Best Shades To Paint Inside The House

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12 best paint colors interior designers favorite wall paint colors
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Best Shades To Paint Inside The House

“It’s the perfect neutral and a great alternative to off-white. I recently painted a wood paneled room this color, and the overall effect was warm and inviting.” – CeCe Barfield Thompson

“To me, Silver Blade by Fine Paints of Europe is a rich, elegant and classic gray that elevates any room. It contrasts beautifully with light and dark colors as well as all textures. Always welcoming you in.” – Raquel Garcia

“This fabulous gray reminds me of French porcelain — cool with a slight hint of green. Great for morning light! Try it in a white kitchen to lacquer barstools and pop them with shades of buttercup.” – Christine Markatos Lowe

Avoid ho-hum neutrals. These go-to basics feature a few surprises, like a smoky lavender, moss green and chocolate brown.

“It’s a super soft and subtle shade of gray that feels fresh, light and airy. It reflects light beautifully to really open up a space, and serves as the perfect neutral backdrop.” – Nicole Gibbons

White isn’t the only color that can make a room look bigger. Top designers share their favorite larger-than-life colors for small spaces.

Picking a swatch you both agree on is already a struggle, but finding a hue kids can grow into is even tougher. These paint colors stand the test of time for tots to teens.

It’s no secret that we love blue, so this short list proved tough to compile. The deciding factor? Each of these watery colors plays well with others, including white, green, yellow and even orange.

Even formal dining rooms can have a little fun. Don’t miss these designer takes in every color of the rainbow.

“I look for dimension within paint colors, something that shifts a little from day to night. I love the subtle depth and warm brown underpinning of this shade. This deep, dark gray is beautiful in a matte wall finish, stunning in satin for millwork, or easily pulls off sexy in a gorgeous gloss for furniture and cabinetry.” – Drew McGukin

Indecision has met its match. Out of hundreds of options to choose from, top designers revealed a few ways to take the plunge without second thoughts.

“I’ve found that this hue looks pure and fresh at any time of day or in any type of space. It’s not too dark, not too light…it’s just right.” – Caitlin Murray

“This shade of gray is pretty because it has a little taupe in it that makes it very chic. It can be beautiful in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.” – Alex Papachristidis

“It is soft and works well in both traditional and modern rooms. I recently used it on the cabinetry of a townhouse kitchen with countertops in super white quartzite.” – Mark Cunningham

What’s the quickest, easiest makeover you can do? Paint your front door in one of these welcoming colors.

Skip the do-overs and pick the perfect paint color the first time around. What’s the secret? Ask the pros. Here, expert designers shared dozens of their favorite hues for every space, shade and season. It’s our best paint color advice, all in one place.

“This is my go-to color when working with an open floor plan,” says Abbe Fenimore, founder/principal designer at Studio Ten 25. “A fail-safe neutral, it works with all styles, from traditional to modern, and both warm and cool color palettes. It’s a great alternative to white, as it adds enough color to a room without overwhelming.”

“This color has the ideal hint of color for homeowners that may be too shy to jump out of their beige comfort zone. It’s light enough to read as a neutral and is a beautiful balance for bright white trim. It’s ultra versatile on ceilings, as it complements both light and dark wall colors.” – James Wheeler

“A lovely warm neutral that enriches the space, and looks amazing with any wood floor stain. I love this color because of its versatility, and can be used in both formal and casual settings. The color is always pleasing to the eye.” – Amanda Sacy

“This shade has the most brilliant pure white undertones,” says Brittany Zachos of Zachos Design Group. “It’s perfect for bright ceilings, trim and even bathrooms when you want a crisp, clean feel.”

The people have spoken, and some hues work for just about everyone and everything. Yep, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove made the list, but a few top sellers might surprise you.

Orange isn’t necessarily neon. Use these favorite shades and your home won’t resemble a construction zone.

Let a little color psychology make you feel reborn. Interior designers know that the right soothing hue can work wonders for your mind and soul.

With hundreds of shades to choose from, go straight to the best. These tried-and-true paint colors work for the pros, so they’re sure to hit the right note in your home too.

“This shade is my go-to warm neutral,” says Elissa Morgante, co-principal of Morgante-Wilson Architects. “What I love about Manchester Tan is that it changes with the light. It goes from a rich warm hue to light and fresh depending on the source of the light in the room.”

“For millwork and cabinetry, I frequently come back to Benjamin Moore’s City Shadow. The color is bold and dynamic, while maintaining a warmth and softness that many dark grey’s can lack.” – Katie Hackworth

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A warm-weather vacation is closer than you think. A couple coats of these summery colors and you’ll feel like kicking off your shoes (and mixing up a cocktail).

Entryways are all about first impressions. Get off on the right foot with a statement-making hue, like Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle.

