Hsb office by ps arkitektur stockholm sweden 22 hsb office by ps arkitektur stockholm sweden
Beautiful modern office renovation stockholm table chair blue idea
Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm
Home design white chair table whiteboard sound system curtain blue carpet art wall and lamp splendid office renovation with a colorful office furniture
Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm
Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm



Beautiful Modern Office Renovation In Stockholm.

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Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm
Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm
Beautiful modern office renovation in stockholm
Beautiful modern office renovation stockholm blue table chair idea
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Have you thought about the other day your workplace a renewal? If you really a renovation of your Office before, we want to be assist you today with a few tips and interesting ideas. We want you to imagine a beautiful modern office renovation in Stockholm. HSB, which for the Swedish translation of “the Savings and Construction Association of the tenants”, is a cooperative apartment tenants and homeowners.  The Group has a large, tastefully furnished Office in Stockholm with more than 420 employees. The Office of pS arkitektur was renovated recently. The designers created a pleasant workplace with many conference rooms.

Beautiful modern office renovation in Stockholm – what is typical for the Interior?

22 | This street-level kitchen offers a window out to the bustle of the city but also plenty of sun and a pleasant place to enjoy lunch or to sit and have coffee with a coworker. Take a seat at the outward facing bar if you want to send a message that you’d prefer to be left alone.

15 | Meeting areas are a must for any office. The renovations have provided plenty of space, but it is the modern furnishings such as padded wire chairs and a brilliant turquoise carpet that make them stand out from your typical concrete box.

How do you find this Office in Stockholm? Beautiful modern office renovation – your opinion tell us in the comments below!

6 | This central atrium is a beautiful gathering space for both work and relaxing. Sun streams in through the ceiling all day and the greenery nestled in the center can offer respite from chilly Stockholm winters.

3 | There are no proper offices in the new HSB space. Instead, cozy chair like this one provide privacy for those that prefer it. The orange light fixture overhead adds a playful spice to the area.

He is not only colorful and contemporary, but it offers too much space. This blue armchair is suitable for afternoon meetings of employees. Comfortable couches are also available. The orange light adds fun spice to the Interior. After the renovation, you can see modern furniture, upholstered chairs and a brilliant blue carpet.

Great walls create a bold artistic design. This elegant, wood is used. The bold colors permeate every aspect of the architecture. The modern design with curved glass walls and sliding doors are noteworthy.

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The kitchen offers a view on the city and is a pleasant place for lunch or coffee.

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1 | While this bright blue lounge chair may look more appropriate for an afternoon nap than a productive meeting, have comfortable spaces to sit, lounge, and relax can actually make for more productive workers.

25 | Even an open office space can do with private one-on-one sessions sometimes. These clever “phone booths” don’t offer much in the way of physical privacy, but they are a perfect place for any sensitive discussions.

Such as find the Interior? this colorful rug is just wonderful plenty of seating are the employees available yellow chairs in the Conference Room radiate from joy and optimism you like to have green plants? an amazing place to relax colorful modern chandelier revive Brown Interior here you like bright colors like this purple? a great work of art looks inviting in the Office white sofas offer much privacy baskets are perfect storage facilities yellow furnishings brings moodwhite, purple and yellow prove as a perfect designer idea simply class! glass doors are always modern the employees enjoy a wonderful view of the city

Modern design areas for professional or private conversations are a must in the Office. Comfortable seating areas provide a relaxing atmosphere and promote the creative atmosphere here. Well equipped conference rooms are the numerous employees available.

HSB, which stands for the Swedish translation of “the Savings and Construction Association of the Tenants” is a housing association of tenants and homeowners. The group itself has a large office in Stockholm that houses more than 420 employees, which recently underwent a stunning renovation. The new office, done by pS Arkitektur, is not only modern and colorful, but has transformed the space into an open work environment with plenty of space for both solitary tasks and group meetings.

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