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If you have great closet storage there may be a high probability that clutter will be made and not enough storage room can be an issue
Best Closet Systems

Best Closet Systems Best Closet Systems

Unlike Elfa, the Rubbermaid system doesn’t come with as many options to customize the look of your closet. You can purchase three different types…MORE of closet setups:

Thousands of happy users praise this wire closet organizer for it’s easy installation and many configurations. This closet organizer is equally useful in a reach-in or walk-in closet. Plus, the abundance of Rubbermaid closet kit accessories will make the system even more personal to your wardrobe needs.

If you’re looking for a modular closet system, the Easy Track Deluxe Starter Closet System is a popular choice thanks to its affordability and abundant options.

This closet organizer features adjustable garment rods and seven shelves, plus a shoe rack to meet your little one’s wardrobe needs. What is especially notable about this closet organizer for kids is the low height of several of the garment rods. While many closet organizers place the rods high above shelves — making them inaccessible to kids — the Little…MORE Seeds System has at least three rods that are at more child-friendly heights.

Plain English Above: Brit kitchen maker Plain English began offering custom interior closets a few years back—and we’re smitten with their traditional look. For more, see In Plain English: 8 Storage Ideas to Steal from the UK-Based Kitchen Design Firm.

Photograph courtesy of Plain English. Lema Above: Italian brand Lema makes closets and wardrobes in the sleek, minimalist style we’re after. This one, called Liscia, has a melamine body with lacquered metal doors.

See more from the company in The New Transparency: 7 Glass-Fronted Closets and Wardrobes. Photograph courtesy of Lema. Poliform Above: SF designer Kriste Michelini likes luxury Italian furniture brand Poliform for clients’ closets.

They also come highly recommended from LA designer Meg Joannides, who says they’re “on the high side, price-wise, but worth it.” For more from the company, see Remodeling 101: Closet Lighting. Photograph courtesy of Poliform.

Porro Above: SF designer Hollis also loves Italian design house Porro for their stylish systems. Says Hollis, “They have cutting-edge hardware and the most beautiful finishes and colors.” For more, see The New Transparency: 7 Glass-Fronted Closets and Wardrobes.

Photograph courtesy of Porro.

Noticeably absent from our list? California Closets, which hasn’t received endorsement from the members of our directory. Says SF architect Bonnie Bridges, “We have tried to like California Closets—they have so many showrooms and clients are comfortable with the idea of using them—but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.” And architect Alper likes Elfa, shown above, for being flexible “in the way that California Closets are not.”

The Closetmaid closet organizer system is similar to Elfa and features a wide array of customizable options like valet hooks, over-the-door storage, and adjustable shelving. This means you can customize your closet to fit all of your accessories so they’re easy to reach. Unlike Elfa, where the shelving is made of metal, the Closetmaid system features ventilated wooden shelving. You can design your closet in either white, light brown, or black wood colors to fit your tastes.

Each piece of the Elfa Closet System is sturdy, strong, and comes in distinct styles and colors to match with your decor. It’s a great option for renters because Elfa can be installed in either a closet or free-standing on a wall. The system features adjustable, coordinating drawers, hanging rods and shelving. It’s sold exclusively through The Container Store. Elfa is great for spaces when you need to store your clothing without a closet. The system can be installed on flat walls, around…MORE corners and in reach-in closets of any size.

We know—closets are hard. We’re often quizzed about the best, and though most of us are making do with the tiny closets that came with our apartments (plus whatever other creative corners we could find), if you have the chance to start anew, you’ll want to do it right. So we turned to the members of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory (now almost 300 firms strong) for their advice on the best closet systems out there. Here are their 10 picks (plus an explanation for one brand that’s noticeably absent).

This closet organizer will make your walk-in closet feel like a wardrobe oasis. With its high-class looks, you can transform your closet into a dressing room where all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories are neatly stored and displayed. Those who have installed the Rebrilliant 858W Closet System in their home praise the look and functionality of this organizer in comparison to much more expensive custom closet organizer systems.

With this wire shelf closet organizer, you can put away your saw and forget about cutting shelves to size. Thanks to telescoping rods and expanding shelves, simply buy the right size range for your closet then adjust to fit your space. Unlike solid shelf systems where you may need to cut pieces to size, the Rubbermaid Configurations system…MORE is ready-to-use in a variety of closet sizes.

by Meredith Swinehart – April 5, 2018 Expert Advice: The 10 Best Closet Systems, According to Architects

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The strength of the Elfa system is its flexibility. The con is the high price tag compared to similar systems. Prices range from $300-$3000 installed.