Pantone named “greenery” as the color of the year, but so far “millennial pink” has emerged as the real MVP. Choose dusty rose or another modern hue for Insta-ready walls.

A pretty kitchen doesn’t need to be white. Branch out with one of these favorite colors for the heart of your home.

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You know spring has sprung when the grass starts to green, the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves dot the trees. Get that fresh feeling all year by painting your house a lovely, spring-inspired color (or two).

“This color is warm without being muddy, and it has just the perfect amount of pigment – dark enough to be sophisticated and crisp, light enough to be bright and airy.” – Orlando Soria for Homepolish

Your home’s about to have a zen moment, and it conveniently comes in a one-gallon can. Achieve inner peace using these tranquil shades.

“I use this shade over and over again on cabinets and vanities because it is the perfect medium-dark gray. It has warmth, but never looks brown, and has enough pigment to make a statement without shouting. Such a classic!” – Erin Gates

“I like that it is light and airy. It is a whisper of barely there color. This gray doesn’t go green, blue or lavender. It is a perfect neutral backdrop!” – Summer Thornton

“This rich, warm gray is the perfect neutral when you want to create depth in a space. It works equally well in small spaces to cozy them up, as well as large rooms to make them feel inviting. I also love it as a trim color to add sophisticated glamour to your millwork and moldings. A kiss from a Mole never seemed sweeter!” – Donna Mondi

“This is the ideal background color: warm, soft, and plays well with everyone. It’s like the consummate party hostess who brings out the best in every guest. It’s the perfect backdrop for blues (denim, chambray, navy) in a living room, and makes olive green look fantastic. It can handle fuchsia and orange in a bunk room, but also goes beautifully soft with creams and grays when used in a master bedroom or kitchen.” – Allison Bloom

“I keep coming back to this paint color again and again. It’s warm enough to use in a space with little sunlight, but not too warm to be considered “greige.” It looks soft and rich without overtaking the room.” – Amanda Reynal

Dark and cozy or bright and airy, there’s 101 ways to go in the living room. Take out the guesswork by stealing a professionally-picked color.

“The biggest fear to overcome when using a dark color is that it will make your room feel smaller. Not true! A dark color makes the walls seem to disappear and adds incredible drama to a room. This charcoal has just the right amount of brown in it to add warmth. It’s as gorgeous on walls as it is on millwork and trim. I’ve even used it on the bottom of a claw foot tub.” – Jen Going

“A perfect backdrop for art collectors and enthusiasts. This grey sets a bold tone and pairs beautifully in a monochromatic setting or one with a stark contrast. I’m a firm believer in giving a big impression in a subtle way and this grey never falls flat.” – Becky Shea

“Don’t be fooled by its name — this color gives off a grayish tone.” says Irene Lovett, founder of designstiles. “It’s an ideal backdrop for those who aren’t brave enough to go with a bold color, but still wish for a subtle contrast with white trim. I love pairing this modern hue with transitional furnishings for a more contemporary mix.”

Verdant and fresh, there’s a reason green works in every room. Pick between lime, pea and clover, just to name a few of these pro-approved picks.

“This warm and luxuriant shade is stunning in a room with white woodwork and crystal chandeliers. Pop it with coral or hot pink.” – Dana Gibson

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t disagree: The color purple is undoubtedly stylish. Get the best varieties, from lilac to aubergine.

“As an avid art collector, this gray in their Eurolux Interior Matte, is the perfect backdrop for any collection. The matte finish absorbs natural and artificial light allowing the space to come alive with undertones that appear to make the walls gradually change throughout the day. Very alluring!” – Patrick Planeta of Planeta Design Group

Whether you want a brighter start to the day or an at-home spa, there’s a just-right shade waiting in the wings. (Psst: This one is Benjamin Moore’s Weekend Getaway.)

“It’s a rich, warm gray that creates an inviting, intimate space. It’s also a perfect exterior color paired with a dark charcoal trim.” – Karen Vidal

Some things just obviously go together (hello, blue and white!) but expert advice is always welcome when it comes to more adventurous mixing. These unexpected duets look so good together that you might just wonder why you didn’t think of them first.

“For me, this is a no-fail selection. I’ve used it in bathrooms, kitchens, garden rooms, and bedrooms – all with beautiful results. It has the perfect amount of blue saturation to pair with bronze, green, periwinkle, or even spice. I prefer it EXTRA glossy on paneling!” – Meredith Ellis

“This is the perfect whisper of grey to add to a room where you want a crisp, tailored look but something more than white or ivory. It provides a lovely soft highlight to decorative trim in traditional settings, and is cool enough to provide a modern edge to more contemporary interiors.” – Emilie Munroe

Not sure how certain colors will make you feel? Start with this Feng Shui cheat sheet.

The test of time is the hardest one of all. Pick a color for the ages and the future will look a little extra bright.

