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Bedroom furniture designs bedroom interior design ideas inspiration pictures homify country style bedrooms
Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Inspiration And Pictures Homify

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Inspiration And Pictures Homify Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Inspiration And Pictures Homify

Plush carpets work well for bedrooms. Although they offer comfort and luxury, carpets are dust traps and have to be cleaned regularly. Stains can be difficult to remove and they are not durable as hardwood floors. If you choose to use hardwood flooring, be sure to invest in good quality area rugs as they can help to soften the look of the bedroom and add warmth. Tiles are another option, and work well in hot climate regions, as they help to keep the place cool. Vinyl and laminate flooring are also options worth considering for the bedroom.

Sticking to the latest on-trend items and shades, modern style will always be current and a little bit minimal. While some say this style can lack soul or a sense of timelessness, with the right accents it can be homely and cosy.

You can’t curl up in bed and read a book if you don’t have the right lights and we can all relate to the annoyance of wanting to close your eyes but having to get up to turn the light off. Therefore, bedside table lamps, or side lamps screwed to the wall, are more or less a must. If there are two people sharing the bed, it also allows each individual to choose the lighting on their side. A perfect solution if one person wants to sleep but the other wants to stay up for a bit longer. As we want the ability to achieve different moods in the bedroom, it’s also a good idea to install a dimming option on the master light or lights. If you watch TV from your bed, sticking a simple LED lighting strip to the back of the headboard can work surprisingly well to get the right tone in the room, and it looks nowhere near as tacky as it sounds.

Furnishing a small bedroom can be a challenge as the space needs to be used wisely. Placing your bed at an angle, mirrors on wardrobes and cupboards and built in wardrobes, are some small bedroom ideas you can implement. They are excellent space savers and the mirrored panels create the illusion of extra space. Beds with storage space are also good for smaller bedrooms, allowing you to keep all bits and pieces out of sight.

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you need to decide some factors like wall colour, or bedroom wallpaper, and the type of flooring that you want. Try to choose a colour that will help you create a calm atmosphere and also compliment well with your bedroom furniture. The lighting needs to be chosen wisely as well because a very bright bedroom is not soothing enough, whereas a room with insufficient lighting will hinder activities such as bedtime reading. Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to bedroom designs. For example, soft furnishings add comfort, style and colour whereas beautiful cashmere throws are luxurious and warm. Scented candles add a nice touch and woven baskets provide storage and work well with natural, rustic and eclectic styles. You can also use wallpaper to work with the size and shape of your room, for example, striped wallpaper can make walls look taller, or rooms appear wider, which is particularly good for small rooms.

When considering the design of your bedroom, it’s important to keep in mind both aesthetics and functionality. If storage is a primary concern, it is important to integrate the right cupboards and wardrobes into your design. The “Style” section of our website can help you decide with the right design as you can draw inspiration from various style categories, such as minimalist, modern, eclectic, colonial etc..

To stop the transmission of sound from within a room, and to stop sound from entering via an external source, you will need to take steps to insulate the walls. So whether you want to practice drumming in your room, or you’re tired of hearing the kids playing recorder in another room, there are options to minimise the impact. You might have heard the expression “no one will hear you scream in space,” well, the reason for this is because sound waves vibrate and move along solid surfaces and air (and there’s obviously no air in space!) and hence travel into other rooms via walls, ceilings and floors. Unfortunately we can’t mirror the conditions in space, so we have to soundproof via sound absorption.

Scandinavian style bedrooms: Scandinavian style bedrooms are characterised by their simplicity, functionality and elegance. Earthy tones, beige and grey are juxtaposed with white painted walls. Hardwood floors can also be painted white and large wooden ottomans and vintage trunks are placed at the edge of beds, serving as attractive focal pieces and storage units. Soft lighting is an important element in Scandinavian style as natural lighting emphasises simplicity and elegance.

To create the illusion of a bigger bedroom or simply to make the best use of the space available, we recommend installing the curtains from as high as possible to as low as possible as this will extend the height of the room visually. Also make sure to install interior items with low heights, so that the overall appearance is not too cluttered, then use mirrors to increase the feeling of depth.

Sleeping equals healing. Our body requires rest and rejuvenation and, to be able to achieve this, we need at least six to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep per day. And, yes, it is easier said than done. A lot of factors affect the quality of slumber we get on the daily. Aside from noise and condition of our bed, one of the most important, but often ignored, factor is the color of our room. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, avoid colors such as red and yellow, which stimulate your energy levels, leaving you more awake than ready to snooze. Instead, go for calming tones such as blue, off-white, or earth tones, all of which are known to contribute to an overall feeling of calm.