ClosetMaid has been in the closet organization game for a long time, and this no-frills version of their organizer kit will deliver a sure victory over closet chaos. The Fixed Mount Closet Organizer doesn’t have the adjustable shelves and brackets that some other ClosetMaid systems have, but for a small price tag in comparison, this budget…MORE organizer is a great choice.

The Easy Track is super easy to install and is well reviewed. It’s not as chic looking as California Closets, nor is the system customizable like Elfa, but it gets the job done in…MORE a walk-in closet, a traditional reach-in closet, or installed directly on a wall.

Pricing ranges from $150 for the closet kit to over $1000 for the HomeFree series.

If you want a solid wood closet organizer, the Simplicity Closet System from John Louis Home is the best combination of value, quality, and price.

If you’re looking to really add the ‘wow factor’ to your walk-in closet, a closet organizer like the Rebrilliant 858W Closet System should do the trick.

Parents that have installed this closet kit in their child’s closet comment on the sturdy nature and quality finish of this product. To really keep your child’s clothes in control, the Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet System earns our top recommendation.

You have the option to install the system yourself or you can have someone from The Container Store install it for you.

The 7 Best Closet Kits to Buy in 2018 Organize your space with the right fit for your needs

The ClosetMaid system also offers many interchangeable storage solutions and configurations, so this unit can be expanded or modified as your wardrobe or closet situation changes. Many users have commented that this organizer took an investment of time to assemble, but agreed that the results were a sturdy, attractive closet organizer. You will want to be careful not to damage the melamine finish during assembly. While this particular closet kit is neither the most or least expensive model available, it represents a great intersection of value and price for any type of closet.

The Easy Track system differs from wire closet shelving systems, which can allow small items to slip through and prove flimsy under heavy weight. Instead, the modular Easy Track system has solid shelves and abundant garment rods to make the most of your space.

Henrybuilt Above: NYC architect Jack Wettling named Seattle-based Henrybuilt as his closet pick. The brand is primarily known for its first-rate American-made kitchens, but it also offers customizable closet systems with features such as built-in electrical outlets, leather-lined drawers, and hidden laundry bins.

“We have been very impressed with the company’s customer service and high-quality look,” says Wettling. Photograph courtesy of Henrybuilt. Boffi Above: Premium Italian kitchen brand Boffi is known for its clever storage solutions—and its wardrobes are no exception.

San Francisco interior designer Nicole Hollis likes their “large door systems with innovative hardware that flushes out to the wall; it allows the closet doors to blend with the architecture,” she says.

This one has mesh-screened doors to keep clothes hidden in plain sight. (For more from the brand, see 15 Storage Ideas to Steal from High-End Kitchen Systems.) Photograph courtesy of Boffi.

This is the budget-friendly option if you’re interested in a matching system to store clothes and shoes. A typical Easy Track system comes with 3 to 4 bars for hanging clothing and 2 to 3 shelves for folded items. There are a few different systems to choose from and each come in dark wood, light wood, or white.

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Are you looking for a closet kit to keep your little one’s wardrobe in order? The Little Seeds Grow with Me Closet System is a great solution.

This closet organizer is rated for 400 pounds. Virtually everyone that purchases the Simplicity Closet System agrees that it outshines wire shelving units in terms of appearance and functionality — but that it does take time to install. So be prepared to spend some time installing the unit to get it just right, or hire a professional. But for the reasonable price tag and all wood construction, the Simplicity Closet System from John Louis Home is a sure winner.

The Fixed Mount Organizer by ClosetMaid may not be as sturdy as closet organizers with a wall-mounted rail system, but many people say it’s weight capacity seems to be sufficient. However, if you have plans to store a lot of items on the shelves or hang heavy garments like winter coats from the rods, you may want to look at other closet organizers. But for a simple closet organizer that is well-made and budget-friendly, the ClosetMaid Fixed Mount Organizer is a great start.

The Simplicity Closet Organizer is made from solid pine hardwood, and is crafted in the style of a quality piece of furniture — but it’s made to hold your clothes. And with three garment bars, six shelves, and a shoe shelf, it performs this function well. The organizer is not as customizable as wire shelf or modular closet organizers, but the solid…MORE wood construction is attractive and designed to last for years of use.

As a cross between a closet kit and a wardrobe, the Rebrilliant Closet System is a furniture-grade piece that has abundant shelving, a built-in shoe rack, and two garment bars to meet your needs. The unit itself is built from particle board and laminate, with a melamine finish that won’t pull or snag clothing. Despite the fact that it is not…MORE solid wood, users have found the unit to be extremely sturdy and well-made. Many closet organizers that are similar in style also use particle board construction to avoid excessive weight and cost considerations. This particular organizer stands out thanks to its three built-in drawers and a shoe rack. Adding these practical additions will keep your walk-in closet uncluttered and free up space.