“This is a light airy grey that enhances architecture with subtle shadows, but doesn’t become too heavy or drab…A happy grey! I love it for bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.” – Jeff Andrews

“This pale gray paint has a touch of taupe/lavender that provides a wonderful neutral backdrop to both traditional and modern interiors. I love how the color evolves over the day: cooler earlier in the day and a bit more moody at night.” – Grant Gibson

“My go-to paint colors are classic and easy to live with,” says interior designer Lauri Ward. “This blue-gray-green shade can be used in almost any room. It’s an especially good choice for cooling a very sunny room, or creating a tranquil bedroom.”

“I always return to this color for ceilings,” says interior designer Chloe Warner. “It isn’t so pink that it stands out, but it reflects flatteringly on everyone in the room.”

“It’s such a beautiful shade that works with a mixture of tones and finishes. The color has a deep richness that doesn’t fall flat and can give a space a great punch, especially when paired with light colors for high contrast.” – Shannon Wollack & Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style

But if you’re set on this traditional shade (some rooms just need it!), don’t miss the subtleties of alabaster, cream and everything in between. Six designers revealed their tried-and-true hues, sparing you a long afternoon in the paint aisle.

Here, designers share their favorite shades of grey for stunning interiors.

“Hands down my favorite gray paint is Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball. It’s a deep, sumptuous shade of gray that wraps you like a velvety fog. I use it when I’m trying to create intimacy in an oversized space, or warmth in small room with little natural light.” – Patrick Ediger

They’re certainly outrageous, but only in the best way. Bold picks, like Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, will wow every time you enter the room.

“It has the right mix of warm and cool undertones to be a true gray. It has just enough brown to achieve that perfect warm gray. It looks beautiful on walls, trim, paneling and cabinetry – use it everywhere!” – Wendy Labrum

You can’t go wrong with pairings found in nature (hello peonies!). Amanda Lindroth choose this blush-like hue to contrast with the pops of green. “The palette is based on the apple painting, which I inherited from my mother,” the designer told House Beautiful. 

“It feels soft and airy, but is still saturated enough to make an impact and elevate a space. It’s incredibly versatile, working in anything from traditional to modern spaces, and pretty much everything in between. I love it paired with white for a crisp, clean contrast, and with dark charcoal for more dramatic feel.” – Jessica McClendon

“This rich shade has warm blue undertones, which makes one feel right at home. It’s sophisticated tone makes any space feel chic.” – Birgit Klein

You’ll want save these paint colors for the next time you’re giving your home an update. For more ideas, follow @goodhousemag on Pinterest.

Grey is the cooler, chicer cousin of white that we can’t stop lusting after. The neutral color can create a calming, elegant or even electrifying effect, making it the perfect option for any decor and personal style. Grey paints come in an array of hues, from subtle pale shades to deep rich pigments.

With just the right bedroom hue, you’ll fall asleep faster — and wake up more energized. Reboot your life with paint colors for an elegant retreat.

“I try to stay away from colors with heavy blue undertones, and I direct my clients toward warm grays that will stand the test of time,” say Ace design expert Katie Reynolds. “This shade is a favorite.”

“It’s faint enough to be a neutral, but saturated enough to make a difference.” – J. Randall Powers

“People underestimate the power of lavender,” Mary McGee told House Beautiful. Pale orchid livens up this entryway’s walls while keeping rooms light and airy.

“This color is true to Ralph Lauren. It is a chameleon color in the sense that it works with many different tones of grey and blue.” – Robin Strickler

“This is a perfect tone of grey. It catches light beautifully. It’s subtle and very chic. It is the perfect compliment to any other neutral.” – Nicole Fuller

If autumn is your favorite time of year, why not copy the changing leaves? Don’t miss our favorite fall color schemes and paint colors for pumpkin-spiced decor.

Plastic surgeons, beware! Colors can make you look younger — you just have to choose the right one. These are designers’ favorite hues for taking the years off.

Decorating with gray doesn’t have to be boring. These slates, charcoals and greiges prove even neutrals can up the ante.

“If you’re looking for a great neutral that will play with the other colors you want to bring into your space, try this one,” says interior designer Arianne Bellizaire. “I love this color because it won’t turn ‘pink’ on you.”

“This color provides a clean, sophisticated backdrop,” says interior designer Kerrie Kelly. “But also adds a nice warmth when paired with white trim.”

“This gray is super classic and sophisticated, but not boring AT ALL. It’s a very, very warm gray – meaning that it’s still a cool tone, but has more yellow in it than blue.” – Emily Henderson

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“When I need a yellow that isn’t too sunny, I choose this one,” says Jill Hosking-Cartland of Hosking Interiors. “This creamy shade is warm, inviting and very flexible when it comes to coordinating with colors with adjoining rooms.”

Your horoscope can guide those difficult DIY decisions. Libras, achieve harmony with shades of green, even when the stars don’t align in your favor.

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