Unless you have a skylight, the fastest way to relaxation and a feeling of feng shui or good flow and energy in the bedroom is to position the bed so that it’s either underneath or facing the window. This allows you to gaze upon the night sky, which is a calming experience in and of itself, but is also the optimal positioning for positive flow. The exact positioning possible will depend on the layout of the room and your actual personal taste, so what’s most important is that the room isn’t overcrowded or cramped and that the head of the bed is against a flat surface.

Making a small room look bigger may sound like a daunting task, but there are many ways on how you can successfully carry out this seemingly-impossible job. Installing a large mirror to instantly create the illusion of space is one of the oldest trick in the book, and so are painting an entire area white or planning for good lighting. If storage space is an issue, under-bed storage containers can free up a lot of space, while modest studio spaces can benefit with loft beds, which enables you to get creative with the free space underneath.

Modern bedrooms: Modern bedrooms are characterised by neutral tones of grey, white and black, all serving as simple, base colours. Walls act as a backdrop to abstract patterns and geometric prints. Lines on furniture are clean, incorporating steel bed frames and side tables. Feature walls are covered in straight striped wallpaper designs, while little splashes of vibrant colours here and there inject visual interest. Accessories are minimal when it comes to modern designs. Storage is important, and should merge in well with the design of the room, while maintaining adequate functionality.

Our home is our refuge, but what happens when the air we breathe indoors, especially our bedrooms, is not as healthy as we think it is? Unbeknownst to many, toxins linger inside our homes and it comes from chemicals in things we would never even think are harmful such as bed linens, mattresses, carpets, and, so-called air fresheners. We should be mindful of the furnishings we need to buy for our home; make sure that they are low on volatile organic compound (VOC) and are hypoallergenic! Having large windows and ceiling fans installed can also do wonders to a room’s overall ventilation, while plants are a cheap and chic option for purifying air.

The science of getting a good sleep is a complicated one, as it will differ for each individual. You first need to determine what is hindering you from rest and then you can take steps to improve the situation. Perhaps you need a better diet, maybe meditation would help, exercise could be the solution or it could simply be that you put down all technology 30 minutes before sleep to help your brain transition into a less chaotic frame. If noise is the problem, ear plugs could be the solution, if there is a light source that you can’t turn off, an eye mask could solve your problems and if you’re a scent-sensory person, setting the right aroma in a room might just help you in drifting off. At the end of the day, it might even be as simple as needing a better pillow.

In order to allow for a good flow of sunlight in the morning, which will help your circadian rhythms and assist in developing good sleeping patterns, an east-facing window is the best option. This approach however, is only relevant if you following a rising in the morning, sleeping in the evening lifestyle. If you’re a night-owl privy to sleeping in until midday, a stream of sunlight beating down on you while you try to catch some shut-eye will be an absolute nightmare. In this case, put the bedroom and the window on the other side of the house. If you’re looking to have your room or home designed or built you can take a free consultation with us to get a local quote.

The bedroom is the perfect place at home for relaxation and rejuvenation. While designing and styling your bedroom, you need to keep a lot of things in mind, such as colour, soft furnishings, textures, flooring, furniture etc. All these elements can all be tailored according to your taste, allowing you to create the serene and tranquil haven in your abode.

Industrial style bedrooms: The key traits of the industrial style bedrooms are raw elements and unfinished textures. Exposed brickwork is a popular choice for this particular style and truly characterises the utilitarian look. You can also paint brickwork white, for a brighter effect. Aged wood fits the industrial look well, as do exposed pipes and ducts for that warehouse look. Iron bed frames are effective and metal bedside tables and copper light shades compliment and add cohesion.

If you want your bedroom to be exactly that, a place for the bed and a place to sleep, the minimal style will likely appeal to you. Usually sticking to simple items and always minimising clutter, there’s not much room for anything that isn’t necessary… and that brings a true sense of clarity.

The image of the bed on the floor, the wood-paneled sliding doors and the incorporation of plants will likely come to mind when envisaging an Asian style bedroom. This beautiful approach gives great consideration to energy, the concept of feng shui and the idea that the bedroom is a sanctuary space for winding down and resting.

When it comes to soundproofing windows, you have four possible methods. The first is to replace your existing windows with specially built soundproof windows. These consist of multiple layers of glass with gaps in between for air. The second option is to use a window seal kit. These can usually be magnetically attached to the surface of the window, to the trim or in between the jambs to provide acoustic and thermal insulation. Next you can try a sound barrier or a clear panel that is applied with velcro. Option number four is a barrier blanket, which extends past the visible glass and sticks to the edges to create a seal and air gap.

The bedroom is a sanctuary. It is a place of escape, of rest, and of renewal. As one of the most intimate spaces in the home, it’s a picture of a person’s being and frame of mind and it provides bounteous prospects for making it truly personal. Objectively, bedrooms should strike the perfect balance between being a peaceful haven, devoid of distractions that can disrupt restful sleep or meditation (we’re not fans of television sets and mobile phones in the room), and, at the same time, a warm and happy space to let one’s hair down. At the end of the day, every element of your bedroom should come together to reflect your personality and, the good news is, homify can guide you on how to do just that.

