opportunities for enjoying the outdoors, including living and dining spaces. They may also offer additional outdoor spaces such as side or rear porches increasing their desirability and their casual living spots.

What began as a simply constructed home with a modest footprint, Bungalow homes, have continued to evolve and develop into a larger, more spacious home with an abundance of modern amenities and conveniences designed to suit every lifestyle. America’s Best House Plans is pleased to offer a varying assortment of Bungalow homes that offer floor plans ranging in size from just over 700 square feet to in excess of 4,200 square feet with the median range of 2,000 – 3,000 square feet.

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