Then, a closet specialist will come to your home and install the closet for you. This personal attention and…MORE customized experienced mean you’ll end up with a closet that perfectly suits your wardrobe and your home. But keep in mind this kind of luxury will cost you! Prices range from $1,500-$5,000 installed.

The HomeFree series, which comes in different size configurations. This is the one to pick if you’re outfitting a closet with both hanging and folded clothing.The FastTrack Brackets system is for closets that will only have shelving.

4-8 Fit Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit, which can fit a 4 to 8-foot space. There’s less flexibility here than the HomeFree series, but the price is lower.

Whether you have a reach-in closet or the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, you will love the tidy, organized look made possible with the ClosetMaid Impressions Closet Kit.

If you’re looking for the versatility offered by a closet organizer with wire shelves, the Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Organizer is a top choice.

This closet organizer is similar to some other popular modular systems but…MORE offers a more affordable price tag. Users really appreciate the quality of the Easy Track system, plus the many accessories that can customize the way the organizer functions. If you are looking for a modular closet system, but don’t want to spend a small fortune, the Easy Track Deluxe Starter System is the best option.  

You design and…MORE purchase your own system online. The prices range from $250-$2000, depending on how many customizations you purchase.

To get started, you measure the spaces where you want your Elfa system to go. This could be a wall space where you want to create storage for your kitchen, or a reach-in closet for coats and shoes. You then work with an Elfa specialist to create your design. You may do this at The Container Store, online, or over the phone. In addition to the measurements, you choose colors and finishes for your new Elfa closet.

Rakks Above: For an affordable, modern closet, Nashville architect Marcus DiPietro likes the no-nonsense system of aluminum poles and rods from Rakks. (For more, see 10 Easy Pieces: Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems.

) Photograph courtesy of Rakks. Elfa Above: When cost is a big factor, Sonoma, California, architect Amy Alper likes Elfa from the Container Store—she’s used it in client projects as well as in her own home.

She cites its merits as being sturdy, simple, and above all, flexible. “It can be easily dressed up with trim pieces,” she says, “and I’ve seen it in high-end homes, too.” Photograph courtesy of the Container Store.

Häfele Above: German company Häfele makes hardware, not closet systems per se, but it offers a host of solutions designed specifically for clothes. When designing custom closets, says architect Jack Wettling, “we use a variety of inserts from Häfele tailored to the clients’ needs.

” The most popular options, he notes, include slide-out hampers, foldout ironing boards, jewelry trays, and pull-down clothing rods. Ikea Pax Above: Like Elfa, Ikea’s Pax system has stood the test of time as a reliable, budget-friendly pick.

German design firm Studio Oink used Pax in a Washington, DC, row house remodel (see A Luminous, Euro-Style Row House in Washington, DC, Courtesy of Studio Oink, for more). LA fashion house Frank & Eileen even used the system in its Showroom.

Photograph courtesy of Ikea.

Before ordering, measure the height and width of your space. You may also use their online closet designer where a designer suggests a system setup for you based on the width of your space. You must install Easy Track yourself. Prices range from $160-$1000 .

This sturdy MDF-board system uses solid shelves and rods to provide plenty of stacking and hanging space for your clothes, shoes, accessories and more. The Impressions system has eight center shelves and three clothes rods, with five additional shelves. The great thing about this particular organizer system is its ability to fit…MORE into a reach-in closet to make the most of limited space or to organize a larger walk-in closet.

Worth noting: Many of the architects and designers listed here prefer to design custom closets for clients—it allows them to use every inch of space, says SF designer Nicole Hollis—but sometimes an off-the-shelf, customizable solution from one of the following brands is in order.

If you’re looking for a little closet organization while keeping costs down, the ClosetMaid Fixed Mount is a basic closet kit that doesn’t cost big bucks.

California Closets will send a specialist to your home to work with you on your closet design. They will help you assess how much space you need, the best way to organize different elements, and quote you on pricing.

Just like the Elfa System where everything hangs from a top bar, the Rubbermaid Closet System starts at the top and can be customized with hanging rods, shelving, and drawers.

A big bonus is that the configuration is adjustable to the size of your closet and you can buy separate configurations to fit items like ties, belts, shoes, and other accessories.

California Closets provides customer closet solutions, including walk-in closets, for any sized space. They are pros at maximizing wall space, corners, or under bed storage.

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