We all know how annoying it is when you’re trying to get to sleep and the sounds of the world simply won’t allow for it. While natural noises like the rain beating down on the roof or the birds tweeting in the morning can be quite relaxing, the sound of cars, buses, people coming and going all other manner of life can be no more than a hindrance on our ability to sleep. For this reason, keep the bedroom as far away from the street as possible.

If you need help or inspiration to design your bedroom, professionals at homify can help you. Our website provides you pictures and ideas that help you to design your bedroom, be it big or small. It also helps you to choose the right colour, a range of styles, for example from country to industrial, and inspirations from designs around the globe to make the bedroom a better place.

Country style bedrooms: Neutral shades for painted walls are essential for country style bedrooms, and white with a hint of lilac, blue or green helps to create a softer look. Floral printed bedroom wallpaper works well on feature walls too. Pine or all white furniture are popular choices for the country style.

As with the entire house, the style and colour theme you choose to go for comes down to your personal taste and the mood that you wish to set. Each style brings something a little bit different, but each can also be manipulated and altered from its set-look to perfectly fit what you’re looking for.

To reduce the transfer of sound between rooms the best method is to install panels by fixing them directly onto the walls. These are usually made up of high density materials and anti-vibration matting that will pick up the sound and stop is (to an extent) from continuing to transmit.

The topic of bedroom storage can be a stressful one for some, as we all know that things can pile up. If you’re looking to get your space sorted out, then we have four key tips and spots for you to maximise. Under the bed or in the closet is a great out of sight, out of mind solution, however we recommend keeping these storage spaces at neat and orderly as possible so that the mess doesn’t end up exploding into the bedroom space and undoing all the good work you’ve already done. Wall storage units and shelves installed above the bed head are also great options for increasing space without infringing on the floor.

When it comes to flooring for your boudoir, it all boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. While wood parquet is the more sophisticated choice, as well as one of the most popular flooring options in the Philippines, it is slowly being eclipsed by marble (or its cheaper alternative, ceramic tiles). Marble and ceramic tiles are not only durable and easier to maintain, but also offer that much-needed cooling effect to a room, making it the perfect choice to counter Southeast Asia’s hot and humid climate! Again, your pick when it comes to décor depends completely on preference and lifestyle. But, if you need more inspiration, homify also offers thousands of images you can peruse before making that decision.

Rustic style bedrooms: Rustic style bedrooms are all about solid wood, which can be used with bed frames, timber walls, flooring and even ceilings. Rustic bedroom décor combines well with minimalist designs. White walls, black and white furniture and green accents, large wall hangings and accessories, combine perfectly with hardwood flooring, for medium to large sized bedrooms.

Colours enhance your mood, so choosing the right colour for your bedroom can actually improve your sleep pattern. Green and blue are excellent bedroom colours. Lilac has a stress reducing effect, as does white. If you do decide to go for complete white walls, incorporating different textures and patterns can add depth and warmth to your bedroom. White bedrooms exemplify style and evoke a peaceful ambience. Incorporating natural textures and wood to white bedrooms will prevent your room from looking clinical and cold. Monochrome accents work well with white bedrooms too.

Determine exactly what you’re going to be using your bedroom for. Will it only be a space for sleeping? Will you also be studying in here? Will you use it as your space for entertainment? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll start to get an idea of how big it needs to be and if you’re not sure, there are plenty of professionals who are able to help you get the dimensions right. Remember, if it’s too big it will feel empty and if it’s too small it will be cluttered and stress inducing—size really is everything in this case.

If there is any part of the house that truly captures your personality, it should be the bedroom. So, when it comes to designing and decorating this particular part of your home, you should, at the very least, know exactly what you want. Do you want it to exude Scandinavian minimalism or that distinct laidback Filipino flair? While it won’t hurt to mix and match styles, great results are guaranteed if you to hire the services of a qualified interior decorator to advise you on decorating ideas. You can visit the homify website to find professionals to match your taste.

This is yet again a question of balancing style and necessity. Some people love the look of an exposed clothing rack, others want everything neatly packed away. If you’ve got a huge space to work with, considering a walk-in closet with a dressing area is even a possibility. The most common option is a one-wall side wardrobe with several doors and drawers for a variety of storage options. If the room you’ve got doesn’t have a built-in this gives you the ability to choose, but always keep in mind just how much storage you might need before you go for the most on-trend solution. However, we’ve all for what’s cool, just be smart about it.

The exact way that you design the bedrooms in your house will depend on where you can build them and how many square metres you have to work with. However, with some basic guidelines you can almost always ensure that your bedroom is as cosy, relaxing and stylish as possible. It’s all about getting the best possible sleep, after all.

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